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It was very sudden. Very unexpected. We had been texting each other for over an hour, but we had done that in the past. It started the same way it always started. He loves his wife, but she is a little prudish. I have a similar complaint about my boyfriend. He asked, “Is it cheating if I masturbate watching someone else masturbate?” I told him only if the significant other minds.

“I thought you would say that.”

He told me what he wanted me to do…

“Slide your hand down your pants to your pussy and make yourself wet.”

He hardly needed to tell me that, I was already there.

“I am rolling my clit between my fingers.”

“Fuck, I want to see this.”

I could not explain our attraction. It has always been there. He is funny, smart, and a smart ass. My favourite kind of friend. Maybe because our desires run in the same direction. He says he likes my lack of fear of what others think. That I am open about who I am and what I want.

“I am rubbing my shaft.”

“I full hd porno want to see that… I want to scream.”

“Then scream.”

“This is so hot and so frustrating.”

“I know.”

I get myself off, but it is weak. I still need release. I put down the phone and massage my breasts, working my way down to my thighs. My pussy is starting to tickle, begging for my attention when a knock comes to my door.

My heart racing, I ask who it is. I genuinely do not know who is there.

He calls out to me, and I open the door. I am breathless from desire and from being startled.

He comes in and I giggle… he says, “I have no idea what I am doing here.”

“Well you are here… what do you want?”

“I want to see… No touching.”

My body is rebelling against the words, but I nod and lean back on the couch. He sits on the loveseat and watches.

I resume massaging my thighs, I am ready now, but I want him to gangbang porno enjoy the show. My thumbs graze the inside of my thighs. My head drops back and I moan softly. This is no pretence… I am very on. I hear him groan softly and unzip him pants. I do not look, but continue on myself.

My fingers slip between my lips; they are slippery, hot, and wet. I hear a more audible groan from the loveseat, and I whimper a little. I roll my clit between my fingers and rub my opening with my pinkie. I want to dive in and pound out an orgasm… many orgasms… I want him to…

I slide my hand down a little more and enter with my middle and ring fingers. I find my sweet spot quickly and give it a very light rub. I can hear him panting, and I press my thumb into my clit hard… the jolt is more than I can stand. I can feel my pussy pulsing throughout my entire body. I want to straddle his lap and slide his dick into me…

I rub myself harder and faster, and genç porno my pinkie presses into my ass… I love anal play and this happy accident tumbles me over the edge… I gasp as my orgasm hits me. I can feel my entire body tensing up and holding… I cry out my pleasure, but I didn’t stop rubbing. It feels so good, I want another. I hear his breathless groan of pleasure and wonder if he is coming. My hand keeps its pace and I can feel my wetness trickling out. My throat is ragged from my cries of pleasure. In my mind his weight is on me, my legs wrapped around him… I can see him under me; feel his hands gripping my ass as he comes. My fantasies force another orgasm out of me.

I am sweaty and breathless… It takes me a minute to come back down… I lick my fingers clean and am rewarded with a strangled sound coming from him… I open my eyes and see his hand in his pants, rubbing his dick. I want so much to suck him dry… I want to feel his cum going down my throat. But he said no touching, so I stay put…

We talk for a little while… it’s so strange. We are good friends, but there is a desire there that is intense. I wish his wife was more open-minded… That would be a fun evening.

Maybe next time… he certainly looked like he wanted a next time

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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