Alice in Chains Ch. 02

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Alice immediately woke with a start in her bed. She could still vividly feel both the pain and the pleasure mingling in her, as well as the sensation of his violent release. She examined her bed and its surroundings to ensure that everything was how she had left it before retiring. Once she was sure her time in the new Wonderland had altered nothing in the physical world, she laid back on her bed, and allowed her mind to revisit her time with Lust. She was unsure of how to feel about it all; was it a dream or a nightmare? Was she happy or mad? The very thoughts left her feeling as if she were standing on a ledge overlooking an enormous abyss.

She knew she had enjoyed her experiences with Lust. She had no regrets of indulgence, yet she still felt as if he had somehow betrayed her trust. He had taken advantage of her, yet she would gladly do it again to feel that incredible sensation again. It was like all the feelings she had been holding back were released all at once, and she knew she had to experience it again.

As Alice sat lost in recollection, she hadn’t noticed her hand was subconsciously drifting toward her pussy, until it touched and she felt how wet she had gotten. She pondered if she could possibly make herself feel as good as Lust had, and began rubbing herself slowly. She felt her muscles get tense at first, and then start to relax. She had just began to really begin enjoying herself when she heard a knock on the door.

The sudden noise startled Alice, and she shot upright, burying both hands in her lap before answering with a meek, “Yes?”

“Young Madame,” the butler began, “I’m glad you’re awake today, I was afraid I would have to wake you as usual. I have your clothes prepared for the day whenever you’re ready to change.” With that he laid a plain looking blue dress with white lace frills on the foot of the bed and took his leave.

Alice faced the day as usual, eating a small portion of breakfast, attending one lesson or the other over a drab and boring subject, and keeping the young noblemen trying to court her at an arms length. She had no interest in these bland, tasteless activities. She longed for action and adventure with her friends. To speak in riddles with the Cheshire Cat, to have tea with the Hatter, and chase the White Rabbit to wherever his next appointment is, but she couldn’t help but wonder if she would see them, or if Lust would be waiting for her alone this time. She had been idly wandering around throughout the day while contemplating this. She finally decided around sunset that Lust would probably the one waiting for her, and she decided that would be just fine. As unladylike as his lessons may be, he had a great deal to teach her, and she was eager to learn.

That night, she had ate so little at dinner that she had nearly skipped the meal. It was in the large bath, where she had finally tried to inspect her body’s reflection for any sign of Lust from the night before. She could almost feel the numbness left behind from the absent marks on her neck, and her wrists looked as Kartal Sınırsız Escort they had never been in contact with a chain, let alone constricted and contorted by a magical one. After she had cleaned and refreshed herself thoroughly from a relaxing soak, she readied herself for bed.

The moonlight danced around gently in her chambers as she entered, as if it was timidly enticing her for a game of tag, as the rolling cloud cover would allow it to playfully peek out for a moment, and thoroughly erase its very existence the next. She thought she was alone at first as she donned her rose tinted silk nightgown, until a warm hand was placed on her shoulder. She felt as if she had jumped out of her skin, as she took a quick step and turn to face her unknown guest. She was shocked to see Lust, standing handsomely in the radiance of the moon before her. His pale skin seemed to embody the very ribbons of moonlight that fluttered through her window. She was so captivated she had forgotten to breathe, until Lust gave a warm greeting.

“Tis a fair night wouldn’t you agree, dear Alice?” That melodic voice seemed to return the life to her petrified body.

“Y-yes, I do agree Lust!” she stammered out, almost yelling at him. He gave a soft, quaint chuckle, and stepped closer until his hands were resting on her shoulders. His skin had no trace of the coldness it had previously embodied. In fact, Alice found it to be exceptionally warm and inviting now.

“Were you expecting someone else?” His voice brought back the life, once again, to her distant eyes.

“No. No one but you.” redness spread across her small face under his dark gaze. Eventually he dropped his disheartened gaze, and his eyes took on a spark she had never seen before; perhaps it was excitement, or adventure.

“Shall we begin then?” his smile was warm and soft, and it just made Alice melt even more.

“Wait, how are you here Lust?” she stopped him with the question just short of the edge of the bed. “If you’re here, then does it mean the things we did were real?”

“No, my love.” He looked at her with a pang of sadness. “No they were not, this is Worderland.”

“But this is my room,” she began, but was cut off when Lust raised his hand.

“This IS Worderland, my sweet, I assure you that. You were carried to your bed by a maid who found you asleep in the bath. This is just another dream of yours.” Alice felt the fear slip away again, and she was once again left facing Lust in another beautiful figment of her imagination. “Now, shall we begin?” Alice looked back at his pale, calm face and felt a surge of happiness. She didn’t care whether this was real or a dream, she was here with Lust, and it was real to her.

Lust led her to the bed, and undressed her in a much more sensual manner than the night before. As he pulled the fabric that covered her left shoulder down her arm, he made a small trail of kisses along behind it, repeating the process on the right side as well. She felt goose bumps and anticipation build Kartal Suriyeli Escort just under the surface of her skin with each small kiss. Once she stood before him in only her panties, he locked eye contact with her sensing she was nervous. “it will be alright,” he assured her.

“You must not look!” she insisted, so he kept eye contact with her as he slowly removed them. Her delicate complexion was absolutely brilliant in the bright light of the night, and Lust didn’t miss the opportunity to compliment her.

She offered to undress Lust to return the favor, but she really just wanted a chance to explore his body better. The vest was gone relatively quick, and the his shirt. She unbuttoned each button slowly, making mental notes of each scar and mark she found beneath. He had sever faint scratches, as well as a notable ‘X’ shaped scar on his left side, right below his upper set of ribs. Once his shirt was unbuttoned and loosened from his pants, she ran her palms along the contours of his arms while pushing the sleeves off. She never knew how muscular he really was, feeling every dip and divot as she pushed her hands along his biceps and forearm. It almost felt as if he had goose bumps his self, but if he was nervous below that smooth exterior he wasn’t showing in the slightest. Once the shirt was gone, she moved to his pants. She runs her hands down his firm abs, allowing them to sink and rise with each contour, until she gets to the belt. She fiddles with it, and holds it for a second after unfastening it in anticipation. She knew how big he was, but she still felt she had to prepare herself.

Despite her preparation, she still couldn’t help the little “Wow!” that escaped upon sight of his massive member. He gave a quick smirk in reply, kicked off his boots, and stepped out of his pants. “Can I touch it?” Alice asked timidly, but with no reserve. Just like the night before, the sheer sight of it had made her body burn hotter than she ever thought possible. He gave a small nod, and she extended her arm towards it. Once her middle finger touched the tip, his pelvic muscle contracted in response, and she jerked her hand back. Once he assured her it was okay, she once again reached out and gently touched the tip. The skin was much smoother than she anticipated on the head, and it astonished her how bit the veins were on its sides. She gently wrapped one hand around it, and gave it a soft tug, with which she was answered by another kegel. Once she had a feel for the smoothness of the skin, and the contours of the veins, she began to slowly stroke it. Lust tilted his head back slightly, and closed his eyes in response. She began to stroke it faster, and decided to suck on it again, but this time of her own volition.

She moved her face closer, until she could detect its own distinct odor with her nose. She found the smell odd, but strangely compelling. She stretched out her tongue, and made a small circle around the tip. Lust gave a small groan in response, and Alice decided to take it as a “go ahead”. Kartal İranlı Escort She used her tongue to lick up and down the shaft, and around the head thoroughly before taking the head and a bit of the shaft in her mouth. Lust gave a stifled moan, and Alice decided to take it as a challenge. She began to slowly move her head back and forth down the shaft, using her tongue to caress and work the sides in her mouth. She would occasionally stop and suck on the head, moving her tongue wildly around it, and then continuing her previous routine. By this point, Lust had on hand resting on the top of her head, and was using the other to lean against the bed into her. She kept working her special type of seductive magic, occasionally picking up speed, or stopping to kiss and lick along the shaft, until he gave a loud groan and ejaculated heavily into her mouth. She was about to spit it all on the dark marble tiled floor, but decided to taste it instead. Alice swished it around in her mouth a bit before swallowing. It had a very salty taste, slightly sweet, with a bit of an acidic taste that lingered around the back of her mouth. She didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t something she’d be fond of drinking again.

Lust moved them up to the bed now. He took the hanging edges of the sheer used for the canopy on her bed, and tied her up. He had her slightly suspended off the bed, with fabric running above and below her breasts, and on either side of her groin along the thigh. He finished by tying both of her hands together behind her back to make a handle to grab. “At least it’s not cold chains this time,” she laughed, and he replied with “I felt chains would ruin the mood.”

He moved around behind her, and positioned his self at her entrance. He thrust inside her, and momentum took over immediately, moving her away from him, down his rod. Alice let out a loud moan immediately, and bit her lip trying to be quiet, forgetting she was in a dream. Lust grabbed the handle he had made from fabric and her arms, and pulled her back towards him as he thrust in deep again. He noticed the muffled and restrained groans coming from her with each little movement, and reminded her that they were alone. “Its’s a dream, my love. Feel free to give yourself over to the satisfaction as much as your heart desires.” Almost immediately she replied with an “OH MY GOD!” at the top of her lungs, followed by a series of enjoyed squeals and moans as he continued his rhythmic ‘pound and pull’ cycle.

Lust tried to push in deeper every so often with a stronger thrust than the others, which was received well by Alice with a squeal of absolute delight, or an “OH FUCK!” ranging in different harmonies. Lust seemed to know just how to pace himself, always getting his self just to the verge of a climax, and letting it escape, while Alice had to yield to multiple orgasms over the course of what seemed to be hours, until lust finally grabbed a hold of both sides of her hips, and started pounding into her relentlessly. Finally, he shoves in, and as she slides off he covers her back, restraints, and even parts of the bed with a flood of semen. Alice had never felt so good in her entire life. She knew she would never forget the feeling of having multiple orgasms for as long as she lived, and she decided that in her dreams, she would live to reach this nirvana night after night.

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