All I Ever Wanted Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the story begun in ‘All I Ever Wanted’, and takes place immediately after the events described there. For completeness, I would suggest you read the first part before reading this, it will then continue the narrative logically; it’s up to you, though, whatever you choose is fine by me; you’re all grown-up’s, aren’t you?


Sai Fong Speaks:

So now I had Harry, nailing him after years of chasing, teasing, tormenting, and finally trapping him. So what if he’s my half-brother, he’s worth it; the poor lamb’s such an innocent, he might have gone off with some local girl, someone I knew, that would have been too dreadful for words, seeing him tied-up with some local trull, or worse, some tramp he met at uni, that would have been unspeakable. I couldn’t allow that, he’s mine, I saw him first; really speaking, that first time, I forced him, but then he didn’t exactly fight me off tooth and nail, defending his virtue with might and vigour; in fact, I seem to remember that he had no hesitation about moving in for the kill, so perhaps I got to him just as his resolve finally wavered, his barriers on the way down –precision timing, even if I do say so myself.

Now that Harry and I had slept together, had made love during the night and again in the morning, and were planning how to stay together, my life seemed to be finally coming into focus. I had wanted Harry for so long, tried to break him down by any means at my disposal, and it took an argument with Dad over university to finally catalyse our relationship.

I knew what Harry had been going through with me; I’d planned it, after all, just in case the opportunity arose, but it still took an act of fate to put us in the same bed, at the same time, and like all good schemer’s, I took my opportunity to finally make him mine. He’d laughed to hear how I’d prepared for this night, how I’d prepared to seduce him by learning (theoretically, of course; internet porn can be useful, and not just for the obvious) every sexual trick and technique I could find that didn’t actually look impossible, disgusting, or required me to be freakishly double-jointed.

So now, what next? We’ve resolved our living arrangements for the next three years, Dad will eventually come round to see things my way, because I have decided that is the way things should be, and I’ll be able to keep Harry pinned close to me, because he’s far too delicious to be unleashed on unsuspecting womanhood at large. Harry tells me I’m an amoral little wretch, a distinction I wear with pride, and Dad’s going to give in, because he doesn’t have the strength to fight me forever; all he has to do is sign the papers, and I’m out of his hair (what’s left of it, poor dear; I kept him busy) and officially Harry’s problem for the next three years. I know this sounds so calculating, but the truth is, Harry’s such a wide-eyed innocent, such a babe in the woods, I couldn’t just leave him out there, poor darling, a sitting target, any scheming bitch, someone just like me, in fact, might have snagged him, a thought that makes me go weak at the knees; I might still have to kill to keep him, keep watching the papers. Like I said, he’s mine.


When I ran off to London, I had no plan to seduce Harry (well, not immediately, anyway, certainly not that day), all I wanted was a rational, reasonably well-adjusted person to talk to, Dad was being completely obtuse and unreasonable, and Harry is so sweet, never judgemental, I was hoping that he would talk to Dad, get him to understand I was never going to study nursing, that I was the last person on the planet to entrust with a human life, that I wanted to be a graphic artist and illustrator, and that I’d already been accepted at a prestigious art school. What came after was wholly unplanned (but not un-hoped for, and certainly not unwelcome), opportunistic, and the product of circumstance.

(Poor Harry, he may be a brilliant engineering student, one of the only 12 students world-wide to participate in the Special Engineering Projects programme at his university, one of the foremost engineering universities on the planet, but when it came to girls, me especially, he just didn’t have his antennae peeking over the parapet. In our little dynamic, Harry may be the intellect, but I am the brains of the outfit; he needs someone as devious and skewed as me, someone to put a few bends and twists in him so he can meet the real world with a fair chance of surviving it. Let me describe him. He’s tall, just over six feet, with soft, dark chestnut hair, always flopping down over one eye, big grey-hazel eyes and long, almost girly, eyelashes, killer cheekbones, and a chin you could bounce rocks off, physique honed by rugby training into something best described as “Phwoaarr!” A proper wet-knicker eyeful in any predatory females’ book, as well as the most solid, muscular bum I’ve ever seen on a man. Ever since I first noticed it, I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into that bum, just to feel the texture of all that densely-packed muscle! bursa eskort bayan He’s so gorgeous it’s ridiculous, something he’s completely unaware of, thank God; other boys with half his looks and delicious bod are cocky little dicks, but he’s so sweet it’s worrying; I truly believe that if you sliced him open, cuddly puppies would leap out. His great talent, if you could call it that, is to be diffident, so shy, that he fades into the background, something he does almost instinctively, shutting down his ‘me’ field so thoroughly that he literally fades from view; the trouble is, any girl who sees him being so unassuming, so lacking that ‘cute-guy’ cockiness, immediately ticks the box on her ‘keeper’ list, and moves in for the kill, then stands back in confusion at his complete lack of response, not realising that he’s completely failed to pick up any of her ‘come and get me, big boy’ signals. I was broadcasting those same signals for years, and nothing; it took desperate measures to reel him in, believe me. Harry truly believes that all the big-tit scrubbers hanging around him at uni do it because they’re all as fascinated by hard engineering as he is. Any girl who claims older brothers are easy to manage hasn’t met Harry.)

When I woke in the darkness that first night, all I was aware of was the nearness of him, his body warmth, the sense of his presence, and then I knew I wanted him, there and then, not just to possess, but physically, to make love to me, to hold me and kiss me, the way I had fantasised for years. I knew he was the man for me, now I had to find a way of making him see that.

My arm was still through his, and with a little judicious tugging, (taking my time, I didn’t want to wake him just yet), he gradually slid lower down the bed, from his upright position to a more prone position. At last, he was lying next to me, one arm under himself, the other resting loosely on my tummy. I slowly turned to face him, and his hand slid down and came to rest on my bottom, then grasping my bum cheek in his sleep. I smiled; this might be easier than I thought, this boy had good instincts! My own hand slid around his solid waist, across the small of his back, rubbing at the waistband of his shorts. At last, I went for it, sliding my hand inside the back of his boxers and further down, feeling the solid muscle mass of his buttock, thinking ‘Dear God, what an arse, it’s like a rock!’

His breathing changed, and I sensed he was awake, his grasp on my buttock easing as he tried to slip it off, so I told him “Leave it there!” which startled him, but he kept his hand in place; good boy, he knew how to take orders. I wondered, being as he had me by the bum, whether he was going to do anything about it, but, with no sign of any further activity from him, I grabbed tight hold of his bum and used the leverage to slide myself up against him, feeling the outline of his cock, thinking ‘Yes, oh yes!” and finally pulling his head down so I could kiss him at last, the way I had always wanted to. He made one more half-hearted attempt to move his warm hand from my bum, and I had to warn him again, so he took the plunge, groped my arse properly, the way I’d always hoped he would. When he finally rammed his beautiful cock into me, it was like a dream come true. He hammered my fanny until I came like never before, I literally saw stars, and I fully intend to keep on seeing them, with him. There are a lot of things I want to try, some of them I’ve seen done, but don’t really believe, none will have occurred to him, all of which are going to shock my Harry speechless, , and I’m going to have a fucking great time!

Making love to Harry was the single most important milestone in my life to date, not because I gave him my virginity, but because I had finally stepped over the line into that place where you discover, truly realise, that there is someone in your life who’s more important to you than you are. I discovered I loved Harry with a deep and aching love, not just fancied him because he was so cute, and I wanted to keep him near me, to be near him, to wake up and see him every day. The thought of not seeing him every day, of being separated from him made me feel funny inside, wobbly, and a little scared. Love? I believe so. I wanted to continue with what we were doing, no matter what the cost. Harry, ever the practical one, ran through the consequences and ramifications of what I did, we did, checking to see if I understood what exactly we were embarking upon here, but he needn’t have worried; I’d gone through all of these in my mind a thousand times before, never dreaming that one day I would be having this conversation for real. I knew what I wanted; to be with and love that boy. I’m over 18 and in my right mind, so I went for it, and I’m perfectly satisfied with the outcome.

When morning came, Harry made love to me, slow, exciting foreplay and hot, mind-blowing orgasm as he ate me out, then filling me with his cock, claiming me properly, sealing us together, admitting to himself and accepting that bursa merkez escort we were now a couple, siblinghood notwithstanding.


I waited for Sai Fong to get dressed, usually a production in its own right, and after 45 minutes or so, knocked on the bedroom door, asking if she was alright. Getting no answer, I opened the door, and there she was, sitting on the bed, ridiculous bathrobe pulled around her, tears streaking her face, staring at her clothes, looking at me, then leaping up to hug me so hard I swear I heard my spine creak.

“What’s the matter, Princess? ” I whispered, as she started sobbing into my chest, holding her close as I smoothed her hair, arms all the way around her, the way she liked me to hug her, had done since she was a little girl.

“Harry, what have I done, I dragged you into this, why did you let me? How are we going to fix this? Oh God, I’m so sorry!” she gabbled out, her words running together, tears starting afresh as she started sobbing again, great, braying sobs.

I got it. The guilt had found her. I had thought I would be in this place now, but the truth was, I felt completely unworried by what we’d done; when you jump off that cliff, it’s past time to start worrying about what happens next; it’s going to happen, and you’ve already accepted it, or you wouldn’t have jumped. It was done, and that was all to say on the subject. Obviously, the thrill of the chase had obscured for her the possible outcomes, now she’d realised that we couldn’t turn back the clock. It happened, and was going to remain happened, no matter what.

I held her until her sobs died down to hiccups and sighing, soothing her and rubbing her back, then sat her down next to me, wiping her eyes with my shirt, the one she’d already snuffled and wiped her nose on.

“Alright, Sai, are you ready to talk now?” I asked her, still aware of how naked she was, eyes still full of tears, threatening to spill down at the slightest provocation, and I wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of her mopping her face and nose again with the shirt I was wearing; pretty-girl snot is still snot, and I was already cringeing away from the front of my sodden shirt as it all soaked through.

“Harry, what are we going to do?” she whispered, “Where can we possibly go from here? It’s not like we can ever be a real couple, all we can do is pretend, but eventually someone’s going to find out. What happens then? Suppose you meet someone, what happens to me? If I want children one day, how can I, if we’re together, if we’re a couple?”

I had already made my decision. When we jumped into it, I had my eyes open. “Sai,” I began, “I’ve been chasing you and back-pedalling for God-knows how long now; I could never concentrate on any one girlfriend long enough to make it work, because you were always there in my head, and I knew deep-down that this was going to happen; it was inevitable, and I bowed to it. There’s never going to be anyone else, you take up all my available head-space, OK? Face it, all your prick-teasing worked, maybe too well, because now I’m hooked on you. I picked a university a long way from home because I thought if you were out of sight, I could put you out of mind, but you were always there, on the edge of vision, so no, I’m not going anywhere, and I won’t let you, either, unless that’s what you really want.”

Sai Fong sat and watched my face, my eyes, as I made my little speech, checking out the little tells to see if I was sincere, if I was being truthful, or if I was just horny and keeping her on the hook so I could get some more. To be honest, I was a little off-balance with all this; I’d never seen Sai upset and crying before, she had a naturally sunny disposition, and even Dad had mentioned once that she’d never acted-out, or thrown a tantrum, or even made the usual demands on him for late nights out, extra money, all the things teenage girls demand as their right. Even her yelling at me in Cantonese and slamming her door was just her winding me up, making sure I knew she’d missed me when I’d had to spend weekends at school.

“Sai, do you want children? Because we can work something out, let me think about it. All the other stuff, it’s not likely anyone will twig what our real relationship is; look at us, we’re not obviously brother and sister, even your actual name isn’t Waterfield; Dad just called you that for convenience with the schools. The only person who knows you’re my sister, other than the local yokels in Shropshire and the family, is the faceless bod at the Home Office who processed your paperwork when dad applied for residence for you as his daughter, along with the other 50,000 immigrants who apply for and are granted residence every year. Your name is Sai Fong, that’s what it says on your passport, and your birth certificate, you know, the one written in Chinese….?”

Sai was smiling now, listening as I unravelled what I’d been thinking between last night and now. My confirmation that I’d committed to her was bursa sınırsız escort bayan obviously what she’d been looking and waiting for, and the fact that I’d given thought to what came next obviously encouraged her. She moved closer to me, hugging me, careful to avoid the disgusting front of my shirt, kissing me on the cheek.

“You have thought about this, haven’t you, Harry, really thought about it? And, knowing how this could all end, you’re still sure about this, you really, really mean to take me on, full speed ahead and damn the consequences?”

I smiled. “Surely do, Princess, I love you, you got me, and I got you now! Now, apparently I’m wearing your used handkerchief, so I need a shirt, and you should pick something to wear, I thought you wanted to go out strolling! Do you need some help, some advice from an older male on what looks most devastating on a pretty girl on a summer morning?”

Sai looked at me, grinning. “Harry, I’ve seen what you wear, you’re colour-blind and living in the nineties, so thank you, no, I can do this quite well by myself, if it’s all the same to you! And ‘pretty’, eh? You’ll pay for that!”

I grinned. “My apologies, Princess, I meant, hot, stunning, ravishing, gorgeous, mouth-watering, phwoaarr! Pax?” Sai dimpled. “It’s a start, let me think about it!”

I sat on the bed, watching as she dressed, drawing the comment “Seen enough yet, pop-eyes?” I answered “Sweetheart, last night I saw more than you’d admit to under torture, so now, I’m just surveying the field of play, enjoying the view, and picking out the bits I like best!” So saying, I pulled her close by her hips, her arms going about my neck and head as I nibbled lightly on her sexy little brownish-pink nipples, nuzzling her small, high breasts, squeezing and jiggling her taut little bum as I did so.

“We’ll call that payment for snotting all over my shirt, shall we?” I teased her, giving her rump a light pinch on each cheek before letting her go.

Sai stuck out her tongue, slid on a thong and a wispy bra, skin-tight leggings, a loose, off the shoulder top, and flat-soled slipper-shoes.

“Right, let’s go, breakfast is on me, I hope you like park food, I want to go to the zoo and stroll in Regent’s Park!”

I, however, was reacting a little too well to the sight of her in her cute outfit, and the picture of her slim body before she desecrated it by putting on clothes, and pulled her close for another serious grope of her equipment, my own equipment also taking note of her nearness, and jumping up to catch my attention, and hers as well…

“Why Harry, whatever are you doing?” she purred at me, grinding her crotch against mine, making me even harder, and slipping her arms around my neck to pull me in close for a long and very stimulating kiss.

“Honestly, Harry, if you wanted to play silly buggers, you could have interrupted me before I got dressed; now I have to strip off again. How annoying!” she teased me, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her leggings and sliding them down a couple of inches, before I slid my hands inside the back of them and cupped her sexy little bum-cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart as she reached up to kiss me again. She pushed me so I fell backwards onto the bed, pulling her down with me, giggling as she kissed me, the feel of her curved smiling lips against mine unbearably sexy.

Sai wriggled out of her leggings and panties, lying on top of me in just her loose top, her nipples already stiff and clearly defined as they rubbed against my chest, and began to kiss me more seriously, languorously rolling her tongue against mine, tasting me as I tasted her, rubbing her naked quim against me. I was terribly torn between letting go of her superb bum or undoing my own trousers and unleashing Harry Jr. and decided that her bum was going to be freely available, whereas even the most dedicated shagging-machine has only a limited number of erections available per day. Get while the getting’s good, as Grandpa always said!

Sai seemed to pick up on this inner conflict of mine, and took matters into her own hands, as it were. Kneeling up on the bed, she unhooked my trouser button, unzipped my flies, and yanked them off all in one fluid movement, including my shorts in the performance, leaving me naked with a truly bone-chilling erection. With a happy sigh, Sai Fong leaned in and engulfed my penis in her soft warm mouth, her tongue gently rasping and sliding around and behind the head, licking in the slit, and sucking inexorably. I knew I couldn’t stand this for long, as she well knew, so I reluctantly disengaged from her, pulling her up beside me to kiss her and nuzzle her breasts through the fabric of her top. Sai smiled and leaned back, closing her eyes when I trailed my fingers down her flat tummy to her sparse pubic hair, gently ruffling the soft fine fuzz and probing lower, to caress her soft slim labia. As I kissed and nibbled her lips and tongue, I slowly worked my finger into her secret place, feeling her lips open and softly swell as she became more aroused, moisture seeping from her, and the hard little nub of her clitoris making itself felt. Sai jumped and sighed when my gently questing fingers touched or caressed her clitoris, and her hands entwined themselves around my head, pulling me in closer to kiss me more ardently, more passionately, more lovingly.

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