All Grown Up

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Group Sex

“I still can’t get over how much you’ve…changed, grown,” Elizabeth said with a tiny curl of her lips, still marveling over her younger cousin, Dave, just turned 20; she still remembered him as a shy, small-statured boy of 14, face infected with a bad case of acne and long, thin hair falling over his shoulders.

“Well,” Dave shrugged, “adolescence tends to do that, cuz. “You, on the other hand, have not changed a bit!”

“Now, you’re exaggerating,” she chuckled, brushing her hair off her face.

“Well, you have lost weight since last time, but…that was, what? Six years ago?”

“Yeah,” she said gloomily. “Back in college, I indulged in some binge eating…anxiety eating, they called it; something like that.”

“It doesn’t show,” he offered her a wide smile.

“So, what’s up with you?” She asked, eager to shift the subject; his tall, muscled body, his shaved head, his goatee, his mesmerizing eyes—that belonged to a vastly different person than the boy she remembered—had a bizarre effect on her and talking about her body woke an uncomfortable feeling within her.

“I think, mom’s told you all about it already, hasn’t she?” He smirked.

“She did mention you’re doing great in college, yes. And that you are in the basketball team, as well.”

“Who would have thought, huh? In junior high, I was always the last pick in gym class…and now, I’m a starter!”

“It is wonderful,” she nodded, desperately trying to keep her gaze focused on his eyes, preventing her glance from descending down to his wide arms and bulked up torso.

“Rumor has it you’re engaged?” He broke the ensued silence.

“Yes,” she mumbled back, taken aback; she smoothed her dress, which had lifted way over her thigh, and cleared her throat. “His name’s Stephan; he’s a software engineer, working for a video-games company.”

“Exciting,” Dave nodded, scratching his chin. “Handsome?”

“He’s…sweet,” she said, furious at herself for not being able to come up with a better word to describe her soon-to-be husband.

“Sweet, huh?” Dave chuckled dryly. “I see…so, are you working?”

“Yes, I…well, it’s more of like helping some friends with their start-up company, doing some proofreading for them, web-design, all that…I do get paid, though.”

“That’s nice,” Dave leaped up. “By the way, do you want anything to drink?”

“Sure, I’ll…whatever you’re having,” she yet again straightened her dress.

“All right,” he winked and prepared two highballs of scotch and water. “Here,” he offered her one and they clinked glasses.

Elizabeth, after a long, invigorating sip, had a look around at the small independent basement underneath Dave’s parents’ house; Dave had lived down there since he turned 16, thus enjoying an autonomy not many teenagers get to experience.

Confidently, he took a seat next to her and her gaze fell, momentarily, on the bulge extending on one side of his shorts, running along his thigh. She leaned back and looked at him with an inconspicuous smile, while struggling to control the urge to look again, to verify the reality of what she’d seen.

“What’s wrong?” He raised his eyebrow inquiringly. “Oh, shit,” he exasperated and sat rigidly up, trying to conceal his member. “Sorry, I…”

“It’s alright, Dave,” she patted him on the shoulder. “Not much you can do about it, right? I mean…some things cannot be concealed.”

“Right,” he tried to laugh at her failed joke, faintly blushing. “I probably should get dressed, though…in about an hour, the rest of the family will arrive…”

She watched him rush agitated into the small bedroom; a wide smile decorated her face, her eyes fixed on the half-closed door.

What made her get up and slowly, and cautiously, tiptoe her way to the door? She couldn’t tell; was it curiosity, fascination, something sinisterly deeper and primeval? Maybe, I don’t need a real reason, a…she thought solemnly, as she peeked through the opening. Perhaps, a justification for my actions is needless.

Dave had taken off his shirt and Elizabeth marveled Gaziantep Escort over his chiseled body; his muscles alone must weigh more than Stephan, she chuckled silently. Then, he pulled his shorts down; an involuntary gasp escaped her, when she noticed his member hanging soft between his legs, dangling only a few inches over his knees.

“What’s wrong, cuz?” Dave asked, worrisomely. “Everything…” he moved towards the door and abruptly froze, when he caught her watching him. “Cuz, what are you…” he stopped, unable to come up with anything to add.

“Sorry, I was just…” she sighed, running her fingers through her hair; her heart palpitated and her face turned crimson.

“It’s okay, I guess, I…” he cleared his throat and took another step towards her; Elizabeth remained petrified and looked up at his figure towering about two feet over her.

“I’m sorry, I…let me even the field,” she then caught herself saying with newfound confidence and unzipped her strapless dress, letting it fall around her ankles.

She had no clue why she did it; perhaps, it was an inner desire to show off since, after three years of being overweight in college, she had shredded off all extra pounds and was, for the first time in her life, lean and fit.

Dave’s jaw dropped, when he took a good look of his cousin’s hot, small body, her big, round double-D breasts suffering inside her lace bra, and her black g-string barely concealing her womanhood. However, his agape mouth and stupefied expression were not the sole effects Elizabeth’s half-naked body had on him.

“My, my,” she whistled, when his member pulsed and began to rise…she tucked her hair behind her ears and tilted her head slightly sideways, unable, and unwilling, to avert her gaze from his hardening tool any longer.

“Cuz, I’m…” he muttered.

“Don’t talk,” she said, rather sternly, while rubbing her chest, running her fingers gently along the upper part of her breasts.

“Okay,” he said sullenly, perfectly still, his prick now in attention.

“You have grown up!” She giggled and lowered her bra’s cups, exposing her small, pink nipples.

“I really don’t think we should…” he said, gently lowering the bra’s straps.

“It’s wrong, isn’t it?” She added, touching him with two fingers, softly squeezing the tender, purple head.

“Yes, very, very wrong…” he moaned, when she wrapped her hand around his member—unable fully to close her fist—and stroked him slowly.

Her gaze glued to his shaft, which was almost at her breasts’ height, while she jerked him off with both hands.

He unbuckled her bra and took it off; she stepped out of her dress, still stroking him with a beaming smile, in only her high-heel black pumps and g-string.

“I’m not sure we…” he once more attempted to protest, but, Elizabeth took him in her mouth, effectively shutting him up.

She only had to bend over to blow him and she did so as show-offish as she could, arching her lower back and lifting her ass high up in the air. She only had the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive, warm head, while still stroking him with both hands.

At nearly ten inches, it was vastly bigger than any prick she had thitherto encountered; and as terrifying as it appeared to her hazed mind, it also deeply fascinated her.

Dave yanked her g-string up, grinning at his cousin’s squirming and moaning; then, he cupped her ass with both hands, her ass disappearing into his huge grip. With one finger he rubbed her over the g-string, his excitement rising from the way her body twitched under his touch.

She knelt down and buried her face in his crotch, taking his balls in her mouth and swirling them about; his heavy grunts music to her ears and she stared enraptured at his prick standing in attention over her head.

He leaned back against the wall with one hand, as she ran her lips across his shaft, her warmth and wetness causing his prick to throb; she took him back in her mouth, stroking fast while trying to swallow him down Gaziantep Escort Bayan her throat.

Not even halfway in and her gag reflex kicked in; she stopped, heaved, and lifted her teary eyes.

“It’s so fucking huge,” she panted; he patted her head, played with her hair, and gave her a meaningful smile.

Elizabeth cried out in bewilderment, when he picked her up in the air with extreme ease, and wrapped her legs around his shoulders; she held on to the wall, when he kissed her passionately down under—first over the g-string, then, after he pulled it aside, directly on her already wet pussy.

Being in the air, totally helpless, only further increased the euphoria swarming her mind; he licked her clit slow, sucking and nibbling on it. Her moans turned heavier and louder, when he pressed her tight pussy closer to his face.

His tongue went deep in her and flapped around fast, expanding her labia. Her hands held on tight to the wall, her body leaning forth, as she trembled violently, her body erupting in a phantasmagoria of sensations.

He took a firm grip around her waist and elegantly lowered her down, so he could face her; she wrapped her legs around his waist tight, his throbbing member right underneath her, and she slowly ground her wet pussy against it.

“My God,” she whispered, their lips almost touching. “This is…you’re holding me up like I weigh nothing.”

“You do weigh nothing,” he offered her a wide, bright smile.

Neither took the extra inch required for the kiss; somehow, they both felt it wrong and therefore momentarily remained still, Elizabeth’s arms around his shoulders, his prick throbbing right under her soaked pussy.

He moved her toward the couch, his 275-pound figure of muscles easily carrying her 98-pound slim body, and put her back down on her feet; Elizabeth sighed in relief, finally finding back her balance and touching ground, but, abruptly he spun her around, pressing his manhood against her ass.

She took him in her hand and lifted his prick, pointing it upwards; she helped him get between her ass cheeks, before she started grinding and twerking slowly, feeling his immense girth and length between her firm, round ass…she wrapped her arms around his neck, and tilted her head upwards, seeking for his gaze.

With impatient groans, Dave took her breasts in his hands and squeezed; he bent his head and yet again their lips came inches away from brushing…and once more, the kiss did not come.

Instead, Dave pulled her arms off his neck and pushed her back demandingly; with a loud gasp, Elizabeth spun around and was bent, her hands on the coffee table. She kicked her high heels off and Dave knelt down behind her and peeled her g-string off; once again, his tongue connected to her nether lips, his finger teasing her clit.

Elizabeth writhed, looking back at him as he went to work, two thick fingers rubbing her pussy lips, spreading them apart; suddenly, they were in, pushing their way through her tight flower, stretching it.

Her fingers curled as she leaned forth, unable to withhold the loud howls that demanded to be heard. Her heavy panting only caused Dave to intensify his fingering, while his tongue swirled about her tight asshole, shooting more mind-numbing shivers up her spine.

After a few minutes, necessary to loosen Elizabeth’s body and mind, Dave stood up and took a firm grip around her thighs. She glared back at him, in bedazzlement, and suddenly her lower back was lifted up in the air, her legs straightened out…

She held on to the table with all her might, as he pushed himself in, the head of his cock widely stretching her labia. She screamed and cried, he was far too big for her, and yet, she did not wish him to stop; her ecstasy had reached the point where pain could be ignored, as long as it also meant intense, unprecedented pleasure…and that’s what happened, as Dave shoved his cock deeper, halfway in and already reaching unexplored territories, causing Elizabeth to twitch and writhe, while begging him not Escort Gaziantep to stop.

Dave bit down his lips, with hunger in his wide open eyes, and pushed himself deeper with slow, hard, determined thrusts…each one bringing him slightly closer to the ultimate goal of burying the entirety of his shaft in the cousin about whom he’d fantasized since he was a hot-blooded pre-teen.

Elizabeth squirmed in agonizing joy, a bizarre sensation she had never before experienced, as her cousin’s humongous member was driven deeper and deeper in her, stretching her out, bringing forth a sensation of being moments away from being split into two…and yet, she did not wish for it to end, au contraire, she pleaded with her cousin, amid her loud, heavy moans, to continue, to go harder, deeper, faster…

And Dave happily obliged, overwhelmed as he was by Elizabeth’s tightness…he had often had problems with girls, most of whom, while fascinated with his size, were too scared to let him go anywhere near them with it…so far, only two had accepted him and they had both given up, before he had been halfway in…and yet, Elizabeth, despite her petite stature, begged him for deeper penetration and her full of excitement orgasmic cries filled him with confidence; hence, he pushed deeper and harder, finally able properly to fuck.

Practically in the air, with only her palms on the coffee table, which rocked back and forth quite loudly under Dave’s hard thrusts, Elizabeth screamed blissfully, her entire body overwhelmed by strong orgasmic sensations that brought her near to blacking out.

He grabbed her breasts and picked her upper body up, while ramming her hard, gradually burying his shaft in her. She leaned her head back, resting it on his shoulder, moaning heavily directly into his ear, her back arched high; her passionate sounds drove Dave even wilder, which, consequently, compelled him further to increase his pace.

It was an overwhelming, unknown feeling for Elizabeth, being so overly stuffed, her cousin’s big rod expanding her insides widely, as it was thrust deep and hard, punching her cervix…pain and pleasure becoming one, molding into a single sensation of complete submission and thunderous orgasmic jolts that caused her body to quiver.

Her parted, moist lips on his ear, her hands crossed behind his neck, as he held her by the thighs, spreading her legs wide…in the air, feeling nearly weightless, Elizabeth squealed as Dave drilled her brutally, her breasts bouncing rhythmically to the penetration.

Elizabeth’s mind perfectly numbed by a shattering climax that hit her like a runaway train, fireworks erupting in her head, and Dave’s cock slipped out of her, when she squirted all over him.

He put her down on the floor—her pussy still contracting and she panted heavily—and shoved his cock in her mouth, this time more forceful, giving her a taste of herself, while the head reached midway down her throat, causing more tears to well from her eyes.

Dave threw his head back with a howl, when he exploded; several loads of thick, hot spunk glazed Elizabeth’s face.

She continued to rub herself fast, her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Elizabeth licked her cousin clean, with a smile, and remained kneeling, staring up into his eyes.

“Jesus, cuz, that was…” Dave gasped, his balls aching.

“Yes, wow,” she exclaimed, falling down on her ass and remained seated on the floor, legs spread and jism dripping down her chin.

“We better…clean up,” Dave said nervously, after glaring at the clock on the wall.

“They’re coming, huh?” Elizabeth mumbled.

“Yes; it’s better to keep this between us, don’t you think?”

“Definitely,” she nodded and let him pull her up on her feet. “Sweet Jesus,” she giggled, “I can hardly walk after…you’ve definitely grown, cousin,” she winked, then hurried to the bathroom.

“You know,” Elizabeth said, after they resumed their seats on the couch, both dressed up and presentable, while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, “let’s not wait till the next big family meeting in six years to get together…we can always hang out; we’re first cousins, after all!”

“I’d like that,” Dave nodded with a half-smile, fighting with his erection tenting his pants, as Elizabeth leaned back with spread legs and offered him a full, final view of her gaped pussy.

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