Afternoon Surprise

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You’ve been out, fun with a friend who had to leave slightly earlier than you’d both hoped. It’s been a sunny day and you’re now looking forward to getting home and off your feet. It’s only mid-afternoon, but you’ve had enough of walking and plan on spending the remaining hours of sun on a chair, feet up, laptop out and Tumblr scrolling by with all the usual exciting images interspersed with boring as fuck ads and drivel. As you put your key in the lock to open the door a small smile drifts across your lips. Perhaps there’s a message from him. Perhaps some instructions, perhaps… But nevermind that now, feet up first, fun later, drink in hand!

The door swings easily open, as usual, and you step through then turn to close and re-lock the door. As the bolt slides into place you’re briefly aware of a presence behind you, then hands on your hips, a hot whisper in your ear saying only “Shhh.”

Your hand drops, keys left dangling from the lock and you feel your heart begin to race. This is new, unexpected. You’ve come home to him before, but in the evening, with warning, an idea of what to expect. He’s usually at work! A deluge of thoughts cascade through your head as warm firm hands begin to strip you of your clothes. His touch, and memories of previous encounters set your skin tingling. Your body reacting to the light contact, even though it’s so clearly functional, designed to do no more than leave you completely naked. Which, you realise, you are. Feet flat on the slightly chill tile floor, still facing the closed door, still aware of his presence behind you, still trying not to get too excited, this afternoon might not be about you.

He takes your hand, pulling you away from the entrance. Turning to follow him you notice he is also naked. Completely. The pair of you walk through to the lounge, the bright sun streaming through the windows and the open doors leading Kartal Grup Escort out to the balcony. A gentle warm breeze blows through the room, caressing your bare skin. Upon reaching the couch he guides you onto the arm, seating you across it and then simply shoving you backwards, unceremoniously. This results in your legs hanging over the edge, butt on the arm and back resting comfortably on the seat. Not exactly romantic, though.

Staring up at the ceiling you remind yourself that there’s been plenty of times you’ve had great sex with absolutely zero romance, and Valentines day isn’t your thing anyway. Thoughts are cut short by the sensation of lips and a tongue kissing, licking, and nibbling their way up the inside of your left leg. A teasing, and oh so light kiss on your pussy as the trail continues down your right thigh, then back up again, only this time he stops at your pussy, tracing your lips with the tip of his tongue, playing, teasing, hands holding your thighs apart. Well, resting against them – you’re keeping them well open, delighting in his keen knowledge of your body and how to wind you up with barely any contact at all.

Thoughts become harder to keep straight as the teasing continues. Repeating over and over in your head you can hear “Shhhh” and try desperately to follow the single instruction you have been given. Even as your clit is savaged by his tongue, as you feel fingers enter your body, and drag back out again, a slowly building thrust into your soaking wet pussy. No, wait, that’s not fingers, you cast your eyes down, toward you knees for a brief moment wondering how he can both have his cock inside you and be licking all at the same time. He isn’t, of course, the top of his head is still visible between your thighs, it must be a dildo. Thicker than you remember, it still slides effortlessly into your slick pussy, is this Kartal Manken Escort a new toy? When did… the thought train is derailed as he slams the dildo into you all the way to it’s ‘authentic’ balls base, hard and fast thrusts in, with slow withdrawals. New or not, it’s an effective toy.

A key advantage to a regular partner is the knowledge you gain of each other, and are always learning. You, for example, didn’t know he liked surprising you in the middle of the afternoon. He, on the other hand, is artfully taking you close to the edge of orgasm and easing off, letting the feelings fade, just a little, then throwing you back to the edge. This you knew he liked, though the silence is new. You lick your lips, panic striking you as you realise that they are dry, and have been made dry because you haven’t been silent! Lost in yourself your voice did it’s own thing, and moans have been filling the air. Abruptly, the dildo vanishes, the tongue stops, hands on your hips reposition you slightly on the arm of the chair and you feel his hard, hard cock touching your pussy lips. With barely enough time for you to register the delicious anticipation he drives his hips forward, burying his cock in you as far as possible. The rythm that begins is a fast one, and powerful, pounding your soaked pussy in a way no unattached toy could ever match. Clearly the teasing is over as he fucks you in the sun, it’s warmth nothing in comparison to the heat you’re both generating.

Reaching forward he grabs your nipples, pulling and twisting them as he continues the rough thrusting. You give in to the sensations, hips slapping together, cock sliding so deliciously into your pussy, moans of his drifting to your ears, your body tightening as you cum, pussy throbbing, mouth open in a silent scream.

“Oh, fuck.” he mutters, clearly your orgasm felt good around his Kartal Masöz Escort cock. Not skipping a beat he continues to fuck, paying little attention to the effect his efforts are having on you.

He says something else. An admonishment of you. Barely heard above the moans you’re still making, “You weren’t silent!”

Your eyes open, focus, look up at him, he’s smiling. He wasn’t expecting you to stay quiet, or is pleased you didn’t, either way you figure it’s not a bad thing. You can see his body become taut as he cums inside you, again continuing to thrust through and after, squeezing every last drop of cum out of his cock, enjoying the post-orgasm sensitivity along his length. Slower now, less feverish, more controlled. Finally he pulls out, you can feel some of his load leaking out of you, dribbling down between your ass cheeks and onto the arm of the couch. Messy. He bends down and places a long slow kiss against your pussy, making you shiver. Moving alongside the couch he bends to place a second long slow kiss on your lips, sharing with you a little of the cum, his cum, still dribbling from your body, now also tainting your lips and tongue.

Rising to stand over you he smiles. Your gaze drifts down to his thick, but shrinking and still glistening cock. You put a hand up to grasp it, sitting up on the towel. Hold on, towel? Huh, you hadn’t noticed when you were pushed over earlier, but he was prepared. No need to clean cum out of the armrest after all! A sting against your wrist jerks you back to the present, he’s slapped your hand away.

“Heh.” he says, shaking his head slightly. “You were told to remain silent, and you didn’t. There will be a consequence for that, and you damn sure didn’t earn any touching rights.”

You bow your head slightly, acknowledging his words, silently, of course, best not to make the same mistake twice in 5 minutes. You sit on the couch, still full of cum, still deliciously warm from your own orgasm, and wait. Wondering what the consequence might be, why you had to remain quiet. As you think, he leaves the room. In the distance you can hear the shower start. For now, it would seem, he is done with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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