Adult Situations Ch. 29-30

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Chapter 29 — Cory, et. al.

Cory Thomas turned out to be a tall, square-jawed, handsome man that looked like he stepped out of a movie where he played the role of the ‘hunk’ opposite a group of young bikini-clad female lifeguards. Even though he wore a shirt, I was sure there were six-pack abs in there, plus other muscles few people ever saw. I also guessed that the sandy-haired man lifted weights. His biceps were almost ripping apart the sleeves of his polo shirt.

I said to him, “Zenith Tech, huh. I just heard of them for the first time a week ago. They must be new?”

Cory nodded, “They are, or we are. There are only six of us. We named the company after the building we’re in — the Zenith building. I guess we didn’t have imagination on that score. We’ve built a front-end for shippers and logistics companies to use to maximize the use of their in-transit assets, especially empty trucks or containers. We’ve already got about a dozen companies signed up, and right at the moment we’re feeling pretty good about the future. It’s kind of a co-op for our customers.”

I told Cory about my work in computer security and also commented that he didn’t look like a nerd.

Cory laughed, “I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or maybe it’s the other way around. I kind of wised up once I got in grad school working on my Master’s degree in computer science. I’m only slightly savvier now. Meeting Carol and learning about y’all really gave me an education about life.

“My basic roots are pure nerd — I was a video game nut and then got interested in building them. I actually sold a couple I built, but I wanted something more ‘adult’ you might say, and some of my buds had this hazy idea when we were watching empty trucks drive by one day. We think we can even improve on FedEx and UPS.”

I gestured at the smoking barbecue. “I hope you can join us for dinner. We’re smoking some ribs right now, and there is some corn on there, too.”

Cory nodded and accepted with thanks. Carol looked very pleased that I’d invited her ‘find’.

I also wanted to congratulate him on not freaking out or leering at Trish and Crystal’s almost nude bodies.

I went to turn over the ribs on the grill and add more sauce, and Cory came with me. He said, “I didn’t expect anybody to be so … so … so undressed when Carol brought me in. She told me, kind of, but if this is a bad time, please tell me and I’ll excuse myself.”

I chuckled, “No, no. You’re fine. We’re pretty natural around here about our dress code.” I gestured back to where Ross and the three girls sat. Carol was now topless, having removed her pull-over top and bra.

Cory gawked and then caught himself. I said, “You’ll get used to it. I thought Carol told you something about our social life here.”

“She did, but I didn’t believe her. I can be pretty naïve, and I thought she was teasing me. She told me that on most Saturdays you have a kind of sex party back here, with people of all ages.”

“Everyone is legal,” I said firmly, just in case he had friends in places that would care about that stuff.

“Oh, of course. But, that was all B.S., right?”

I shook my head, “No. She indicated that you were cued in on the scene and would be interested.”

Cory gulped. “If you were a nerd, you know you subjugated your sex drive to do techy things. I did, so I’m not as experienced as some people think I am. I started working out three years ago, and so I have a good physique, I know, but the expectations people have about me usually are … overstated.”

“Carol green-lighted you to attend. I think you’ll like the crowd, or are you averse to sexual things.”

“NO!” Cory blurted out so quickly that I laughed.

He went on, “I mean, of course, not. I’m just not any kind of lothario or stud or whatever.” He studied me, “You really do have sex parties here?” I think he was sure we were all playing him.

I nodded, “Yep, we do. They’ve been getting larger. I think about twenty or thirty people came to the last one. There’ve been more women than men, so I can see why Carol recruited you.”

Carol suddenly showed up at my side. She kissed me with tongue and then said, “Cory didn’t believe me. I hope you’re setting him straight. I want him to be in our group. He’s a very nice lover.”

Cory immediately blushed. “I … you told him?”

Carol said, “Oh, sure.” She went to his side and kissed his cheek. “All the relationships here are very fluid and very accepting of others even if they have husbands or steady partners. Moreover, we all talk very openly about the sex that we have with each other. We even use very explicit terms. For instance, Dave has a nice cock that I like to get fucked with, but so do you.”

I gestured at the others on the patio, “I’m engaged to Crystal. Ross is engaged to her sister Trish. We trade around all the time for sex and romance, plus Carol and a few others are here a lot. Things are quiet tonight except for you being with us. We’re a band of hedonists.”

Cory shook his head. “I think I’ve died esmer gaziantep escort and gone to heaven.”

Carol hugged him and then took one of his hands and brought it up to her bare breasts. “You can fondle me, if you want. I’d like that.”

Cory continued to blush, but did start palming and smoothing Carol’s nicely tanned chest, with one of his arms around her shoulders. After a minute, he asked, “And, nobody gets their nose out of joint about any of this? You’re sure.”

Carol and I both shook our heads. She took it upon herself to tell him about ‘compersion’. I kept basting the ribs with barbecue sauce.

Dinner was messy. The ribs were dripping they were so succulent, but they needed to be eaten with one’s fingers. We also had corn-on-the-cob, and that got sprayed down with liquid butter and salt, and was another item to be eaten by hand. By the end of the meal, everybody was sticky and even somewhat covered with the sauces and juices from the meal.

Carol had purposefully dripped barbecue sauce on her breasts. She teased Cory into licking it off, but also made sure to insert each of her nipples in his mouth. He tried to ignore the rest of us, and did do a little of what she asked. He’d suck on a nipple and then check with the rest of us, and then repeat. He expected someone to admonish his behavior. I was sucking on Trish’s breasts enjoying the last of the barbecue sauce from her ribs.

When Cory came up for air, the girl on his other side tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Me, too.” Crystal had a devilish grin. She also had smeared sauce on each breast.

Cory checked in with me visually. I said, “You’d better do what the lady says. I think she likes your clean-up style.”

Crystal got some abbreviated treatment, and we could tell that he was trying to be a good sport.

Crystal said, “You know, we should all take a swim to wash off the part of dinner that stayed with us.” She held up her sticky hands.

We all agreed. Cory looked perplexed; he knew something was ‘up’. Crystal and Carol stood. I could only guess what would happen next. Crystal mumbled something about not wanting the chlorine in the pool to bleach out her bikini bottoms. With that, she pushed them down her body until she was naked. Carol did the same thing. They both did what they could to display their pussies to Cory from only a foot aware from his eyes that were bugging out of his head.

Trish was about six feet away, but she too, rid herself of the bikini bottoms. Ross was standing and removing his t-shirt. I pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it aside. As Cory watched, Carol and Crystal held hands and walked down the stairs into the pool. Trish walked by us, kissed Cory, and said to him, “You’d better lose some clothing before you lose this great opportunity.”

Ross and I dove in the deep end naked as jay birds. When I came up from my dive, halfway up the pool, I glanced over and Cory was slowly removing his pants. His shirt was already gone. He’d gotten with the agenda. After that, he seemed to rush into the pool via the stairs at the shallow end.

I had been right. The young man had a six pack, and he obviously did weights to stay in shape. He was also hung like good wallpaper. All that, and he was somewhat excited by the girls’ nudity.

I glanced at the three girls. They’d had a very short decision-making conference. From the actions, I was guessing that Trish was going to take the first one for the team.

My gorgeous future sister-in-law moved slowly through the water to meet Cory as he tried to get to deeper water. I was also amazed at the silence. The only sound came from some pop music on the patio stereo that was at low volume.

I watched as Trish ‘caught’ Cory and pulled his handsome nude body to hers. Her breasts smushed against his chest as she kissed him. At least he kissed back. He also looked stiff as a board.

As Trish broke the kiss, he looked over at Carol with a panicked look on his face. Carol read the look perfectly. She came near and said, “Trish is a very dear and intimate friend. Please do with her anything you would do with me, and I include anything sexual in that statement. Crystal gets the same treatment.” She smiled, came closer, enjoyed a fiery kiss with Trish only inches from Cory’s face and then kissed him. I heard her say, “Make love to her. You’ll never regret it.”

Carol then glided in the water over to me as Cory watched her. I welcomed Carol and we shared a very passionate kiss. I felt sure he could see our tongues moving in and out of each other mouths as we got deeper into the soul kisses.

Carol took hold of my cock, and I felt sure it was obvious what she was doing to any observer. We weren’t in water that deep, and where else could her right hand be?

Carol said in a normal tone that I’m sure carried across the water, “Dave, please make love with me.”

I picked her, and she wrapped her nude body around mine. I carried Carol to the side of the pool and set gaziantep esmer escort her on the edge. She instantly got her feet on the edge in a way that put her gaping pussy right at the edge as well. I started to feast on the pretty nymph’s pussy ignoring the chlorine taste.

I was vaguely aware that Trish got Cory on the side of the pool about ten feet away as she started to give him one of her trademarked and patented blowjobs. Ross was getting one from Crystal only a few feet further along.

I heard Trish ask him to eat her out. She hopped up on the side similar to Carol and Crystal. Ross was already fucking Crystal by then, and she was praising his cock and what he could do with it.

It was very erotic and arousing to me to watch a new man start to eat out Trish. I loved her almost as much as Crystal, and Carol in that lot, too.

I sank my entire shaft slowly into Carol. I made sure that Cory was paying attention, and even tilted my body slightly towards him so he had a clear view of the complete slow penetration. Carol moaned, which helped make the point that his new female friend was getting openly and publicly fucked only a few feet away.

Trish demanded equal treatment after looking at her housemates on either side of her. “Fuck me, Cory.” She hesitated, and then pulled him up out of the pool, and led him to a chaise. They coupled almost instantly in the missionary position.

Trish became Cory’s ‘dream fuck’. She was full of energy and writhed and moved beneath him, lifting her hips to meet his down thrusts, and even fucking back at him when he was stationary and just staring down at her. I heard a lot of dirty talk from her, too.

Carol and I moved up to the patio to another chaise. We didn’t crowd Trish and Cory. A few minutes later, when Ross and Crystal came out of the pool, they did take the chaise right next to Cory’s.

Trish announced, “Let’s change position. You’ll get ridden instead of having to do most of the work.”

Cory seemed to agree with that and the two separated. He lay back and his cock proudly stood erect like a flag. Trish bent down from beside the recliner to kiss him, and as she did Crystal rapidly moved over and mounted his shaft before he could even blink.

Trish patted his chest with one hand. “My sister’s turn now. Keep holding out. Don’t cum too quickly.”

Cory’s head about swiveled all around. He watched Trish come over to me, as Carol shuffled over to Ross. We all had new partners, and were fucking. The whole scene had changed in less than thirty seconds.

Everyone’s equipment functioned normally and soon there were a lot of orgasms on the patio. I think Ross went first and then helped Carol finish. Cory blasted his load into Crystal, who also came with the new man. Trish and I took our time and finished up in a carefully choreographed joint ending.

I lapped up Trish’s pussy. As I did, I heard Crystal explaining to Cory that good manners dictated that the men have that capability and often display it. She gave her list of reasons. By then, Carol had cleaned up Ross, Ross had cleaned up Carol, and Carol had come over and was eating Cory’s cum from Crystal’s leaking pussy.

Cory sat on the edge of the chaise and watched Carol finish up. She then sucked him clean.

Throughout almost the entire scene from going in the pool to that moment, very few words had been spoken.

Cory said, “You all are just full of surprises. Very nice surprises. I assume this was to prepare me for future events.”

Carol, who sat snuggled against him, said, “You got it in one. There’s a larger group party here on Saturday evening. We hope you’ll come and be part of the festivities. You’ll be my date, but typically dates don’t stay together. They do that stuff other times than at our parties. There have always been more women than men at these things, but I told you that at lunch today.”

Cory shook his head. “You were naked and in my bed. I’m not sure you had my full attention for things to stick in my memory other than how lovely it was to make love with you.”

“Ah, you say the nicest things. Come and let’s get a drink. I’ll tell you all about us again, and then I want you to fuck me to sleep.”

* * * * *

A daily event became a dinner table discussion about the wedding, in particular all the details that we were worrying. We’d broken up the ‘to do list’ and each of us had something to contribute, even Ross, who I’d felt sure would duck his task in some way.

I had to find a band or bands since we were doing lunch and a separate dinner reception. I quickly had lunch nailed down with a jazz trio that could play just about anything. I’d found them online, screened a lot of their music, auditioned them by going to see them at another wedding gig where I watched them play and interact with the audience, and then signed them up. Along with some other factors for our wedding, we’d picked the first Saturday in May as the wedding date.

I was having gaziantep esmer escort bayan less success with the evening music, in part because I didn’t know how lavish to be for the smaller group of us — just around 50. Somehow, a six-person band seemed like overkill. Also, I was worried about how we’d transition from dinner to sex.

I put my dilemma and questions to the group, and the decision was to hire a DJ rather than a band for the evening event. I liked that idea, and would see what I could find.

Ross was responsible for the cake. He was a foodie, of sorts, and so he was making the rounds of the various bakery shops talking to them about their productions. We decided on two cakes, one for each of the receptions. That way, everybody got to see us cut a ‘new’ cake and got to taste something great. As for me, I’d get lots of the white sugary icing. Yum.

Crystal had taken on arranging for the caterers. She’d already signed up the popular one that had done Carl and Jade’s wedding. They were still doing some of the meal planning for the two sittings, but most had been decided.

Crystal also had the task of hiring a photographer for the event. Since she ran Crystal Blue Photography, she willingly took on that task, since it would give her an in depth look at her competition in the region. Carol was also involved in that one for the same reason.

Trish was worrying all the details about the actual ceremony, the seating, the minister or wedding person, invitations to guests, and so on. She’d decided we’d have an oversize arbor that the four of us could stand under as the ceremony took place. That arbor would have the pool and Sarasota Bay as the backdrop.

Trish also had invitations being printed and different enclosures depending on whether the invitee was an afternoon or evening guest.

To one extent or another, we were all worried about the guests and the other details. We each had to get addresses and phones for all our attendees. We put the word out to our friends about the event, fielded lots of questions, and so on. Of course, we were seeing some of them on Saturday evenings, if not in between.

We also tried to get the word out that we did not want gifts. With us being a little older that other newlyweds and already living together in a well-established house, we didn’t need any appliances or other gear. Further, we were all quite solvent, so if one of us needed or wanted something, we bought exactly what we wanted for ourselves or for the house. We were not in the category of people that needed help to ‘get started’ on our marital voyage.

I made a big matrix on a piece of flipchart paper that we put on the back of a door near the kitchen. Each of us could look at all the tasks leading up to the wedding and see what needed to be done and by whom. Pretty soon, all we had to was wait for the event.

Ross raised the issue of going on a honeymoon over dinner one night. We looked at each other and I was the first to shrug. I said, “We live in a vacation spot, and I don’t feel a great need to get away right now. We’ve already been together in dozens of great ways to consummate our unions. Do we really need to get away?”

The honeymoon idea sat on the table after that, but nobody did anything about it. It remained a big question mark as we worked and attended to other details.

Chapter 30 – Wedding

Brian came down the wide aisle between the arranged chairs with a daughter on each arm — Trish and Crystal. He looked so proud. Although his eyes were glassy with emotion. The girls were grinning and taking in the entire scene. They were in matching white ankle-length wedding dresses and looked beautiful, desirable, and even sexy. Each dress has a big satin sash and a large bow at the waist behind them. They were also cut dangerously deep in the lacy front, almost inviting both eyes and hands to fondle breasts that seemed to want to appear on a constant basis. Thanks to sticky tape, there were no wardrobe malfunctions.

Ross and I waited on either side of the arbor built especially for the occasion in tuxedos. Each of our bridesmaids and groomsmen were on either side alternating boy-girl with us in the middle. Ross and I has eschewed being each other’s best man. I was using Steve Wallace as my man, and Crystal had Carol as her maid of honor. Ross was using Paul Richards, and Trish had Darlene as her maid of honor. We each had some of our other lovers at our side. We were quite a group.

Trish had signed up Reverend Gordon Jones, a new age minister, as the man to help us deliver our vows. All four of us had written separate vows pledging our love to our new mate. They were all kind of poetic and soppy.

The ceremonial part of the wedding came off without a hitch. We kissed our brides and the first party began. As Knight Photographers took the requisite pictures of everyone in various groupings, the patio was transformed into fifteen round tables with eight people at a table, as well as a head table. A large sunbrella had been put up to deflect the direct sunlight from the party group.

The two new married couples — Ross and Trish, and Crystal and me — circulated the tables greeting and talking with guests. Only one or two of our evening crowd stayed around for the noonish lunch, and that was mainly to help out. Carol appeared to be everywhere at once attending to details or helping someone that was lost in some way.

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