Absolute Sex Sessions Ch. 01

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The adventure begins

I picked up my cell phone seeing a text has come in… “Do you have some cream I can borrow for my coffee?”

I saw that it was my neighbor Kylie, who was also my ex-wife’s best friend.

“Sure,” I replied. “Come on over.”

I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months. The last three months were a blur with my divorce still fresh on my mind.

As I took the creamer out of the fridge, I heard the doorbell ring at the back door. I looked down the hall and saw it was her through the window in the door. I motioned for her to come in. She strolled right in apologizing for being an inconvenience.

“No need to apologize I have some you can borrow,” I replied.

“I just feel awful asking you for a favor when I haven’t seen you since..”

“Since the day she left me?” I interrupted. “No worries, It doesn’t involve you.”

“I know, but I feel bad. You are such a nice guy.”

“Doesn’t seem to matter these days,” I say. “She’s looking for something better I guess.”

“I doubt she will find it,” She says with a smile. “She will regret it soon enough.”

I guess she will, I think to myself as I glance over at Kylie. Maybe its the few months without having sex but she is looking kind of sexy at the moment.

Not that I didn’t think of her as sexy before, and there were times I had fantasized about a threesome with her and my ex-wife, but there was something different about her today.

I could tell she had just taken a shower before coming over, her hair still damp and the smell of cocoa butter moisturizer in the air. Small tank top barely holding in her breasts, I could see her nipples through the shirt. The thin pajama like shorts, lightly draped across her hips. Flip-flop sandals showing off her sexy feet.

Don’t even think it! I said to myself. She is married and I would not step over the line like my ex did.

“So eryaman escort how are things been these past couple of weeks?” she asks.

“I’ve just been focused on work to keep my mind off things,” I state.

“So is there anyone special yet?” she asks with a smirk. “I know a few single ladies you might be interested in.”

She sits herself on one of the high stools in my kitchen. For a second, I think I caught a view of her pussy lips from the inside edge of her shorts. I tell myself that I’m seeing things.

“I really haven’t had the time to look for romance,” as I bite my tongue. “Like I said, been focused on work.”

“Well you deserve a little happiness yourself,” she says with a wink.

Again, I convince myself that it didn’t really happen.

“I know I came over here to borrow some creamer for my coffee, but I was wondering if you could help me with something else as well,” she states.

“Something else?” I wonder outload. What could she possibly mean by that?

“Just hear me out for a minute,” she quickly replied, slightly blushing.

“Me and Scott haven’t been intimate in a while,” she starts saying.

“I will not get in between you and Scott,” I exclaim. “You guys are married and have to work things out.”

“No I know,” she says. “I’m just looking for some additional stimulation.”

“You see, I’ve been so horny in the morning and I usually masturbate in the shower to start my day,” she says.

Kaylie was never shy about talking about her sex life before she married Scott so I wasn’t surprised she was bringing this up now.

“I usually think about guys while I finger myself and have been watching porn clips to get me to orgasm. But lately it hasn’t been enough.”

“And you are telling me this why..?” I ask.

“Well I figured, it would be really hot if I sincan escort could watch you jerk off while I get myself off.. kind of like a mutual masturbation session.”

“Um, and what would Scott think?” I interrupted.

“Its not like cheating as there is no contact between us. Just two friends helping each other out. You could probably use the release yourself.”

“Please? she says. “I’m so horney this morning.”

She slides her flip-flops off putting one foot on a stool and the other on the counter. I can see that her shorts are wet right between her legs.

My cock starts to throb as she moves the shorts to the side exposing her wet lips.

“Looks like you started already,” as I lick my lips.

“I told you I was extremely horney this morning. That’s when I got the idea to come over and see you.”

“Just take it out and stroke it while I rub my clit,” she demanded.

All morality flew out the window as I drop my shorts exposing my throbbing stiff cock.

“Looks like you are open to the idea,” she says staring at the end of my cock dripping with precum.

“I guess it has a mind of its own,” I say as I start stroking the shaft.

Kylie starts rubbing a finger in between her pussy lips spreading her wetness up and down.

I cant take my eyes off her sweet lookin pussy. What I wouldn’t do to lick her up and down with my tongue.

“Just stand three feet away and stroke it in synch with me,” she moans, rubbing her clit.

“Its ok, we are not cheating,” as she starts moving her hips in rhythm to my strokes.

My cock is so wet with precum and her pussy is dripping with every stroke.

She inserts two fingers inside her pussy with a gasp and a giggle, moving her fingers in and out.

She looks so hot sliding those fingers in and out of her pussy, every moan and gasp etlik escort showing how good she is making herself feel.

“That is so hot watching you stroke you cock like that,” Kylie says as she watches me stroke it from base to tip.

She removes her shorts giving me full view of her swollen labia and lips dripping with that sweet honey. She has a great looking pussy for someone who has had four kids.

“Now that is HOT!” I exclaim seeing her legs perched up giving me full view.

“Well thank you,” she grins as her breaths become quicker and more shallow. ” I really like the look of your throbbing cock.”

“Its hard because of you,” As I rub it with long hard strokes.

“oh faster.” she cries as she keeps rhythm, toes curling.

“Fuck this is feeling really good,” I exclaim. I haven’t felt it this hard in a long time.

“Oh god you are going to make me cum so hard!” She shrieks between breaths and the sound of her wet fingers stroking the walls of her pussy faster and faster.

I match her stroke for stroke, her eyes meeting mine before staring back at my cock.

“You could use a little lubrication,” she states as she reaches her handout covered in her musky juices.

I grab her hand and move it over my dick. She grabs it and rubs her juice up and down my cock.

“I said we weren’t going to touch each other. it would feel like I was cheating,” she states with a whimper.

“Not cheating, helping out a friend,” I say as I lick some of the her cum from my fingers before stroking my cock again.

“Oh you’re going to make me cum, oh god..,” she groans. “OH fuck…oh…oh… I’m cumming!”

Her hips shift and toes curl as she brings herself to orgasm..

“Oh…aghh..oh…. aghhh…cum with me… I’m cumming!” as her eyes roll back.

I cant hold back as cum squirts out of my cock with each stroke.

“Oh my God that was huge,” she finally manages to utter as she come down from the sexual high.

“Yes it was,” as I look at the mess I made on the floor. “Must have needed that, look at the all the cum on the floor.”

“Sorry about that.” she giggled. “But I really did come over to borrow cream for my coffee.”…

to be continued….

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