ABC Modeling Company Pt. 05

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 32 – Fast Forward

I am planning the two-year birthday party for Dawn (Beth’s child). My son Edward is over a year old now, he can eat cake. Well, he can make a mess of a cake.

Everyone treats the kids very good, we have plenty of private time for ourselves with everyone wanting the babies for a night. Beth and I are pretty much retired. We do a few mother things now but it’s not like it used to be. Ron has a sharp eye for new girls and has yet to be wrong. We keep busy training, coaching, and managing the models working for us and they love our experience and honesty.

The only negative part of our lives is Cindy. She quit modeling and we only hear from her via email and an occasional Skype. She doesn’t share much so we are worried about her. Her parents say she is doing fine but they don’t know much more than we do. I am pretty sure she is overseas somewhere, she calls us at odd times to say hi. She is happy but looks worn down. In not too long I am going to let Ron start looking for her. He has been worried for a while now, she calls just enough to stop us from looking.

People come and go all the time with the business flourishing, I just always ignore the doorbell.

Wilson surprises us, “Mam, I think all of you need to come to the door please.” Now that is weird, who could be at the door that Wilson won’t let in?

Ron has a serious look of concern on his face, while Beth seems amused by the mystery. I walk into the doorway and see Cindy, two toddlers, a mountain of luggage, and an airport taxi van leaving the house. I shriek, Beth screams, Ron is frozen. I run at Cindy and give her a huge hug while trying not to crush the children.

I ask, “What are you doing here? What’s the matter? What do you need?”

She is still enduring hugs by Ron and Beth, she can’t answer my questions.

Finally, she answers, “You said my room would always be here for me if I needed it. I need it again. May I stay here?”

Beth and Ron smile, I assure her, “We have not moved a thing. They clean the room every day and change the bed weekly. Looks like you might need some extra furniture though. You get inside now before these babies burn. Let’s sit in the living room. Wilson, get her parents over here. We also need some help with the children for a bit, so we can talk.”

I start my interrogation, “Who are these two beautiful children and why the secret?”

Cindy, “You always were direct. Everyone knows Dawn and Edward, this is Frank and Gwen, their twin siblings. They are getting ready for their two-year birthdays.” She smiles knowingly.

I knew instantly what that meant.

Cindy shyly says, “Like others in this room, I never went on the pill like we agreed to. My first time was special in more ways than I thought. It wasn’t until after the island trip I found out. Ron, you are a daddy again and again.”

Cindy says sheepishly, “I was too ashamed of what I did, I could not tell you. I turned into a slut and dated every good-looking guy I could get, it was easy. They fell over themselves trying to be next. I had a blast, I saw a lot of things, experienced far more than I ever thought possible. However, they all pale in comparison to you Ron.

“Nobody ever treated me like our first night. They all seemed shallow and loud for attention rather than avoid it. Most were fun although I tired of them easily. They had to compete against my time and memories of Ron.”

Beth smiles, “You were doomed, girl.”

Cindy smiles, “Yes I was. I could not come back here because of the trust I had broken with you by not going on the pill. I wanted his baby so bad and I never did regret it. I do regret not telling you Ron, had I any character, I would have said something.”

Wow, she sure has lost her self-confidence. This is not good. I need to discuss this with Ron.

Cindy continues, “The men kept coming and going, it was hard keeping the secret, hard being in shallow relationships. Then the depression started. I sat in a bathtub with water and a knife to slit my wrists a week ago. I was tired of my life.”

Ron, Beth, and I are near tears. I had no idea I almost lost a lifelong friend.

Cindy is now almost crying as well, “One of the babies started to cry and it made me realize that I could not abandon Ron’s children. I got up, dressed, and started preparing to come back, drop the kids off, and then I could kill myself.

“Now before you start calling shrinks, I am fine. This last week I thought about coming home and seeing you three. Thought about the life we might be able to have together again. If nothing else, my parents will take me in. I had a purpose, I had the hope of seeing you all. That broke my slump. I was happy again and now, I am here.”

Ron gets up, walks over to Cindy, sits down, and hugs her tight. He then resimli seks hikayeleri gives her a steamy kiss that would have woken a dead woman. “I told you two years ago, I would always take you back in a heartbeat. That is still true.”

He then takes his hand and reaches into his pocket and pulls out Cindy’s ring, “I kept this close to me hoping you would someday come and claim it. If you accept this ring, you will once again be part of this loving, dysfunctional family.

“You will be made love to often, allowed full access to all adult family members, and be allowed to enter the dungeon on our monthly evenings that we have come to enjoy so much. The décor is a bit odd, but I must admit, it grows on you after a while.”

Cindy cocks her head and looks at me with amusement.

I explain, “We had the guys remodel while on the island. They repainted the black and blood motif with a wooded city park and Hello Kitty theme. It’s the best room in the house.”

Beth adds, “No, it’s the room you enjoy the most, the three rooms they painted since then are better. We had them do the nursery, the children’s playroom, and the gym. They are amazing. You should see the enchanted forest in the nursery!”

Cindy plucks the ring from Ron’s hand, puts it on her finger (it still fit perfect). “I would love to be part of this family again and to please all three of you. Like Ron, I learned a lot, we are going to have lots of fun together.”

Ron then looks serious, “We really appreciate what Ricky did for us. We thought our world was going to crumble. We hired George and Wendy for making the call to Ricky.”

Cindy starts to laugh. “Have I got a story for you. When I started dating Ricky it was easy, I already knew him from modeling. He was the best guy I dated. I, of course, told him about all of you except for a few details. George and Wendy flew us in before retrieving you three. That was one wild ride, six hours of straight sex with us four. Wendy, Rickey, and I was my favorite combination. That girl is a firecracker.”

Cindy continues, “We were tired once we got to the island and slept a lot while waiting. When Ron got off the plane Ricky said, Oh Fuck, it’s him. I asked, what? He says I get to meet him, how fucking cool. You know the rest until we get to our cabin.”

“Ricky had several friends who owe Ron their lives. They only knew his nicknames. When I said we were meeting Ron, he had no idea that he was the guy that saved his buddies. They had shown him some videos of Ron in action. He found the unedited version of the bar fight. Ricky said that still scares him at night.

“When he saw Ron get off the plane in the near dark, he instantly recognized Ron but tried to play it cool. He told me that night that he would be good to me and make me as happy as possible, but he realized I was not for him, I was in love with another man and didn’t know it. How right he was.

“Few weeks go by and we see the news about Ron being the father of Anna’s baby. I burst out in tears. I told him the whole story and he told me that he loved me, he understood that I did not love him, and he was ok with that. It would be our last night together but not to worry about anything. Ricky loved you three as much as he did me and would help. I ask how? He told me he knew a reporter that would like a scoop and not to worry but watch CNN tomorrow night. Since this was our last night and he was willing to help, I was going to be special that night. It was. In the middle of fucking, Wendy calls.

“Wendy tells me they would like Ricky to pretend to be the father. I thought it was a great idea so while he was still fucking me, I tell him Wendy’s plan. He tells me that is why he contacted the reporter. He had the same idea. He wasn’t going to let anyone screw with Ron’s life. We had been so nice to him as an outsider, it was the least he could do. Besides, it would help him get women as he fucked me harder.

“Wendy loved the reaction but that was going to become a problem. Her employers would put 2 and 2 together and they would lose their jobs. I told her it was her suggestion so take credit and Ron would take care of her. I know you did. I assume you saw the broadcast and know what he said.”, we nodded. “He sent me flowers the next day saying he was honored to help and that he will always miss me.”

I tell Cindy, “Ron is a certified pilot now. George and Wendy helped, and they, of course, pilot our Gulfstream. We need to get you up there, you had fun for six hours, but you missed a lot.”

Cindy’s parents show up and the rest of the day is full of tears and crying babies.

Chapter 33 – A Night to Remember

After a nice last-minute dinner party for our families and our new additions, the parents take off. We never asked or discussed the desire, they just took the kids with them. Cindy’s parents have a huge smile on their face. My parents and Beth’s parents have had this joy for a while. Tonight, Cindy’s parents get to enjoy being grandparents. I don’t think that in their mind, it was ever a decision, they wanted this very bad. Cindy was all too happy to have a night off. She looked relieved and run down. She is glad she doesn’t have the children tonight. I will make sure that happens a few more nights until she comes around again.

Cindy was never heavy, always on the thin side. Now, she looks even thinner than normal. She has not been working out or eating right. I can see her arms and legs don’t look defined, they are flabby. I need to have a talk with her, I don’t like this. She needs to take care of herself. While thinking of what or how we should start the night, Ron saves me.

Ron takes Cindy’s hand in his, gives her his cute smile, and then starts dragging her to the new addition to the house. It only takes a few minutes to figure out we are going to our home gym. She has never seen this complete. I was hoping for us to have a wild night. I guess Ron sees her weariness and wants to take it slow. We all sit down on the mats where we stretch and do yoga.

The room has been painted to look like the inside of a huge building with artwork adorning every square inch. It reminds me of the Sistine Chapel with the ornate architecture and frescos. In our case, it’s all an optical illusion and painted. Cindy takes a few minutes to take it all in. It is the best artwork in our home. This is the room I am most proud to show others and someday we will have a magazine come in and do a story on it.

Ron starts us off with a concerned look on his face, “Cindy, you look worn out. You have lost weight, and you have almost no muscle definition. You are still gorgeous, and I love you. However, I want you to grow old with us. At your current decline, that won’t happen. Starting tomorrow, you will eat three square meals a day. You will work our six days a week, three on legs and core and three on cardio and arms. For the next three weeks, you do not take care of your children. Either your parents or one of us will. You need a break from them. You can still spend time with them of course. However, no feedings, no diapers, or putting them to bed. You only get the fun stuff, you get to play with them.”

Cindy is stunned, she has no emotion on her face at all.

Ron continues, “I am not taking our children, I am giving you a much-needed break. I will re-evaluate the situation in three weeks. I will be honest. I hate diapers, so the likelihood is you will get your children back.” He smiles.

Cindy is giggling now and seems to be at ease and smiling. It’s no wonder I love him so much.

Ron is smiling now, “We have a nice gym here but let me show you my favorite room in the house next. I put a ton of effort into decorating the place when we moved in and in one day, an army of people descended on my personal space and transform it. I hear they brought in close to 100 artists. Every item had a twin purchased and was prepared ahead of time, then sat in a warehouse waiting for the day to install.” We open the doors to the dungeon. “This is what they did to me, those ungrateful bastards!”

Cindy meekly puts her head into the room and then falls to the floor laughing. Ron is furious with her.

Ron yells, “Oh, so you think this is funny huh?”

He picks her up roughly and straps her into the cross, the big X thingy that is painted like two birch trees. He places a blindfold on Cindy and that is when she stopped laughing.

Cindy asks sheepishly, “Um, what are you going to do to me?”

Ron is now cool and responds, “I have a Hello Kitty whip in fine leather. I have a Hello Kitty cane. Its, a thin piece of wood that leaves welts. I have a Hello Kitty paddle for tanning the ass of a very naughty woman. Which should I choose for tonight?”

While he is saying that, he hands me the bucket with the large chunks of ice. He hands Beth a pinwheel. Ron picks up a long peacock feather to tickle her with.

Ron says in an evil mad scientist voice, “Let the beatings begin!”

Heavy metal music starts to play overhead. It’s loud.

I am first with the ice. I know my job well now, paint her body and spend considerable time on her nipples. Beth is truly evil with the pinwheel. She knows every sensitive place on the human body. Ron is really annoying with the feather. I hate that more than the rest combined.

Cindy is conflicted. Part of her hates this and part of her loves this. She moans and swears at the same time. Talk about mixed signals. Her nipples are sensitive, we eventually cause an orgasm. She lays spent on the cross, hanging by her arms, due to the restraints. Ron quickly takes her off the cross and places her in a stockade.

While Cindy is recovering from her orgasm, Ron tells her, “Anytime you are done, want to stop, have had enough, or are not having fun, yell out RED and we will stop.”

Ron now looks at Beth and me, “You may each have fifteen minutes of bunny time, Anna first.”

We leave Ron and Cindy in a heartbeat as we run to the Symbian. I mount my favorite toy and Beth is quickly on the controls and slowly increasing the vibrations. Ron has a nice slow fuck going with Cindy. Beth increases the speed. Cindy’s breasts are swaying back and forth now. Beth increases the vibrations and now has the vibrator slowing turning inside my vagina. Cindy has a huge smile on her face. The vibrations have me worked up and going nuts. This is so good. I am learning to control my breathing. It’s hard to concentrate.

My friend, whatever her name is, is being fucked good. Oh my, some girl turns both dials and the vibrations increase. My vision blurs. My attention is now on my cunt. This is fucking amazing. I like, I like, I like. The feelings are stronger, I feel better. I like. I like. I like. BOOM! I have a massive explosion of happiness in my body. What happened? Did I die? Everything is white? There is nothing here, I can’t see anything. I feel awesome. Complete, 100% awesome. Every bone in my body tingles with happiness. It’s all centered on my vagina. I could stay here forever.

All too quickly, everything fades and then I am back in the dungeon with the beautiful park walls, white puffy clouds in the sky, and my brother holding me hard. I notice Cindy looks to be passed out on the stockade and Beth is mounted on the Symbian and looking annoyed with me. I can’t move.

I didn’t see what Ron is doing but I see Beth’s eyes bug out of her head for a moment. She screams in agony, no pleasure, oh I don’t know. Her hair is flopping around and then she is still. Then she is rolling her hips, and then she is still. Ron is being Ron again! I look down and he is twisting both nobs to the right and then back to the left. Right, left, right, left. He isn’t even consistent with how far each one turns. Sometimes the right goes further and sometimes it’s the left. He has gone mad. That isn’t how you use the device.

I notice that the extremes aren’t as far now. He never turns it all off. Hmm, interesting. Maybe he does know something I don’t know. Beth is moaning, and I hear Cindy trying to escape. I get up and walk to Cindy. One of the restrains is loose. I remove the restraint which gets me a smile. Then I put it back on and she looks hurt at me. I slip under the device and two beautiful breasts are pointing down. Gravity is doing its job with these milk laden breasts.

I know my breasts were sore for a long time. I delicately suckle her nipples, relieving the built-up pressure causing her to moan. I know Beth doesn’t know I exist by now, Ron looks my way and smiles at me. My breasts were sore long after Edward stopped nursing on me. It felt good for a long time to have them sucked on. Her breasts are still considerably larger than before. Either way, she is loving this. I had forgotten how long her nipples were and what a delight it is to suck on them. The top flat part of her nipples is like sandpaper, their rough and a joy to play with.

I tease Cindy, “You can use your safe word anytime you want.”

She is no fun, she doesn’t respond. She is loving me suck her big, thick, and engorged nipples. It’s like milking a cow or goat, tiny streams of milk release. After Beth orgasms, Cindy is satisfied with my job and asks to be released. I immediately release her. She wobbles and is awkward looking, I assist and help hold her up.

Cindy smiles, “He fucked me good. I won’t say I didn’t have fun, because I certainly did. I did miss Ron, his cock, and the way he uses it. However, not necessarily in that order.” We all giggle.

Now that Beth can walk again, Ron takes Cindy by the hand again and places her on the Symbian. She has no idea what she is in for. She looks worried and unsure of the device. She damn well better be scared. We call it the rabbit because the normally ugly flat black quarter beer keg that you sit on has a pure white wool covering. On the flat end facing towards the controller, is the face of a bunny rabbit. In the back is a fluffy bunny tail. There are two long ears, but they are pressed into the body. It is an adorable creation.

Ron nudges the first dial just a bit. Cindy’s eyes and whole body perk up. She has a smile on her face. Gradually, he turns the dial. The device makes more noise and Cindy gets more enjoyment. She is on four before Ron starts turning the second dial and the dildo that is inside of her now tilts and starts turning around inside of her vagina. She almost stood straight up with the shock. Beth and I hold her down. She is so predictable.

Ron is slowing turning this brilliant girl into a pile of dirt. She has almost no brain function other than pleasure. She isn’t responding to us and her eyes are glazed over. Yes, she is going to explode soon. We are ready to catch her. Her only signs of intelligence are the fact that she can somehow roll her hips on the device like she is fucking it. Her body is glistening, and her aroma is strong.

Cindy releases with a scream. She stands halfway up and then topples over towards Beth. She catches Cindy and embraces her in her arms. This is unusual for Beth. She will hug us but never hold us like she is now. Ron and I are the holders, it’s always one of us that takes an exhausted body and holds the person in a loving embrace. Both Ron and I give her a smile. She has the look of understanding, she knows how we feel about her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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