Adventures of Alley-Cat: In “Heat”

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Michael sat on his patio working as he did most days, concentrating as he typed, a soft clicking sound filling the quiet afternoon. Michael glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw the girl crawling out of the patio door. A sigh escaped his lips. Alley-cat had been incessant this morning, pawing at him for food, circling in and out of his feet trying to get attention and now, he was sure, she wanted a specific type of attention. It had to be the cooler weather that was making his little alley cat so frisky. Frustrated from the work that still needed to be done; he didn’t have time to give in to her needs. Being a cat person, he appreciated his little alley cat, but not today. Her ‘heat’ was just something she would have to suffer through by herself.

Alley-cat crawled out onto the patio, giving him wide birth, the anal tail he had inserted that morning after a good cleaning seemed to swish against the back of her thighs making her ‘heat’ even worse. Every nerve teased by the soft caress of the tail. She paused for a moment, a bug running by, half tempted to chase after it. Quickly losing interest, she turned her deep green eyes on the one who was her real prey. She let out a small purr, a guttural sound deep in her throat, her naked body swishing back and forth, slowly crawling closer, her skin glistening with the fever of her need. If only he would look her way, she purred softly, her eyes brightly watching him. She squeezed onto the tail, instantly flipping it, while swishing her muscular haunches back and forth. She approached his chair slowly, sashaying erotically, a blatant display of her heated flesh, her hips rocking back and forth. Despite her efforts, he didn’t even give her a glance.

Not to be deterred from her goal, Alley-cat slinked in closer, meowing shamelessly as she rubbed her flank up against his chair, flipping her tail over his arm with an expert toss as she passed. She saw him absentmindedly toss off her tail, ignoring her completely. Alley’s eyes squinted at the rebuff, circling back around to face him, a little frustrated groan escaped her lips as she lowered her head, ass still up high, eyes still on his form.

Michael caught Alley-cat out of the corner of his eye, bent low, her tail swishing, a tell tale sign that she was about to pounce. He couldn’t help but grin at her persistence and the view of her lush golden body on display. The two high ponytails dangling down above her ears nearly covered her eyes as her head bent low. He felt his cock stir slightly, hardening in his shorts. Michael reached down to adjust his curious cock, his mind saying… Down boy! Not now! We have work to do.

Alley-cat’s head popped up seeing him adjust his crotch. She DID have his attention! A feeling of triumph washed over her as she smiled wickedly, coming back up on all fours and slowly approaching once again. Her body swayed as she moved back to his chair. He still had not looked at her. Alley-cat began to purr once again, sliding along his chair, her ass rubbing up against his leg. She felt his hand idly reach down to rub her tail bone, his hand gently running along her ass cheek. The stimulation nearly drove her wild with need, his touch igniting her skin, and sending shivers along her spine. She could feel the cool air of day caress her swollen slit, making it throb for him. Only his cock could sooth the ache she felt between her legs. It was all she could think about.

Damn! Michael thought. I shouldn’t Kıbrıs Escort have adjusted myself. Now she won’t leave me alone. He distractedly ran his hand over her ass and up her back to settle into her hair, twirling one ponytail around in his fingers as he continued to work. Hopefully a sign to her that he was NOT going to accommodate her “heat” at this time. She nudged his hand and mewed, her head resting against the arm of the chair, the length of her body still gyrating and rubbing up against the chair. He sighed, realizing his mistake.

“Alley… NO!” Michael offered her a glance, letting go of her head to reach down and swat her ass. “Go into the house! Or go lay down. But leave me be!”

Alley-cat jumped from the sting of the slap, meowing loudly in a pout, and flopped down at his feet, temporarily chastised. Oh, how could he be so cruel? Doesn’t he know how much I’m suffering? Alley-cat tried to lie still, but every nerve ending was on fire for him, her slit throbbing and twitching between her legs. She tried to concentrate on the soft clicking sound of his laptop and enjoy the beautiful weather. But alas, it was no good. The restlessness of her hunger got the best of her. She was sure he wouldn’t mind if she just rubbed her head against his calf. That shouldn’t bother him too much and then she would at least get to touch him. Maybe ease the ache just a tiny bit. She started purring again as she leaned down to rest her chin on his foot. His foot shifted a bit, but he didn’t throw her off. A good sign, Alley-cat thought.

Michael could feel her purring throat on the top of his foot, and desperately hoped she would settle down for a few hours so he could get his work done. He hated to have to lock her up to get some peace. All of a sudden, she stopped purring and he felt her tongue on his foot, lapping at it. His cock couldn’t help but respond to the hot grazing of her tongue and heated breath, it eager for the heat to be engulfing his bulbous head. It jumped in his shorts in response. Stop it! Michael thought, irritated, his cock stiffening some more. One fact was evident. His brain and his cock were NOT in agreement. Michael couldn’t help but glance down at his little alley cat lying naked at his feet.

As if she could sense she was provoking him, Alley-cat continued to lap at his foot as she rubbed her head up and down his leg. Shivers of excitement ran along her feverish body, making her nearly tremble with need. Slowly she moved her head up his leg, mewing softly, her tongue trailing along his skin. She maneuvered her body to stretch her mouth up in between his legs, her tongue stroking softly, gently nipping his flesh with her teeth. She let out a loud meow as she caught a scent of his hardening cock pressed against his leg, its sweet musk filling all her senses, driving her wild with need.

Michael pulled his knees apart and reached down between his legs to push her head away, looking at her with a stern expression. “Alley, I said NO! Stop it!” His cock was becoming painfully hard in his shorts from her attention. He saw her drop down between his legs in a pout, her mouth parted, green eyes sparkling with such intensity it made his cock jump once again. The will of his cock was starting to win, his brain giving in to the internal struggle. Suddenly all he wanted to do was to bury his cock to the hilt within her hot, wet confines.

Alley-cat started to purr again, seeing Kıbrıs Escort Bayan the desire smoldering in his eyes. She licked her parched lips sensually; never breaking eye contact as her head cautiously nuzzled his foot once again, prompting him. She knew it was a dangerous game she played, one that could end up with her put away for the afternoon, alone, locked in a chastity belt so she couldn’t ease the fever burning in her.

Michael growled at her, baring his teeth, angry to be manipulated this way, yet feeling the primal need to take her brutally and put her out of her misery. He reached down to grip his cock hard as he snarled at her in warning. She had enough sense to stop her nuzzling and put her head down, mewing softly in submission, her ass wiggling back and forth. Her brilliant eyes darted to his cock and then back to meet his stare, her desperate look speaking volumes.

Alley-cat nearly held her breath as she looked up at him, a steely glint reflecting back in his eyes. She was afraid she had pushed him too far. In an attempt to mollify him, she bared her neck, tilting her head to the side in obedience, her ass rising in the air as she looked down. She felt a drip of her own need run down her leg, her body still craving him, yet in that moment every thought and movement was an act of submission. Her tail hung low down the crack of her ass and grazed her slit, making her breath catch.

Still gripping his cock, Michael pushed his chair back, got up and strode to the patio door and entered the condo without a word.

Alley-cat rose up quickly to bound after him, meowing loudly, her high ponytails flopping from side to side as she chased after him. What could this mean? Alley thought nervously. But her “heat” was too all consuming not to find out. If he locked her away, then she would howl. But what if he didn’t…

Alley-cat crawled cautiously over the threshold of the condo, spotting Michael standing the middle of the living room in front of the couch, his hands on his hips facing her. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the spot in front of him, a stern, exasperated look on his face. She slowly approached with her head low, wary of his next move. She stopped before him, and lowered down on all fours.

Michael reached down and grabbed one of her ponytails, pulling her up he tossed her body half way up on the couch, facing down, her knees still on the floor as her thighs pressed against the front of the couch. “Head down, Alley. Now!” Michael stepped in between her legs, looking down at her naked body, her long tail covering her obviously needy pussy-cat. Reaching down he grabbed her tail by the base, twisting it before he flipped it up over her back, the action making her whine and claw at the couch. He could see her slit glistening with her “heat” and it made him smile. It was the one thing he did enjoy about his Alley-cat; she was always ready for him.

Alley-cat could hear him unbuckle his shorts, and a tremor of need ran through her making her ass shamelessly gyrate towards him. Her ass burned slightly from him twisting and man-handling it a bit but she welcomed the stimulation. Anything to ease the craving to have him take her. She meowed loudly once again, her back arched down, thrusting her ass out, spreading her thighs wide. She began to purr loudly realizing he was going to scratch the itch that was slowly driving her crazy with hunger for him.

Michael Escort Kıbrıs grabbed his now freed cock, his shorts dangling low on his hips. He hadn’t even bothered to take them completely off. If she wanted to be serviced, then he would do it his way, and then get back to work. He knelt down behind her squirming body, which was gently swaying forwards and back in anticipation. Part of him knew he shouldn’t give in to her since she was getting her way, but in truth, now that his cock had gotten a ‘wiff’ of her pussy-cat, it would distract his brain from getting any real productive work done. This was better for the both of them. He moved behind her quickly, gripping his cock by the base to guide it to her swollen slit. Just the sight of her ready hole made his cock hard as a rock. He could hear her sweet loud purring as he positioned his cock at her entrance. Letting go of his shaft, he grabbed her hips in both hands and plunged forward. She let out such a howl of satisfaction, her sheath so tight and hot, he buried himself to the hilt and ground against her ass. She brazenly pushed back at his hips, meowing and clawing at the couch, as her head thrashed against the couch surface.

Alley-cat couldn’t believe how delicious his cock felt filling her to the brim, his thickness stretching her so wide. She shivered as she felt him pull back and then plunge back in deep, ripping a guttural groan from her lips. Her body ignited with an inferno of heat that only his hose could douse. She whined and hissed as he pummeled her. There had been no foreplay or sweet words whispered in her ear; none had been needed. He was taking care of her the only way she could have been. His thrusting cock took the edge off of her overwhelming craving and sent her wild with desire.

Michael grunted as he thrust into her, her pussy-cat in spasm around his cock, gripping it tightly. He knew she had already cum once, and was working on another one. Such a greedy little pussy-cat, he thought. She bucked beneath him as he held on, continuing to pound brutal thrusts deep into her, knowing this was the only way to cure her “heat” and give him some peace to work. He held onto her hips tightly, his fingers digging into her ass flesh to hold on. She was in such throes of satisfying herself, he was concerned she would buck him right off of him. He felt his balls tighten as he got ready to cum himself, her hole once again clamping down on his cock in spasm as she came again. Unable to hold back, he thrust against her one last time, holding her tightly onto his cock as he shuddered and came deep inside her.

Alley-cat felt him swell deep inside her and release his load as the last subsiding ripples of her second orgasm ebbed throughout her body. She slowed her rocking, panting openly, her hands rubbing along the cool couch surface trying to cool her own body. Collapsing on the couch, she felt sated and satisfied. Feeling Michael slip his cock from her, she whined softly, half-heartedly protesting, exhausted from their coupling.

Michael pulled himself out and slapped her ass before getting up. “NOW will you let me get some work done?” He pulled his shorts up, buckled them and went back out onto the patio, a satisfied smirk on his face. Yes, she had gotten what she wanted, but his head felt considerably clearer now.


Two hours later

Michael looked down at Alley-cat’s naked body curled up sleeping at his feet. Shortly after he had given her a dose for her “heat”, she had dragged her cushion out onto the patio, looking happy and content, even peaceful, her lids heavy over her deep green eyes. Quietly, she dropped the cushion next to his chair and crawled onto it to sleep in the beautiful afternoon weather.

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