Adult Book Store Adventure

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This is an old story that I wrote years ago. It was in need of being cleaned up so I did. About half is true.

I have always had a strong attraction to licking the ass hole of a beautiful woman. I have been lucky enough to do it to several women over the years. I love the taste, the texture, and the reaction I get from the women. I love the feel of the buns in my hands and the feel of my face pushed in the valley. I also love the after taste and the smell that is left on my mustache.

I also have the fantasy of sucking a man’s cock. Many years ago, I went to an adult book store and after several visits and looking at some beautiful cocks through the holes cut in the booths, I took the plunge. A man stuck his average size cock through the hole. I was awe struck being only inches away from another man’s erect cock. I smelled it and it smelled clean as if freshly showered. After touching it for several moments I lifted it up and saw the ball sack. I leaned forward and licked his balls. I loved the way it felt. I always loved having that done to me. I licked the ball sack again and gently sucked a ball into my mouth. It was a neat feeling rolling it around in my mouth. I went to the head of his cock and kissed it. It felt warm and firm but soft at the same time. I took it in my mouth and really liked the taste and how it felt. I stroked it between my lips several times and as I felt it start to harden, I realized he was about to cum. I panicked and left quickly. To this day I regret not taking his load and savoring the taste and feel of a hard cock ejaculating in my mouth. I have tasted my own cum on many occasions. I love the taste and texture. I really like the after taste it leaves in my mouth.

While I have no desire to have a relationship with a man or any other type of adult physical contact, I still have a strong desire to suck a man’s cock till he cums in my mouth. I also would love to be able to lick and suck a man’s balls for a very long time. It Beylikdüzü escort would be best done in a glory hole situation but alas, it is almost impossible to find a glory hole these days.

I had recently rented a porn DVD and one of the scenes included 2 cute women I estimated to be in their late 20’s and I guy maybe in his 30’s. It was pretty run of the mill stuff and I was enjoying it. Near the end of the scene the man was on his back and one of the girls was riding him. The other girl came in from the side and started to kiss the other girl’s ass checks. Nice. She slid in and started to lick the other girl’s asshole. It was very hot, and she was really trying to penetrate the other girls ass hole with her tongue. She got into the rhythm and was running her tongue up and down over the girl’s ass hole and the top of her pussy as well as the guys cock as it slid in and out. Suddenly she slid done and took his balls in her mouth. You could tell he was in heaven by his moaning and body reactions. He was enjoying the moment of having his balls sucked and tongued and another woman sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. I was really turned on by this. The girl released his balls and started to run her tongue from his balls to her ass hole and back in time to his thrusting. This did not go on long as he came. He pulled out and jacked his cum all over the ass hole of the girl that was riding him. It was coating her ass hole and starting to run down on to her pussy. The other girl started to lap up his cum from the girls ass hole and from his cock. She cleaned up all the cum then took his cock in to her mouth and got every last drop out of it. I replayed this several times and came harder than I had in a long time. This scene was so hot that I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

I have taken to reading the ads on Craigslist and while I never thought I would act on one, I did. It was an ad for a middle-aged couple looking for Beylikdüzü escort bayan a threesome with another man. I replied that I may be interested but was very new to the game. After a couple of e mails they sent pictures. She was an attractive slim woman, and he was an average size man with a cock that was a little longer then normal in my opinion. He was shaved and had a nice set of nuts. We agreed to meet for a drink and talk.

We meet the next evening in a quiet sports bar and sat at a table kind of off by itself. From the moment we started to talk we were comfortable with one another. As we were midway through our second drink we started to talk about we wanted to do. It was clear that she was excited about being with 2 men at once. He said he was ok with bi as long as he did not have to do any thing. It was ok if I wanted to suck his cock but he would not do me. It was clear that there would be no other contact between us. They were very patient with me when I told them I was very nervous and wanted to go slowly. We agreed that we would meet the following Friday night at a hotel.

The next couple of days were long. I had a hard time focusing on anything as all I could think about was what was going to happen. When Friday arrived, we meet at the hotel. We each had a drink as we sat and made small talk. It was decided that they would start and I could join in when I was comfortable. They pulled back the blankets and laid on the bed. They started kissing and caressing one another. As they started to undress each other I sat and finished my drink. I was really turned on. He rolled on his back and she started to suck his cock. She was on her knees with her ass facing me. I walked to the side of the bed and started to caress her back and ass. I started to rub her pussy. She was really wet. I got down on my knees and started to kiss and tongue her buns and worked down to her pussy. As I was doing that I got undressed. Once Escort beylidüzü I was naked she shifted to face me and I was standing at the side of the bed with a very stiff hard on. She took me in her mouth and I thought I would explode right then. He started to fuck her doggy style. Needless to say we both fucked her in a number of positions. I did not touch him in any way up to that point. Eventually he got on his back and she climbed on and started to ride him.

I was so turned on seeing this happening right in front of me. I leaned in and started to kiss and tongue her buns. As they continued I could not resist and moved closer and started to rim her ass. It was so sweet and covered with natural lubrication. I started to lick back and forth and started to also lick the top of his shaft as he was driving in and out. I loved it and he was not objecting. I started to tickle his balls and he was really moaning. He slipped out of her pussy and I immediately took his cock in my mouth. I loved the taste of their co-mingled juices. After several strokes I released his cock and he put it back in her pussy. This happened several times. I could have done this all night but he shouted he was going to cum. He shot the first couple of spurts into her pussy and she leaned forward, and he slipped out. I took his cock quickly into my mouth and felt the last couple of ejaculations and then just a couple of spasms. While I was gently sucking the last drops of cum from his cock, I gently tickled his balls. She was laying forward on him and I saw his cum was seeping from her pussy. I pushed my face in with my nose in her asshole and my tongue in her pussy and started sucking up as much as I could. It did not taste much different than mine and I loved it. After there was no more cum to be had I stood up.

She told me to sit in the chair and that she would love to have me cum in her mouth. I sat and she got down sucked my cock. It was so wonderful. I did not last long and came like never before. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed it.

After we all caught our breath, we agreed it was really hot and we enjoyed it. I left them in the hotel room and went home.

I don’t know if we will get together again but it was a wonderful experience, and I am glad I did it.

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