All for Science Pt. 02

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

A mature scientist continues using me in her science experiments.


Professor Allenton and I stayed in touch and planned to get together the following Thursday. On Wednesday, she texted:

“I have another experiment in mind. Tomorrow evening?”

“Oh hell yes,” I replied.

“c u then.”

When I arrived, he kissed and held each other for a while. As we cleaned up after dinner, I asked her about the experiment for the evening. “Mmmm, I’ll tell you when I have tied up and at my mercy.”

“Oh,” I said in a shaky voice, my dick already swelling.

Before long, my hands were tied to the top of the reconfigured rack, and my ankles were tied at the bottom with my legs spread shoulder width apart. Professor Allenton began touching herself through her day job professor clothes, a tight-fitting, gray skirt that stopped above her knees, sheer black stockings, and topped off with a pristine white button down blouse. That blouse was unbuttoned far enough to reveal some cleavage. She stood with her weight on one leg, which pushed out a hip at a delicious angle, and undressed. As she unzipped and unbuttoned things, she rubbed her thighs, her ass, and her breasts. By the time her nipples had hardened, Professor Allenton’s blouse and skirt had fallen to the floor, revealing hot pink lingerie.

For a minute, it seemed like we were repeating the first experiment. But no. She smiled at me and walked over, heels clicking across the floor, placing her hands on my shoulders. My stiff cock rested against her abdomen and, feeling it, she gyrated on it, making me moan, “Ooooh, Oh!”

“Mmmm, now last time, your ejaculate almost reached the bed. So I know you can shoot it a long way. Tonight, I want to see how much volume we can get. And, my sweet young man, I want you to churn as much cream as you can. And to do that, I’m going to…well, let me show you.”

Professor Allenton looked me in the eye and grabbed my cock and squeezed it with one hand, while she unhooked her bra with the other, but didn’t remove it. She stuck her fingers into her mouth, soaked them up, then reached forward and gently held the tip of my cock between her thumb and forefinger, then very lightly began massaging it. “Ooooohfff, Mmmm, Oh!, Ah!, FFFuuu, Uh!, mmmm.” As simple as that was, it wasn’t something I had felt before. It felt great, and made me yearn for umore.

Stepping back, she took her bra off and playfully hung it on my cock, where it dangled for a moment before she bent forward and grabbed it away with her teeth. Professor Allenton then pinched my tip and gently played again. “Oooooh, ooh, mmmm.”

The professor then clicked across the floor to the table. “This experiment,” she began, “is to measure if continuous stimulation of the male sex organ without resolution, in a sensory deprived state, affects the volume of ejaculate.”


“Does teasing and edging lead to bigger cum loads.”

“Oh. Ooooh.”

“And you’re going to cum. You’re going to cum hard. I’ll see to that.”


At the table, she brought out a graduated test tube with metric hash marks and a strip of black cloth. “What I mean by sensory deprived, in addition to being tied up, you’ll also be blindfolded and wear headphones.”


Professor Allenton placed the blindfold so that I couldn’t see a thing. “Now for the headphones. I’ll control what you hear during the experiment, which will be part of the stimulation.”

“Oooh, alright,” I said, but with the headphones cutting the sound, I only heard my own words through my cheekbones. Only then did it dawn on me that I had voluntarily allowed myself to become blind and almanbahis adresi deaf, strapped down to a rack, and naked. There was only one thought in my head: that I’d only have myself to blame if it took twenty years for me to taste freedom again.

The thought didn’t last long. I heard a woman’s voice through the headphones, saying something about “being ready.”

“Did you hear that?” came the professor’s muffled voice.

“Yes,” came the vibrations through my skull.

“Good. You’ll hear that and much more.”

Seconds ticked by while I heard and saw nothing. Then, I felt Professor Allenton touching me, running her fingers up my thighs, down my abdomen, over my ass, and up my sides. Around and around she went, gently teasing me.

“Mmmm,” came the woman’s sultry voice through the headphones.

“Mmmm,” came my own muffled moan. Your teasing is going to make me crazy.”

“Oh that’s going to drive me nuts,” came the woman’s voice, making me jump.

Professor Allenton said nothing. But she changed the pattern of her touching and each time she ran her fingers across my body, it was in the direction of my penis. Realizing she was deliberately focussing my attention on my cock, my breathing rate increased and I could hear my muffled moaning. “Oh, MmmmmOooooh.”

“Ooooohhh,” the woman in my ear said.

I felt some fabric pass over my shoulders and then my face. A second passed, then it happened again. I could tell Professor Allenton had teased me with her panties, and just as I realized this, I felt her breasts against my chest as she kissed me and gently bit my lip. Another second passed, and I felt a finger stroke the underside of my hard cock. It was such a surprise, that I sucked in my breath and moaned as a tremble shot through my body. “Ooooo, oooooh, oh.”

As I moaned, I heard the woman in my other ear begin to moan, “Oh, oooooh, that feels soooo good. mmmm.”

Which was exactly what I was thinking. I realized that I was hearing the recording of a woman being given the same treatment I was now getting. So of course she would speak and moan like I would. And she was rising at about the same pace I was.

“Oh, I get it…ooooh,” I moaned, just as I heard a muffled giggle from Professor Allenton. “Mmmm,” I moaned again as again a finger ran up the bottom of my cock, then ran it up my ribs. Then I heard the faint clicks of the professor’s heels as she walked around behind me and began squeezing my ass and running fingers up my thighs. I sucked in my breath, “iisshhhhhhh, mmmmm,” and giggled at being tickled. The tickling didn’t last long; I felt Professor Allenton’s hard nipples against my back and felt her warm abdomen and legs against mine. I felt her lips kiss my shoulder blades. And then, she reached around to stroke her finger on my cock. “oooo, oh, oh. Oooommmmm.”

“Oh,” the woman in the headphones moaned. “Oooooh, yessss. Don’t stop.”

Which is exactly what I wanted to say.

The professor pressed her body into mine, I could feel her breasts roam across my back, her knees against my legs, and her hot breath on my shoulders just before she kissed me. My breathing deepened and I strained against my bonds. I heard the woman in the headphones breathing too, and the rattling noises I heard in the background I now understood to be her restraints. Professor Allenton then cupped my balls with one hand, and stroked my cock with her finger.

“Oooh, oooooh.”

That’s all there was, breathing and moans in my ear and teasing and edging touches on my body. That and an overwhelming yearning for an end to the teasing. I wished I could thrust my cock into something warm and wet, like a vagina or a mouth, but couldn’t.

The woman in the headphones moaned with the same desperation I felt. I imagined her thrusting her wet pussy almanbahis adres toward fingers or a cock or a tongue that wasn’t there and struggling against her restraints. I heard her with each moan beg for resolution, penetration, pumping, and orgasmic release.

Both of us were increasingly desperate to be free of the rack, to tangle ourselves together, to writhe together, to pump and grind and to cry out as our bodies spasmed. All of it to no avail. We were both imprisoned in our respective racks, doomed to the torture a mad scientist was inflicting upon us.

Professor Allenton moved around to my front and began rubbing her body against mine. While she squished her taught nipples and warm breasts into my chest, she kissed my collar bones and rubbed her belly against my cock. “Mm, ooooh,” I whimpered. It was so damn warm and soft and sexy.

She kept rubbing, but lightly and briefly, making sure I stayed right on the edge, where the yearning and desperation remained at a peak. I wasn’t alone; the woman moaned too. “Oh, Ooohhhoooommm, Ewmmmm, Oh, Ahhhh. Issssssh, Mmmmmnnnn.”

I felt Professor Allenton move lower. Just the thought of her lips heading towards my thick schlong made me moan with anticipation. “Oh, mmm, oooooh. Oh, please…” I begged, hanging on to the slim hope she’d take me into her mouth and end my suffering. “Please!”

She said nothing, but the woman begged too. “Please? Oh, yes, please. No, keep…yes. Don’t stop, please!”

Out pleas went unanswered.

Then the professor’s breasts reached my cock as she continued her descent down my abdomen. She lingered there, letting my stiff dick slide around from one big tit to the other, then in between, then under. A moment later, and Professor Allenton tickled the tip of my cock with her hard nipples, rubbing them around the head, around the side, and then…under! “ooooh, please!” I cried. “ooooh my, Gnnnn…ooooh, Oh, Oh!”

The woman was already moaning in my ear much the same as I was. More begging and pleading. The professor must have performed this experiment many times, on many men, and at least on one woman. She had the timing down, knowing exactly when her test subjects would moan and plead for release. All the time, knowing that behind it all, a dam was filling, edging ever closer to bursting. The more it filled, the more the professor enjoyed it. She was a scientist, but a mad one, trying to find out how what happens when a full dam finally bursts.

She kept teasing my erection with her nipples. First the head, then underneath, then the head again. By now, it was bouncing involuntarily, like a fish trying to find water. “Oooooh, Shhhheeeez, Mmmmm,” I moaned at the teasing, the light touch of hard nipple on stiff cock.

Then nothing. I couldn’t feel her anywhere. It must have been the same for the woman; all I could hear was her breathing, and mine, as we both waited for what came next.

“Oooooh, Oooomph!” I cried, feeling Professor Allenton’s warm lips kissing my dick, then her tongue slid along its length. Then nothing. “Oh, ooooh, please!” I cried out. “Oooooh.”

The woman joined me in this chorus. “Noooo, don’t…oooooh, please don’t stop. OH, ooooh.” My imagination went wild. I pictured Professor Allenton kissing and licking the woman’s pussy lips, but avoiding her clit and the vagina. It was almost as if the woman in the headphones and I had become one.

The thought vanished when I felt the professor gently place the head of my cock between her index finger and thumb, both soaking like before, but this time with what felt like lube. My knees went limp, and all my weight was now hanging from my wrists. I tried to lock my knees again, but her fingers were swirling around my cock’s head, lightly, teasingly. “Oooooh, mmmm.”

The woman’s moans echoed mine and sounded almanbahis adresi a lot like surrender, as if we both had thought we were on the verge of an explosive oral solution to our plight, only to find there was more edging. One edge followed another, then another. Our moans indicated we had accepted the torture.

But, her wet fingers continued working the tip of my cock, back and forth. She wasn’t stopping. In fact, every so often, either her finger or thumb would extend farther down my stiff shaft. And each time, I’d moan, “Oh!” from the surprise. My breathing rate increased, as did that of the woman in my ear. We would bring in so much air that when we exhaled, we moaned.

Something had changed. The torture had decreased. The thought struck me that every detail, the touches, the teases, the strokes, and the timing of all of them was planned. Professor Allenton knew there would be a point of surrender, and when we reached it, she knew it was time to give us hope.

The professor continued to edge the head of my dick, now trying to bounce all on its own. “Ooooh, Ohooooh,” I moaned, almost in unison with the woman on the headphones. Then I felt Professor Allenton’s other hand on my balls, gently squeezing and rubbing them. “Oooooh, mmmm, Oh, shit! Mmmmm…”

The woman in my ears echoed moans, and I envisioned what must be happening to her. Perhaps the professor had a finger part way into the woman’s wet slit, probing in and out, teasing her. Maybe she was gently kissing her upper labia, hinting that she might go after her clit.

“Oh! Oh! ooooh,” I cried, feeling the professor’s hand move up from my balls to my shaft, lightly stroking underneath. My breathing was intense; her hands on my throbbing cock felt so fantastic. Between her massaging the head of my cock with one hand and teasing the shaft with the other, I was beginning to lose it. “Oh, I…I…”

“I think I’m going to cum!” the woman cried in my ear. “Oh, I’m getting…oh, so close. Oh, Go, ooooh.”

By this time, I was confused as to whether I was hearing the moanings of the woman or my own. But who cares! Professor Allenton was about to make us both explode.

“Mmmmm, ooooh, I’m about to…Oh!, Shiiiit, oooooh. Oooooh!”

Suddenly, Professor Allenton’s fingers ran down the entire length of my cock. Stroke after stroke, from head to base with those wet fingers! “Oooooh, I’m gonna cum, ooooooooh, Ahhhhhhh…oooooh.”

But the professor had one more surprise for us. I felt her mouth take in the tip of my cock and felt her tongue licking as she kept stroking. Each stroke of her tongue started at the back of my head and came forward, as if beckoning me to blow my cum right into her mouth. At the same time, I envisioned her tongue doing the same to my compatriot’s wet clit.

“Nnnn, Gnnnn, ooooooh, nnnnnn, Oh!, Oh, oooooooooooh,” we both cried. “Ooooh, Gnnnn,” we cried again. I could feel my cum surge up from below and leave my body. “Oh, oooohoooo! Oh, ooooh!” I felt another surge and another as my hot cream splashed out. The professor’s fingers were still stroking my cock, up and down.

Finally, my cum surges died down to small drips, while the professor squeezed my cock, trying to draw out a few more drops of cum. I could hear my heart thump through my bones and hear the woman breathing in, and moaning out, finally relieved. We continued like that for several moments. Hell, I don’t know how long.

At last, Professor Allenton pulled off the headphones, then the blindfold. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw the professor standing there, nude except for her heels, smiling sweetly at me, and holding the test tube. “eleven milliliters! That’s one helluva cum load, young man.”

“Oh,” I said, breathlessly, “did I do good?”

“You did fantastic. Now that I’ve measured your output, I’ll update my notebook.”

We cuddled in bed for a while, then I said, “Professor Allenton, you’re a mad scientist.”

“Well, thank you,” Professor Allenton replied. But you don’t quite know exactly how mad I am. Not yet…

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