Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 02

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Continued from part one–(I was fucked in the video booth)

He slowly withdrew his still hard cock with a pluck from my ass sheath. I could feel his cum oozing from my sore hole and hear it splattering thickly on the floor and running down my inner legs.

He turned me around and while leaning back against the side wall he sucked on my hard cock eagerly sucking whatever cumm was left while two of his fingers replaced his cock.

I was getting a finger massage and his sucking mouth felt great only my cock was a little sensitive after cumming so much.

I was totally spent and chagrined that I was just fucked by a man in the ass and how delicious it felt.

I walked out of the booth naked except my shoes clutching my jeans to the restroom. I didn’t care who saw me. I was oblivious to anything except the after effects of pleasure that I have never known before. I had cum all the way down into my socks.

I sat on the toilet squirting out white jism from my sore hole while he washed his cock then I too washed my cock in the sink.

My new fuck buddy complimented my body and we got acquainted as I put my jeans on. His cock was semi hard and I admired its length as it bobbed as he moved.

It excited me like a woman’s tits that jiggle when she moves. I folded up some toilet paper in my crack.

I could feel my ass leaking from his cum and continued to do so. We talked some in the restroom.

We smoked a cigarette and he told me that his name was Joe and my name is Wiley.

I told him that I just had the best cumm in my life. He told me how great it was for him too. We laughed and he invited me to his house. Sounds great and off we went.

The chubby clerk ignored us when we left. Joe left him $10 and he just smirked.

Oh my, his booth
was littered with so much cum. I probably won’t show my face there any time soon I grinned.

He lived one block away in one of the big older two stories. We entered a large antique door with ornate glass in the middle.

I sat in his living room on the couch while he washed his cock again in the adjoining guest bathroom. I could see him naked in the bathroom and I was rus escort aroused at the sight of his cock as he soaped it and then rinsed off.

I also thought he was probably a clean person washing his cock again after having it so far in my rectum.

He put on jeans and joined me on the couch. I lit up a doobie and we smoked half of it. It was some of my sensimilla that I grew. He inquired if he could get some of it. I said maybe man.

Joe wanted to make out but I wouldn’t kiss him. That was just too queer for me.

Then he asked me to suck his cock.

I had never sucked a cock before and said so. He asked me to just try it.

Oh what the hell, he’d just sucked me and fucked me. Besides, my cock was beginning to swell and I asked him to teach me how.

He opened his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock out. He sat on the couch and I kneeled on my knees in front of him. I helped pull his pants down past his knees.

I opened my mouth while my hand guided it to my mouth. I stroked his cock with my right hand and felt his velvety cock head that was so soft in my mouth. It was totally strange to me.

He groaned as I sucked it over my tongue onto the roof of my mouth. I was concerned about my teeth scraping his cock. His long cock was soon at the back of my throat and I began pushing it further down my throat.

I gagged a few times at first and stopped long enough to get used to it.

His cock was getting harder. It was so much bigger than I imagined in the dark booth. It was at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick.

His cock was soon half way down my throat. His hands held my head and assisted in the up and down piston motion.

He began moaning and I picked up the pace of bobbing my head allowing his velvety cock head to open my throat and go pass my tonsils.

“Glog, glog, slurp, slurp, glurk, glurk,” was the sound of my sucking and my cock started rising again.

I had my eyes closed and I heard another person was in the room with us. I released Joe’s cock embarrassed that someone was watching us.

It was one of Joe’s friends, Tony. Joe had yenimahalle escort me stand up and strip.

I noticed the toilet paper stuffed between my ass cheeks was soaked with cum.

He had me turn around to show Tony my ass. He spread my cheeks apart to show Tony my tight hole.

“Isn’t this a nice ass, look how tight it is,” said Joe firmly gripping my cheeks and holding open for Tony to see my bung hole. His finger teased my tight hole oozing cum. He pushed his finger half way in just teasing me.

“Hmm, that’s nice, real nice,” Tony said.

Tony was already naked except a t-shirt. He was pulling on his cock which at first looked unusually large. It was getting huge and stiff. It was at least 10 or 11 inches long with a huge head. I remarked that it looked like John Holmes.

Joe began sucking on my cock and his finger found my still wet hole still oozing his cum that he deposited in my ass an hour earlier. Tony came over and had me kneel on the couch with Joe’s face underneath my cock.

Soon two fingers were stretching my just fucked hole. It felt so good. My cock was throbbing and spasming.

Joe got up and behind me first and he bellied up behind me. Again his cock pushed inside my tight hole. He thrust half way in and the pain was only slight and sudden but soon gave way to enjoyable pressure in my rectum.

His hands gripped my hips and soon he was up to his balls. He began stroking it inside me. I could feel every inch of him and it felt good.

“Oh my God that feels so good,” I said out loud.

“Hmmm, look at my cock in his ass, wow, it’s so tight and look at it as I pull out,” said Joe.

His cock was hitting a sweet spot in my rectum. My cock was oozing and I was moaning and begging for him to fuck me. He pulled almost all the way out and paused; I would beg him to please fuck me.

Tony said I was an ass slut. I was embarrassed but it felt so good and I said it louder to please fuck me harder.

Joe pounded my slick hole for a few minutes while my cock bobbed up and down slapping my belly in time with his strokes. He stopped and pulled out then plunged back in.

He would pull the entire length out and then ram it back in. He did that over and over and over again until the feeling was delicious and not painful. I could feel my ass was beginning to get a little sore from the fucking.

“O’ he is an ass slut—now it’s my turn,” said Tony. And just as Joe pulled out, Tony got behind me and he began applying his enormous cock to my just fucked hole.

I felt Tony’s huge cock-head nestle between my cheeks and press against my stretched hole.

“Ughhhh—its too big,” I cried as the head penetrated my tight sheath with a pop. “Its Ok you got the head just imagine how good its gonna feel inside your slutty ass,” Tony said.

Joe sat in front of me straddling my face and forced my head down to his crotch. His cock was slick with white cum from my ass.

I could smell the scent of my ass on his cock. It was gooey and sticky from his previous cum juice in my ass and smelled like cum and ass.

“Now finish what you started,” Joe demanded. He was holding my head and my mouth opened to receive his hard cock. I could taste his cum and my ass on his cock. It was a salty tangy taste.

While Tony was prodding my back hole to stretch open, I sucked Joe’s hard cock half way down my throat.

Tony’s huge knob slowly forced my sphincter to open as more pressure was applied. I tried to pull away but his grip on my hips was too tight.

Suddenly he was inside me. I had never felt so much pressure in my ass before. Tony began pushing his enormous cock a little more in my tight ass hole.

It took two or three minutes but finally my ass suddenly gave way and the shoulders of Tony’s huge cock pushed just inside my anal ring where he didn’t stop but painfully began pushing more and more inside my little sore rectum.

Tears came to my eyes and I thought, O’ my God, my ass is being split open. He pushed in and then pulled out, again and again until finally the pain was gone.

And just then I began moaning and really sucking on Joe’s cock. My virgin ass hole was stretched to the fullest and it felt like my body had a fever. I was burning up with pleasure.

I let out Joe’s cock just enough to squawk out how good it felt.

“Ooooo, yes, uhhuh, mmmmmm, yes o’ yes fuck me, fuck me,” I cried out. The feeling of being stretched and innards massaged by his huge monster in my ass felt so good.

Continued in part three.

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