Abby’s Loving Family

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My name is Abby, I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children living with my husband out in the countryside. I have two handsome sons that are in college and one beautiful girl who just graduated from university. My oldest son, Zack, and daughter, Emily are only 1 year apart while my youngest son, Chris, is 5 years younger. During the pandemic, we experimented with different lifestyles and ended up being a family that practices incest. It wasn’t something I’d ever expect my family would ever do but here we are now. It started when me and my husband, Derek, got a jacuzzi installed on our back patio. It was supposed to make up for the lack of beach visits due to the pandemic. Every day we’d have a little family night where we’d all hop in the jacuzzi together. Sometimes my husband would drink and get all frisky with me while our children watched.

One night, my husband had a bit too much to drink and took off my bikini top. I tried to take it back but he used his height to wave it in front of me like some school bully. He then threw my bikini top into the yard. I jumped out of the jacuzzi and ran towards it. After I picked it up I turned around and saw that my husband Derek was ripping Emily’s top off. My motherly instincts kicked in and I bolted towards the jacuzzi, dropping my bikini top in the grass. When I got to the jacuzzi, Derek had his arm wrapped around Emily and looked over to our boys. Derek asked the boys if they wanted to play with their sister’s tits. They nodded nervously, got up, and walked towards Emily.

The first thing I noticed when my boys got up were the tents they had pitched up in their swimming trunks from their erections. Never in my life did I think I’d see my sons’ boners, let alone ones that were caused by their sister. They trudged through the water with their hands stretched out reaching towards Emily’s perky melons. Once their wet hands clasped onto my beautiful Princess’s breasts, I felt Nişantaşı Escort a shiver go down my spine. The apple of my eye had been violated by her brothers. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my children were violating each other and all I could do was stand there with my breasts hanging loose like a whore in some dirty alley.

My legs were shaking, I looked down and saw that my panties were drenched. They weren’t wet from the jacuzzi, but my pussy juices. My knees caved in and I slumped to the ground, I couldn’t believe that I was being turned on by watching my children degrade themselves. I was so ashamed of myself. My hands balled into fists, clamping up the grass. My husband looked over and saw how broken I was and walked towards me. He grabbed me by the arms and pulled me back into the jacuzzi.

My husband then stood behind and squeezed my tits like ketchup bottles. He then yelled at our boys and said “Dinner Time!”. My boys looked over, still groping my Princess’s tiny tities, and began to wobble their way towards me. Their erections had made it difficult for them to navigate the jacuzzi’s waters. When they reached me, they stuck their necks out like giraffes and began to nibble on my breasts. I rolled my eyes back in ecstasy as I was overcome with emotions. I didn’t know whether to be horny or disgusted. My husband slowly lowered me to a sitting position to not disturb my boys’ feeding time. I then saw my husband begin to walk towards Emily. I knew I had to get up and defend my daughter but I had two strong boys pinning me against the Jacuzzi’s walls using the weight of their bodies while devouring my breasts.

I watched helplessly as my husband slowly walked towards Emily. I could see how his erection was also slowing him down in the water. He stopped, looked down, and ripped his swimming trunks off. Exposing himself to Emily. Then Pendik Escort like a wild animal, he lunged towards Emily. Emily turned around and tried to hoist herself out of the Jacuzzi, but that only made it easier for my husband to grab her by the waist. He spun her around and placed her on his lap. Emily tried kicking and thrashing but her petite body was no match for my husband. He pressed his erect cock against her butt crack and I could see the shock in her eyes. He then spun her around so that she was facing him but still sitting on his lap. Using one arm, he lifted her so that her pussy was just above his erect cock. Then with the other hand, he spread her pussy lips open.

Emily shrieked and sank her nails into my husband’s shoulders. I watched in horror as his cock plunged into Emily’s pussy. With all my might I shoved my boys off my breasts. They sat up in dismay and looked at their sister. They saw their father plowing their sister’s tight little snatch and immediately turned to look at me. When I saw the look in their eyes I knew I was in trouble.

I turned around and tried to pull myself out of the jacuzzi but I made the same mistake Emily did. Zack grabbed me by the waist and swung me back into the water. He had his arms wrapped around my stomach. Chris got on his knees and sank his fingers into my panties. He started to pull them down. I resisted by spreading my legs to make it harder for him. In protest, Zack started tonguing my mouth. The shock of my son doing this made me lower my legs and Chris quickly slipped my panties off.

I looked down and saw Chris staring at my hairy snatch. He stared for a few more seconds before he stuck out his tongue and began lapping up my pussy like a kitten licking up their milk bowl. Zack wasn’t going to let Chris have all the fun as he pressed his erect cock against my ass. I knew what he was about Rus Escort to do, I immediately grabbed onto the jacuzzi ledge to brace my body. Instantly I felt a jolt of pain as I felt my ass tear up as my son rammed his cock deep into my ass. These weren’t thrusts of passion or love, these were thrusts of anger. Chris sat there in awe knowing he had to one-up his brother.

He stood up revealing his tiny erection and shoved it into my pussy. My body was like a piston, when Zack pushed his cock into my ass, my body would push forward, then Chris would shove his dick into my pussy and push me back towards Zack. My boys were using my body like some sort of engine. With my neck rocking back and forth I looked over and saw that Derek had carried Emily onto the patio floor.

Derek was mounting Emily like a wild dog. I noticed Emily’s body wasn’t resisting, she just laid there taking every inch of my husband. That’s when I heard Chris starting to moan. I knew he was about to cum, and I wasn’t about to give birth to some incest baby. I placed my legs on his chest and stretched them out to gently push him back. He stumbled backward and his tiny dick erupted a huge sticky load onto my pubic hair. As his baby-making cream slowly dripped towards my fertile pussy I looked over my shoulder and saw that Emily was lying on the patio floor by herself. I wondered where my husband went.

I looked over my other shoulder and saw my husband standing over us. He knelt down and picked me up by the shoulders. My body was so sore from being used by my sons that I just kept my body limp to make it easier on him. He laid me on my back onto the patio floor. I didn’t care what they were going to do to me, I simply spread my legs to expose my womb to them. I was starting to develop a throbbing headache. It must’ve been from the shame of what just happened tonight. To think other families were spending quarantine watching TV or playing board games. Us, we devolved into nothing more than an incest family. What would my friends think if they found out?

Overwhelmed by these emotions, my mind slowly started to fade. The last thing I saw before I passed out was my son, Zack starting to insert his cock into my pussy. Behind him, my husband had his phone out pointing at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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