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This all started when she bumped into an old work colleague, she had always had a crush on him, and it seemed that time had not dulled the pull between them.

They swapped phone numbers with the promise of a cup of coffee “sometime”, so when she got a call the very next day asking if she was free in an hour for a coffee she was nervous and surprised all at the same time, knowing she wanted more than he was able to give, she reigned in her feelings.

Sure enough and hour later he was knocking at her door with a cheeky smile.

She welcomed him in and settled him in the living room while she made the coffee, when she went back in she nearly dropped the cups, because there sat on her couch was a very naked very aroused guest.

She stopped in the doorway, filled with desire she had never felt before, the smouldering look he gave her made her wet instantly and she knew no matter what he was not going to be leaving without taking her body and soul.

She calmly put the coffees on the table and sat on the couch opposite him trying her best not to eye his impressive manhood, he could tell she was definitely interested and began to stroke himself for her pleasure, he stopped when she blurted out “Of course you know that I could have you arrested!” he looked at her in alarm only half taking her seriously, he had hoped that she felt the same way, and he certainly had gone out on a limb to pull this stunt, but in his eyes she was beautiful, and yes he was married, although the sex had died out a long time ago he still cared for his wife, but he had NEEDS!

She surprised herself with what she came out with and instantly regretted saying it when she saw the shock and fear in his eyes, she got up straight away almost at the same time as he reached for his clothes, “No wait…” she said, he Kocaeli Escort looked up into her face not knowing what she was likely to say next, “I think we maybe want the same thing but are moving way too fast here!” She finished in an excited rush, “I never expected this from you, and don’t want to hurt anyone, or get hurt.”

He looked at her, relaxing a bit now, he had got the vibes right, he felt more than a bit stupid for stripping like he did.

But she had walked over to where he was by then, and looked at his now semi hard cock, “Well that’s a real shame…” licking her lips she bent over and cupped his balls in one hand while taking his hardening cock in the other, She looked straight into his eyes and said “Are you sure you want to do this?, Because I have fancied you since day one and once I get involved it would be unfair for you to back out considering you started it!”

“I want you so badly, please can you kiss me?”

So she sank onto the couch next to him and smiled into his face as she leant in for a kiss, that kiss set a chain of reactions in her body that would become like a drug, she ached for his touch, for his praise, had never wanted someone like this ever before, or would again for that matter.

As the kiss got deeper her hand started to move up and down his extensive shaft, wanting to feel every inch of him and know it intimately.

He moaned in her mouth as he thrust up into her soft hand, she pulled away from the kiss to watch as she jacked him up and down, she bent down to kiss the tip of him, he sucked air through his teeth like he had been burned by something, she looked at him “Did I hurt you?” his eyes flew open to look at her “No way, it was the most intense thing to happen to him in a long time” indicating to his crotch, so Kocaeli Escort Bayan she gently took him in her mouth and licked around the tip of his length tasting his essence as she slid him deeper in her mouth she sucked in her cheeks creating a vacuum which had he been wearing any would have knocked his socks off.

She bobbed up and down slightly while he clung to the back of the couch, when he thought he could take no more, instinctively she pulled right away and gently stroked him with her fingers, he took the opportunity to undress her, unknowingly she had dressed in her best lingerie, perhaps subconsciously wanting him to want her in the same way, so it was more than appreciated when he finally got to them, he decided to leave them on her to enjoy, her shaven pussy was a sight behind the sheer panties.

He caressed her nipples through the fabric of her bra, and marvelled at the swellings in his hands, not too much not too little, they were magnificent!

He bent to lick her cleavage, moving to the left nipple and then the right, she was so turned on by this point she could feel her panties were soaked through.

Almost as if the thought moved him, he knelt on the floor in front of her and kissed his way from her beautiful cleavage all the way down to her panties, he spread her legs so one was over the arm of the couch and the other was resting against his cheek, he licked the fabric, getting his first taste of her honey, he sucked the fabric into his mouth and ran his tongue along the outside edge of the material, he then hooked them out of the way completely so he could get to her, he took his time licking her clitoris and bringing her time and again to the brink of orgasm, as she had him.

She couldn’t take any more she pushed him away and pulled Escort Kocaeli him to his feet, “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable shall we?” took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom.

He undid her bra and let her slide off her panties, she pushed him onto the bed so she could take him in her mouth again, he surprised her by swinging her around into a “69” this made him slip almost all the way into her throat, making her gag a little, she shifted herself back a bit to lessen the pressure in her mouth as she did she felt him fingering her pussy, she nearly collapsed with lust as she pushed back onto his finger, he slide in easily all the way to the knuckle so he curled his finger towards her tummy to feel for her G spot, she shook when his finger met the bundle of nerves and he relentlessly massaged it sending her into spasms of pleasure, she had to let him out of her mouth as she was afraid she might bite down with the pleasure she was feeling.

When she had come down from the ceiling, she restarted her assault on his weapon! And really went to town, licking and nipping his length, then swirling her tongue and lips around his tip like she was enjoying an ice pop.

He laid back and thought about the feelings she was stirring and could no longer hold back, he warned her just in time, she missed the first rope of cum which splashed into his bellybutton, the second third and fourth she noisily sucked into her mouth and swallowed to his delight, enjoying every drop.

As they lay in each other arms on the bed in silence, thinking of everything that had happened, she looked up at him with a question on her lips she didn’t know if she wanted answering, he looked into her eyes and just knew he wouldn’t be able to do this again, not that it was a mistake, but not something to be repeated, rather a beautiful misadventure that he would remember for the rest of his life.

He told her as much, and she agreed, and said next time, if there was a next time he came for coffee, that’s what they would stick to, but they both knew this would be the last they saw of each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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