All Grown Up – Chapter Two

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All Grown Up – Chapter Two

An original story by Starrynight

The morning after Brad and Laurie dabbled in taboo roleplay for the first time, they woke up and exchanged a guilty glance. They were both thinking about the previous night, knowing how much they enjoyed it, and both feeling just a pinch of guilt. They got out of bed, got dressed, washed up, then headed to the kitchen.

Brad and Laurie were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast when Ryan joined them. She was wearing a white crop top, small jeans shorts, her hair in a messy bun, and she had a sleepy look in her eyes.

“Morning,” Ryan said in a groggy voice and Brad felt himself blush as he looked at his daughter.

“Good morning,” Laurie said, Brad mumbling one along, and husband and wife exchanged a naughty look as Ryan stepped over to the fridge and bent over to get the milk. Brad’s eyes were on his daughter as she did so, staring at her tight little ass while she bent down, and he felt his dick stir and quickly turned his eyes away.

It was an awkward breakfast for Brad. Each time he looked or talked to his daughter, he would picture her doing what he and his wife did last night, picture her under him calling out the same perverted and arousing words his wife had used last night pretending to be Ryan. Each time his daughter called him dad, he flinched slightly, and he let out a breath of relief as she finally got up and left him with Laurie.

“Oh my god, you were thinking about last night, weren’t you?” Laurie asked when they heard Ryan’s bedroom door shut close. Brad looked at her, a shameful look on his face then nodded.

“I couldn’t help it. Every time she called me dad I was thinking of you last night,” Brad told his wife and she smirked at him.

“Honestly,” Laurie said, pausing, “I was too,” she added and gave her husband a guilty grin.

That night, when Ryan went out with her friends and Brad and Laurie went to bed, they were both eager to roleplay again. “Does daddy want to play with me again?” Laurie asked teasingly, trying to imitate their daughter’s voice. She was also wearing her hair like their daughter usually did and exchanged her usual sleeping attire for an old shirt and shorts of hers that looked like something Ryan would wear to bed.

“Yes, daddy would love to play with his little girl again,” Brad answered kinkily. They both grinned, feeling so naughty, and commenced roleplaying father and daughter to their mutual enjoyment.

That night, and every time Brad and Laurie had sex after it, they would roleplay father and daughter. Laurie would pretend to be their teenage daughter, calling Brad daddy or dad while he would call her Ryan or one of his pet names for his daughter, and they would say naughty perverted things to each other as they made love and fucked.

“Yes daddy, lick my kitty!” Laurie would say as her husband buried his face between her legs, or “I want your big hard cock dad!” when she was ready for him to take her, or Brad’s favorites, moaning a simple, “Yes daddy!”, and “Fuck me daddy!” as he fucked her pussy mercilessly.

“That’s it, baby girl, suck daddy’s cock!” Brad would say in return when his wife blew him, or “take daddy’s cock sweetie,” as he fucked, or he would simply say their daughter’s name, calling our “Ryan!” as he came inside his wife’s pussy. It was disgusting and perverse, and they both loved it and couldn’t get enough, roleplaying father and daughter every chance they got.

They would rarely have sex during the week, even before they started roleplaying. They were worried their daughter would hear them and would only have sex when she slept over at a friend’s, but during the weekend, when Ryan was out most nights, Brad and Laurie would enjoy their taboo roleplay late into the night, enjoying pretending together loudly while they had the house to themselves.

It was Friday night, a few weeks after Laurie and Brad started roleplaying, and they were both eager for another session. They had dinner together, eagerly awaiting the other dessert, and even before Ryan called out she was leaving, they were already in bed kissing.

“Mom, Dad, I’m heading out,” she called out to them on her way out. “I’ll be home later,” she added.

“Have fun,” Laurie said “I know I will,” she whispered under her breath for Brad to hear.

“And be careful,” Brad added, always the protective father, just before they heard the front door slam shut.

Ryan was just pulling up at Trish’s house when she called her, and Ryan quickly answered. “Hey, perfect timing, I’m right outside,” Ryan told her friend.

“Ry, party’s canceled,” Trish said over the phone.

“What? What happened?” Ryan asked disappointed.

“Pete’s parents came home early,” she told her.

“Oh shit!” Ryan said, shaking her head. “That sucks, so what are we doing tonight?” Ryan asked her.

“I’m not feeling that great anyway, I think I’ll bale for tonight and get some rest,” Trish said.

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked disappointed and Trish assured her she was. “Okay, feel better babe,” she told her friend and hung up, then called Whitney. “Hey girl, the party’s canceled huh?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, I know. Totally sucks,” Whitney said.

“Trish is ditching us, she’s not feeling well,” Ryan told her friend, “so I guess it’s just the two of us. What do you wanna do?” She asked.

“Sorry R, I’m out too for tonight. Me and Jay are just gonna chill instead,” Whitney said.

“Chill, huh?” Ryan asked with clear innuendo.

“Oh, shut up!” Whitney retorted, then laughed.

“Okay, yeah, whatever. Have fun,” Ryan told Whitney, disappointed, then hung up. She looked at the dashboard clock, then down at her phone, sighed, then turned the car around and headed back home.

Ryan returned home not long after she left. She opened the front door, careful not to wake her parents, then tiptoed over to her room. She passed her parents’ room, scrolling idly through her phone, then froze. An embarrassed smirk covered Ryan’s face as she heard her mother moan from behind the bedroom door. She caught her parents having sex, and she felt a mixture of embarrassment and amusement at the thought. She turned to the door, hearing her mother moan again, then moved closer, that same smirk on her face. She heard her father groan this time, the sound low and erotic, and Ryan stopped to listen out of curiosity.

“Yes, daddy! Fuck me!” Her mother called from the other side of the door, not making any effort to keep quiet. “Fuck my little kitty with your big cock daddy!” Her mother called out again, followed by a series of moans, and Ryan’s smirk grew wider. She never knew her parents were kinky like that, but she found it amusing and maybe even a little hot.

“Yes, sweetie! Take daddy’s cock!” Her father called out his time and Ryan stifled a chuckle as she bit her lower lip. “Oh yeah! Daddy loves your tight little pussy!” Her father continued and Ryan listened intently, ignoring the fact she was getting a little wet. “Ugh fuck!” her father continued, moaning louder. “Ugh god! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, baby! Oh fuck, Ryan!”.

The smirk disappeared from Ryan’s face and her eyes went wide. She wondered if she could have misheard, and she held her breath as she continued to listen, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Yes daddy, fuck me hard! Fuck your girl’s tight little pussy!” Her mother said in a high-pitched voice, making Ryan shudder as she continued to listen, needing to make sure.

“Yes, Ryan! Yes, baby girl! You’re gonna make daddy cum with your little pussy,” Her father said, and Ryan started shaking with shock. She stared at her parents’ bedroom door, the two still moaning and groaning from inside, then turned to her room and made for it as fast and quietly as she could.

Ryan stepped into her bedroom, closed the door behind her quietly, and shuddered. Her entire body tingled with disbelief, and her heart raced as she processed what she just heard. Her parents, her father, and mother, were having sex while her mother was pretending to be her, pretending she was their daughter while her father had sex with her, pretending he was fucking his little girl and enjoying it very much. A million questions filled Ryan’s head as she shuddered again, still in shock, and took a seat at the edge of her bed. She took a deep breath, then another one, and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down.

“Yes, sweetie! Ugh yes, Ryan!” Brad called out, thrusting his hips back and forth, and moaned as he came inside his wife’s pussy. He pushed in, groaning, and watched her pussy swallow his cock as he shot another load of cum inside her.

“Yes daddy, fill me up!” his wife moaned, feeling his warm sperm enter her, and the two continued to moan and groan until Brad emptied his balls inside his wife. When he finally finished ejaculating, he held his hard cock inside her for a few more seconds, letting the last of the intense orgasm fade away, then pulled out and slid down onto the bed next to his wife.

“That was amazing, babe!” Brad let out, breathless, and looked up at the ceiling in bliss. He caught his breath, then rolled over to the side and looked at his wife, placing a warm hand on her smooth stomach.

“I know,” Laurie retorted, smiling, then turned to her husband, her bare breasts rising and falling with her rapid breathing. She watched her husband lean in for a kiss and offered her lips, and her husband kissed her before pulling away and sitting up.

Brad looked around the bed, then grabbed his boxers and stood up. He pulled them on, tucking his flaccid cock away, then turned to his wife. “You want some water?” Brad asked Laurie who nodded, and Brad turned and walked out of the room. He stepped over to the kitchen, got himself a drink, gulped it down, then poured Laurie a drink too.

On the way back to the bedroom, Brad looked over at the door to Ryan’s bedroom and froze. The door to Ryan’s bedroom was closed, which was rare when she wasn’t home, and in addition to that, he saw light coming from underneath the door. He stared at it for a few moments, wearing just boxers and holding a glass of water, then quietly stepped over to it. He stopped at the door, stood there silently, and tried to hear if Ryan was there but it was quiet. He pondered for a moment what to do, then knocked on the door softly.

“Ryan?” Brad called out from the other side of the door and Ryan jumped up startled and opened her eyes.

“Ye…yes,” she called out, her voice high and her heart speeding up again.

“Oh, you’re home,” Brad called out nervously, “we…we thought you’d be home late,” he told her, his mind racing, considering if she heard them or not.

“Um, yeah, the party was canceled so we…we called it a night,” she answered, her mouth going dry. The sound of her father calling out her name echoed now in her head.

“Oh, okay. Good night then sweetie,” Brad said, walking away, and Ryan shuddered to hear her father call her sweetie, just like he called her mother.

Brad walked into the bedroom, still holding the water, and looked at his wife, a nervous expression on his face. “Thanks. What took you so long?” Laurie asked, taking the water, and Brad sat at the edge of the bed next to her.

“Ryan’s home,” Brad told his wife and she nearly choked on her water.

“What?” Laurie asked, coughing, and gave her husband a studying look.

“Yeah, they canceled the party she was supposed to go to so she came back home,” he said to Laurie and kept staring at her. “Do you think she…heard us?” Brad asked his wife, a look of shame on his face.

“I…I don’t know. We were pretty loud. Maybe. Probably. Did she…did she say anything?” Laurie asked and took a sip of the water, wetting her dry mouth.

“No, just about the party. You really think she heard us?” Brad asked and Laurie shrugged. “Do you think we should ask her? Talk to her about it?” Brad asked nervously.

“And say what? Ryan, dad is attracted to you so mom’s pretending she’s you while we have sex?” Laurie asked and Brad turned red. “No, I think we should just ignore it. Hopefully, if she did hear something she’ll think she misheard. Then she’ll just know we had sex, no big deal,” Laurie said and Brad stared at her for a few moments, letting the words sink in, then nodded. He climbed onto the bed, kissed Laurie, then slid in next to her, still wondering if their daughter heard them.

Ryan woke up the following morning still rattled. She washed up, put on a pair of old shorts and a cropped white top, and made her way to the kitchen. Her parents were both in the middle of breakfast, chatting amongst themselves, and Ryan still felt the gnawing feeling of nervousness as she walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” Laurie said as Ryan walked into the kitchen, smiling at her girl. “Hungry?” Laurie asked.

“Morning. Yeah, sure,” Ryan said and looked over at her father who just smiled at her casually.

“Sit down, I’ll make you a plate,” her mother said, and Ryan took a seat. She watched as her mother pilled some eggs, bacon, and toast onto a plate, set it in front of her, and sat back down. Ryan started eating, and her parents went back to chatting.

Ryan stole glances over at her parents as she ate her breakfast. She looked at her father, then at her mother, and each time she recalled their moans and calls of pleasure from the previous night. She felt herself blush at the thought, looking again at her mother then at her father and blushed again as her mind involuntarily tried to picture their faces as they görükle escort made those sounds. Ryan continued to look at her parents, blushing at her thoughts, and as she finished up, she put the dishes away and quickly went back to her room.

“She definitely heard us,” Laurie told Brad as they heard Ryan’s door shut after breakfast and Brad nodded.

“So just keep ignoring it?” Brad asked and Laurie nodded.

After breakfast, Brad took care of some things around the house and went out to run some errands. It was a hot Saturday and when he got back to the house, he decided a dip in the pool was just what he needed to relax. He changed into his bathing suit, grabbed a towel, and stepped outside. He stood in the warm sun for a few moments, soaking it in, then jumped into the pool with a splash and started doing some laps.

Ryan tried watching TV, but she ended up just staring blankly at the screen as her mind wandered and quickly thought back to the events of the previous night. She thought back to breakfast, how casual her parents acted and for a moment she considered and even hoped she might have misheard them, but she knew she didn’t. Eventually, she gave up on watching TV and decided that spending some time in the pool will help. She put on her bikini, grabbed a towel, and walked out to the pool.

Brad finished a few laps around the pool and stood in the shallows, catching his breath, when the door opened. He turned his gaze, running his fingers through his wet hair, and felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of his teenage daughter.

“Oh,” Ryan let out as she spotted her father in the pool and stopped. She didn’t think anyone would be using the pool and for a moment considered turning around.

“Hey Ryany,” Brad said, telling himself to act normal. “Coming in?” He asked, gesturing at the water, and smiled.

“Um, yeah. It’s really hot today,” Ryan said, sounding stupid in her own ears. It would be weird if she went back inside so she stepped over to a lounge chair and spread her towel on it.

Brad watched his little girl move, and though he tried to resist it, he looked at her like no father should. It wasn’t just her young tight body anymore that attracted him, it was the nights with Laurie role-playing Ryan, and the fantasy mixed with reality as his eyes followed his daughter. In her defense, Ryan did buy a new bathing suit, a red bikini she was now wearing, but since teenage girls’ bikinis weren’t intended to conceal much, it still left little to the imagination, and Brad stared at his daughter’s tight ass as she leaned down to spread her towel, and as she turned around, at her breasts, flat stomach, tone legs, and quickly moved his gaze up before she noticed.

As Ryan turned to her father, she thought she caught him checking her out, but her eyes were soon on hers and she thought she might have imagined it. She walked over to the edge of the pool, then took a seat and slid her feet into the cool waters. She looked up at her father, again wondering if he was checking her out or if she was imagining things, then slid down into the water, her body tingling as the water embraced her. Her father turned around as Ryan submerged herself in the water, cooling herself off, and as she popped her head back out of the water, she saw her father starting to do laps.

Ryan waded over to the edge of the pool, letting the cool water soothe her, and watched her father swimming. She watched his strong body glide through the water, his arms and legs moving, and found herself captivated by his movement. He swam back and forth, moving across the water elegantly until he finally had enough and stopped next to her. He stood up inside the pool, rubbed the water from his eyes, and Ryan watched the water as it glided down his hairy chest and back into the pool. Her father continued rubbing the water from his eyes and Ryan used the opportunity to look at him, really look at him for the first time, not as her father but as a man. She studied his light wet hair, his face, and moved her gaze down his body. She looked at his muscles, on his arms, his chest, his stomach, caught her gaze wandering down to his crotch, then shot her gaze back up blushing. Her father smiled at her, running fingers through his wet hair, and Ryan, though she knew this for most of her life, suddenly saw that her father was handsome.

Brad looked at his daughter, standing there looking at him through her sunglasses, and fought the urge to stare at her young body. “That’s enough for me,” he told Ryan, smiling at her, then turned around and pulled himself up and out of the pool. He walked over to grab his towel, his body dripping water, then grabbed it and dried himself off.

Ryan watched mesmerized as her father ran the towel along his wet body. She took in the image of him, of his strong body, and found herself wondering how she never noticed how handsome her father was. She kept watching him, unable to look away, and when he finally finished drying off, he turned his gaze towards her. He looked at her briefly, but his gaze moved lower, lingering longer, and this time it was obvious to Ryan that her father was checking her out. It was not a fatherly gaze, and Ryan’s heart skipped a beat as she realized.

“I’m heading in,” Brad told his daughter, throwing the towel around his shoulder and Ryan nodded. He stepped inside, and the moment he disappeared Ryan reached into the water and rubbed the front of her bikini bottoms, stifling a little moan. She looked down, flustered by her inappropriate arousal, and pulled her hand away. She looked down at her erect nipples, poking under the bikini, then submerged herself underwater before climbing out and laying down on the towel to catch some sun.

The next few days were confusing for Ryan, and every time she caught a glimpse of her father around the house, she felt herself getting flustered. She noticed the way he looked at her, the same way the boys at school did, his eyes lingering just a little longer on her body, ever so slightly moving down to her chest or butt. She now knew it wasn’t just her imagination, knew her father was looking at her sexually, but as opposed to the feeling of distress she felt after hearing him with her mother, Ryan found herself feeling excited every time she caught her father looking at her.

It wasn’t only Brad who was looking at his daughter as the exciting confusion swirled inside her teenage mind, but it was also Ryan that started looking at her father. She was more subtle than him, at least she told herself she was, as she glanced over at him when they were together. She could still see her father as she looked at him, but now she could also see the man underneath. She would look at his handsome face, at his arms and legs, would admire his chest every time he took off his shirt, and with each passing day she found herself looking more often and with less shame.

It was after a few days of watching her father that Ryan’s mind started to give in to the temptation. She was taking a long hot shower, letting the warm water wash away her troubles, and started lathering her young naked body with soap. She ran her sudsy hands over her tits, playing with her nipples, then ran them down her bare stomach. She caressed her smooth skin, her tan already showing, and ran her fingers through her soapy pubic her. Her body tingled from the warm water and her caressing touch, and as she reached her vulva, she ran a finger along her delicate lips. Ryan shuddered, the touch so deliciously pleasant, and repeated the action. She closed her eyes, ran her fingers along her pink slit, and moved her other hand to her breasts. She pinched her small nipple in one hand, the other on her pussy, and slowly moved her fingers to her clit. She started rubbing it gently, in slow precise circles, her other hand on her nipple, and let out a gasp as she pressed her back into the shower wall. She continued playing with herself, teasing her naked body, rubbing her little pussy as the warm water cascaded down her bare skin, and she let out a small whimpering moan. She continued to touch herself, rubbing her little nib faster, when the image of her father popped into her head. Ryan blushed, opening her eyes wide, but could not bring herself to stop. She continued to play with her pussy, imagining it was her father touching her and not herself, his big fingers on her little hole, and she started rubbing her clit even faster. She moved her left hand to her other breast, pinching her left nipple, then closed her eyes and stifled a moan as her body exploded with pleasure.

Ryan stepped out of the shower, red from both the hot water and the hotter orgasm, and took a deep breath. She blushed, feeling ashamed that she got herself off while thinking of her father, then grabbed her towel. She dried off, running the coarse towel along her soft naked skin, then put on the bra and panties she brought with her. She opened the bathroom and was about to head to her room when she ran into her father.

Ryan looked at her father, his piercing gaze on her body, and blushed. The way her father was looking at her was like he knew she just touched herself while thinking of him, and though at first she felt embarrassed, a moment later she felt excited too.

“Hey dad,” Ryan finally said, her voice sounding small and nervous to her.

“Hey sweetie, going to bed?” Her father asked and in a moment his expression shifted, and he was looking at her normally, as a father should look at his daughter.

“Yeah, in a bit,” Ryan answered, and suddenly found herself very aware she was standing in front of her father in just her underwear.

“Okay, good night then,” Brad said, smiling, then turned to his bedroom.

“Night dad,” Ryan answered, smiling sweetly, and as she walked over to her room, she found herself wondering if her father thought of her when he touched himself. She entered her bedroom, closing the door behind her, then blushed as she thought about it again, and realized she hoped he did.

Brad entered his bedroom, thinking about his encounter with his daughter, and could not shake the way she looked at him. Yes, he was checking her out again, how could he not with her wearing only bra and panties and her young body glowing from the shower. But the look she gave him was not uncomfortable, but a sort of guilty, and he couldn’t quite comprehend it. He walked into his bedroom, a bulge already starting to form in his pants, and looked at Laurie laying in bed wearing one of his old shirts and panties and reading a book. Brad pulled his shirt off and his pants down until he was just in his boxers and climbed into bed.

The bed creaked under Brad and Laurie looked away from her book and over to him. She looked at him taking his place next to her, then moved her gaze down his body and smirked as she caught sight of the bulge in his boxers. She put aside her book, turned to her husband, and gave him a quizzical yet amused look as she moved her eyes from his crotch to his face.

“I ran into Ryan getting out of the shower,” Brad explained somewhat embarrassed. “She was in just bra and panties,” he added, and Laurie’s smirk widened. Brad turned to his wife, looking at her pretty face, then leaned in and kissed her. He put his hand on her hip, then slowly slid it up under her shirt and started fondling her bare breast.

“Mmm, honey, I can’t tonight,” Laurie told her husband, pulling away and Brad gave her a disappointed look. “I’m on my period,” she explained and pulled his hand away.

“We could always…” Brad started.

“No, we’re not doing that,” Laurie said and gave her husband a stern look. “I told you, that’s for special occasions only,” she added, and Brad nodded apologetically. “I can give you a quick blowjob if you want, but I have an early day tomorrow, so it’ll have to be quick and Ryan’s home, so we’ll need to be quiet,”. Brad nodded eagerly, and Laurie nodded.

Brad pulled down his boxers, revealing his semi-erect member, and started stroking it as Laurie sat up beside him. He watched her as she pulled off her shirt, revealing her gorgeous boobs, then leaned in, grabbing his cock as he let it go, and slowly engulfed his shaft between her lips. Brad moaned as she sucked on his cock, and Laurie pulled her lips off to shush him, then Brad mouth a “sorry,” and his wife returned to his cock. She sucked it masterfully, not pretending to be anyone other than herself, and quickly got hard. She kept bobbing her head up and down, running her fingers, grasping the base of his five-inch shaft, and Brad did his best to keep quiet despite the pleasure he was feeling.

“Honey, I’m gonna cum,” Brad whispered after a few blissful minutes of Laurie sucking him. His wife nodded, her mouth still full of his cock, and within a few moments, Brad’s dick exploded. Laurie continued to suck his cock as her husband came inside her mouth, filling it with his warm spunk. She sucked and sucked to his soft moans, then pulled up and swallowed. She smiled fiendishly, licking cum off her lips, then pulled the shirt back on and laid back down next to her husband while he pulled his boxers up, a content grin on his face.

Though on the surface things appeared normal between father and daughter, they became even more loaded over the next few days. They would talk and act normal, exchanging their usual chit-chat, but they were both acutely aware of the way the other was looking at them. Laurie didn’t notice and Brad didn’t tell her, but he caught his daughter’s glances, and she caught his, each without knowing the other noticed. Though neither one of them showed it, escort bayan it excited them both, knowing the other was looking at them like that, and both father and daughter’s alone time was quickly dedicated to the other, imagining and fantasizing each about the other as they brought themselves relief.

It was Saturday, and after constantly obsessing over her father for the past few days, Ryan woke up feeling very aroused. She slipped her fingers into her panties, finding them already moist, and closed her eyes as she began rubbing her young pussy. She effortlessly summoned the image of her father, pushing away the fracture of guilt that remained every time she thought of him like this and began pleasuring herself. Her body heat started rising, her breath quickened, as did her heartbeat, until she climaxed on the bed, letting the blissful euphoria surge through her. She lay in bed until her body calmed down, then climbed out with a big smile on her face. She pulled on some random top and shorts and went to wash up before walking over to grab some breakfast.

Brad and Laurie were in the middle of breakfast when Ryan joined them, and Brad felt that familiar flustering as his daughter walked in. They said their good mornings, father, and daughter glancing at each other in the same manner they had for the previous week or so, then Ryan piled some food onto her plate and joined them.

Laurie looked at her husband, then at her daughter, before returning her gaze to Brad. “Just reminding you that I’m going out tonight for Jennifer’s birthday,” Laurie told them both. “That means dinner is on you,” Laurie added, looking at Brad, and he nodded understandingly.

“How do burgers sound?” Brad asked his daughter, looking at her.

“Burgers sound great,” Ryan said with a smile and felt both excited and nervous to spend time alone with her father. She finished her breakfast, then grabbed her stuff and left to hang out with her friends.

Ryan came back home a few hours later. Her mother was in the bedroom, her father in his home office, and Ryan went to her room and changed into a bikini, excited by the thought that her father might see her in it. She grabbed a towel and walked out to the pool, slipping into the cool waters as the hot afternoon air hung still and heavy. She frolicked in the pool for a little while, enjoying the relaxing coolness of it, then climbed out and laid down on the lounge chair, letting the gentle rays of the late afternoon sun caress her wet body.

The backyard door slid open, and Ryan opened her eyes. “Bye Ryan, I’m off,” her mother said, wearing an elegant dress, and waved to her daughter.

“Bye mom,” Ryan answered, smiling and waving back, then leaned back down and closed her eyes as her mother disappeared inside.

Laurie turned around to see her husband wearing just his swimsuit with no shirt. She moved to meet him and leaned in for a quick peck on the lips. “I’m off,” she said, and Brad nodded. “You’re gonna join Ryan by the pool?” She asked and Brad nodded again.

“Yeah, I thought I’ll take a quick dip then get the grill going for dinner,” Brad said and his wife nodded.

“Just try not to get too…excited out there,” Laurie said with a naughty smirk. “I’ll be back late so I won’t be able to help you if you do,” she added, and Brad chuckled.

“Don’t worry honey,” Brad assured his wife, giving her another peck, then as she turned and headed for the door, he headed outside.

The moment Brad stepped outside and turned to look at his teenage daughter, he felt his heart start to beat faster and was very skeptical he would be able to keep himself from getting excited. He watched his daughter laying there in her red bikini, looked at her young body, and felt his mouth go dry as he stepped closer. “Hey sweetie,” Brad told his daughter, trying to look at her normal, and watched as she opened her eyes and looked at him. “You hungry already? I thought about getting dinner going soon,” he said.

“Sure,” Ryan said, smiling, and her father smiled back.

“Okay cool, I’ll just take a quick dip to cool off and then get the grill going,” he said and turned to the pool.

“Sounds good dad,” Ryan said and continued watching her father. She looked at him as he jumped into the pool, his body looking so good, and quickly looked away as he moved his gaze towards her. She pretended she wasn’t looking, knowing her father was staring at her, and as he looked away, she moved his gaze back to him and felt that nervous excitement bubble up inside her again. She watched her father as he did a few laps, watched his strong body gliding through the water, and once again pretended she wasn’t looking as he stopped and looked up at her. He stretched inside the water, rubbing the water from his eyes, then Ryan’s eyes were on him again and she watched as he climbed out and stood there, watching his body as water dripped down it.

“I’ll go get started on dinner,” Brad told his daughter and Ryan looked at him like she wasn’t just staring and nodded. She watched her father disappear inside the house, and as soon as he did, she pressed her hand to her bikini bottoms and rubbed it as she let out a sigh.

Brad came back out a few minutes later, with a beer in one hand and a plate of burgers in the other, and moved towards the grill. He lit it up, then took a sip from the cold bottle. He looked around the backyard, stretching his bare arms, then headed back inside.

Ryan sat up in the chair, fixing her blonde hair in a messy bun, and got to her feet as her father returned carrying burger buns, chips, plates, and grilling utensils. She walked over next to her father, watching him as he checked the grill, then took a seat on a chair next to him.

“Need help with anything?” Ryan asked her father sweetly.

“No, I think we’re all good,” Brad said, then took another sip from his beer while glancing at his daughter’s body. He thought she didn’t notice but she did, and it made her tingle.

“Can I have a sip?” Ryan asked her father.

“Of the beer?” He asked surprised and Ryan nodded. He paused for a moment, then handed her the bottle and watched as she brought her lips to the bottle and drank before handing it back.

“Can I have one?” Ryan ventured, noting how good and manly her father looked standing in front of the grill. She watched him give her a studying look and gave him her cutest smile.

“Only if you promise not to tell your mother,” Brad said and Ryan chuckled and nodded. “Keep it,” he told his daughter, handing her back the beer. “I’ll get myself another,” he added, and Ryan thanked him and took another sip as she watched him go into the house.

Though neither one of them admitted it, it was a somewhat awkward dinner between father and daughter. Sure, they talked and laughed, but there was an unadmitted sexual tension under the surface that went along with it. They both stayed in their bathing suits, exposing a lot of skin, and they each kept glancing at each other’s bodies when they thought the other wasn’t looking. They ate the burgers outside, in the warm evening, and after they finished Brad grabbed another beer and they stayed outside and talked. At one point, Ryan folded her knee onto the chair and hugged it as they talked, making her bikini cling tightly to her young pussy. Brad noticed this, his gaze drifting to between his girl’s legs, and as he studied the outline of her intimate lips, his cock stirred and started to harden making Brad quickly look away.

Ryan noticed her father looking down between her legs as she hugged her knee, but she said nothing. She kept talking, looking at her father, and as he looked away, she glanced down at the visible outline of her lips in the bikini and realized what he was looking at, feeling a jolt of excitement. She kept looking at her father when she noticed movement under the table. She noticed her father’s hand tugging on his shorts and the bulge in the middle of it. She felt wetness growing between her legs, realizing her father was getting hard looking at her and trying to hide it and felt a surge of excited arousal. She kept watching him tugging on his suit, but as his eyes moved back to hers, she quickly moved her eyes up to meet his gaze and continued talking.

After a while, they went inside the house, still in their bathing suits, and sat on the sofa to watch some TV. They sat next to one another, their bare arms touching, Ryan’s bare thigh grazing her father’s shorts, and they kept stealing glances as a movie they had both already seen came on. They watched in silence for a few minutes, then Ryan sighed and rested her head on her father’s shoulder, her cheek resting on his warm skin.

Brad glanced sideways at his daughter and inhaled deeply. Her hair was tickling his arm and her sweet smell enveloped him. He looked down at her young body, able to look down her top from this angle, and felt his mouth go dry as he glimpsed a hint of her pink nipple. His heartbeat quickened, his mind muddled, and he moved his gaze down between her legs and looked at her bare thighs, running his gaze up until her smooth skin disappeared behind the fabric of her bikini. Brad felt the arousal take hold of him again, felt the stirring between his legs, and as inconspicuously as he could, he tugged on his shorts.

Ryan knew her father was looking at her, knew he could see down her top, and it thrilled her. She looked down at his crotch and bit her lower lip as she saw his hand move to adjust his suit. She was wet between her legs, her body tingling, but she dared not touch herself. She sighed, the sound cute and innocent, then raised her head off her father’s shoulder. She turned to look at him, his eyes meeting hers, then she smiled and shifted on the sofa, sliding her legs away as she laid down and moved her head to her father’s lap, resting it there.

Brad held his breath and watched as his daughter rested her head on his cock. She said nothing, only laid her head down and turned to look at the TV, but as he looked down at her, her head resting on his cock with only the fabric of his swimming suit between them, he felt his arousal skyrocket. He tried to will it to stop, tried to keep himself from getting hard, but the sight of her young body in just a bikini, her bare backside, the curve of her hip, it was too much. Ryan started to stir in his lap, no doubt feeling his growing erect, but burrowed her head deeper into his lap. He watched her helpless as she reached a hand under her head and pressed it into his hardening shaft, then he watched with embarrassment as she raised her head and turned to look at him, her hand still on his bulge.

“Um, Ryan, I’m…” Brad mumbled as his daughter stared up at him blankly. “I’m sorry, it’s just…” He scrambled for words, but his daughter cut him off.

“Dad, I know. I…I heard you and mom the other week, I heard what you called her,” Ryan told her father and he turned red, not knowing what to say. “I also…I also noticed the way you’ve been looking at me,” Ryan added nervously, looking into her father’s eyes, wondering if denial will come but he stayed silent. They looked at each other for a few moments that felt like a lifetime, Ryan’s hand still on her father’s cock which only got harder. She looked at her father, knowing it was all true, and as her heart raced and her body tingled, she slid her hand up to the cord holding her father’s swimming suit and pulled on it slowly.

Brad looked down at his daughter shocked, still taking in her words, and as her fingers loosened his swimming suit, he held his breath. Ryan shifted on the sofa, her eyes still on his, and reached for his trunks with both hands, sliding her fingertips inside the waistband. “Ryan, what are you…?” Her father asked but Ryan just looked up at him, biting her lower lip adorably.

“It’s okay dad, I don’t mind,” Ryan said and Brad stared at her blankly. “I’ve kind of been…I’ve kind of been looking at you too,” she said shyly, blushing, and started pulling her father’s bathing suit down.

Brad watched frozen as his daughter started pulling his shorts down. He knew he should object or stop her, but instead, he just sat there and watched. He watched as the waistband slowly slid down, exposing his pubic hair, then more and more of his shaft until his semi-erect member sprung out and Ryan gasped. Brad found himself helping, raising himself as his exposed member grew even harder, and his daughter pulled his suit the rest of the way down his legs, exposing his balls too. He watched his daughter staring at his cock, seeing it for the first time, and saw the lustful wonder in her eyes. He was about to say something, but Ryan reached out and grabbed his cock and the sensation and sight of his teenage daughter grasping his dick turned his mind blank.

“Oh wow,” Ryan let out as she held her own father’s penis in her hand. She gave it a single stroke and her father let out a surprised moan. Her father had a nice cock, not big, but it was thick or at least thicker than what she was used to. She ran her hand along his shaft once more, feeling the wetness growing between her legs, then she moved in closer, leaned in, and moved her gaze to meet her father’s. She looked at him, looked deep into his eyes, then, her eyes still on his, slowly took the head of her father’s cock into her mouth.

“Oh god!” Brad moaned in disbelief as his daughter took his cock in her mouth. He watched her holding his shaft in her hand, the sight unbelievable, then watched as she leaned in, opened her mouth, and closed her lips around his cock. “Fuck!” He let out as his girl sucked on bursa escort his cock, his eyes wide, then let out another moan as he watched her slide her lips down his cock, taking it deeper into her warm mouth. She pulled her lips back up, eliciting more moans from him, then pulled her mouth off and looked lustfully at her father’s hard cock throbbing in her hand. She stroked it, the shaft already slick, then leaned down and took it in her mouth again. She took it back into her mouth, enjoying the pleasure she was giving her father, then slowly bobbed her head, running her lips up and down his shaft. When she next pulled her mouth off, his cock was rock-hard and twitching, and Ryan let it go and got to her feet.

Ryan stood in front of her father, looking down at his erection, then moved her gaze up to his face. He gave her an uncertain look, but Ryan just smiled. “It’s okay dad,” she said, then reached between her breasts and released her top.

Brad just stared speechless as his teenage daughter stripped in front of his eyes. She released the bikini top then took it off, shyly exposing her young breasts. Brad stared awed at her perfect tits, her pink nipples erect, then Ryan reached for the bottoms, and Brad’s eyes quickly followed. He watched entranced as his little girl slid her fingers into the red bottoms, her movements slow and seductive, but after a moment’s pause, she started pulling her bottoms down. Brad watched, holding his breath, as his daughter exposed herself to him, first revealing her light patch of pubic hair, and then more and more of her womanhood. He watched the top of her slit appear under her bush, then more and more of her, until her young perfect vulva was completely visible. He kept watching, amazed, as his daughter pulled the bottoms down, then she stepped out of them and faced her father in all her naked glory.

Father and daughter stared at each other, both speechless and completely naked. Ryan studied her father, all of him, from his handsome face to his muscular chest and arms, then down to his very hard cock and heavy balls, while Brad, in turn, studied his daughter, his beautiful teenage daughter. He studied her face, her neck, then her sexy breasts, so perky and perfect, each topped with a little pink nipple. He moved his gaze lower, along her flat tummy, then his gaze locked between her legs. Her pussy was so small and tight, her lips pink and sexy, all adorned by the cutest little bush he had ever seen. He ran his gaze down her tone legs, admiring every inch of his daughter, then brought his gaze back up and looked into her eyes as she gazed into his. They stared at each other for a few moments, then Ryan started climbing onto the sofa and her father.

Brad watched his little girl as she climbed on top of him and reached for his cock. “Ryan, sweetie, we shouldn’t,” he told his daughter and moved his gaze from the hand holding his cock up to her pretty face.

“Dad, I love you,” Ryan said in a voice shaky “and I want to show you how much. I know what I’m doing, and I want it,” she said and moved closer to him.

“Have you ever…?” Brad started.

“Yes, daddy. Don’t worry, I’m not a virgin,” Ryan said and though it’s not something a father usually wants to hear, his cock twitched at her words.

“Ryan, you need to understand, if we do this there’s no going back,” Brad continued. He wanted it desperately, but he knew he had to try and talk his daughter out of it.

“I understand dad, but I’m not a little girl anymore. I want this, I want to feel you inside of me. I understand what it means and I’m okay with it,” Ryan said boldly, telling her father exactly what she was feeling and her father, after a long pause, nodded.

“Okay sweetie, you’re right. You’re a grown woman, and if you’re sure about this…” Brad said, trailing off, and his daughter smiled at him. She held his cock firmly in her hand, holding it up, then raised herself and lowered her pussy over her father’s erection.

Ryan’s breath was rasped and nervous. She looked straight into her father’s eyes, only a few inches away from hers, and slowly lowered herself down onto his manhood until the tip met her delicate folds. She kept her gaze on her father as she slowly rubbed his hard cock along her wet cunt, noting her father was holding his breath, then inserted the tip between her tight young lips.

Ryan and Brad both held their breaths as daughter took her father’s cock inside her. She looked deep into her father’s eyes, seeing a mixture of love and lust in them, then started lowering herself onto his cock. Ryan moaned silently and her mouth opened as she took her father into her sacred hole. She pushed down, feeling his thick cock starting to stretch her, and basked in the indescribable feeling of doing something so taboo. She kept lowering herself slowly, letting out little moans, and felt inch after inch of her father’s cock, the same cock that made her, slide into her young snatch. She whimpered as she took him in, the cock stretching her tight little pussy, and pushed down gingerly until she was sitting down on her father with his entire cock inside her teenage snatch.

Ryan looked at her father, mouth agape, and let out labored breaths as they stared at each other in awe. She felt so full, full of her father’s cock, and she dared not move as her young hole adjusted to his member. She took a ragged breath, still not believing her father’s bare cock was inside of her, then bit her lip, and ever so slightly moved on top of him. She moaned between clenched teeth as her tender lips rubbed against his pubic hair and her clit rubbed against his pelvis. She let out a whimpering little moan, clenching her young pussy on her father’s dick, then her eyes went wide, and she released a shaking high-pitched moan.

“Oh my god!” Ryan let out, her naked body going rigid, and a moment later, to her complete and utter amazement, she started cumming on top of her father’s cock. She was barely moving, just clenching her pussy on his cock, moving her hips slightly, but that was enough. “Ugh god!” She moaned, looking straight into her father’s eyes, then shut her eyes and let out little squeals as her naked body started shaking.

Brad looked at his naked daughter, gazed into her eyes from inches away, and stared in disbelief as she came on his hard cock. He watched her close her eyes, listened to her erotic moans, and felt, what few fathers ever do, as her young pussy started convulsing around his hard cock. He moaned as her tight little cunt squeezed his cock and watched entranced as her naked body began to shudder on top of him.

It was such an intense orgasm for young Ryan, the knowledge it was her father’s cock inside her, stretching her open, just as much a factor as the actual feeling of the thick shaft. She barely moved, but she didn’t have to, and as she opened her eyes, seeing her dad’s handsome face in front of her sent another surge of sexual pleasure through her. She moaned as the pleasure took her, flowing through her young body, moving in electrifying waves from her pussy, stuffed with her father’s dick, throughout her naked body, making her pussy convulse and her entire body shake in blissful ecstasy. “Oh my god!” She called out, her voice soft but the intensity of her words loud, and tears filled her eyes. She continued to shake, her young body overwhelmed with sexual pleasure, then, with the orgasm still surging through her, she started sobbing uncontrollably.

Tears streamed down his daughter’s face, warm glistening tears, and her body continued to shake and shudder on top of his. Brad watched his daughter, feeling a pang of guilt, but he knew they were tears of overwhelming pleasure rather than pain or regret. He looked at his little girl, then wrapped her strong arms around her and pulled her into him, hugging her. He pressed her warm naked body into his, feeling her warm tears on his bare shoulder, and just held her tightly. He held his daughter as she continued to cry through her orgasm, her naked body continuing to shake while her pussy continued to convulse around his cock. He kissed her bare shoulder tenderly, her face buried in his neck, and just continued to hold her, until she calmed down. Brad held his daughter as her shaking and crying gradually stopped and left her naked body motionless in his arms with just his hard cock inside her pussy.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Brad asked his daughter, kissing her smooth skin once more, then released her and watched her pull away. He looked at her pretty tears-covered face as she sniveled, wiping her nose with the back of her hand, then she gave him a small nod.

“Yeah, I’m fine dad,” Ryan said, her voice small and raw. “I’ve never…that was…it was so intense,” Ryan said, looking dazed and her father nodded in agreement. Ryan shifted on top of her father, moving her knees further up on both sides of him, and her father’s hands moved to her waist and held her as she did. She watched her father’s eyes roam along her naked body, moving from her tits down to her pussy and looking at the way her tight pink lips hugged his cock. Ryan took a shaky breath, then a deep breath, and with her father looking between her legs, at their merging body, she started to ride his cock.

Daughter and father surrendered their bodies to each other and made love for the first time. Ryan started riding her father’s cock, sliding her very wet pussy up and down his thick shaft, and her bare skin tingled. She moved slowly, still getting used to his thick cock, and her movements were accompanied by gentle moans from them both. Ryan soon squealed as another orgasm took her, and as she came a second time on top of her father, it was his turn to take over. He tightened his grip around her body and helped her ride him while they made love, sliding her beautiful pussy up and down his shaft as she came a second time, a third, and a fourth time, the pause between her orgasms so short she wasn’t sure if each time she was cumming again or if it was the same orgasm as the previous one.

Brad watched his naked daughter ride him to their mutual joy. He watched her young breasts bounce, her tight lips move up and down his cock, and admired while moaning in delight as she convulsed on top of him as she orgasmed repeatedly. It was such an amazing sight, watching his beautiful young daughter cum in his cock, watching her naked body shudder in pleasure as her snatch convulsed around his cock. He watched in awe as his daughter came, again and again, reaching orgasm after orgasm on the cock that made her, and with each orgasm, her pussy adjusted more and more to his cock, until his cock started to slide easily between her legs.

Ryan paused as another orgasm faded away and looked at her father as she caught her breath. She placed a hand on his bare chest, smirking as he moaned while she clenched her pussy down on his cock, then she started riding him again. His hard cock now easily slid between her wet lips, and she could finally speed up, riding her father’s cock faster and faster until she was slamming her young cunt onto his cock. She listened to him moan as she rode him intensely, bouncing her ass as she pounded her snatch onto his cock, and watched the expression on her father’s face change as his moans grew louder.

“Ugh god!” Brad moaned as his little girl’s pussy slid down his cock again, hugging it so perfectly. “Fuck!” he moaned again, clenching his teeth, and stared at their merging body. He let out a series of low moans and grunts, feeling the pleasure rise, then he exploded inside of his teenage daughter’s pussy.

Ryan looked at her father’s face as he moaned, his expression changing, and continued to ride his cock. She felt it twitch inside her, then a strong squirt shot out inside of her and filled her with his warm cum. “Oh my god!” Ryan let, tears filling up her eyes, and watched her father as he moaned louder. His body tensed under her, his bliss plastered across his face, and soon another load of warm cum filled.

Brad came inside his daughter’s pussy, came hard, and they stared at each other as he squirted his incestuous load inside her young snatch. Brad growled, electrifying pleasure surging through him, and continued to shoot his load inside his daughter’s pussy as she continued to ride him. He came and came, his cock filling her up with what seemed to them both like an endless load of cum, but it did eventually end. Ryan slid down her father’s cock, taking it deep inside her, and felt it twitch a few final times before going still. They looked each other in the eyes, Ryan’s filled with more tears, and father and daughter both looked dazed and exhausted. Brad looked at his daughter sympathetically, watching the tears swell in Ryan’s eyes, and he pulled her in again, hugging her tightly, as she broke down weeping again.

Ryan cried in her father’s arms, their naked bodies pressed together, and her naked tired body started shaking as she wept. To Ryan, it wasn’t just sex she just had with her father, it was something more, something deeper, something that transcended the physical carnal pleasure of the incestuous act and felt so intimate and special in a way she couldn’t put into words. She knew it was the same for her father, she could feel it, and she was so emotional, so overwhelmed by the experience that the tears just kept flowing until there were none left.

Brad listened to his daughter cry, letting it all out, and processed the experience in silence while he held her in his arms. His dick grew soft inside her as her weeping died down, and soon he felt it slip out of her warm cunt, followed by a stream of their combined juices. He felt his cum continue to trickle out of her pussy and onto his cock as she turned quiet, her breathing shallow, and they just held each other as they both drifted off to sleep on the sofa.

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