After Croydon

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“Gus and the forfeit” yes that too was several visits pushed into one to make it more exciting as a read. The very first visit was done on a forfeit, but it was only Gus and myself, subsequent visits were maybe another 5 or 6 just the 2 of us. As things progressed between him and me the sex play became rougher as he gauged my reactions; He told me later that he hadn’t expected things to turn out with me the way they had, as I had in all the previous year’s he’d known me, treated him with not a little contempt (true); he’d thought I was a ‘posh stuck up bitch’. Then on my visit in April (2012) he invited those others to join in as outlined by me having made sure everyone was around when I went over there. The last pages of that recollection were possibly mostly akin to that session.

Which leads me onto my recollection of my visit to Croydon visiting my friend Jodie and meeting Alf. What I wrote really was all happened in those few hours. And it was just days after my gang fuck at Gus’s house. Of course as I said in my story on my way home from Croydon I was on a real sexual high, not only that I was I naked in my car in broad daylight.

My sex life whilst interesting by most any standard, just in the last 7 days I had enjoyed the 5 man gang fuck at Gus’s they had used me in a kinky delectable way and I had told my husband of how all 5 guys had taken me again and again.

I knew that initially he had only expected me to have sex with his long-time friend Gus, when I confessed the evening after that I had allowed the others to join in, especially was one was a OAP!

When David got home; about mid-evening, I had sat with my pussy over his mouth as he licked me and tongued my arse out of the cum still up there and there was a lot. I slowly recounted what had happened to me that afternoon, his cock twitching and coming off twice without any touching from me, each time I bent forward and licked his spilled cum off him and I came off in his mouth and then towards the end I slowly peed into his mouth. When I finished the tale, he wanted to fuck me. He knew most of those guys and couldn’t get over me fucking and sucking and rimming and drinking pee from them all. I think we were going for another 4 hours till exhaustion dropped us asleep. I knew that what turned him on the most was me getting really slutty and dirty, having sex with guys I’d normally never even pass the time of day with, he especially liked that the older guy had joined in. In fact I had never, ever seen my husband so horny.

But as for me, I was like on a huge sexual high as well, I felt constantly aroused, as I drove home after my session with Alf, my pussy was leaking onto my car seat and it wasn’t just his cum, but my own juices. So there I was driving home from my friend Jodi’s after my encounter with Alf, my belly was full of a his poo, what I had done with Master John and Gus was virtually nothing, sucked down a couple of small pieces of shit from each guy, although had either pushed me, I now honestly believe I could have and would have taken my first real meal from one of them and that maybe my actions with them over the past 6 weeks was a prelude to what happened to-day.

As I had eaten from Alf’s arsehole and his greasy turds had slipped into my mouth and down my throat, I hadn’t felt but a tiny twinge of nausea, before the sexual stimulation took over. Even then as I drove home, I didn’t feel sick or queasy in any way, far from it. I was amazed that I felt so sexy and no adverse reaction. What I wasn’t so sure about was telling my husband about this ‘development’. But I was now feeling that he was turned on by the idea of me doing that sort of stuff too; however confessing to him that I’d now taken a full scat meal for real was another matter.

In the end back at home, David was still horny from my sessions with Gus and his mates, so we ended up in bed PDQ, yes I told him about Alf, leaving all reference to scat out of it, anyway for him it was hot enough that I’d fucked a 64 year old guy, drunk his piss, been fucked in the arse by him and I’d rimmed his anus.

That evening at about 9pm I took a phone call from Gus making sure I was still going over to his place the following day. I was face sitting David at the time, so he couldn’t really hear what I said, let alone Gus. It was quite a laid back call, he was really asking if I was okay with how the whole thing had developed, I told him it had been great fun, and that David was still horny on my retelling of it all. – (if I hadn’t already explained – my ‘forfeit’ had been setup by David with Gus before I’d even lost it, my husband believing (quite rightly) that the only way I would ever end up with his friend’s cock in me was to lose a forfeit or dare).

He was asking if the rough stuff was okay with me, ‘Yes’ – so would I welcome them taking things further that way?

‘Yes I think that would be fun’ – he then made some suggestions that he’d like to try on me, breast bondage, heavier spanking and most of the stuff that I’d already done with John, he was arousing me even though my husband şanlıurfa escort was doing the same with his tongue, I was saying yes to it all. He was then suggesting harder BDSM stuff to me and I can’t recall how Gus phased the concept of me doing full scat with him, yes he’d hinted a couple of times during recent visits, but by the time he hung up, not in exact words but I promised I’d try and climaxed onto my husband’s mouth as I said it.

After I put the phone down, and I was resting with David having told him that I was going over to see Gus tomorrow for some more fun, David’s cock twitched, he asked me if the rumours about the size of Gus’s cock were true, ‘Yes it was at least 10” and thick’ I told him.

He’s had your sister, Valerie, Hillary, Tania and Connie, that I know for definite and probably Jane and Allyson’ (All are married ladies David and I know well, see regularly at parties and barbeques etc. and have visited Ben).

I was just thinking, ’wow, that’s some good looking women there, all mid 30’s, all married with kids – I wonder what he did with them’ When David interrupted my thoughts, with

‘ Be careful, Gus is known as a real cock man, he really knows how to hit a woman’s ‘G’ spot every time, but he’s a dirty old bugger, into all kinds of kinky stuff, You might like it – some women do’

‘So what are we talking about here? I asked,

‘Sex Slut Slaves really, Connie and Val would go stay with him for a long weekend, a couple of weeks; that sort of thing, Hillary actually went and lived there for about 3 months (I’d heard this as well). ‘They’d do everything he asked of them’

‘So what sort of kinky things are we talking about here?’

‘No, you will have to find out for yourself, if I tell you about those things, you’ll think on them and that might put you off, but if you just go with the flow……………..?

‘So would you like to see me doing that stuff?’

‘Oh God yesss’

His cock was hard and twitching again, small pearl drops of cum were on his knob head, I put my mouth over him and sucked. David had already cum off twice, and I knew as I sucked him he was thinking of ME doing that stuff, he came off again in my mouth quite soon.

I’d already heard that the married women who did a weekend stay or longer, were required to wear just high heels and stockings whilst in the house or garden; this rule included when visitors came around, including her own family.

24/7 they were obviously sexually available to Gus, but also the guys that stayed with him. Which meant most evenings she was there would be a similar gangfuck to what I enjoyed on my first visit.

The next morning I left for Gus’s house almost as soon as David was off to work; as my husband had instructed – I wore a pair of black stocking with a wide lacy tops attached to that nice black suspender belt, and my highest black patent leather 5” high stilettos heeled court shoes; on top I wore just a light coat the lower hem of which didn’t really cover my hold up lacy stocking tops.

Both David and I had woken up horny again, I had blown him and drunk his morning pee, but we were running late, so he still went off with a huge hard on in his pants, as he left he whispered into my ear, “be real dirty to-day”. I was already feeling incredibly horny knowing what I’d promised Gus on the phone, but I was also wondering if my husband’s term of ‘sex slaves’ for those women included them being used as a full toilet.

Only as I knocked on his door did I give any thought to the others living in the house. Too late by then Gus ushered me into the house and immediately took off my coat, before the door was even closed. This day he led me down to a basement room bigger than the sitting room where we’d fucked before on our first couple of trysts. This basement was very much a playroom, with an obvious S&M theme to the kit laying around. Gus had yet to invite me to take a BDSM session under him, but this would be our third session in this room and I knew that it wasn’t going to be too long before I was under the leach.

As I got into the centre of the room, Gus drew me to him and kissed me, a long lingering kiss, and during that time he felt my body, I couldn’t hide my juices in my pussy, he grinned and said ‘you really are up for this aren’t you’. For my part I had slipped my hand into his pyjamas bottoms and clasped his monster cock. I slipped to my knees and licked at his cock, I was damned sure he still hadn’t washed in the last 48 hours since I left, but his odours excited me. He was barely half erect when his urine hit the back of my throat, a little squirt warned me then a full torrent of piss, it was obviously his first of the day, really strong acrid tasting. He managed to match his flow to my drinking and barely any was spilt. As his piss flow slackened his penis became fully erect and then splattered my throat with cum juice.

But that morning there was really only one thing on both our minds.

As he told me later, he wasn’t 100% sure that escort şanlıurfa I was an eater, very few women are. As he turned and slightly bent his knees, I squatted behind him resting my thighs on my lower legs, feeling my stiletto tips digging into my arse cheeks. He squeezed and a thick brown log started to emerge, I closed my mouth over it just as I had done to his cock moments before. In seconds my mouth was full and I had to hold the rest of that turd with my hands. The taste of his shit was washing over my tongue as my saliva dissolved it. I looked down I had a turd replica of his cock almost, as long and as thick as his cock. The end that was in my hand was soft, but the end in my mouth was quite hard, Gus had moved off to watch me, encouraging me, I bit through the 4 inches in my mouth and the whole thing was really overpowering my mouth, not in the expected nauseous way, I chewed it a bit, because it was so hard, before I swallowed that first lump, and immediately took a bite out of the next 4 inches, softer and with more taste straight away. Again I had to chew it before I could swallow, and repeat this act twice more on that first turd. Gus had dropped some more shit onto a plate, about half as much again as the first turd, this time he feed it to me from his fingers.

With the last lumps filling my mouth he positioned himself to fuck me, I didn’t need much to climax, again and again. For 20 minutes we became a sweating mass of passion. I had done it, yes I done it yesterday, but compared to what I’d just eaten, Alf had given me a starter, today I had my main course.

Gus and I had sex that morning, no interruptions from his mates; no hint other than the room of his S & M lusts that would come in the weeks to follow. I left Gus about midday I was absolutely exhausted, as was he. When I got home I feel asleep till nearly 5 ‘o’clock. As I washed and cleaned myself up, I knew deep inside that I couldn’t just tell David that a few hours before I’d eaten a pile of shit from Gus’s arse.

When I checked my phone, I had three messages, the first one was from Jodie; I had expected her to call, I wasn’t sure what I would say to her, any more than I could tell my own husband about what had happened yesterday. I called her back, I wasn’t sure where I was going to start with my explanation, I was still worried about dropping her in it when I was with Alf.

As we talked I needn’t have worried. In fact to cut a long story short, she’d ‘set me up’ all along, especially the bit where she dared me to leave her flat naked, because she had already been fucked by Alf, even though she’d only been there 5 days, and she’d received his cum and piss and poop. In setting me up she’d told him that I was her only attractive female friend that she knew who might also take toilet duties, following on from a conversation weeks earlier, she had assumed that I was also doing it with at least one of our mutual male friends she had introduced me to, in fact I’d only taken pee from him. So she already knew from Alf what I’d done and I openly confessed to her and she confessed the setup and her part.

By the end of our conversation I was hot again, because I then knew yet another woman who’d done full scat, which made 6 with the women Gus confirmed, later 9. For me that made things so much easier.

I also knew Jodie and I had regular sexual relations with at least the same 12 guys who were all into real kinky sex as well as rough and BDSM games and there was an overlap with some of these guys with my sister as well as me. It also became apparent over the next few months that at least one of Jodie’s lovers had mixed my sister and me up and it was my sister who had done scat with some of those guys, not me!

The next week, on Tuesday lunch time I was back in Croydon, this time slightly more prepared, as we ended up in a threesome with Alf. This time Jodie and I shared his poop, feeding each other, and kissing with mouths full, I also eat all of what Jodie pushed out of her rectum to delight them both. I was totally empty because of my looseness the day before. My body still wore the marks from Sunday afternoon and I related to them both the acts that I’d taken, I think for the first time Jodie saw me as someone she could dominate. She’s never really shown that inclination towards me.

I think they were both disappointed that the following week I’d be unable to go over because of my new job, so I went over again on Friday that week for a repeat of Tuesday and if anything it was a better session. The following week Jodie got an assignment as well, so after that we only met on a week night evening maybe twice a month. I was still not letting onto Jodie that I was still a ‘newbie’ at this sort of thing, as she was so obviously very experienced. I desperately wanted to ask her how often, how many etc, but without opening myself up, I couldn’t ask.

On Thursday morning I visited Gus in a repeat of the week before, if anything it was more enjoyable as we were both more relaxed. In our aftermath he suggested şanlıurfa escort bayan that soon I might be ready for a poop and S & M games with a couple of his housemates involved. I said we might be rushing things and he replied that I had taken it so well and easily he was sure I must have already been well experienced. I said something along the lines of that I was pretty new to doing it, he just said well you took it so well, lots of ‘newbies’ throw up or look like they might. I desperately wanted to know who he had feed previously, but didn’t want to ask directly.

Back home in a relaxing bath, I reflected that in the last 10 days I had eaten from; Gus (Twice); Jodie (Twice); Alf (one full, and 2 shared with Jodie). I also knew should I want it there were 3 men whom I knew via Jodie were into doing it to her all 3 of whom I had enjoyed sex with a dozen times; Gus openly told me he knew a lot of guys who’d love to dump into my mouth. I was re arousing myself by my thinking of all these guys and wondering how I could break it to David. After all – less than 4 months ago I had no idea people did this stuff – now I was thinking back to when I was a teenager, seeing a guy I fancied and wondering what his cock was like and how would I like to suck it.

Back then I often fantasised about being in a situation where I would suck cock after cock, each one cuming into my moth to swallow. When I was maybe about 17 a girlfriend told me about ‘glory holes’ – that was back in the early 90’s before the internet was really starting, I didn’t believe her at first, but that didn’t stop me masturbating at the thought of going to one and being presented with big horny cocks to suck, in my mind they would be dirty some tasting of other women, some just plain unwashed forever, the more rancid I imagined the cock to be the hot I became.

The concept of being ‘used’ sexually by numerous anonymous men grew in my fantasies, by about 20 I had this concept of being in a position where men could have me suck them or fuck either my arse or pussy; often I was kneeling on a soft chair – that I was in bondage was at that point not readily part of the fantasy, as was the fact that often I was blindfolded. Men would enter me front and rear at the same time.

The thing was in my fantasy that I was arse fucked (by that age I’d taken cock in my arse a handful of times only) and if I wanted to cum off in my masturbation quickly the guys would piss down my throat after they’d cum in my mouth, watching my mother take anal sex and piss drinks had affected me, but I was a piss drink virgin at that time, placing myself in my mother’s place would also bring me off quickly. It was also about the same time that I started to include in my fantasies about being used just as my mum had at that New Year’s party. I only saw the aftermath on her body as I told you, but I had a pretty good idea of what sort of the things done to her and made up some from my own mind. It wasn’t a big leap to be tied in bondage in a chair or table and have things done to me.

My thoughts drifted to an item I’d seen in Gus’s basement, it was effectively a toilet chair or seat, as soon as I saw it I knew what it was for. I could see the idea was that my hands would be fastened to the chair legs by cuffs, with my head underneath it, then Gus or someone would sit above and well ….. poo! Actually in time I found out that the woman underneath would have a mouth spreader holding her mouth wide open and her head was held firmly in place. Under the seat was a huge plastic funnel collecting the poo and piss and directing everything into the open mouth. There was a rubber enclosure all round the head so any liquids didn’t get out.

I wondered how many women had laid there, mouth open, how long before it was me! It was sometime before I got to try it and found it was mostly a party piece, a woman would be put into it for an hour; she’d be swapped out after that with another woman and so on.

That night my body revolted over what I’d swallowed down the past few days. I spent a miserable weekend of squirts and vomiting. On the Monday I went to my new job looking like death, so they might not have been that impressed, but by Friday I was better. I just told them I was off colour because of something I’d eaten.

On the Sunday before I started work, I spoke to Jodie on the phone and explained what I was suffering. I confessed all to her. I could tell she was amazed and she later admitted aroused. But she said what I had already guessed – I’d done too much too soon. She suggested I take no poo for about 10 days or so and then do it only once a week with someone after a while take it to 2 a week.

She admitted she had twice at separate times, each lasting no more than 3 months apiece been a mobile toilet virtually 24/7 for two previous boyfriends, but when she was doing that each guy was the only one to dump in her mouth. These days she said she barely took it once a week and the last week was her first burst of scat activity in a while.

At another time Jodie told me how she had been introduced to scat play at 17 by an older guy (friend of her father’s, they’d been having sex for about 6 months and it moved on till she was his toilet. By 18 she was regularly having sex involving receiving scat with him plus one of four of his friends


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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