All Men Are Toys

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Looking out from the hotel balcony Eve watched as the local fishermen hauled their wares onto the beach after a busy night at sea. There was something so soothing about their excited chatter and the tide telling it’s tale of a thousand lost souls. The ocean was docile with occasional white surf injecting life into the bluest of seas. The little tavernas peppered around the hotel were being prepared for another day of visitors and family reunions. Rotund women with brightly coloured aprons were sweeping pavements and washing tables.

She closed her eyes and breathed in the morning. Pulling her legs up she placed her arms around them and rested her chin on her knees. This was heaven on earth. A fine rain began to dampen her skin. Eve loved the summer rain. She found it to be one of the most sensuous things in the world. Lifting her face upwards she melted at its soft touch. She loved how it felt warm against her body. She loved the way the sky would bleed into different shades of grey and then heavens curtains would open to reveal the blue skies once more. She continued to sit there and began sipping at her coffee, allowing the gentle downpour to awaken her senses and the caffeine to kick-start her deliciously manipulative mind. She turned to look at Richard. He was sleeping soundly. His naked form was definitely one to be admired. The white cotton bed sheet draped over his lower body accentuating his manhood which she had allowed out of its little cage the night before. Small stains spotted the cover where he had leaked in the night. She knew he was desperate for release and today, he was going to be granted his dearest wish. She sighed with a sense of pride as she recapped how the perfect day was going to unfold before his very eyes. With a smug satisfaction she whispered ‘after today he will always be mine’.

Dressing in a short summer skirt and white strappy top she admired how her skin had kept its lovely golden glow from their days on the beach during that first week of her delicious scheme. Keeping everything natural her look was one to be envied. She walked over to the bed and using her fingernail she gently outlined the shape of Richards’s morning erection. As his body began to jolt she continued to tease, using another finger to doodle on his chest. His pulsating manhood was so eager to please her and as fluid leaked she continued to watch. Licking her bottom lip purposely she directed her action at him causing him to groan with frustration.

‘Good morning beautiful’ he said pulling himself up to kiss her. She moved away and pointed to some clothes she had laid out for him to wear. ‘It’s almost lunchtime now you sleepy boy. You have 20 minutes to get ready. I have a few surprises in store for you today’. And with that she returned to the balcony to witness lovers strolling to their favourite bars and bikini clad beauties oiling their firm bodies. Richard hated himself for oversleeping and wasting precious moments that could have been spent with his beautiful Eve – and on this day of all days – the day she had promised to make love to him. She seemed a little cross. What could he do to make amends? Would he need some gesture to win her round? He knew now that it was best not complicate things by trying to second guess her razor sharp mind. It was best to simply do what she had asked.

Richard showered and dressed in the white linen trousers teamed with white cotton shirt. She turned to inspect him and he was every inch desirable. His firm torso filled the shirt nicely and the lack of underwear would make every reaction to her womanly allure so much more noticeable. She purred and took his hand. As she smiled, Richard felt a huge weight lifting from his shoulders as he realized she was not Kartal Ukraynalı Escort cross with him at all. Leading the way he gladly followed without fear or hesitation. Their walk was only a short one as she guided him to Yianni’s bar. With the warmest of welcomes they were seated at a table that had been laid especially for them. A parasol protected them from the Greek sun but the heat danced on their skin causing a healthy, moist glow. Music played harmoniously in the background and the blur of peoples’ conversations adding to the atmosphere they were both caught up in the magic of the moment.

The waitress appeared carrying two cocktails and a menu. Eve thanked her and began to study what they would be eating for lunch making it quite clear to Richard that she would be choosing his food. He raised an eyebrow as if to enquire what the drink was and she replied ‘you are drinking Eve’s Elixir a cocktail I created just for my boy.’ ‘Wow, I am truly blown away, this is such a lovely surprise’ he said placing his glass to hers. She smiled and whispered’ I want everything to be perfect. Today your body will get to enjoy mine.’ A hypnotic smile crossed her mouth and he was transfixed. Almost speechless, he stared at her. She had promised him this for so long and on their roller-coaster journey to this day there had been so many times he had thought he might get to enjoy the pleasures of her sweet body, or at least for her to pleasure his, but each time she had always refused him release at the very last minute. Yet here he was euphoric at the very thought of being allowed to caress every inch of his beloved Mistress.

Lunch was a sublime mix of white fish, salad and enchanting interactions. Taking the cherry from her cocktail Eve placed it in her mouth and began to roll it around her open mouth with her tongue. Richard became incredibly aroused by this simple attempt to tease him and watch attentively as she toyed with the innocent fruit. ‘It’s time’, she announced. She threw some money onto the table and made the waitress aware that they were leaving. Yianni came rushing over to wish them goodbye. Shaking Richards hand he said ‘you lucky son of a bitch’ and winked. What had he meant by this? Had Eve told him what was about to take place? Eve excused herself from the male bonding moment and expressed that she needed to collect a bag from the room. Within minutes she was back with a bag of fruit, water and some items that Richard couldn’t see.

As they walked away from the restaurant it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for their fingers to interlock whilst they engaged in light conversation. His spare hand moved a wisp of her hair out of her eyes and curled it behind her ear. Leaving the back of his hand firmly against her cheek, she leaned into it and for a fleeting moment she appeared to be the vulnerable young girl he met ten years ago. He loved witnessing her softer side as it made her a complete, adorable package that he could not live without. Sensing his thoughts she moved her face away and continued to steer them towards a deserted country lane. A few old villas were scattered in the distance and the rich smell of pine was a pleasing addition to the ambience. The afternoon sun was arid and tiring and realising they had walked far enough she guided him over to a sturdy looking tree.

She gently pushed him against the trunk and kissed him tenderly on the lips as she undid the canvass belt from his trousers. She pressed her body against his forcing him back against the coarse bark and he made no attempt to stop her as she deftly tied his hands behind the tree with the belt. It was quite an uncomfortable fete as splinters seemed to jab at his flesh in a mocking Kartal Üniversiteli Escort fashion and he realised he was totally at her mercy. She ripped his shirt open to reveal his naked panting chest and then undid the fastenings of his trousers letting them fall to the floor around his ankles. Whispering to him that he was her ‘man whore’ she knew the words would start the dance of seduction. Pressing his back against the trunk of the tree, she took his hands and secured them more tightly. Moving very close to him, she pressed her body against his until the bark bit into his flesh like a rabid dog. Just her presence was enough to cause the balls to swell. With a sense of longing they felt heavy and uncomfortable against her covered thigh. She stepped back to look at him as he struggled in vain to hide his rampant erection. He felt so exposed and so vulnerable but at the same time so alive. Was it the heavy scent of pine or the gently breeze over his naked body that made him shiver? Or was it the vision of his succulent Goddess that sent a tingle down his spine.

Facing him her breath trailed over his already moist skin. Opening a bottle of water, she drank some quickly. Then purposely she left her mouth slightly open so the water trickled out from the corners making him visualise his manly juices leaking from her beautiful lips. As the water dripped down onto her strappy top her nipples awoke and protruded through the material. Moving closer to him she fell to her knees in a dramatic fashion. Looking up at him she portrayed a coy little vixen that was about to become a man eating tigress. Eyeing the cock, she licked her mouth. He didn’t dare breathe as he watched her tongue reach out to meet his leaking tip. Everything appeared in slow motion as her eyes connected with his. He wanted to yell ‘please do it’ but knew it would not be well received and so he tried to remain calm. She continued to remove herself away from his leaking manhood giggling as she saw the torture on his face. She had never seen so much preseminal fluid. Like an exploding volcano the liquid kept flowing. She caught some on her finger and transferred it into her equally aroused temple.

As he saw her hand go up her skirt he struggled to see everything. He fought against his restraints, like a wild horse. Reasoning sounding through his thoughts telling him that even if he broke free there was nothing he could do. As her eyes closed he just knew she was rubbing her sweet spot. He envied the droplet of pre-ejaculatory fluid that was now simmering with her honey. He found his throat drying as he became even more aroused. How did she manage this? Never before had he reached the heights that she took him to. As he resigned himself to the fact he couldn’t take anymore teasing she managed to edge him higher up the scale. Far out reaching a mind fuck. It was like a rapturous euphoria. A visit to heaven. She knew how to touch him in a way that would awaken his whole body and mind. He wanted to be those fingers, he wanted to be the only thing in the world that licked at her honey pot.

Eve dropped to her knees and began to lick the tip of his throbbing cock. He pushed towards her and she greedily devoured him whole – his heavy balls slapping against her delicate chin. A sudden jolt, like an electric shock, ran through his body as her tongue licked his penis once. An episode of involuntary contractions shot through his tortured body. She began to consume the shaft, taking it in slowly at first, every action deliberate. Sucking on the cock with a certain air of expertise, she worked from the tip to the base – building up speed so that his balls tapped rhythmically against her cheeks. Oh God he loved that sound. He loved Kartal Vip Escort this feeling and most of all he loved her, his Goddess.

She cupped the balls, weighing them in her hand and then cock still in her mouth she squeezed as hard as her little hand could squeeze causing him to thrust forward deep in her throat. She looked up at him with smiling blue eyes to see agony and ecstasy in perfect harmony written across his face and the carried on with urgency to the task in hand. Richard moved his hips powerfully backwards and forward as she expertly moved her mouth to bring him to the edge, all the time carefully working his balls with her hands tenderly and sensuously the squeezing with vice-like grip. Richard knew he couldn’t resist much longer and soon his sticky spunk would be spurting in her mouth. He wanted it so much but he wanted too to wait for Eve to tell him the time was right. But she, as always, was in full control and after using her vantage point to fully remove his trousers and shoes, she tossed them aside and stood up. Moving backwards she lifted her skirt and said ‘look how wet you have made me’ She pressed two delicate fingers into her panties the dampness transforming the white to reveal the intimate contours of her sex. She moved the fingers quickly into Richards mouth and he feasted eagerly on the sweet honey of her sex. The taste was beyond imagination – the sweet intoxicant he had longed for every day over the past month.

Richard realised they were not too far away from the road and although it seemed like a quiet road, there was a chance that passing traffic would witness his dilemma. Oh how he wished someone would catch a brief glimpse of his beautiful Mistress sucking his hard frustrated cock. She sat back and watched as the cock twitched and almost ejaculated. She knew that one more touch, one more lick would have him over the edge and so she gave him some water and let the intensity to calm. Allowing only a short break she retrieved the fruit from her bag. Lush red strawberries and cubes of juicy watermelon were welcome sights to soothe his dry throat. Placing a whole strawberry between her lips she pushed it to his. As they both sucked eagerly on the berry the juice ran down onto their chins. The sound it made was reminiscent of hurried, horny love making. Taking the watermelon she teased him. Offering it and then taking it away just as he thought he would be allowed to taste its sweetness.

She smiled as the dance came to an end, for now. With no announcement she suddenly pulled her panties down, stepped out of them and then picked them up and held them tight against Richards’s nose. He inhaled deeply like a crack-whore feeding on her rock. He was in ecstasy. The scent of musky sex and sweet lustful elixir blended to make the most wonderful of perfumes. He buried his nose into the cotton gusset and revelled in the fact they were stained with their excitement. And when she took the panties away and pulled them up Richard’s athletic legs he was once again powerless to resist. She lovingly arranged his still stiff cock inside the lace to form a pretty tent with the bulbous purple head just poking out of the top. She stepped back. ‘You look pretty as a picture’ she giggled. He stood helpless as she dressed him in the steamy hot lingerie and welcomed her dampness against his skin. They were tight and dug into his muscular frame. She pulled his trousers over the lace and, realising his ties, wondered if he realised that the panties were visible through the material.

She smiled as she anticipated the walk back to their hotel. People would see his new apparel and he would know that her pert, divine bottom was naked in its form and that her skirt was the only thing covering the temple that he worshipped. Hand in hand they strolled back to the hotel with a sense of sexual urgency. He was aroused and on full view cocooned by the white fabric of his trousers. The dustiness of the country lane was apparent on their skin and clothes. Would anyone guess what they had just done?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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