Adventures in Nemesisland Ch.20

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The party was reaching a crescendo of frenzied activity. Tweedledum and Tweedledee were walking hand in hand like two little schoolboys watching proceedings excitedly when suddenly they gave a little jump in astonishment. Tweedledum looked at Tweddledee. Tweedledee looked at Tweedledum. They had simultaneously recognised the flash of the distinctive knife tattoo they had seen in the massage parlour where they had rescued Kim.

“It’s him!” they exclaimed at the same time.

“We must tell mistress!” they shouted together.

They both set off in a hurry to find the Red Queen, stumbling over one another and bumping into guests in the process. They eventually found her in the dungeon busily whipping one of her guests with a riding crop. They fidgeted at her side waiting to catch her attention.

She turned to them with a look of withering disdain, “What do you fools want? Can’t you see I’m busy.”

“It’s important.”

“Yes, it’s important,” echoed Tweedledum.

“I’ve seen him.”

“No-how. It was me who saw him first.”

“Contrariwise, it was me who saw him first.”

“Shut up you bickering clowns. Who have you seen?”

“The man who tried to attack Kim in the massage parlour!” they blurted in unison.

“Is that all?” said the Red Queen dismissively.

The mouths in their rotund faces dropped and they looked crestfallen.

“But aren’t you going to do something about him?”

“Do you dare to question me?” At the merest arching of an eye brow and narrowing of the piercing eyes the pair realised their error, “You idiots. Do you think I don’t know who the guests are at my own party?”

“You mean you invited him?” asked Tweedledum.

“You always knew he was here?” said Tweedledee.

“But of course you fools. I invited him specially.”

The two round figures sniggered as the penny dropped.

“Then he’s in trouble,” said Tweedledum.

“He’s in big trouble,” said Tweedledee.

“Oh yes,” said the Red Queen, a glint of malice in her eye, “nobody assaults my precious slave girl, my acolyte, and gets away with it. Now perhaps you fools can be of use. Gather whoever you need to help you, but I want him captured and secured in my torture chair. Do you think you can do that?”

“Oh yes mistress,” they exclaimed together, excited at being of service to the Red Queen and rushing off to do her bidding.

The Red Queen turned around scouring the dungeon for Kim. She wasn’t there, so she set off back to the isolation room to find her. Yes, everything was going to plan, she smiled to herself. There would soon be justice administered and retribution delivered. Kim would get her vengeance. She found Kim having just untied the Duchess from her bondage contemplating what more fun she could have with her. She sidled up to her and caught her attention.

“Beware the Jaberwock, my girl,” the Red Queen said with a gentle movement of the head and the slightest of glances across the dungeon.

“What do you mean?”

Kim was puzzled at first until she recognised the name of the dragon slain by the white knight in the Alice stories. She didn’t realise the full import of the words until she followed the line of the Red Queen’s gaze through the open door into the dungeon where a masked man with a blood dripped knife tattoo stood.

“Oh my god,” exclaimed Kim as she saw, “that’s him, the psycho from the massage parlour. Who invited him?”

“Oh, don’t worry Kim, I’m sure I can find an appropriate way of dealing with him,” she replied, a wickedly malevolent smile broadening across her red lips.

“I’m sure you can,” laughed Kim, “I wouldn’t doubt that for a second! You arranged for him to be here?”

“But of course Kim. He’ll have to pay for his attempt to assault my acolyte. It’s fortunate my idiotic agents got there just in the nick of time before you were defiled by him.”

The two women looked on as Tweedledum and Tweedledee and a handful of guests grasped Kim’s assailant. He was muscular and strong and struggled violently but they had the element of surprise and numbers and he was soon overwhelmed and dragged to the Red Queen’s medieval torture chair which directly faced her throne. The heavy iron manacles were closed around his wrists and ankles and, despite his struggling and cursing, he was soon locked into the hideous piece of equipment.

“There’s just one more costume change for you Kim. If you go into my changing room you’ll see the Duchess has laid some appropriate attire out for you. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. I’ll deal with this miscreant until you return.”

Kim scuttled off, the shouted abuse of the trapped man echoing in her head. What had Mistress Nemesis got planned for him she wondered.

Whilst Kim was getting changed ready to make her re-appearance the Red Queen approached the iron chair and announced her arrival before Kim’s attacker. She leant over him, a towering presence in black and red pvc.

“Who the fuck are you? Let me go,” he screamed.

“I hear you’ve finally found your voice.”

“What Kartal Esmer Escort the fuck do you want with me, you perverted witch?”

“Oh my, now that’s not very wise is it considering the predicament you’re in?” she said calmly. “You are in Nemesisland now, the world of the Red Queen and the Goddess Nemesis. All do as I command in my realm.”

“You’re mad! What the fuck are talking about.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I can’t accept language like that. It’s very rude you know, especially when you’re talking to the party’s host. Duchess, get my ball gag,” she ordered.

The Duchess handed her a gag with a red rubber ball and leather strap. Tweedledum forced his mouth open as the Red Queen pushed the rubber ball into his gaping mouth. He had no choice but to close his mouth around it as she tightened the strap at the back of his head. Muffled noises came from behind the gag.

“Now, that’s better, isn’t it? I can’t be disturbed by all this shouting and abuse. You see this chair,” she said, leaning over him and whispering in his ear, “It’s one of my very special toys. It’s modelled on a real piece of medieval torture equipment you know. It’s designed to keep slaves and miscreants trapped ready for their punishment. Can you imagine it? Can’t you just hear the screams of agony as they are subjected to torture?”

“Nnngg,” the voice behind the ball gag grunted.

“Who knows what torments men were made to suffer in devices like these? Can’t you visualise the metal pincers as they closed around a man’s balls and gradually crushed them or better still as they squeezed his useless and helpless cock until he screamed in pain?”

“Nnngg,” his body shook violently in a futile attempt to break his restraints.

As she was speaking the Red Queen completed securing him to the chair by closing an iron band around his chest and pulling a metal bar down against his thighs and padlocking both into position.

The Red Queen continued to torment him, “And of course, there was always the red hot poker. And this neat piece of equipment offers up all sorts of possibilities, it leaves lots of sensitive parts of the body exposed,” her voice rose in a menacing tone, “like your arse-hole for instance.”


Finally, an iron head cage was closed around his face. The Red Queen stepped back and admired her handy work. He was shackled into the iron chair, her fearsome piece of medieval torture equipment built to her exact specification.

She continued, “But you see; I’m very fair. I wouldn’t punish you without a trial. After all, that wouldn’t be right, would it? I believe in dispensing justice. There’ll be evidence heard and witnesses you know.”

At that point the guests who had gathered around the torture chair to see what was going on turned their heads. Bless her, thought the Red Queen, Kim’s timing is impeccable; it must be in her blood.

At that moment Kim entered the chamber. All heads turned and the guests gasped in approbation as Kim stood there head to toe in a white pvc skirt and basque decorated with black hearts and silver trim balanced on a pair of white stiletto heeled shoes. She had re-appeared as the White Queen. She was the mirror image of her mistress but she was pure white and blonde to her mistress’s red and ebony. There was a hushed silence as Kim stepped imperiously across the floor tiles the stiletto heels clicking against the floor with each measured stride. She stood alongside the Red Queen and cast a withering look at the figure in the iron chair. He looked up and his eyes registered recognition of the girl he’d encountered in the massage parlour. She looked different now, scary and powerful. He remembered the moment well as since that day his life had followed a strange sequence of events that had led to him being knocked out by anonymous attackers, invited, quite innocently as he thought, to a fetish party, right up to his current predicament, locked into a medieval torture chair. It finally dawned on him there was a purpose to him being invited to this strange event.

“Yes, there will be a trial and then a judgement,” announced the Red Queen.

“Punishment first, then the evidence,” called one of the guests.

“Punishment first, then the evidence,” the angry call was repeated around the room.

The Red Queen held her hand up to silence them.

“No, let it not be said that we don’t do things properly in Nemesisland. White rabbit. Come forward and pronounce the charge.”

The white rabbit, now released from the isolation box and in full ceremonial dressed and looking very officious, scurried forward. The Red Queen retired to her throne, summoned the Duchess to find another chair and beckoned Kim to sit at her side. The court room was soon arraigned. The accuser faced the accused and the guests formed orderly rows at either side of the chequered floor tiles to observe the proceedings. The Duchess and white rabbit acted as the court usher and clerk.

“It is alleged that the accused did try,” the white rabbit coughed, embarrassed, “oh Kartal Eve Gelen Escort dear, oh dear, that he did try to penetrate Kim, the acolyte of Mistress Nemesis, the descendent of the woodland goddess Ziva and the White Queen up the back passage against her will.”

“Do you deny this charge?” demanded the Red Queen.

“Nnnggg,” he shook his head.

“Are there witnesses to this alleged foul deed?”

Tweedledum and Tweedledee leapt onto the black and white tiled floor pointing to the man locked in the iron chair.

“I saw him!” shouted Tweedledum.

“No-how, I saw him first. He forced Kim on her front and was about to take her up the arse. It was definitely him.”

“Contrariwise, it was me saw him first. He was going to penetrate her up the back-side, no doubt, no how.”

“And did he do this against the White Queen’s will? Did he try to force himself on her?” enquired the Red Queen.

“Oh yeah, we saw it all,” they replied in unison.

“Least ways, I saw it, definitely,” said Tweedledee.

“No-how. And me too,” echoed Tweedledum.

The Red Queen turned to Kim, “My dear, perhaps the victim could confirm the identity of the accused and recount what happened.”

Kim smiled. She was enjoying this. Her newly acquired dominant streak was looking forward to the guilty verdict, which she knew was inevitable, the sentencing and then…the punishment.

“Yes, this is definitely the man who assaulted me in the massage parlour. There’s no way I could forget him. I remember the smell of him and his tattoo is very distinctive. He tried to take me against my will. I pleaded with him to stop but there’s no doubt he would have entered me if Tweedledum and Tweedledee hadn’t come to my help.”

They both looked terribly smug and pleased with themselves under their school caps.

The Red Queen rose up from her throne and in a few elegant steps glided towards the iron chair.

“So, you have heard the charge and the evidence, what is you plea?”


“Sorry, I can’t hear you. You’ll have to speak more clearly than that.”

The accused could only mumble his complaints into the ball gag.

“I’m sorry but this won’t do. You have to enter a plea or it will constitute a contempt of court. Do I have to torture you to get a plea out of you?”

The man’s eyes widened in terror; he was guilty and trapped. The malicious glint in the Red Queen’s look told him she wasn’t joking. Muttering rose up in the court room, “yes he ought to enter a plea, make him confess, torture him.”

The Red Queen smiled, her lips broadening into a malevolent grin. Yes, this is what she really enjoyed, especially with a culprit who was guilty, who obviously deserved to be punished. And, of course, she could not take contempt of her court and failure to enter a plea or admit his guilt lightly, even if his mouth cheeks were filled with a hard rubber ball gag. She looked contemptuously down at his cock and took the hard object in her hands.

“So, your predicament excites you does it? You show so little reverence for the Red Queen’s court you get aroused. That just won’t do, will it? I’ll have to do something about that.”

She grasped the tip of his cock between two red finger nails and squeezed. The sharp edge of the hard varnished nail dug into his glans. She pressed harder until he was spluttering into the ball gag with pain. The cock had lost some it’s hardness but the Red Queen wasn’t finished. She took up the red and black leather flogger and held its black heart shaped tip in front of his face tormenting him with the threat of further punishment.

“You see, it just won’t do. I can’t put up with such defiance in my court. “

The leather heart licked the waning tumescence of his cock, rolled it against its soft black leather and then pressed it against the cold iron of the chair. She was toying with him. She raised the flogger up and brushed it against his muscular arms and toned chest in a playful tease before the real pain was administered. Suddenly the flogger descended in one swift motion onto his cock pressing its softening flesh against the metal and sending a shooting pain through his throbbing member. Another four strokes followed in quick succession. It was now an object of throbbing redness as the Red Queen warmed to her task. Muffled screamss were deadened by the ball gag.

“I’ll make it a little easier for you. You don’t have to say guilty or not guilty. I will accept a nod of the head. So, are you guilty of the offence?”

This interrogation was followed by another succession of hard strokes with the flogger. The searing pain was excruciating.


The man’s head nodded wildly up and down in acknowledgement of his guilt and to stop the cruel punishment being administered to his sore and aching cock before the red witch did any permanent damage to it.

“Excellent, now we have an admission of guilt, the court can proceed to sentencing,” smiled the Red Queen.

Sentencing? If Kim’s assailant believed Kartal Evi Olan Escort his confession would end his ordeal he was in for a rude awakening. The Red Queen retired to her throne and turned to Kim.

“In a spirit of just retribution the court calls on the victim, the White Queen, to determine the offender’s punishment.”

Kim smiled. Yes, she thought, she will get her vengeance on him. It didn’t take her much reflection to come up with the perfect punishment for him. From the first moment the Red Queen had pointed him out to her at the ball she knew what she’d like to do to him and her journey through Nemesisland had provided her with the desire and abilities to carry it through. She leant across and whispered in the Red Queen’s ear.

The Red Queen laughed, “Excellent. The White Queen has chosen a very just and apt punishment and as the judge in my own court I will call on her to administer the sentence. Release him and take him into the dungeon.”

The gag was removed, the shackles unlocked and the head cage lifted as Kim’s assailant was gripped strongly by arm and leg and dragged wriggling and cursing into the dungeon. The Red and White Queens led the way in the regal fashion with a procession of Nemesisland land characters and fetish guests following the sentenced man.

The Red Queen pointed, “Face down on the whipping bench, I think.”

He was forced down and hands gloved in a combination of multi-coloured latex, pvc or lace held him down as the Red Queen drew the leather straps across his body and tightened the buckles firmly so the leather dug into his muscular flesh. Bound onto the padded bench on his knees with his head resting in a wooden stock and padlocked into position there was no escape for him. Every sensitive part of his body was exposed. His arse was sticking up in the air and his cock and balls dangled vulnerably beneath him. He had ceased trying to struggle; he was so tightly bound onto the bench that resistance was futile.

He felt hands manipulating his cock. He tried to turn his head around to see what was going on or who it was that was playing with him but it was impossible. It was the Red Queen, who had a long piece of thin cord. She twisted around the base of the glans of his cock and pulled tightly. The man screamed out in shock and pain. The muscles of her wrists bulged with the strain as she drew a loop of the string around his cock and pulled again. The pain was excruciating as the string was woven in a criss-cross pattern tightly around his member each time being pulled with all her strength so he could feel the string digging into the soft flesh. There was no way he could get an erection now. When the Red Queen had manipulated the cord down to the base of his cock she grasped his balls in her hand and separated the two testicles within their sac, pulled a piece of the string across them several times pulling tightly each time making him grunt in agony. She stepped back to admire her work and observe his cock and balls wrapped in a tight web of black cord.

She turned back and resting a hand on the wooden head lock bent down to whisper in his ear.

“There, I’ll not be offended by any signs of sexual arousal whilst you endure your sentence,” she smiled.

“You bitch. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Delivering justly deserved retribution. You are in my world and my laws prevail,” she hissed quietly in his ear, “and any more language like that and I’ve plenty of methods to make you shut up, none of them particularly pleasant.”

The man decided that silence was the best option. He knew there was nothing he could do. He could only wait in trepidation for the red witch to administer her sentence, whatever that was going to be. He heard the voice of the Red Queen behind him.

“Come forward my dear. You will stand alongside me, the White Queen to my Red Queen. I see you are ready. That object looks magnificent on you. Are you ready to deliver the punishment.”

“Oh yes, I’m ready to administer the justice of the Red Queen’s court,” replied Kim.

He heard the click of heels against the stone floor of the dungeon. He felt the touch of stiff pvc against his side. He took in the luscious scent of her body as she drew closer. His eyes flicked to one side but all he could see at first was the white pvc of her skirt and the black hearts and then as she turned he saw the object the Red Queen had commented on. It was a huge white rubber strap on, secured onto Kim’s waist with a white leather harness. The fearsome object protruded from the White Queen’s crotch threatening unimaginable pain and humiliation.

“I will extract my vengeance for the humiliation and suffering you caused me.”

It was Kim’s voice but there was a resonance to it, something indefinably different about it compared to the young woman who this man had tried to force himself on in the massage parlour. There was a powerful aura in its tone and the expression she used that broached no resistance. She had changed. Changed beyond recognition from the person she had been. She had assumed a confidence and dominance that had not been there before. No longer could the massage parlour provide her with a satisfying occupation. No longer could she give up her body to be surrendered for the pleasure of others; others would have to bend to her will and give her pleasure.

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