After Room 117 Ch. 05

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Jim was unavailable for the next few weeks after that night in his apartment. He had offered to give me a key to the place in case I wanted to take Linda there, but I told him I would not feel right doing so. I did not tell him this, but another part of me wanted that to be just “our” place, as weird as that sounded, even to me. I intuited that I was not the only “baby boy” he had taken to that place, though he never gave me indication of that. I am, after all, pragmatic when it comes to things like that.

Linda returned on Sunday afternoon. I had been looking forward to being with her, but she seemed very distant when I picked her up at her dorms. It would be a week before she broke the news to me that she had taken back up with her boyfriend back home.

I saw it coming. Think about it. A person is all hot for you before they leave on a trip and then cold to the touch when they return. It doesn’t take a mind reader to know something is up. I was a little bummed but not crushed. Besides, I was an attractive nineteen year old male. I knew I was liable to land on my feet.


It was really starting to warm up that spring. I had been working out regularly, and the results were showing in my chest and abs. I suppose being unattached made me work out harder, and the more girls around campus noticed, the harder I worked. One of the graduate assistants for the football team even inquired whether I was interested in walking on for the football team.

Ours was a small college that did not offer scholarships, so they were always looking for ex-high school jocks to fill their rosters. Though I was intrigued at first, the thought of running gassers again made me less interested. It was cool to be asked, though.

I had a few dates, as the days passed. Here and there I got laid. I even met a MILF at the sports bar who took me to a motel couple of times. I enjoyed my freedom during that semester. I suppose I also didn’t want to get attached to someone and then have to leave for the summer. I was not cultivating my muscles to pine for a girlfriend in another city until fall.

It was about a week before finals that I my cell vibrated, as I was leaving my last class one Thursday. It was Jim. We had spoken several times, but this was the first time he had called before five or so.

When I answered, I heard him immediately ask, “Is my baby boy available?” I immediately felt my cock stirring in my loose fitting shorts, as I replied that I was just leaving my last class for the day. I agreed to meet “Daddy” at the apartment where he was already waiting.

I would be lying if I said my cock wasn’t hard the entire way to the apartment. There was an incredible excitement in the taboo, sneaky nature of our rendezvous. It was also the first time I had been with a man, since that last night with Daddy. I also knew Daddy would be impressed with my freshly tanned, more sculpted body. I was looking forward to his reaction, as I pulled into the lot.

I was wearing a loose, green throwback Larry Bird jersey, white baggy shorts and flip flops when I arrived. I had not worn underwear that day. I often went without in the summer, though it was the first time I had done so on a day I had classes. I liked the freedom that I felt without them. Unfortunately, without the confines of my boxer briefs, my hard on was readily apparent to a woman who was coming out of the apartment across from Jim’s. I tried to act nonchalant, but I swear the lady didn’t take her eyes off my crotch, as we passed.

Somewhat embarrassed, I knocked on Jim’s door only after she had gotten into her car. I was still not all that comfortable with my bisexuality, and did not want this lady (perfect stranger or not) to think I was anything other than a red-blooded male. I had deflated a bit, but only a bit, when I knocked.

On the other side of the door, I heard Daddy’s voice beckon me inside. When I entered, I was stunned to see tuzla escort that Daddy and I were not alone. In the living room, there were three other people besides us. There were two men, both in their late forties or early fifties and a woman, who was very familiar. It took a second, since she had changed her hair and was dressed in cutoffs and a sweatshirt, but it dawned on me that she was Ginger from the topless bar.

Daddy smiled, as he rose from his seat to greet me. “There’s my baby boy,” he said with a grin, as he reached down and placed his hand over my more than obvious bulge. He leaned in and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind that I brought a few friends with me.”

I just nodded. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure what to say, really. Before I could say anything, Daddy turned to the others and announced, as he patted my hardness, “I think Barry here is raring to go.” Turning back to me, he said, “Baby Boy, you know Ginger from the bar.” I nodded, still speechless, in her general direction. She smiled, as her gaze slipped down to my crotch.

“These two misfits are Jerry,” Daddy said nodding towards a short, balding guy in a suit, “And Milton.” Milton was a well built man in a blue golf shirt and tan slacks. Milton was, like me, well over six feet tall. He smiled up at me, as he sipped a beer.

Daddy stepped back and appraised me for a moment. “You have toned up quite nicely haven’t you, Baby Boy?” I still had not found that ability to speak, so I nodded sheepishly. All the time, I was feeling like a moron.

“Why don’t you show everyone that nice cock of yours?” Daddy smiled, as he made the request, but I knew that he expected me to comply. “Right here?” I asked, glancing from Jim to the other people sitting about the room.

“Sure, baby. Right here. In fact, why don’t you just strip down completely for us?” I looked back to Daddy, as he spoke. Slowly, I slipped my shirt off over my head. My blond hair tossed a bit, as the shirt was pulled away.

“Dayum, Jimmy”, Ginger cooed, “He has a great bod. I could eat him all up.” At that, I saw her start to lift her sweatshirt over her head. As her large, lovely breasts were exposed, I gained a little courage. I slipped my shorts down to my knees, and they slid to the floor. I kicked off my flip flops and stood before the room naked.

Ginger looked up at me, as Milton slipped closer to her on the leather couch. His mouth covered her right nipple; as she watched Jim step behind me, kiss the back of my shoulder. He reached around and wrapped his hand around the shaft of my cock. It stiffened to full hardness at his touch. I could feel his hard cock through his suit trousers, as he ground it into my ass. I sighed softly, as his lips traced up to my neck. My eyes closed to slits, as Daddy stroked me slowly. I felt the flick of a tongue at the tip of my cock. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Jerry, still completely dressed in his expensive suit. He was on his knees. His tongue was swiping at a stray droplet of glistening precum, as it oozed out of my cock.

Daddy’s hand slipped from my cock and up to my chest, pinching my nipples. Jerry’s lips found their way around the head of my throbbing cock and down my aching shaft. His tongue feathered the underside of my manhood, as his hands reached to my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. My eyes moved to Ginger, whose breasts were being absolutely devoured by Milton’s hungry mouth. Her eyes caught mine. She ran her tongue seductively over her upper lip, as she held Milton’s head to her tit.

As I gazed into Ginger’s deep green eyes, Jerry’s mouth worked up and down my swollen cockflesh. Daddy’s lips trailed down my spine. Soon, he was kneeling behind me. With Jerry’s hands spreading my cheeks as wide as they could open, Daddy’s tongue pushed at my asshole. My hands dropped to Jerry’s shoulders, as I moaned deeply. “Oh fuck yes,” I muttered, as Daddy’s tongue began to fuck my göztepe escort tight, quivering rim. Still my eyes never left Ginger’s.

As the two mouths pleasured me, I watched Milton slip Ginger’s cutoffs down her shapely legs. Milton then ripped her flimsy panties away, eliciting a girlish squeal from her pouty, red lips. I saw that Ginger’s pussy was shaved, except for a thin line of hair leading sensually to her slit. Milton immediately buried his face in her cunt, as Ginger’s back arched. Her eyes closed for an instant, but then reopened and looked to me. Our eyes remained fixed, as mouths took us both.

Jerry’s sucking grew needier, as he sensed my orgasm coming. Daddy’s lips were sealed at my ass, his tongue flicking deep within the walls of my ass. I bent forward. The sensation was driving me over the edge. Saliva from Jerry’s heated blow job coated my balls, as He paused only to beg me to cum in his mouth. My eyes closed, as I pumped my hips at his face. Daddy’s mouth stayed with me as much as possible, as I fucked Jerry’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, Daddy,” I gasped. I gripped Jerry’s shoulders tight and shoved hard to back of his throat. His gag reflexes only made me push harder, as I exploded down his spasming throat. I could hear him gulping and coughing around my pulsing meat. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned, as waves of cum pumped down his gullet.

I looked over to Ginger, who was pumping her hips in wild abandon to Milton’s face. Her heels dug into his back, as she flooded his face with her honey. Her dark blond hair whipped, as she came hard. A sly wink over to me let me know that my own activities had helped bring her climax. As she released Milton’s head, she whispered huskily, “Jim, do you think your baby boy might like a taste of my sweet pussy?” Daddy swatted my ass playfully before slipping his mouth away to answer. “I am sure Barry would love to eat that pussy of yours, honey. Wouldn’t you Baby Boy?”

Emboldened by my first orgasm, I replied, “I would love that, Daddy.”

Daddy kissed my right cheek, before standing and saying, “Well, let’s see if your mouth is good with pussy as it is with cock.”

I dropped to my knees in front of Ginger and slipped her thighs onto my shoulders. Smiling up at her, I kissed my way down that slender patch of hair to her clit. As I flicked my tongue over her pebble-hard clit and used my fingers to push back the hood, I noted that her clit was rather pronounced. It was almost like a small cock in fact.

I tightened my lips into a tiny O, as I sucked it in to my mouth. I slipped two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, as I felt hands gripping my hips. I heard her whisper to me, “Yes, that’s it, baby. I love to have it sucked like that.” As the hands gripped my hips, I knew that they did not belong to Daddy. They were much rougher than daddy’s hands. Calloused and strong, I took them to be Milton’s. When I heard Daddy tell Milton to give me a good, hard fucking, I knew I had guessed right.

I gasped at Ginger’s cunt, as I felt the size of the head of Milton’s cock push at my hole. It was immense. Ginger gripped my head tight, as she said, “Relax, Barry, I know he is big, but you can handle it. Can’t you, hon.” I moan in the affirmative, yet I wasn’t quite sure. It was like I would imagine taking a donkey’s cock might feel.

The pain was searing at first, even though my ass had been somewhat prepared by Daddy’s deep tongue job. I could vaguely tell that Milton had worn a condom, as I heard the sound of the rubber slipping in my ass. Even with the lubricant on the rubber, I still cried out into Ginger’s pussy as he pushed deeper and deeper. Fuck, it was like it would never stop.

I felt the weight of another person on the couch. As I panted at Ginger’s cunt, I could hear her say, “For me?” Then I heard the unmistakable sound of sucking. Finally, as Ginger started sucking Jim, Milton’s balls finally slapped üsküdar escort against the back of mine. I can only guess, as I never did see it, but it had to be at least a foot long and very, very thick. Soon, though, my ass grew accustomed to his length and girth. In fact, I found my cock grow to full hardness once more, as he started to pound my ass harder and harder.

My face pushed back and forth at Ginger’s hot pussy, as Milton’s cock advanced and retreated. I could also faintly hear Jerry to the side of me, stroking his cock as he panted. As Milton pummeled my aching ass, I felt Jerry’s semen hit my back and hair. I looked up from Ginger’s slit to see some of the salty fluid on her belly. I licked at it before returning to her fuckhole. I suppose feeling me lick cum from her belly got her off; because she tensed and then squealed loudly around Jim’s cock, as she sprayed my face with her nectar. I lapped it up greedily, as I forgot, for a moment, the pain of Milton’s tremendous cock in my own fuckhole.

I kept licking and sucking Ginger, as Milton tensed at my ass. He let out a few loud grunts, as he shoved his cock hard into me over and over. Then, he came hard in my ass, the rubber being the only thing to keep me feeling from a flood of sperm deep in my ass.

As Milton’s cock pulled from my ass, the emptiness was at once welcomed and regretted. I stopped my pleasuring of Ginger’s pussy and kissed her inner thighs. Then, I looked up and saw that Daddy was on the verge of cumming.

Seeing me looking up at him, he grinned. Pulling from Ginger’s lips, he stroked in front of us. I brought my face beside Ginger’s, as Daddy released his cum onto our faces and into our mouths. We both moaned in gratitude, as Daddy pushed his cock first into my mouth, then hers and back to mine.

I milked his member dry, before kissing Ginger deeply. We shared daddy’s load, as we kissed. Her hard nipples brushed my chest, as I pulled her close.

I suppose, having cum, Jerry and Milton left. I was too overwhelmed by the moment to notice them leave. Daddy, Ginger and I soon retired to the bedroom. There, Ginger hopped on the bed, got on her hands and knees and looked back with wild eyes and begged me to fuck her. “Please, baby, I need a hard, young cock in me,” she mewled.

I quickly obliged. As I pushed into her, I felt Daddy’s cock, still semi-erect, push into my wide open asshole. We quickly found our rhythm and the sensation of fucking and being fucked at the same time had me pounding Ginger’s pussy, as hard as Milton had used my ass. My balls slapped wetly against her clit, as I sent her head into the padded headboard. Bracing herself, she cried out for me to “fuck me harder you bitch!”

I became feral then. Daddy, sensing it, started slamming harder at my hole. Two cocks—two holes slammed to one another. Daddy bent forward, licking the sweat from my neck, panting that he loved fucking his “Baby Boy”. I felt him bite at my shoulder, as I used Ginger’s hot, wet cunt. I, in turn, nipped at Ginger.

Soon the sensations overcame my attempts to make the moment last. I felt my orgasm bubbling up my cock from my heavy balls. The sound of two cocks fucking sent me over the precipice. I came in a spasmodic tremor at Ginger’s hole. I felt her cunt quiver in its own climax, as my cum filled her to overflowing.

As I collapsed on her back, and she dropped flat on the bed, Daddy kept fucking me. I grunted with each of his punishing thrust. “I love fucking my baby boy,” he panted into my ear. Just then, he moaned into my neck, cumming deep into my hole.

We all three rolled onto our sides, cocks still buried, as we recovered. Ginger slipped out soon after, leaving Daddy and me alone. Daddy slipped to the bathroom and cleaned himself. When he returned, he whispered, “Now, suck Daddy’s dick, baby. I want you to suck it back hard and make me cum again, Baby Boy. You belong to your daddy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered. And I truly did from that moment. Sure, there was no way he could ever physically overpower me, but he had me nonetheless. I was his to use and to share, as long as he wanted.

“Goooooood boy. Daddy loves his baby boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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