Alice’s Wonderland: On Display

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I still couldn’t believe it. I had gone out to buy a chastity cage with the thought of very gradually building up my caged time. And not only did I let myself get tricked into putting on a cage that is too small to be comfortable, but I also ended up completely keyless! I barely managed to sleep at all that night. The cage kept feeling so constricting that the slightest movement felt uncomfortable and it either kept me from falling asleep, or it would wake me back up if I moved in my sleep. If I ever wanted to get my chastity keys, I had no choice but to go back to Alice and abide by her ‘training’…

It was a few minutes before 10 AM. I was standing outside of Wonderland, the sex store Alice worked at. The name would’ve made it seem like it was a generic toy store, which is probably why the ‘Wo’ in Wonderland was designed to look like one open and one closed handcuff linked together. The storefront didn’t help either, as the window display was filled with, what looked like, life-sized dolls. They were sex dolls specifically designed to look realistically like humans, apart from their outfits. Their outfits consisted of a variety of fetish styles. There was age play with diapers, your typical scantily clad sexy schoolgirl, some leather/biker outfit, and a minimalistic lingerie outfit. All dolls were contained in huge doll boxes. The boxes described how all limbs were movable, meaning you could dress up the dolls in any style you’d like, as long as you had the outfit.

Alice was already inside the store. She had arrived early to make sure the store was ready to receive customers before it was time to open the doors. 10 AM hit. Church bells rang in the distance to announce the time. Alice appeared from the back of the store to unlock the doors and flip on the lights of the ‘open’ sign. With a brief look, she scouted to see if I was already there. I was standing some distance away, but Alice certainly noticed. With a gentle smile, she tugged on her necklace, revealing a single key that was formerly tucked underneath her shirt. Alice made sure I took note of the key before letting it fall and rest on top of her clothes, before walking to her cashier’s desk, calmly waiting for me to walk in.

I took a deep breath. This is it, I thought. I wonder what she has in store for me today. Remembering all too well what she did to me yesterday, I already knew it was likely going to be a lot more fun for her than for me. I mustered up the courage and entered the store.

“There you are,” Alice said, without even looking up at me, she sensed my unease. “No need to be afraid,” she said, reassuringly. “The first part of your training is actually just a hygienic routine thing. It’s not something guys usually do, but it is something I want you to do regularly from now on….”

“Oh?” I replied, attempting to bait out the answer to a question I couldn’t answer.

“Shaving your body hair, you dummy!” Alice replied. “I told you, I don’t like guys. So I’m going to turn you into a girl for me. At least… As close to one as you could possibly get.”

I tried to reply, “But what about my girl-“

“Oh Bostancı Escort shush! Your girlfriend will love it too. It’s called hygienic maintenance for a reason!” Alice interjected. “Removing all that yucky hair is going to make you more attractive and desirable. Trust me.”

“Alright… But, I didn’t know I was supposed to bring a shaving razor with me. Do I need to go and buy one?” I asked.

“A SHAVING RAZOR?!” Alice questioned angrily. “You’ll end up with razor burns everywhere! That won’t do. No, what you’re going to do is simply sit down in the employees’ room, while I wax that yucky hair right off. I will only do it once, though, so pay attention! From now on, once a week, you’ll be expected to do this yourself, before I train you.” Alice pointed me towards a black door at the back of the store and went to lock the store back up to prevent unannounced customers from entering, before escorting me through the black door into the employees’ room.

As she sat me down, Alice quickly deduced from the look on my face that I was not motivated to start waxing my hair every week. “Failure to follow this simple maintenance rule will result in the disposal of one chastity key,” Alice said, threateningly. “And I won’t just throw them in the thrash. I will melt them, break them, flush them, or worse…”

I was scared. ‘Or worse’? How much worse could it even get? I did not want to find out. Suddenly I was very motivated to keep up with my new maintenance rule.

Alice, the sadist she was, deeply enjoyed my squeals of pain as she ripped each strip of wax off my skin. Strip after strip, often reapplying the wax on areas that had already been gone over before. “I still see some hairs,” Alice would say, as she’d reapply the wax, much to my dismay.

When Alice finally finished waxing my body, she ordered me to feel myself up. “See how smooth your legs are? Isn’t that so much better?” Alice asked rhetorically. “Just wait until we put those smooth legs in some stockings! You’ll be hooked!”

And I had to agree… my legs did feel very soft and smooth. It was a strange feeling to feel such smooth and feminine legs, knowing they were my own. The feeling was completely foreign to me. It felt strange… but in a good way. Maybe having to take better care of my skin and putting some effort into having a hairless body wasn’t that bad after all.

“I knew you’d get to see things my way eventually,” Alice said. “I’m not completely evil… just mostly!” She followed up with a wink.

“Okay, so… is that all for today? Could you please unlock my cage now?” I pled to no avail.

“Oh, you thought we were done? Haha!” Alice exclaimed, laughing. “Far from it, sweetie. This was just the necessary preparation for your real training!”

‘Real training’? I gulped audibly. That couldn’t be good…

“First, I’ll put some nice and girly makeup on you. Make you look all sweet and innocent… like a schoolgirl!” Alice said excitedly. Her eyes sparkled as she mentioned ‘schoolgirl’. She was feeling either very excited or very deviant. Presumably both. “After Ümraniye Escort that, we’ll take out that schoolgirl doll from behind the front window, and then we’ll dress you up accordingly… I bet you would look very sexy in a short schoolgirl skirt,” Alice added.

A short pause took place as Alice came to a realization. She giggled and a smirk appeared on her face.

“I wonder if your cute small little cage would poke out underneath it…” She teased. “I guess we’ll play it safe for your first time and get you some cute yet naughty panties to wear underneath that skirt, huh?” Alice couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Are you really going to make me replace a doll at the front window of the store for everybody to see?” I whimpered.

“Isn’t that what I have just been saying? Jeez! Where’s your head at?” Alice replied. “Actually… dolls don’t think, so that only proves you’re a great replacement,” Alice followed up with, nodding in approval of her joke.

Alice spent nearly a full hour making me look just like the other dolls. Makeup, clothing, wigs… no expenses were spared. Then again, she practically ran the store. So she could do as she pleased.

“What am I supposed to learn from this training anyway?” I complained.

“You will learn not to complain and simply do as I say without question,” Alice snarled. “And given how you haven’t learned that lesson yet, I’ll have to set an example.” Alice walked up to me and pushed me into the box that was previously occupied by the schoolgirl doll. Alice was surprisingly strong as she moved me with ease.

As she pressed me against the back wall of the box, Alice punctured the back wall with multiple big zip ties, looped them around my arms and legs before puncturing the wall again and locking and tightening the ties from the back of the box, leaving just enough wiggle room to adjust myself slightly if I felt discomfort. After finishing off the last zip tie, Alice brought in a hand pallet truck, with which she lifted the box and rolled it in front of a big mirror.

I somewhat expected Alice to make a teasing remark about my predicament, but to my surprise, she remained quiet. Simply letting the lack of speech fill in the words for her. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I saw the box surrounding me. The zip ties, the blonde wig on my head, my dollified face, the white blouse with its filled-up push-up bra inside, the tartan microskirt, the white laced panties Alice made me wear, the thinness of which making the panties nearly transparent, thus barely hiding my cage at all… and to top it all off, fishnet stockings and black Mary Jane platform pumps… I looked exactly like a pervert’s rendition of a schoolgirl porn star! Even if I tried, I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. I was nothing more than a doll now.

After admiring her work through the mirror for some time, Alice turned back to me and said, “It’s nearly noon now. Thankfully, nobody has called yet to complain about the store still being closed, but now it’s really time to open up the doors. I have some online orders to catch Kartal Escort up on, so you’re going up on display, and then I’ll take you back down after closing time. If you’re a convincingly good doll and nobody catches on, I’ll give you a special treat when you’re done.” Alice snickered.

I should have known that this was far from over. However, my thoughts were more focused on the implied treat, instead of on the ‘if nobody catches on’. Would she finally let me out of my cage? Could that be my chance to just bolt out and leave it all behind? Whatever the treat was, I had already come this far… If there was a reward involved, I deserved to get it. So I decided to do my best to just play along for now.

As Alice resumed moving the doll box to the front window, she suddenly stopped. “Oh! Stupid me!” She cursed to herself. “I wasted all that time doing your makeup!” She sighed.

“How so?” I asked, puzzled.

“Hello? Earth to doll! You may look like a doll, but you still blink like a human! And I bet you’d blush and make facial expressions too. It would freak everyone out. No. We can’t have that… well, at least you got to feel like a doll with that makeup on, but now it’s time to become a real doll!” Alice said. She walked off. Being tied up, I couldn’t see where she went. But it didn’t take too long for her to return.

Alice returned with a mask closely resembling my dollified face. “Here. I’ll put this over your face, so you can blush all you want. Nobody will notice if you move your mouth or whatever else you can’t control your face doing,” she explained. “This mask has one-way mirrors as eyes. You can look out, but nobody can see your eyes moving and looking back at them. Breathing holes are in the back of the mask, to not ruin the illusion by having breathing holes in the nose of a doll. The mask is rigid, so don’t worry about inhaling the mask either when you breathe. It won’t budge. It’s a good thing you are at least able to control your breathing reasonably well, otherwise, we’d have to find a way to hide that too!”

Alice finished moving me up to the front window. Placing the box down and moving the hand pallet truck away again. When she came back, she unlocked the doors of the store again, opening the store to the public. “Have fun, dolly! And remember to behave!” Alice mischievously said.

I thought she was going to leave me alone now, but her teasing was far from over. As Alice promptly returned with a sign. “Limited time! Discount! 50% off! Ask our staff for more information,” the sign read. Alice made sure I read it before sticking the sign to the plastic panel of my doll box.

“Don’t worry, dolly. That is just to drive up the interest in you. I wouldn’t actually sell you off…” Alice said, smiling mischievously. The reassurance dimmed quickly as she added, “You haven’t had the proper training for that part yet!”

My mask hid my embarrassed face, my chastity cage denied my dick from getting erect… And instead, I was surprised by a different response. I started leaking from my cage… Not much, but enough for Alice to notice.

“Oh. You like that idea?” She responded. “I’ll make sure to turn that fantasy into a reality sometime then.” Alice laughed, like a villain who had trapped the hero. Except in my case, there was no heroic escape. I was helplessly trapped until Alice would decide to release me…

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