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Big Dicks

Scientists have found that the pleasurable experience of listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain important for more tangible pleasures associated with food, drugs, and sex. The new study also reveals that even the anticipation of pleasurable music induces dopamine release. The same is the case with food, drug, and sex cues. The study is from The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.

I hope you enjoy reading todays story as much as I enjoyed writing it/living it. My life is not perfect and neither is my story, dirty, unashamed, unedited, baring blemishes and all, bare naked before the world. This is not a legal brief constructed so every word is perfect, every common in the right place, edited ten times. My tumbling out style of writing comes from deep emotions, a longing, sexual desire, fun, playful erotica. My stories come spilling out of me full of lust, raw energy, with no filter, a friend confessing to you. I’m not looking for perfection in my writing and you will not find it here.

Lost Opportunity, my pen name, refers to all those times I missed the signals, failed to take the leap, didn’t recognize or understand what others were feeling/wanting, just didn’t go far enough from my own hang ups and fears. I’ve learned in my thirty years to say yes, to take a chance, make a move, have no regrets, take chances, even if I fail or are rebuffed, even those that don’t work out or even when they hurt how do I know if I don’t try? Life is short enjoy the ride. I’m Cheryle “Cheri” a Irish Catholic thirty year old bi-sexual woman, 5’2″ 107lbs., with blue eyes and long red hair-💋

Laying on the sofa facing each other legs intertwined in perfect delight. Strumming these old acoustic guitars, her beautiful feet rubbing my bare smooth legs her cute toes painted pink my sexual juices flowing. The other half of me Alisa knows were I’m going she always follows my lead hitting all the right notes in perfect harmony. Starring at Alisa’s beautiful twenty-nine year old body, her breast, the hard nipples poking at her T-shirt, her smooth waxed legs, her small feet and cute hot pink toes. I watch her moan as our feet caress each others legs, a wetness growing in my black lace panties, that can not be denied.

I love performing on stage, a bedroom, the green room or on this old sofa with Alisa a kindred spirit indeed. Legs still intertwined, dressed in just out panties and T-shirts, hitting all the right cords in unison singing our song in a perfect melody of sound. This is not a new thought, people have used music to enhance sex for centuries, the Greeks & Romans had musicians playing during their wild orgies. By definition, Auralism means that you are aroused by sound, how this looks, though, can vary from person to person. People that are specifically aroused by sounds Otele Gelen Escort are practicing mindful sexuality without even realizing it. Auralism is defined as sexual arousal or excitement caused by sound, this sound might be music, voices, or the natural sounds of sex.

Taking a break I put my guitar in it’s stand and got up to retrieve us some more beers. Returning I handed her a beer and to she set her guitar in it’s stand. Climbing in next to her, snuggling close together, so warm, legs intertwined, I could lay here all night, lost in this magical moment.

Kissing her soft lips while holding her beautiful face in my hands our long tongues playing an erotic game. Alisa’s tongue stud feels amazing has I squeeze and caress her wonderful breast. I hit the remote and Jackson Browne’s “Stay” fills our hears mixing with Alisa’s moans in a moving way.

Her hand pushing my panties down I raise my hips to help them on their way. Alisa fingers playing with my soft wetness lights twinkling from the Chicago skyline through my tenth floor apartment window. Our naked bodies moving together in unison playing each other like instruments. Writhing in pleasure and sexual desire fingers deep inside each other.

Swinging around, to Alisa’s beautiful warm wet pussy, straddling her sweet beautiful face, lowering, feeling her long tongue and silver stud take it’s first licks, her nose in my small red bush, sweet sixty-nine. Her scent is intoxicating filling my nostrils, tasting her wet cunt, pussy juices covering my face, grinding into Alisa’s sweet mouth. Feeling her hands grab my ass cheeks, this sofa is our love stage, so good together, making music or making love. Muffled moans filling my ears, raising her hips to meet my long tongue, we are the stars of the show called to the spotlight again.

Grinding into her face, humping Alisa’s mouth, sucking on her tiny clit. The sounds and smells of sex mixing with the music playing in the background. This is the practice of Auralism at it’s best music tells the story of our lives. The movie of my life would suck but the soundtrack would kick ass.

Crowd going wild as we play out the last song, dragging it out, hitting the finer notes, striking the cord, in perfect harmony. I love the artist she is and the artist she helps me be, come with me Alisa for the big climax a grand crescendo of sound and fury. Shattering orgasms crashing over us, faces dripping wet, cries and screams in sexual delight, a wall of sound, bodies shaking, toes curling, pure pleasure, I love performing with Alisa. She is a kindred spirit, a fellow performer, a lover, a friend, we always make beautiful music together.

Music is my aphrodisiac, it all comes down to the perception of pleasure, stimulating chemicals in the Balgat Escort brain the biggest sex organ. For example, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack ranked as the best bet for getting people in the mood. But it’s not necessarily because the songs are particularly sexy, but rather they represent the promise of dirty dancing. The mere recall of a sensual scene associated with a song, a first kiss, first dance, or the mental images that lyrics may conjure. not so subtle in the case of Marvin Gaye “Lets Get It On”, is enough to spark arousal.

Other songs that consistently ranked as the ultimate sensual mood music included Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Je T’aime,’ Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ and Berlin’s ‘Take My Breath Away.’ Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ and Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’. But in the end it comes down to what moves, excites, you, gets your sexual motor running. So play a tune and drop your panties and let the fun begin.

I stripped for Alisa with a slow sexy dance to Bob Dylan’s ‘tangled up in blue’ and laid on the king size bed, Alisa starring at my naked body my sex exposed with lust in her eyes. Just enough light to set the mood, a intimate, romantic setting, sharing. My hands finding my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing and massaging them. Bringing one of my small breast to my mouth I tease with it with my long tongue flicking it over my hard nipple. Taking my time letting her enjoy the show as,my hand slides down slowly over my flat stomach through my soft red pubes to my waiting wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my wet pussy lips. Inserting one, then two fingers, inside me slowly, moving, in then out, my wetness growing. My other hand following the same path to find my tiny clit rubbing it gently in circles the whole time Alisa watching the scene playing out. My juices flowing making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out. I am skilled at the art of fucking myself through years and years of practice.

Tingling all over, legs spread and bent up, knees bent, what a great view she has of my sexy body and my wet cunt. My juices trickling down my ass crack sending shivers up my little spine. I could do this for hours bringing myself to the brink, pulling back, teasing Alisa with the show. I loved bringing my fingers to my mouth tasting myself while performing for her driving her crazy with desire.

Moaning, rising off the bed to meet my fingers plunging deep inside me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, my scent filling the room. Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of my ass to my brown flower rubbing my juices on my tight little asshole. Probing the entrance, with my black princess butt plug, gently, poking it inside Büyükesat Escort my tight little asshole. Opening, stretching my tight ass swallows the butt plug sheer sensations and pleasure encompassing me.

The sounds coming out of my mouth surprising me. Something primal taking over, losing all rational control, I submit to Alisa’s voyeuristic desires. The idea of submitting giving my self completely over, serving only to her desire, performing at her pleasure as she rubs her delicious wet cunt.

“You dirty red headed slut!” Her voice full of lust and sexual desire.

“I’m yours!” I squeal in delight, “take me, make me cum for you, watch me perform!”

My fingers wet & clean I glide my hand down over my body lingering on my breast, pinching my nipple, fingers wet from my mouth, butt plug in my ass. Lower over my flat stomach stopping briefly in my soft red pubes. So soft between my fingers I love my cute little red bush. Touching my my pussy lips gently, rubbing, enjoying the feel, performing for my lover Alisa. Plunging my fingers in hard, deep, thrusting finger banging my self like a mad woman.

Alisa squeezing her large breast desire and lust in her eyes, raising my legs, cute little toes pointing at the ceiling, tingling all over, Alisa walks closer her beautiful body above my eyes, a beautiful view of her lovely wet cunt.

“Ready to cum for you, baby!” I shout, in between my moans and squeals.

“Please watch your little slut as a shattering orgasm shakes my body, my cute little toes curl, screams and moans escaping my lips,” begging, pleading, all rational call is gone. So close, can’t wait any longer, I need it. I am so wet, fingers diving deep, driving me to the brink, ass is so full, all my control is gone.

“I’m yours, Alisa please, please, please!” Whimpering for permission, “let me have my orgasm I want to cum for you, I need it, I’m your dirty little slut, performing, ready to explode!” I scream.

“Oh my GOD!” I yell in uncontrollable Pleasure.

Kissing me sweetly, then passionately, her tongue dancing in my mouth. Our beautiful naked bodies coming together, hands, fingers, legs, feet rubbing each other. Pussies grinding together bringing the usual sexual arousal.

Intertwining in perfect delight, scissoring, legs divided a pleasurable intersection. Our wet clits colliding, rubbing, moaning, ecstasy with a purpose. The art of two women making love so beautifully inclined.

Sweet nectar flowing, fingers inside wet pussies, what an entertaining passion, a tasteful elixir. Two women on fire, the redhead and the blonde, split like scissors. Humping frantically, squeals, screams and moans, feelings building, tingling with pleasure.

Sucking her sweet toes into my mouth, sensory overload, a beautiful moment making wild passionate love with my gorgeous wife. Clits colliding, rubbing, humping, faces distorted in magnificent pleasure.

Speed increasing here comes our orgasmic delight. A great way to end a day in with my beautiful lover Alisa. Panting like wild animals, bodies grinding and shaking, squirting her juices, what a wet mess, a beautiful orgasm for two, a crescendo of sound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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