After the Exes: A New Beginning

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“After the Exes: A New Beginning”

by Mr. Neb

“I have thought about this very moment and just as I thought, it’s a little awkward!” Lauren said.

“I know what you mean”, Jason agreed, almost relieved.

It was indeed awkward. Lauren and Jason were about to have sex for the first time but they were not teenagers. They were not young people just becoming sexually active. If that were the case, they would have blank sexual canvases. They would be developing their sexual personalities from scratch, together. They wouldn’t know their own likes, dislikes, fantasies, secret desires, and personal taboos much less those of their first lover’s. It would all be unknown and they would begin to figure it all out together.

No. These were two people in their 40’s. They both had long marriages that ended in divorce. By now, they both had plenty of sexual history, almost all of it formed with imprint of their former spouses.

“I feel like a kid again,” Jason continued. “I’m not sure what should I do, not do, or what to expect? If we were just kids, we could figure it out as we went along. We could discover together what we were comfortable with. But now. We each have our wants, preferences, and boundaries and mine might not be compatible with yours.”

What made the awkwardness even more acute was that this conversation wasn’t taking place during after-dinner coffee at the end of a date. That situation took place more than an hour ago. They were now in bed, Jason wearing just his boxers and Lauren was in just her bra and panties. They were committed.

Jason and Lauren had been dating for two months and neither had been in a hurry to start a new sexual relationship. Each had gone more than two years without one but it wasn’t because they had lost interest in sex. Quite the contrary. It was because sex was so important to them that they knew it would require a big emotional investment before they would let a relationship get to that point. Prior to meeting each other, neither had felt that anyone had been worth that investment. So there they were, half naked, with long dormant hormones now awakening, emotions building, yet there were trepidations. The stakes were high. Neither wanted to mess this up.

“I trust you Jason. I am comfortable with us. I want this to be a part of our relationship. You are a kind and gentle man and I am sure you are a great lover and I want to be a good lover to you.”

“I am sure you will be”, Jason interrupted while he wrapped his arms around her in a deep hug. “But how do I avoid some sensitive issue that I don’t know anything about?”

Lauren smiled.

“Well I guess there is good news there. I haven’t given it a lot of thought but there probably isn’t very much that would cause me to leap out of the bed screaming hysterically.”

“OK,” Jason said as he returned the smile. “Good to know.”

This procrastinating talk was helping ease the tension and the emotional pressure that each had brought into bed. Afterall, it had been years since either had been in this position. They could wait a little while longer while they sorted things out.

Ah, but they couldn’t delay things forever. The window for small talk was rapidly closing. Their ability to dissect this dilemma, analyze its pieces, and come up with a solution was rapidly being overrun by primal carnal forces that would soon make this whole issue moot. The blood of passion was now flowing within them. There was now a very effective erection present which Lauren had become aware of. Also present were sensitive nipples and increasing amounts of (so far) internal lubrication, all unstoppable and all as designed and intended by nature. These irreversible events were on autopilot and at some point they would overrun and swamp their ability for tender chit-chat.

Lauren returned the hug and also subtly moved her leg. This was her way of non-verbally acknowledging and approving of the present and growing situation between Jason’s legs. One of his hands slowly and tenderly made its way down Lauren’s back. His fingers momentarily snagged the elastic of her panties before making a caressing pass over her ass.

“We have talked a lot about our pasts,” Lauren began while they embraced, “but I don’t really know much about your relationship with Catherine. For me, it’s easy. My sex life with Mike was practically non-existent so there is no baggage one way or the other. He pretty quickly lost all interest in sex, no matter what I did. It was frustrating. I was pretty much left to my fantasies that my imagination could come up with and my vibrator, so I guess I’m wide open.”

The extra meaning in Lauren’s words got a giggle out of both of them.

“In a way, it was the opposite for me,” Jason lamented. “There is nothing wrong with my libido and I too have an active imagination but it was all pretty much stifled with all the rules. Catherine had an endless list of rules. No sex in the morning. No sex unless it was pitch dark in the bedroom. bursa escort bayan It was rare when she had all of her clothes off. The missionary position was pretty much it for us, and there was no talking. There was barely any noise at all. We could have made love in a library and no one would have known. God, I wish we could have done that.”

“You wanted to have sex in a library?”

“Ha! No. Talk. I just wish we could have talked more.”

“What do you mean talk? Like talking dirty during sex? Phone sex? Just talking about sex?”

“Yes! All of the above. God, there were so many times, in the heat of the moment, it was practically painful to not say what I was thinking.”

“This is great,” Lauren declared. “I’m glad we got into this. Who knows how long we would have gone with you being perfectly silent because you think that was what I wanted. I would be wondering why you were so quite. Was I doing something wrong? Were you mad at me? So for the record, it’s perfectly OK for you to say anything you want. You don’t have to hold back.”

Jason hugged Lauren again, this time he deliberately pressed his erection against her thigh.

“OK but I don’t think you know what you might be getting yourself in for, Jason warned. “I might get pretty chatty and graphic.”

Lauren did not let this opportunity pass. She wanted to put Jason at ease and let him know that she was more than willing to be a very active and verbal participant. She moved her head aside of his, her lips were right at his ear but she said nothing at first. All he heard, and felt, was her measured breathing. Her hand slipped down through the slit in his boxers. She slowly wrapped her fingers around his very erect penis. She held him firmly and then she spoke.

“Why of course darling,” she said breathlessly. “I want you to say anything and everything that you feel like saying. I’ll do the same. Would you me to go first?”

She punctuated that last sentence with a gentle squeeze. Jason could only manage an unintelligible expulsion of air.

“Mmmmm. I like this,” she seductively whispered while gently stroking him. “I like the feeling of your hard cock in my hand. I have been dreaming about this, fantasizing about doing this and having sex with you. I wondered what it would feel like to hold you like this, what it would feel like inside me, what you would ta…”

“Oh geeze Lauren!” Jason interrupted. “Slow down just a bit or things are going to end way too soon. You have no idea how that sort of thing makes me feel.”

“Oh I think I do,” she said with a smile. “I think I know first-hand how it makes you feel,” Lauren quipped before returning to a more sultry tone. “It makes you very hard… and… surprisingly moist.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“No need to apologize. I find it incredibly sexy that I can have that effect on a man. I love it!”

Internally, Jason noted the stark contrast between his ex-wife’s attitude and Lauren’s. The former was all but repulsed by the fact that sex was a rather a wet proposition. They latter however seemed to whole heartedly embrace that reality.

While he conjured that dichotomy, he deftly undid the clasp of Lauren’s bra. She pulled away slightly to make its complete removal easier but then she pressed close into him again. She had something she needed to tell him before things when any further.

“I suppose in the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you something about me. You should know… I… I have very sensitive nipples. There! I said it. I confess.”

“Really?” Jason said with a bit of a giggle, not sure if she was being serious or not. He stopped moving his hand for a moment, as if that revelation somehow meant that he should reconsider where his attentions were about to go.

“Yes, really. I’m not kidding. They are super sensitive and drive me crazy. I get super excited when they are touched or, uh, ‘stimulated’ in other ways. Sometimes I can even get these weird orgasms.”

“Weird orgasms? What kind of weird orgasms?”

She kissed Jason passionately on the lips before returning her lips to his hear.

She then whispered, “Sometimes I can come just from having my breasts and nipples touched, especially kissed. I get very wet and fidgety and of it’s done long enough, I can have these weird orgasms. They are sort of dull and rumbling, not like normal. They feel like they are almost coming from my stomach. They never finish the right way. They’re incomplete. They make me more frustrated than satisfied.”

This was all true although Lauren’s frame of reference over the past several years was from her masturbating, not with a lover.

After a pause she added, “So, do you still like the idea of us talking?”

“More than ever. More than ever,” he said before returning her kiss.

“May I?” Jason asked rhetorically without stating what he was seeking approval for.

Lauren responded only by recreating that space between them, fully exposing gorukle escort her chest for her new lover. However, Jason did not stop kissing Lauren’s face. The younger Jason would have immediately headed down towards her breasts, anxious to see just how true this revelation was, but not the current Jason, not the more patient and more thoughtful Jason. He now knew that this was not the time to rush. This was the time to build the excitement, build the arousal, build the anticipation. He knew that Lauren’s anticipation of when her sensitive breasts would eventually be caressed would almost be as effective as the actual caressing. He was absolutely correct.

He tenderly kissed all about her face. These were meaningful kisses, all part of making love to her face. After kissing each area of her face he would kiss her several times on the lips, his tongue just lightly probing, being met with her tongue. All this movement caused his chest to rub against her breasts. Even that contact with her nipples was putting her arousal into high gear. She knew the signs. Here breathing was less measured and things were getting pretty wet down there.

As he moved to her neck, kissing and caressing, she sighed deeply.

“I knew you were a good kisser, but…”, her voice trailing off.

With a firm destination in mind but in no hurry, Jason kissed, nuzzled, and licked his way down her neck. When he got to the base, just above her collar bone, he paused and breathed in deeply. This was one of his favorite spots on a woman. That wonderfully soft spot, filled with a marvelous naturally feminine scent. They both enjoyed the lingering kisses that took place there.

As Jason continued to move down, his hands did so as well, keeping firm contact with Lauren’s back as he went. She swooned as he kissed his way down her body. She loved every agonizing moment. She was caught in the paradox of anxiously wanting him to reach her breasts but thoroughly enjoying Jason tortuous process.

“Does this feel good?” Jason said with his lips pressed against her chest, between her breasts.

“Oh God yes!” Lauren struggled to reply. “Don’t stop. Please.”

Jason just smiled and kissed her again between her breasts. Lauren parted her legs and he settled between them.

At this point, Lauren expected Jason’s hands to move to her breasts. She wanted that. She ached to have her breasts held firmly in his masculine hands but Jason did nothing of the kind. Instead, his moved his face to under her left breast and repeatedly kissed and licked at the crease. It tickled her but in a good way. He then did the same to the other breast, intentionally avoiding her nipples.

While kissing the underside of her right breast, he brought a finger into his mouth to get it wet. With the slightest touch, his wet finger met the erect nipple of her left breast.

Lauren twitched as if shocked with electricity. He touched her again and she shuddered. Again and again he touched her until his finger could remain in contact without her jumping out of her skin. Again he got his finger wet and returned it to her left nipple and when it made contact so did his lips on her right nipple for the first time. His finger and his mouth felt them taught and rock hard. Now his hands moved to her breasts, slowly massaging them with a firm touch.

Lauren’s head lay back against the pillow, her eyes closed. She was having those feelings again. It was hard for her to lay still. Her pelvis squirmed even beneath Jason’s weight. If things didn’t change she knew she was headed towards one of those weird orgasms. She was both desperate for it and dreading it.

Jason’s hands, fingers, and mouth were preforming the perfect symphony on Lauren’s chest. It was that perfect balance between the ecstasy of arousal and sexual frustration amplified by Jason patient pace. Jason drew one nipple into his mouth, his wet tongue swirling in circles around it. His fingers, kept constantly wet by trips to his mouth, mimicked the same pattern on the other nipple. Lauren clutched at the bed sheets, her legs twitched with each caress from Jason’s mouth. Lauren’s weird orgasm was not far away.

His fingers left her nipple but Lauren did not feel the now familiar sensation of Jason wetting his fingers in his mouth. There was a brief and odd diversion from the rhythm that had been established.

An instant later she knew where his hand had gone and it surprised her. She felt it lay between her legs. She moaned her approval. Jason continued to work his oral magic on her nipple and breast while he softly rubbed her through her panties. He felt the unmistakable warmth and dampness of her arousal.

Jason slipped his hand beneath the waist band causing Lauren to let out a shallow gasp. She knew what would happen next. Jason’s fingers laid against her lips but he intentionally did not slip between them. He just pressed her gently, moving slightly and slowly side to side. He could feel bursa merkez escort bayan her hardened clitoris beneath his fingers.

Still suckling at her breast, Jason looked up and saw Lauren looking back at him. Her mouth was partly open as if she wanted to say something but the words would not come out. Her face had that look that wordlessly said, “Why did you stop?”

With that, two of Jason’s fingers slipped between Lauren’s very wet lips and lay over her opening. His hand did not stay long though, much to Lauren’s dismay. Jason brought his hand back up and deposited the precious liquid cargo on Lauren’s nipple. He swirled his finger around it, spreading the miracle lubrication, restarting the shock waves through Lauren’s body.

This was Jason’s plan. Her breasts were to remain the center of attention. Instead of saliva, he wanted her own wetness to aid in the stimulation of her nipple. Again and again he retrieved her juices and painted them on her nipple and breast while he kissed and sucked at the other.

“huh.. huh.. huh,” Lauren breathed erratically, trying to speak. “I’m.. I’m..,” she gave up.

Jason could sense what was happening. He knew. This was the start of the weird orgasm. He knew this was no time to stop. Just as Lauren’s dull and throbbing orgasm was reaching its rounded peak, Jason moved over to the other breast, his mouth fully enveloped the nipple that was smeared with her wetness. His tongue lapped at the juices, abrading it hard against her nipple, pushing her further through her orgasm. Again and again he brought his hand up from between her legs, each time wetting one nipple and then the other, each time removing her juices with his mouth and stimulating her nipples. This was taking her orgasm to another level.

Lauren’s whole body writhed in ecstasy with each dip of his fingers between her lips, with each touch and lick of her nipples. This was no weird orgasm. It rumbled on for what seemed like minutes but was in reality just a handful of seconds. The quivers began to subside. The spasms of her stomach muscles lessened. The aching between her legs diminished. Her head began to clear.

When she was able to look down at Jason, she saw him looking back up at her with a very pleased grin on his face. His fingers were still between her lower lips. He did not want to remove them right away, assuming that it would be best to wait until her orgasm was truly over. Besides, he loved feeling of her body clenching down on him.

With that consideration in mind, he eventually brought his hand up. Lauren was in no condition to have her nipples touched, which was fine because Jason because he had no such intention. Lauren watched as Jason looked right back at her. He seductively slid his wet fingers over his lips before pressing them into his mouth. She could tell he was licking them with his tongue.

“You have go to be kidding me!” she exclaimed as she fell back on the pillow.

“Whatever are you referring to?” Jason facetiously asked while he continued to nuzzle his face against her breasts.

“You know exactly what I am referring to. That business with your fingers.”

“Oh. You mean this?” Jason said playfully as he repeated the act. His hand once again slipped underneath her panties. This time though, his fingers slid deep into her juicy opening. The penetration and movement of his fingers made Lauren swoon and involuntarily squeeze down. Jason slid his moistened fingers from her and as before, coated his lips before savoring her sweet taste inside his mouth. Both hands then cupped her breasts as they continued to discuss the recent events.

Lauren’s tone changed to one of uncertainty when she asked, “Do you like doing that? Tasting..” her voice trailed off.

“I lovvvve doing that. You have no idea how much. I liked that very.. very.. much. I absolutely love the way you taste!”

This reassured Lauren. Her fleeting concerns about how she tasted were now gone.

Lauren rose up and rested on her elbows. Jason was still laying between her legs with his head at her chest.

“And how was it for you?” Jason inquired as if her orgasm, weird or not, hadn’t already answered that question.

“It felt wonnnnderful!” she replied. “What you did and watching you do it was soooo hot!”

“Oh, you liked that huh? You liked watching me taste you off of my fingers? Tell me again,” Jason asked with a hint of a plea in that request.

Lauren knew what he meant. This was part of his desire to enjoy a verbal dimension to sex. She knew what she had to do next and she was not going to be shy about it. In as seductive a voice as she could muster, she began.

“Oh I loved it. I loved feeling your hand go between my legs for the first time. I wanted you to do that but I was nervous at first. And then you touched me. Oh I wanted you inside of me so much! I wanted to feel you inside my pussy!”

As Lauren talked, Jason slipped his fingers deep into her, causing her to take in a deep breath before resuming what was now a narration.

“Oh yes! That feels so good!” she exclaimed with her eyes riveted to his.

“And then you..”

Jason’s fingers left her.

“… rubbed it on me. Oh God! That was so sexy!”

Jason did not follow that portion of the monolog.

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