After Hours

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Group Sex

It was very late in the evening, Sue Whitmore had been working for hours on end, trying to finish up her proposal for the new client. She had been working on getting this client for over a month now, and if everything was satisfactory, it could mean a promotion. She had lost track of the time, it was almost 10:30 P.M., and she hadn’t had a bite to eat since lunch, no wonder she was feeling weak. She grabbed a menu from her desk drawer, called and ordered a salad and sandwich. She was the only one left in the building, so she instructed the man on the phone to have the delivery guy buzz extension 623, and she would buzz the door.

After she hung up she put the menu back in her desk drawer and noticed her little secret friend. It was a pen vibrator, for those times when she just needed to relax. She couldn’t have some big vibrator in her desk, somebody might find it by accident. She had been working so much lately, she couldn’t remember the last time she had had real sex. She figured she had about 1/2 an hour to kill before her food arrived, so why not take the edge off. Sue was attractive, 5’5″, nice natural tits, 36c, and a really cute little tight ass, black hair down to her ass, she had dumped her last boyfriend when she found out he was cheating on her, so she had buried herself in her work to get her mind of it. The lack of sex was getting to her though, she really needed to get off. She unbuttoned her blouse and slid her fingers inside and caressed her nipples, feeling them harden at her touch, mmmmmmmmm, it had been so long, she pulled up her short skirt and turned on her little vibrator and slowly moved it up and down her panties, feeling the vibrations, she started to moan slightly. To hell with it, I’m the only one here, so off with the panties. She spread her legs wide and slid the pen between her lips and let it slide inside. Oh god this feels good. For a small vibrator it was very strong, the vibes were getting her wetter by the minute. Kocaeli Escort Just as she was getting close to cumming, the buzzer went off, it was her food, great timing kid. She buzzed the door and told him to come up to room 623.

She very quickly tried to straighten herself up, she slipped her panties back on just in time. There was a knock on the door and there he was, no kid she thought to herself, this guy was about her age and she was already horny as hell. She felt that since he had interrupted her orgasm, she would make him finish the job off. She walked over to him and as she was walking she faked twisting her ankle. He helped her to the couch in her office and sat her down. I’m sorry, that was so clumsy of me. He lifted her ankle up and examined it, she let out a little yelp. His hands felt really good stroking her leg, it had been months since the last time she got laid. She had to try and keep him there longer, so she asked him if he could go down the hall to the break room and get some ice for her ankle. While he was gone she laid down and pulled her skirt up some more so he would have a better view of what she had to offer.

He came back in and she had him sit down and she put her foot in his lap. Thanks so much for helping me, what’s your name, I’m Sue. Tim he replied, not believing what was happening to him. Some of the other guys at work talked about things like this happening, but Tim never thought it could happen to him. Having her foot laying in his lap, and the view he had up Sue’s skirt, was starting to get him aroused. Sue could feel his cock getting hard under her foot, and new that she was having the desired effect on him. Tim looked up her skirt and could see that Sue’s panties were wet, and his cock grew some more. Sue started to move her foot a little bit, in slow circle’s in Tim’s crotch. He placed his hand on her leg and started to massage very slowly, Sue let a slight moan out, mmmmmmmm, that Kocaeli Escort Bayan feels good.

Tim looked over at Sue and couldn’t believe his own eyes, Sue had her hand inside her blouse and was caressing her tits. Tim decided to go for it, he slid his hand further up her leg to see if she would say anything, higher up her thigh, up to the hem of her skirt, no complaints. He let his hand slip up under her skirt, his fingers inches from heaven, that’s when he looked at her, she just smiled and spread her legs further apart. He could feel the heat coming from her pussy, and when he finally touched her she was so wet, he slipped his middle finger inside and she let out a low moan.

Sue started to undo her blouse, fuck her work, right now she needed some me time. Sue removed her blouse, by now Tim had pushed her skirt all the way up around her waist and lowered his face to her wet crotch. As soon as his tongue touched her clit she bucked, oh god that’s it, lick my cunt, yes, don’t stop, oh yes, he slid his finger back inside and concentrated on her clit, one more flick of his tongue and she was cumming, her first orgasm in months.

Sue had to see his cock, her foot had been rubbing it before, and it felt really good. She moved over to Tim and grabbed his belt, and before he knew it his pants were down around his ankles. Sue had been with a few guy who were big, but this guy was thick, really thick. His cock was about 6 inches long, but it was as thick as a beer can. Sue couldn’t get it into her mouth, so she just started licking his shaft, up and down, up and down, Tim loved it, he let his fingers stroke her hair. Sue stroked his cock as she licked him. This was insane, she knew she couldn’t open her mouth that wide, but had to find out if she could stuff his fat cock inside her wet pussy.

Sue got up, walked, without a limp to her desk, Tim couldn’t help but notice. She reached in her purse and pulled out a Escort Kocaeli small bottle of lube. I need your fat cock in my cunt Tim, I just have to have it buried deep inside. Tim wasn’t about to complain, she put lube all over his thick cock, had him lie down, and she straddled his cock. Sue grabbed his cock and stroked it back and forth against her wet pussy, feeling the big head of his cock, this might hurt, but I need it. Sue felt the head pushing into her pussy, god it was tight, the lube was helping, she lowered her pussy down, 2 inches, she was amazed, how much it was stretching her pussy lips apart. She pushed some more, and another inch was in. Suddenly Tim grabbed her by her waist and gave a big hard shove up, while pulling her waist down, oh my god, it felt like she had just been ripped in half. Tim remained still, letting her adjust to his thick cock.

Sue slowly raised herself up, her juices were flowing, she was feeling every inch of his cock like she had never felt a cock before, she was really full of cock. Sue lowered down, mmmmmmm, unbelievable. Tim grabbed her hips again and started moving her up and down faster and faster. She felt her orgasms start, one right after the other, never before, multiple orgasms, oh fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop, your cock is the best. Wave after wave of orgasms, Sue passed out.

When she came to, Tim had her bent over the arm of the couch, and slid his cock in again, it went in easier now, he grabbed her hips and started ramming his cock in hard and deep, his balls slapping against her everytime he buried his cock. Tim slapped her ass checks as he fucked her hard, again Sue was cumming. Tim reached around and pinched at Sue’s nipples, he was getting close, suddenly he pulled his cock out of her wet pussy and spun her around. Sue got down on her knees just as the first load shot out of the end of his thick cock, she caught the first load in her waiting mouth, the next shot hit her tits, he kept jerking more cum out, she kept on trying to catch as much as she could, when he finished she raised her mouth to his cock and licked it clean. She looked at the clock and realized that her proposal would never get done. Sue gave Tim her phone number, she had to have that cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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