Alex , Alexa Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Under The Radar

I was rubbing my eyes as I took out a glass and poured myself some orange juice. Wearing only my boxers, I pressed the glass to my lips and took a stiff drink, hoping to revitalize myself. As much as I had enjoyed the previous day, I will admit I was completely worn out from it. I had fucked my beautiful aunt at least four times and cum hard each time. I was reasonably certain there was nothing left in my testes except some I.O.U chits.

Yesterday had been magical for both of us. Though we’d only known one another for four days, we’d been getting progressively intimate since that very first night. We’d returned to a small natural grove we’d found just off a nature trail and made love for several hours, lost in one another. I’d never wanted it to end and we’d finished the day by making love in my bed down in the basement once my parents had gone to sleep.

I sighed as I wondered what to do. She was my mother’s sister, after all, and we were madly sexually attracted to one another. We couldn’t help it or fight it, the attraction, the need was so damn strong. The horror of what would happen if we were ever found out was too much to think about. Forgetting the shame and disgrace if it our affair became known, there were laws.

But we didn’t care. We were determined to continue this for as long as we could, seemingly. Our lust for one another showed no sign of abating. My dreams were about her, most of my waking thoughts were about her, making love to her or finding ways to thrill her and make her like me. When I’d awoken this morning, I’d looked over at my laptop and smiled, because she was sleeping naked on top of her sheets, an angelic look on her face.

I’d had sex before, I was not inexperienced. But sex with Alexa, my aunt that I was named after, was unlike anything I’d felt or experienced up to that point- it was primal, it was emotional, it was raw and torrid, but also had a deep, almost inexplicable bond. We’d whispered to one another, confessed that we’d been almost literally dropped in one another’s laps, for reasons yet to be determined. It was an intangible and we didn’t try to reason it out, only to act on what came so very naturally to us.

I smiled as I heard footsteps on the stairs, coming down to the main floor. She finally awoken and was going to join me. I’d greet her with the kiss we loved to share and we would spend the day together, finding every chance we could to get naked and make love.

But the footsteps were wrong…

Shit! Mom!

Without another word I put down my juice and hastily threw on my white t-shirt I’d brought upstairs, nearly getting my head caught in one of the sleeves. I’d just wrestled it over my waist when she walked into the kitchen, giving me a wry look. I whirled around to face her.

“Jeez, mom!” I exclaimed, my heart pounding. I was now standing there in boxers shorts and a t-shirt, nothing else.

“What’s your damage?” she asked, clearly nonplussed by my weird behaviour.

“I thought you were your sister.” I replied, trying to look exasperated. Calling Alexa ‘her sister’ to my mom struck me as a good way of making sure I didn’t sound too familiar yet. For days now I’d been acting suitably aloof and my parents were buying it, to my great relief.

“Well, that would have been the end of the world,” mom said dryly. “A family member seeing another family member in boxer shorts and no shirt. Ragnarok and Armageddon all rolled into one.”

I sighed in mild irritation. “Look, I know she’s family, but it’s still gonna take me time to adjust, okay? It’s only been four days, give me some credit already. Why are you even home? If I’d known it was you, I wouldn’t have bothered.”

She shrugged. “Just decided to start a little later, I don’t have as many papers to grade as your father. He took off about half an hour ago, I told him I’d be there soon. Why are you up so early?”

“I set my alarm because your sister seems to get an early start on things and if I’m going to play chauffeur again, I wanted to be ready.” I explained.

“Well, at least that’s thoughtful of you.”

“Eh, it has more to do with making sure she doesn’t come downstairs to the basement to wake me up,” I elaborated. “I sleep in just my boxers, you know.”

“I’m pretty sure Alexa’s eyeballs wouldn’t melt,” mom replied dismissively. “She’s a sweet girl, but I doubt that would be her first time seeing a boy in his underwear, if you know what I mean.”

“Could we please stop talking about my aunt and my underwear?” I groused. “I’m being good and dutiful, praise me, dammit.”

Mom laughed and patted my shoulder, her hand touching the very bite mark Alexa had left on me the previous day that I’d been so desperate to cover with my shirt when she came down. Trying to explain that to my mother was the last thing I wanted to do.

“True enough, I suppose,” she admitted. “Alexa says you’re slowly thawing, so that’s Gaziantep Escort a good thing. I just hope you’re making a genuine effort to be her friend until she can establish some of her own.”

“I told you I would, but you know I don’t make friends quickly,” I said. “I’m not like dad, I’m more like you.”

“Ouch. Okay, point taken. I guess because she’s my baby sister, I just really hope you’ll get along with her. As long as you’re trying, that’s what counts.”

She filled her thermos with the coffee that had finished automatically brewing a while earlier and then grabbed her attache case and purse. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and waved as she walked out the door. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch, watching through the bay window as she got into her vehicle and pulled out. I sat for five minutes, making sure she wasn’t coming back and then sighed heavily. That had been close.

Too damn close.

I went into the kitchen, drained my orange juice and quietly padded upstairs. I checked to make sure dad was indeed gone and then to the door of the room that used to be my bedroom. I gently turned the handle and opened the door- light was coming in through openings in the drapes, giving the room a warm glow. On the bed, naked atop the covers still, lay my beautiful aunt, Alexa.

And I couldn’t get over how beautiful she really was.

She was not quite a year older than me, nearly twenty six years younger than my mother. It had been something of a minor miracle, to be sure. She had long, thick golden blonde hair that hung almost down to the small of her back. Her eyes were a shining sapphire blue. Her lips were expressive and full, begging to be kissed. Her body was an erotic fantasy, with large, perky breasts that had small, pink nipples. Her waist was small, her stomach trim and her elegant hips curved into her long, supple legs. She kept her womanhood completely shaved, which drove me wild. Everything about her just made my body tremble with desire.

I knelt next to the bed, smiling warmly at the sighed of her. She looked like an angle as the light from the windows played over her body. She was smiling, even in her sleep. Her torso was turned at a slight angle so that her chest was facing me, those incredible breasts almost beckoning to me.

There it was. The bite mark I’d given her yesterday, to match the one she’d put on my shoulder when she had cum. It was on the soft swell of her breast, a defined set of teeth marks that had clamped down on that tender skin. She had gasped and whimpered at the time, but welcomed me marking her, a sign of our deep bond.

I gently leaned onto the bed, doing my best to not disturb her. I got my face next to her breast and then placed my teeth on her skin, exactly where I’d bitten her the previous day, applying the lightest of pressure. Alexa stiffened ever so slightly and moaned in her sleep before stirring, waking up as I pulled back and smiled into those deep blue eyes. She smiled dreamily.

“Good morning, Alex…” she whispered, her hand reaching to caress my cheek gently. “Making sure I was still marked as yours?”

“That and just wanting to see you,” I said, slipping my shirt and boxers off and sliding onto the bed next to her. She received me readily, snuggling her warm body to mine. “It’s been an eventful morning already.”

“Mmmmmm, do tell…” she said softly, putting her arm around me and kissing her bite mark on my shoulder.

“Well, I was down in the kitchen, wearing nothing but my boxers and having a glass of orange juice when mom came downstairs. You’ve never seen a man throw on a shirt so fast in your life.”

“Oh, did you think it was me?” she asked, smirking now and moving a lock of hair away from my face. “Yeah, I’ll bet you moved if you had to cover up that bite mark. Why was she still here?”

“Bad luck, really, she was just a little lazy this morning.” I explained. “But as you can tell, she’s gone now.”

“Mmmm, music to my ears,” she purred, nestling her body even closer to mine. Her pussy touched my cock and that was all that needed to happen for the reaction you’d expect. He began swelling and Alexa reached down and massaged him gently. “We made love in your bed last night, perhaps we’d care to balance the score card here?”

I nodded and rolled on top of her, causing her to giggle and then we kissed deeply, sensuously, without reservation. She parted her legs to allow my hips to nestle between them. I was already hard and she was already wet. Without further ado, I pushed my cockhead between her netherlips and then slid inside her slowly. She moaned into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me and then her legs hooked behind my knees.

Keeping her beneath me, I pushed in and out of her pussy while we kissed, tongues swirling and tangling, tasting each other’s mouths. Her fingers massaged and kneaded my back traveling up and down my spine. I slid I up to the hilt and Gaziantep Escort Bayan we both shivered and groaned as I filled her.

“You feel so good inside of me…” she cooed, rocking her hips gently and squeezing me with her pussy muscles. “You make me feel like no one ever has before. Alex, it feels so good…”

“God, Alexa,” I murmured, kissing her neck. “Everything about you, it’s wonderful. I love how you feel, how I feel inside you… I love your voice when you whisper to me… everything…”

And then I remembered something that I was certain would put her over the edge. I gently pushed deeper inside while I repeated myself, whispering in her ear.

“Tout sur vous, il est magnifique. Je t’aime comment vous vous sentez, ce que je ressens à l’intérieur vous … votre voix lorsque vous chuchotez à moi … J’aime tout à propos de ça…”

She gasped loudly and clutched herself to me as I spoke French to her quietly, shuddering in delight. She kissed me feverishly and trembled as she held me to her, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Jeg elsker dig, Alex. Jeg er vildt forelsket i dig, og ville ønske jeg kunne fortælle dig. Jeg ønsker at bo for evigt i dine arme…” she whispered to me, almost panting in my ear. I didn’t know at all what she was saying, but I knew that speaking French thrilled her and she was saying something similar to what I’d told her. I loved the sound of her voice when she was speaking other languages.

And the way her voice quavered in my ear now, as we rocked and squirmed against each other, making love on her bed, it was a pleasure I know I’d never tire of. I could never get enough of it and I hoped she understood this.

We ground our hips harder into one another, panting and gasping as we fucked. Her legs were wrapped around my waist as I rocked back and forth, feeling her pussy clenching my cock tighter and tighter while the tingling, boiling heat bubbled up in my loins…

We both cried out, hips writhing and straining as I burst, my cum spurting deep inside her. My back arched, my hands clenching the sheets beside her head. Her tunnel squeezed me hard, desperate for my offering. Our bodies shook as the mutual orgasm crashed over us, sweeping us away on waves of transcendent pleasure.

“Alex!” she moaned loudly.

“Alexa!” I growled, still straining against her as my ropes of cum lashed her pussy.

We finally collapsed together, panting heavily. We were warm and damp, bodies quivering from the intensity of our lovemaking. Her legs slid from behind mine and her hands lay beside mine on the bed. I knew she didn’t want me to move, no matter what I may have weighed, because we both loved the feeling of my cock deep inside her.

Finally, slowly, she put her arms around me again in a feeble, exhausted hug. I pressed my lips to her neck and kissed her, loving that she moaned lightly at the touch. That we could share this exquisite satiation was so wonderful to both of us.

“Wonderful, lover,” she murmured, finally opening her eyes. “I’d happily wake up that way every day if I could.”

“You and me both,” I agreed. “I’d die a happy man.”

Alexa giggled and poked my nose. “Silly, no dying. I’m nowhere near done with you yet.”

“As you wish.” I sighed, smiling wryly. I slowly rolled off her and onto my back. My cock sprung up above me, still hard and glistening with our cum. Alexa now moved down next to my hips and took my member inside her mouth, bobbing back and forth, sucking our mingled pleasure off me. She moaned happily, loving to do this as one of the final acts of any lovemaking session. When she was finished, she smiled and laid back down beside me, her body snuggled to mine.

“So we know the general agenda for our day,” she said quietly, tracing a fingernail over my defined ab muscles. “Do we have any plans yet for where we can get naughty?”

I pondered her question. “Well, you need a phone, so we’ll be at the mall. I can think of a potential location there. I suppose we can go on a tour of the city and see if anything jumps out at us.”

“Sounds wonderful,” she purred. “We need to shower, of course, and then what about breakfast?”

“Why don’t we have breakfast out?” I suggested. “Lots of nice places for it around this city. Besides, we might get lucky and find another place to fuck.”

“Sold,” she said readily, nodding her had at the thought. “Let’s shower and get moving.”

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom. While I grabbed two towels, Alexa turned on the water for the shower and stepped in. She giggled in delight as I joined her, pressing her now-slippery body to mine and kissing me, a gesture I returned willingly. We kissed and moved slowly together beneath the water, almost dancing to a music only we could hear.

Alexa broke the kiss finally and had a light frown on her face. “Damn,” she muttered quietly. “Gotta pee…”

She looked past the shower Escort Gaziantep curtain for a moment, to the toilet on the far side of the bathroom and bit her lip before looking at me. “I… okay, this might be weird, Alex, but… may I pee in here? I really don’t want to get out.”

I shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me any, I’ll let fly once in a while if I need to.”

“Thanks,” she said, nodding. “This’ll only take a sec.”

She kept her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes, as if she was trying to concentrate on what she needed to do. Without saying anything, I took hold of her hips and moved forward into her, bending my knees slightly and placing my cock beneath her pussy. Her eyes flipped open and she blinked in confusion.

“I thought you might have an easier time if we made it naughty,” I remarked, grinning. “Seems to do the trick for us, doesn’t it?”

She gave me a wry smirk. “You think peeing on your cock is going to help? Well, can’t hurt to try, right?”

She made sure her pussy was good and nestled on top of my member and stared into my eyes. She pursed her lips and gave a tiny shiver as she began. I had my back to the shower jet, feeling it blast down my back, distinctly different from what she was doing. Her warm pee splashed and inundated my dick, trickling between and down both our thighs. She began giggling at the sensation and I was doing my best not to laugh at how absurd we were.

She finally finished and sighed. “Well, don’t know if that helped me go, per se, but it was certainly different and fun to do.”

“I wouldn’t know yet, would I?” I teased, giving her a leering grin and then reaching to hold her in place. Her eyes went wide and she squealed, struggling to get away from me. The water made her difficult to hold on to, but I finally managed to wrestle her to her knees, facing away from me, her hands scrabbling at the back lip of the large tub. As she writhed to get away, I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy and began peeing. She shuddered and froze for a moment as she realized what I was doing and then moaned.

Feeling the stream splattering between us at such short range, cock to pussy, was thrilling in a way I couldn’t readily describe. Alexa groaned and reached under herself, using two fingers to pull her labia wide and expose her inner pink. I pushed my cockhead against the pink as I peed, even managing to force it slightly inside, despite being soft. Alexa shivered and sucked in her breath, almost whimpering.

I aimed the stream directly on her clit and she keened as I battered it. Just before I finished, I dragged my cock across her magnificent ass, baptizing it as well. By the time I’d finished, Alexa was leaning heavily against the back lip of the tub, panting. She slid slowly to the floor of the tub, lying on her stomach and just sighing. I laid down on top of her, nuzzling and kissing her neck.

“Mmmmm, add another perversion to our list of incestuous little activities…” she hummed, clearly pleased with what had transpired.

“First time I’ve ever done anything like that,” I mused, still lying on her. “How about you?”

“First time with a guy,” she sighed, gently squirming beneath me. “Had a girlfriend I’d go pussy-to-pussy with and do it. Was a real turn-on with her. And it is here, too. Everything we do together turns me on.”

I slowly turned her over and we kissed and made out while lying on the shower floor, the water cascading down on us. Finally, we stood and resumed showering, lathering and cleaning one another off, Alexa giggling as she squirmed her body to mine, like she was my own human loofah.

“Do you know what a nuru massage is, Alex?” she asked, looking up into my eyes.

I nodded and smiled evilly. “I have about ten movies on my hard drive and about twenty websites bookmarked.

“‘Then you’re in luck,” she purred, holding me close and massaging me with her breasts. “Because I love giving those massages and have for quite a few years. I know where to order the gel online if we can’t find any locally and all we need are towels, a big wooden bowl and an inflatable mattress.”

“Sounds like Heaven,” I sighed, picturing Alexa slithering her slippery body all over me to make us cum. “I know some shops we can look around in.

We finished showering somehow and got out, drying one another off. I sat and waited on Alexa’s bed and watched her while she chose an outfit for the day. She put various top in front of herself, displaying them and asking my opinion. I decided on a v-neck shirt, as long as she promised to wear a push-up bra along with it. We then found her another set up curvy jeans and some panties to match.

“Keep in mind you have to desecrate these for me later,” she purred as she slipped on the panties. I want to feel your cum against me all day.”

We went down to the basement and she chose my outfit for me, something she seemed to take pleasure in doing, not to mention I enjoyed watchng her do. She dressed me, as she had before, and we went upstairs, hand-in-hand. We got into my car and she was alreadt taking video and pictures on her phone, iterating what we had in mind for the day. I enjoyed listening to the matter-of-fact sort of way she used to describe our lovemaking plans.

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