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Let me tell you about Denise. She is the first redhead I had ever been with and the one who made me wonder whether or not the passion, open mindness and utter joy of giving and receiving sexual pleasure was just her or a trait of all redheads. She was not shy about what she wanted, liked or wanted to give, and she was very skilled and proud of her techniques, skills and knowledge. She was very much in touch with her sexuality and was very curious as well. She was very mischievous. It seemed like the “dirtier the better” and the more she liked it. Over time, she made clear that she was curious and eager to try even more. If she wasn’t moaning in pleasure, she was smiling. If her mouth was occupied, in her eyes you could see her joy. From the first time being with her to this very day, I love her and all redheads.

Denise was not knockout gorgeous but she was very pretty. Green eyes that always glowed with her happiness for life. She stands 5’ 3”, slim. Ample, not huge tits but big enough to enjoy in every way. Her legs seemed a little long for her frame but where they came together they made an incredible ass out of themselves. It was not too wide or too fat. It was for me, a true ass man, and a masterpiece of nature.

After four years in the Air Force and one year trying to sell stereo I decided to go to school. I lived in Albuquerque, NM at the time in a really bad apartment. I was getting a monthly grant and GI bill money and I worked part time at a convenience store that was just a few hundred feet from my apartment. It was barely enough to pay to bills so my social life was non-existent.

Two years before meeting Denise I went through an emotionally painful divorce from my wife who was my high school sweetheart. I was far from recovered from it emotionally. I know that sounds pathetic but if you married your high school sweetheart you know how deep that love can be.

I usually worked from 3pm to 11pm at the store so would get the rush hour crowd and then the drunks and stoners looking for something to munch on. One evening, I guess around 8:30 or so with the rush hour crowd finally winding down I noticed a really nice looking redheaded lady had come into the store. She was wearing a business pant suit. As she walked around the store I watched her every move. Even in the concave mirrors when she was in an aisle where I could see her, she really looked good. There was just something about her. When she came up to the counter she smiled the most beautiful smile. For a few seconds I was spellbound and speechless. After looking her up and down and then settling on her smiling green eyes, she cleared her throat and said,

“Hello.” Then looking at my name tag she said, “Hello Marty”. That smile, those green eyes…….

A little red faced and flustered I finally said, “Oh, Hi. I’m sorry but I got lost in those green eyes and I love your hair” (Holy shit where did this shy, dejected, rejected and emotionally scarred wuss find the courage to say that.) My eyes dropped to the counter in embarrassment.

Denise said, “Thank you. That’s very nice of you to say. It’s been a while since anyone has said something that nice to me.”

After ringing up her stuff I looked up, made eye contact and smiled then said, “That’s really hard to believe….. That’s $4.69”

Chuckling she said “No. I don’t need this for sixty-nine.”

That cracked us both up. What an icebreaker. I felt so much better about myself from that moment on. I bagged up her stuff; said thanks like a good clerk would and thanked her for the laugh too. Still smiling she grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. I watched her every step. She opened the door and just before stepping out she stopped and looked back at me. This time with a coy, almost shy look she said,

“Marty, right?

I smiled and nodded.

“Just checking.”

This first encounter happened in the late winter, probably March. Living in the southwest, in the dessert, at that altitude the weather can be a little strange. It can snow 4” overnight but it will melt all away by noon because of the hot sun and 60 degree temps. In the summer, with the dry 100 degree heat, low humidity and intense sun it’s like you don’t sweat because it evaporates as soon as it leaves your pores.

Anyway, as time went by Denise would come in from time to time. Her presence was enough to get me all flustered. We always had our little momentary flirts and innuendo filled little chats. They always made my day but that was all it was and all I expected it to be. Wow, was I wrong.

It wasn’t too long before I noticed that she would come in more often. She used to come in obviously on her way home from work because she always had her work clothes on. Now though, not only was it more often but at a later time, when the store wasn’t very busy so we would talk longer. She started wearing much more casual and sexy (at least to me) clothes.

In our new longer conversations after finally asking her name, one of the first things I found out is that she lived only a block away. Then, the more we talked the more comfortable I felt with her. She was smart and confident without being intimidating. She made me think and laugh and the sexual innuendo really got my imagination going and more than once I tried to hide my hard-on. (not always possible). She would smile even wider when she noticed.

By now its summer and she would walk over to the store in the heat usually wearing too short shorts and a colored, man’s tank top. Sometimes the shirt was too big and ¾ of each tit would be exposed on the side. Her nipples, hard or not, always pressed against the material. Always though, the walk over would get her really hot but as soon as she walks in the door and the AC hits her, boink, go her nipples and my dick got hard immediately. She would grab a soda and lean on the counter and drink it while we talked. She would always step aside when I had to ring-up another customer. Anymore, our conversations were never less than a ½ hour, most much longer than that. During the entire time of our conversations, the AC would keep her nipples hard and that and everything else about her kept my dick hard. She made it really difficult to do my job. She stimulated my mind, my heart and my body. She was incredibly sexy. I didn’t know if it was intentional or not but it was like every move she made was a sexual pose. Oh shit, I was falling hard.

One night, it had to be a Friday she came in later than usual still wearing her business suit obviously after working some overtime. No-one has ever worn a business suit so well. Her jacket was open and all but the bottom two buttons were undone and her shirt somehow was pushed away from her chest. There was nothing but skin to be seen as I stole a glance as she walked to the cooler and got herself a soda. She came up to the counter and leaned herself down onto her right elbow. In doing so her shirt pushed even farther away. I could now see the entire shape of her left tit and nipple. It was soooo sexy because it was unintentional (I think). Well, she caught me with my eyes down. She calmly looked down and figured out what I was looking at. She smiled and again, slowly, calmly, very slowly she stood up and adjusted her clothes. She’s all lady. There was an awkward pause………

In my mind I realized the confidence that this woman has given me and after all the time we spent talking, all her sexy clothes, poses and innuendo, turned me on like no other woman has turned me on before, it’s time to tell her what’s been on my mind.

She leaned back down onto the counter, took a sip of her soda……

“Denise, you’re an incredible lady. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life. You make me laugh, you make me think and you turn me on beyond my wildest dreams. In fact you are the star of all of my wildest dreams. Everything about you turns me on. I wish I could take you out and treat you like I want too but if I tried I would only embarrass myself. My life right now is not worthy of a lady like you”

Her reply was not what I expected but more than I could have hoped for. She reached out with her hand and put it behind my neck, pulled me close and kissed me. As we pulled back from the kiss we both looked each other in the eye and smiled.

“You are an amazing guy. Unassuming, always the gentleman and you make me laugh too. I love to laugh. You stimulate me more than you know. I enjoy my visits here with you. Do really think I would do so much shopping at a convenience store? I’m here to see you.” She replies………… “Its 10:15 you get off at 11 right?”

“You know my schedule?” I ask.

“I don’t come here unless you’re here. If I need a convenience store there is a Circle K right across the street from me.”

“I’m flattered and yes, I get off at 11.”

“Ok, I’m going to leave you now and slip into something more comfortable. Why don’t you come over when you get off? I’ll have a cold beer for you and I’ll whip up something to eat. What do you think?”

“That would be nice. I’ll be able to give you my undivided attention. I’ll be there around 11:15, I think. Where exactly do you live?” was my delighted answer.

“I’ll write it down for you”

I rip off a piece of paper from the register, grab a pen and hand them to her.

She leans down onto the counter and rests on both elbows. Her upper arms are pushing her tits together creating some awesome cleavage, I swear I can see the inside edge of both nipples She writes down her address and says, “It’s right across the street from Circle K, next to Tony’s place but up the hill, at the end of the road.”

Looking up at me she lingers in that position and smiles a coy, sexy smile and asks, “Got it?”

Knowing she can see me looking at her tits, I slowly raise my eyes to hers and simply reply, “Got it.”

She stands up, “See you soon” she says still smiling that sexy smile and starts to walk away.

“Denise, wait. Come here”

When she gets back to the counter, this time I reach out, put my hand behind her head, pull her towards me and kiss her. Leaning in towards each other, I give her a deep kiss as I open my mouth. She follows my lead and our tongues dance with each other. After a few seconds I feel her lips slipping between mine and then sealing around my tongue. She starts to suck it while continuing our tongue dance. I can’t help but imagine what her mouth could do to my dick. My dick hardens as that thought stays with me. Instinctively, one hand reaches out and takes hold of one of hers. As we break our kiss and open our eyes again instinctively, while looking into her now very far away eyes, I trace the back of my other hand to her nearly open shirt and gently, subtlety run it along the side of her left tit. She closes her eyes, smiles and gives a soft, sexy moan. A few seconds later, hers eyes pop open, gives my hand a squeeze and starts for the door. This time with a serious look she looks back at, points a finger at me and asks, “See you soon?”

I enthusiastically reply, “Yes you will.” Her serious look turned into that sexy smile again as she turns, steps out the door, into her car and drives away.

The next 40 minutes were excruciating. The clock didn’t seem to move. A couple of asshole drunks came in and just added to my frustration. After what seemed like forever, my relief finally came in and I started the end of shift paperwork. Wanting so bad to get out of there I rushed it and fucked up the paperwork…..twice. I didn’t get out of there until 11:20.I walked straight to Denise’s place.

I knocked on the door at 11:44. She answered with a big smile. She invites me in and closes the door behind her. I step in and she walks up to me and wraps her arms around me and this time we kiss and it’s a deep tongue lashing, long lasting kiss. The type of kiss that gives goose bumps, the type of kiss that made my dick hard and I assume her pussy wet. Holy shit what a kiss. We finally break the kiss and while still in each other’s arms I reach one arm down her back to her waist and pull her close. I know she can feel my hard dick against her belly. While still holding each other we look each other in the eyes, her lust for me is clear, and just say hello.

Still smiling she walks away to her kitchen. In the limited light of her foyer, as she walks away I get my first glimpse of what she is wearing. On top she is wearing a very tight fitting man’s tank top undershirt. It’s white and the material is very thin. Not only is her perfect shape visible, so was the color of her skin even in the dim light. Down below she is wearing cut off grey fleece sweatpants shorts. They are almost mud flap short. I mean that the inside butt cheeks showed ever so slightly. Her perfect ass hardens my dick even more as she walks away. She gets to the fully lit kitchen and now there is a counter between us so I lose sight of her ass cheeks. She walks over to the fridge, opens it and bends over. (God damn that counter). With my favorite beer in hand she stands up and turns towards me.

With an evil, coy, knowing look she says, “You want this?”

Even from where I was standing some 7 feet away, when she turned around her hard nipples and the color or her areolas were in plain view in the full light of the kitchen through the thin cotton of her white tank top.

I walk over to the other side of the counter from where she was. She hands me an ice-cold MGD, my favorite domestic beer.

Impressed with her choice of beers and doing my best not to lose control, I open the bottle and take a good, long swig, my eyes never leaving her near naked tits. She just stood there, smiling as I took my drink.

“Ahhhhhhh, nice and cold. How did you know that I liked MGD?” I ask, mesmerized by the cold beer and her near nakedness.

“You mentioned it the first time we met.”

“Wow, what a memory. That was a long time ago.” I say absolutely impressed by everything about her.

She turns around and opens the ‘fridge and then bends over as she looks for something inside. This time I have a full view. Her long straight legs, her shorts tighten around her butt cheeks and pull tight into her ass crack. It’s not camel toe but the outer lips of her pussy are pressing against the fabric and the mud flaps are in plain view. I can’t take my eyes of her magnificent ass. My hard-on aches. I can’t take much more of this. I move around to her side of the counter and lean on the corner to get a closer look.

Soon she finds what she is looking for and takes each item out one by one. She takes out six separate items. Each time standing up and turning around. The first time I know she caught me looking at the ass. Then my eyes went back to her near naked, poking nipples. After the third time catching me she giggled but continued. I swear she enjoys the lust in my eyes. After all six items are removed and on the counter she turns to me and says, “I thought I’d use some left-overs and whip up a casserole.”

“Sounds good to me. By the way, thanks for the beer, what are you drinking? Can I get something for you?”

Her eyes drop to the outline of my aching hard-on in my jeans, after a five second pause, as her eyes slowly move up to meet mine. Her face flushed and slightly red, “Ummmm, sure.” She reaches up into a cabinet and pulls out a nice scotch glass. As she did her sheer tank top and short shorts separate and reveal her tight, flat abs. She goes to the ‘fridge, then the freezer and grabs three ice cubes and puts them in the glass. She hands me the glass and points to a little bar on wheels in the living room and says, “There’s a bottle of scotch in there. Please pour it slowly over the ice.”

I head over to the little bar, open the doors, find the bottle of scotch and as she asked pour it slowly over the ice. I head back to the kitchen. Denise is busy getting pots and pans and mixing up the stuff for her casserole. I walk over and go directly to her on her side of the counter and hand her the drink. She gladly takes and takes a sip, turns and continues stirring what is on the stove. With her back to me, from behind I reach for her drink and take from her hand and put it on the counter and then turn off the stove. At the same time I wrap my other hand around her waist and pull her to me. My other hand now free I move her long red hair to expose her neck and start to kiss and suck the nape of her neck. Instinctively, in one motion, one hand goes to her tit, squeezes it and pinches her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, the other reaches into her shorts and grabs one of the cheeks of her incredibly firm ass. I see her eyes close, a throaty moan escapes her again smiling mouth.

I whisper in her ear, “You are so incredibly sexy. Your teasing has made my dick so hard it hurts.” I move the hand that is on her ass to the crack of her ass. She moans again as a finger lightly grazes her ass hole. She twitches and giggles. Inspired by her reaction, I linger and start to gently caress it. This time it’s more like a gasp and then a giggle as her pleasure is now obvious. Soon I move a little lower and tickle her ‘taint and then to her pussy. First one finger, she is dripping wet. Then a second finger, both two knuckles deep. Her breathing quickens, she lets go a few more moans. Then she abruptly turns around.

We look each other in the eye. Her eyes glare with lust. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and neck and smiles the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen. Leaving one hand hanging onto my neck, she reaches for the hand with her wetness on the fingers and with an almost evil smile, she licks each one from top to bottom, licking up the wetness from her pussy, the sucks them both. My hands are now outside of her clothes but not for long. The hand with wet fingers goes down the back of her shorts, the other around her waist. The hand in her shorts resumes teasing her ass. Still wet, I press one finger into her ass. One knuckle deep I finger fuck her tight ass.

“That feels so good. Please don’t stop.” She moans in between pants of pleasure. Her arms still wrapped around my neck, she rests her head on my chest. With my other arm wrapped around her waist I pull her against my hard dick. She responds with a slight up and down motion of her hips. The saliva on my finger starts to dry. Not wanting to hurt her and wanting her to keep on loving the anal attention I pull my hand out of her shorts. My intention was to first taste her ass and then put a big blob of spit on then and then continue to finger her ass but she beat me to it. She took that finger in her mouth and lovingly sucked it. Then she puts that finger and the one next to it together and put a big blob of her saliva them. “Now please fuck my ass with both.” She asks looking at me with puppy dog eyes in an almost begging tone. I slip my hand back down her shorts careful not to wipe away her saliva. I feel her push out her ass in anticipation. My fingers find her asshole. I feel her push against my fingers again. I slip both fingers in, this time two knuckles deep. As I start a good in and out rhythm she presses herself against my hard-on on more time. Then she pulls her hips away, lifts her head from my chest and kisses me long and deep.

Soon I feel her hands undoing my belt, then the button, then the fly. Looking each other in the eye she says, “Is it teasing if I get what I want? I know you want me too. Stop playing so shy.”

Without warning I ram my two fingers as deep as I could into her ass. She gasps. “How shy was that”. With that, and a playful slap on my face, she drops to her knees. My fingers slip out of her ass. I finally get a taste. She looks up at me as she pulls my pants and underwear down. She wraps a hand around the base my aching hard-on. Her eyes still locked on mine and says, “Tease? You call this a tease?” She kisses the head of my pre-cum moistened dick. “Yum, I’ve wanted this and the rest of you ever since we met.” She looks up at me as she milks my cock. I watch her as she smiles when a drop of pre-cum oozes out. Then she does it again. Another drop adds to the first. It starts to stretch towards the floor. She looks down at the pre-cum and says with a naughty smile” a taste of things to come”. She catches the stretching drop on her tongue then slurps her way up to my cock and takes into her mouth. Looking up at me with smiling eyes, she slowly takes me deeper until her lips surround the base of my cock. Her hands grab my ass cheeks and she pulls me even deeper into her throat. I reach down and pull her head even closer. My hands on both sides of her head I pull back slightly then push back down. Again I pull back slightly and push back in again. I start fucking her throat. She drops her hands to her lap and submits to the throat fucking. I’m on fire with lust. When I look down at her, her eyes are smiling but starting to tear up. My throat fucking pace increases mercilessly, I am living my wildest, wettest dream ever. Her head is clamped between my hands. Both hands full of her fox red hair. My balls are bouncing off her chin. Thick throat spit is spewing from the corners or her mouth. Her nose is running. But, her eyes are locked on mine. I’m surprised I see no sign of distress from her. At the exact same moment that I feel that I will drop the biggest load of my life down her throat, she pushes me back and takes a deep breath with a load gasp.

I stand there with thick throat spit and pre-cum hanging, stringing from the entire length of my cock and a long string hanging from my balls as she kneels before me drooling, her thin shirt now drenched, her tits before me in their full glory. Denise is smiling. Her eyes are closed as she is panting to her catch breath. Her hand still, slightly pushing on me. I hold back.

Denise clears her throat, opens her eyes and looks right into mine and gives me a naughty, knowing smile. She asks me to hand her, her drink which is still sitting on the counter. One step to the side, one step forward, I grab it. I reassume my position with my still hard and dripping, aching cock inches from her face and hand her drink. I watch her take a sip then I bend down to kiss her really sloppy mouth. As I do she reaches up and holds me behind my neck and we kiss deep and long. We, as I say tongue dance. As we get to end of that kiss she sucks my tongue, painfully. I pull away a little angry. ”Ouch, what the fuck?”

She laughs and says, I wanted to suck your cock. Instead you fucked my throat. Not that I really minded”….. “I know” I said, “I watched every second. You loved every second of it”. “When you’re right, you’re right, no argument here”, She says as she takes another sip of her drink. “Now it’s my turn. Will you please relax? I really want to suck your cock and when the time is right, please feed me a big load.” She puts her drink back on the counter, leans forward and licks up the pre-cum dripping from the head, then she takes me deep.

I moan loud and try to grab her head. She slaps my hands away but keeps me deep then slowly backs off. It seems like I takes forever before my cock slips from her mouth. She strokes my well lubed with throat spit cock. Soon pre-cum starts to accumulate again. She strokes some more, she smiles as she looks me in the eye and licks it off. “Yummy. Give me more.” Denise takes me deep into her throat and slowly slips me all the way out of her mouth. She repeats, again, pauses, then repeats again. Every time she pulls me out, she licks and then sucks the head and swirls her tongue around my head, then digs the tip of her tongue into the cum-hole while milking my cock. With a drop of pre-cum on her tongue Denise looks up at me, swallows and says, “isn’t this fun?”

“We’re just getting started, she says”. She takes me deeper. I feel her tongue massaging the sensitive skin on the head and then from time to time I feel it running around the rim of the head. I moan long and loud. Her eyes still on mine, her mouth stuffed with my cock, my balls bouncing off her chin as she fucks me with her throat. In her smiling eyes I can see her joy at giving me such incredible pleasure. I then feel her hands grab my ass cheeks. She pulls me deeper into her mouth, deep into her throat. I reach down and hold her head steady and fuck her throat. I pound her throat as hard as I have ever pounded any pussy or ass. Her eyes tear but those eyes are still smiling, she loves it. After several minutes of throat fucking I hang my head back, I’m ready to blast my load down her throat but she pushes on my belly and pulls off my cock. She take a few breaths and says ,“Down boy. As much as want to eat your cum, and I promise I will, I want to make this to last and that load of cum I want to eat, I want it to be the biggest load ever. Before we go there I want much more. See that chair in the living room under the lamp? Go there, have a seat. I’ll be right with you.”

I leave the room. I have no idea what she is up to, but now having an idea of how naughty she can be, with my pants still around my ankles I waddle over to the chair she pointed out in the living room.

Damn, my dick is so hard, it hurts. As I wait for her, I get naked. She turns off the kitchen light. I can’t see her at all. It’s pitch dark but I hear her moving around. I swear I can feel her body heat. I know she is close by. Suddenly, she lights a lighter and lights two candles on either side of the chair I’m sitting in. I look up. There she is bare ass naked. She stands there for a few seconds with a look of lust on her face like I’ve never seen before. Soon, with a “knowing” smile she drops to her knees in between my legs and says, “that little taste earlier was just a tease…… (her eyes bulge in lust) “for us both. From here I can taste all of you”. With that she pushes my legs on to the arms of the chair. With my legs comfortably spread as wide as they can be, she leans in takes my balls in her hands then leans in and starts to lick my ass.

I moan the loudest moan ever as she pleasures my ass with her tongue. At this point in my life, no woman has ever given me more pleasure so unselfishly and I know we’re just getting started, and this is our first time together. (Holy Shit, the future looks bright). I look down at her and all I see are two smiling eyes. She is enjoying tongue fucking my ass as much as I am. Soon she lets go of my balls. She puts the fingers of both of her hands close to my ass and then pulls it open. By now I’m very relaxed. gaziantep escort Her tongue goes deep in my ass. I feel her tongue curling, I feel it drive in and out… She is tongue fucking my ass… I can’t quite explain the pleasure she is giving me……

I look down at her. Again, her eyes are smiling, looking proud. She knows what she is doing to me. In the mean time, my dick is ooooozing pre-cum. I say to her,” baby, come get another taste of things to cum”. I see her eyes go to my dick. She didn’t just smile when she saw all the pre-cum, she moaned, licked it up, and milked my dick for more and licked it up.

As good as my first time with Denise is going, it now my turn to take control again.. I give her a little kiss and we trade places in the chair. Except I roll her over so her legs are in the air and her torso is on the seat of the chair. I position her head to the edge of the chair so it hangs over the edge. Her legs are spread and but leaning forward towards me, and my face. I pull a little more so her mouth and throat are lined up in the perfect throat fucking angle. Before I shove my dick down her throat, realizing what I was about to do she smiles, opens her mouth,” throat fuck me “ she says. “No mercy, please.”. I dick slap her face, I force her mouth open (not that she was resisting), and slide my dick balls deep into mouth. On the way I can feel the transition from mouth to throat. She moans through her nose ensuring me to continue.

At this point all the love and admiration I have for her has turned in to pure lust. I fuck her throat, I pound her throat. I watch as I bounce my balls on her chin as I fuck her throat balls fucking deep. I see her throat bulge every time I push in and relax when I pull back. She’s loving it. She’s rubbing her clit and she keeps her head right where I need it to be for maximum throat penetration..

I lean forward and remove her hand from her pussy. All her clit rubbing made it swell. I lean farther and suck her clit into my mouth and start sucking it, rubbing it with my tongue. I more feel her moan than hear it. The vibrations from her throat on my cock make me groan loudly, ramping up my lust even more. In this position her asshole in practicality in my face. I open my eyes and I’m amazed that it is gaping. I suck up a wad of her pussy juice. I let go of her clit and put the tip of my tongue in her ass and let the wad of pussy juice and my spit slide off my tongue into her gaping ass. I then seal my lips around her asshole and tongue fuck her ass.

Again, her moan is muted by my cock in her throat. Her moan buzzes around my dick. While I lick and suck her ass she starts rubbing her clit again. It only took about 10 seconds for her to cum. As she came her ass clamped down on my tongue and her muted groans buzzed my dick again.

I had to abruptly pull out of her mouth. Two more seconds of her throat buzzing and I would have cum down her throat. It took all my will power but I like to watch a woman joyfully take my load in her mouth, savor it, then swallow it, plus she said earlier that she wanted to eat “the biggest load ever”. If I would have cum down her throat she could not savor it, and I couldn’t watch .

I kept on eating her ass and she rubbed herself off two more times before I stood up and took a step back and like an artist I admire my work. I stand there proud of turning this super hot, sexually experienced woman into jelly. After a couple of minutes of laying in that chair upside down, her ass gaping, her pussy glistening, panting until she catches her breath she finally opens her eyes. In that minute my still rock hard, but softening cock oozed pre-cum. A string is stretching towards the floor. As fast as I’ve ever seen anyone move, she swings out of that chair to her knees on the floor and leans down to catch my string of pre-cum on her tongue. She slurps her way up the string to the head of my cock and giggles. She milks out more pre-cum, collects it on her tongue, when she is sure she has it all she swallows it all with big, bright, happy eyes.

There is something about having sex somewhere other than in a bed. To me it seems “dirtier” and I like “dirty” sex. It seems to inspire “dirtier” sex. With Denise still smiling and on her knees looking up at me with my balls in one hand and my cock in the other, like a subject kneeling to her king, I grab the back of her head shove my dick down her throat. I hold her head in place, my dick in her throat . I rock my hips just slightly so it’s a true throat fuck. She figures out the rhythm and learns to breathe around my cock. I just wanted to get rock hard again. A throat fuck will do it. As soon as I was hard I pulled out and told her to turn around lean on the chair and spread her ass. She complied with a giggle and a smile. With my cock slick and dripping with throat spit I pressed my cock into her STILL gaping ass. I didn’t stop until I felt the heat of her dripping pussy on my balls. She moaned, she sighed, she smiled and reached down and started rubbing her clit. As we headed towards the finale of this encounter, I fucked her doggie style ass deeply but slowly despite my aching balls, my need to cum. I was going to make this last. Her moans and groans told me that I was doing the right thing. After a little while I pulled out, rolled her over and told her to taste her ass. Without hesitation, in fact with a naughty smile, she sucked my dick down her throat and fucked me with her throat. After a few minutes I pulled out of her throat and rolled over to my back.

I told her to face me and fuck me with her ass. She straddles me. She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand, raises her hips, places my cock at the entrance for her ass and lowers herself onto my cock until my balls are smashed (in a good way) against her ass cheeks. My eyes are open. I watch my cock disappears into her ass. She rides my cock. I want to feel her cum while I’m in her ass. I tell her that thinking that she would rub her clit while she fucks me with her ass. She said ok, no problem. Instead of rubbing her clit she just starts riding me faster. We look each other in the eyes. Her look gets more intense as she rides me harder, faster, deeper. Soon she is grunting. The look in her eyes becomes so distant as she rides my cock. All of a sudden my cock feels her ass shudder, vibrate, tremble. Pussy juice is flowing from her pussy all over my balls. She keeps on riding. The flow stops, the shudder, the vibration and tremble stops but she keeps on riding. Soon it all starts again, passes and starts again.

There are tears in her eyes. She climbs off of me and lays on her back. I need to cum. I straddle her chest, Her tears keep flowing. I lay my cock on her lips, she eagerly takes it into her mouth and sucks it. With teary eyes she begs for my load. With my cock in her mouth she bobs her head, with my balls in one hand and a wet finger from her other hand tickling my ass, I announce that I’m about to cum, Her face lights up as she opens her mouth. She raises her head slightly and cups her tongue. My cock explodes quickly into that cup. She stays still with her mouth wide open, obviously appreciating the artistic value of a cumshot. I drain my cock into her mouth, onto her tongue. With amazing enthusiasm, she sucks out, milks out the very last drop with a HUGE smile. I use my dick to sweep whatever missed her mouth into her mouth. She sloshes it around her mouth. Again, making it an artistic cumshot. With both hands still trying to milk out more. With a totally visible mouthful of cum, with a mouthful, smiling obviously very pleased with me and herself, she asks, ”may I please swallow ?” I reply, “Not yet, show me how you savor the flavor.” With her eyes locked on mine, she giggles, then gargles, sloshes it around, pushes it out to her lips but slurps it all back into her mouth. She begs again, I see the desperation in her eyes, ‘please, stop teasing me. Please, I need to swallow your joy. Make it part of me, in my blood.” I nod. I watch. She swallows. Her joy is obvious as I look into her eyes.

Those few tears, she now is crying. I lay down on her, worried that something is wrong.”Baby why the tears? I’m sorry if I hurt you somehow. She rolls over and rests her head on my chest. Her tears now puddling on my chest. She replies,” Tears of joy. Just the opposite, no man has ever made me feel more like a woman, wanted, taken and satisfied. I owe you. Sometime soon I will show you more appreciation than one woman can. A few minutes of silence as we both glow in our satisfaction. Soon I hear a “purring’ like sound. It’s very soothing. It turns out that is her snore as she has fallen asleep with her head on my chest. With a knowing smirk on my face and as sexually satisfied as I have ever been, I soon fall asleep too.

Part II coming soon.

“The Morning After”

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