All She Wanted

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Having Fun

**This is a work of adult fiction. It contains adult themes and situations. All characters are over the age of 18. It is also a work of fantasy, requiring some suspension of belief. It’s not perfect, enjoy it for what it is. If you like it, great, if not, that’s fine too.**


“You’ve got to be kidding…”, I said to myself as I listened to the news update on talk radio, lazily making my commute into the office, waiting for the caffeine to finally kick in. The news went over the current infection rates, talks of how to curb transmission, and continued threats of a lockdown. I was in disbelief. This is the type of thing you see in movies, not in real life. Coronavirus, COVID-19, the ‘Rona….it’s all anyone had been talking about for weeks. We had already been making tentative plans in the event that we needed to have people work from home for a time. Luckily, many of our employees, myself included, already had schedules and home set-ups where we would work at home a couple days a week and in the office the other days of the week.

I had been working for an accounting firm just outside of Seattle for several years. Yea, I’m a math nerd. It wasn’t a terribly hard job, just pretty busy. We had several longstanding contracts with various businesses in the area which kept us working. The money was decent, I’m by no means rich, but comfortable, and being able to work from home was nice.

I pulled into the parking lot and shut off my car just as another new news update started. You’d never know anything was going on based on the traffic this morning, same as always. I leaned into my car, grabbing my bag and coat – it was still quite cold outside – almost forgetting my coffee thermos, before strolling towards the building. I took a sip as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket….probably my supervisor, Keith. I was running a bit late, nothing new for me, but Keith always let me slide – he knows I’m a good worker, and also happens to be one of my closest friends. I’ve kind of got it made here, I’d have to kill someone to get fired. I let the phone continue vibrating and go to voicemail, I’ll see him in a minute anyway.

As I walked into our space on the third floor I threw a short wave and nod to Jeanie, our front desk secretary. Still cute as a button, as always. We hook up occasionally, but nothing serious, it’s been a while though…maybe I should see if she wants to swing by this weekend…. Jeanie flashes me a nervous smile as I make my way around the corner and into the main office space where everyone is standing is small groups here and there around the forest of cubicles, not much work being done apparently.

As I reach for my keys approaching my office door, Keith pops his head out from his office next to mine, my phone vibrating in my pocket again,

“Yo Jake, conference room in 10 minutes, alright?”, his brow in uncharacteristically furrowed, he’s usually laid back about any-and-everything.

“Yea, no problem, let me get settled real quick and I’ll be there,” I called back as I opened my office door.

Keith gave the same announcement to the groups of other employees conversing in hushed tones. People started slowly making their way towards the larger room at one end of the cubicles.

I toss my bag and coat on my chair and quickly retuck my shirt into my pants, better look somewhat professional since we’re having a meeting…I’m a manager after all, cue eye roll. At 31, I was lucky enough to have worked my way up to department manager and a nice increase in salary last year. I like the pay, but not so much the actual ‘managing.’ The office is nice too, with my own fancy name tag on the door.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket as I walked back out of my office and towards the conference room…two missed calls and two voicemails, unknown number. Sorry, don’t know ya, I’ll check it later.


Keith cleared his throat as he motioned for me to join him at the front of the room, “Okay everybody, I know we talked about this a little bit last week, but it looks like the Governor is going to be instituting lockdown for a few weeks, probably by the end of this week from the way it sounds. We’ve already prepared for this luckily, so we are going to stick with those schedules that Jake passed out, skeleton crew rotating here in the office and everyone else work from home,” Keith held up a copy of the forms I had made up and given out, which was basically just a weekly rotation of me, Keith, a few other managers, and some of the secretarial staff taking turns to come in a day at a time each week to man the phones while everyone else did their work at home.

“This will go into effect tomorrow, and myself and Jeanie will be starting off the rotation, so be sure to take anything home that you need and/or don’t want to be left here. Should hopefully only be a few weeks, but plan for longer just in case,” he continued as my phone vibrated oğuzeli escort for a third time this morning, again with an unknown number as I pulled it out to look at it. Well, it’s obviously not Keith or anyone from work since we’re all here.

I finished up the meeting, going over some logistics, who to call with certain issues, and reading over a report of what we know so far that Keith had handed to me. We broke from the meeting and I made my way back to my office, finally taking the time to listen to the messages on my phone as I sat down at my desk.

I felt a rush of adrenaline as an ER nurse quickly explained in the messages that I was the listed emergency contact for Jessica Stevens, my sister, who was stable and in the ER after a vehicle accident, followed by a contact number. I quickly closed the voicemail and dialed the number, finally getting ahold of the nurse who gave me the same information and asked if I could come to the hospital, that Jessie had been begging them to call me.

“Jesus, what else is gonna happen today,” I sighed to myself and gathered up my things again. I threw my jacket back on as I rounded the corner from my office to Keith’s.

“Jake, just get out of here, we got it, we’re just gonna wind down and send everyone home early anyway. Give me a call later and let me know how she’s doing,” Keith quickly replied as I explained the situation, shooing me out the door.

I hurried back out to the parking lot and hopped in my jeep before rumbling off towards the hospital.


By the time I arrived, Jessie had already been moved upstairs to an inpatient room. The nurse ushered me into her room, and my breath left me at the sight. Although I hadn’t seen her in several months, despite us being only an hour away from each other, she looked nothing like the woman I knew and had grown up with. Her shoulder length hair, usually light brown and wavy, was matted and tangled, still darkened with a faint red hue in some spots with blood, probably from a small laceration on her forehead near her hairline. Her face was puffy and swollen, with her hazel eyes peeping out as she looked towards me standing in the doorway. Both arms were bandaged, with her right arm being in a cast from her fingers to her elbow, and the left heavily wrapped in gauze. Her left thigh was also heavily bandaged and left ankle was wrapped with an ace bandage.

I walked quickly to the side of the bed and reached out to grab her hand before the nurse motioned for me to stop with an outstretched hand.

“Be careful, she’s in a lot of pain right now. Her left hand has some decent burns along with her left thigh, there’s that small cut on her forehead, probably from the airbag, broken right wrist, and a sprained left ankle, along with various bruising in other spots on her body. But, she’s going to be okay.”

I nodded at the nurse as she receded to the doorway, before turning back to Jessie, “How are you feeling?”

“It hurts, but I’m here…” she replied, her eyes welling up with tears.

“What happened? Where’s Eric?” I said as I looked around for signs of my brother-in-law, assuming he had stepped out for coffee or something.

Jessie shifted her eyes towards the window at the other side of the room, “He’s not here, it’s a long story…”

“He’s not…was he in the car with you? Is he okay?”

“Oh, no, no, he wasn’t in the car. I have no idea where he is.”

I pulled out my phone and started flipping through my contacts, “Well, let me get him up here, I’m not sure why they called me and not him…”

“No!” Her voice croaked, “I don’t want him here!”

A bit confused, I just stared at her for a moment before pulling a chair closer to the bed and sat down.

“W-why don’t you want your husband here?”

Jessie stared down at her lap for a moment. She and Eric had gotten married a couple of years ago. Honestly, I didn’t really like him, but it’s her life. They dated in college and for a few years after, and it seemed like she had changed her whole life for him, even dropped out during her senior year studying Nursing to support him while he took the bar exam. Maybe it was the possibility of him being a big earner as a lawyer that attracted her, I dunno. He did become a lawyer and seems to have done pretty decent for himself, but I still think he’s kind of a prick, especially now, with his wife – my sister – laying here without him.

“We…had a fight. It’s a long story…” she winced as she readjusted her arm.

“It doesn’t look like I have anywhere else to be, I’ve got time, if you want to tell me, that is.”

She paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts, before beginning, “I guess he’s the reason I was in the car last night. I found out….” A single tear rolled down her swollen cheek, “He said he’s leaving me. He’s in love with another woman…”

I reached over for a small box of tissues on the side table, taking oğuzeli escort bayan one out as I did, and gently wiped the line of tears falling from her puffy eyes. She winced slightly as I did.

“They’re….she’s pregnant. She’s pregnant with the baby that should have been mine. He said he just didn’t want a baby with ME….” Her lower lip quivered as she enunciated.

Jessie and I are twins, you see. Even though we have never really been close, as you would think twins to be, I’ve always felt that we had some sort of weird emotional connection despite the distance. It was hard not to feel what she was feeling in the moment. Sadness, anger, pain. I felt it welling up in my throat.

“Did he kick you out? He’s a piece of shit, Jessie, you didn’t lose anything good in him….” I dabbed the tissue again on each cheek.

“No, he didn’t kick me out. He left a letter on the kitchen counter when I woke up telling me everything and that he had gone on a trip with that….slut. I didn’t know what to do, and I panicked and cried for a while before I packed up what I could, clothes and all that, and got in my car.”

“Where were you going? Mom and dad are 3000 miles away…”

She sat there in silence, as she opened her mouth to speak, she was interrupted by an announcement on the overhead intercom for the hospital reminding visitors that masks are required in all areas of the hospital.

“…and now we have this virus thing going on too….I don’t know what to do…. I didn’t know where I was going last night, I thought about driving to mom and dad, or to your place, or getting a hotel. I don’t know anything anymore,” her face contorted again into a quite sob.

I let out a long sigh as I sat back into my chair, “Well, you know I’m not gonna leave you to stay in a hotel, I can’t do that. My place is small but you’re gonna come home with me when they release you, that’s what you’re gonna do. We’ll figure out the rest later.”

“Jake, no, I can’t do that to you,” another few tears fell.

“End of discussion, I’m 5 minutes older than you, so you gotta listen to me.”

She let out a slight huff of air as she chuckled, “Can you call mom and dad? Just about the accident, not about Eric. And don’t let them know how bad I look, just tell them it was minor and that I’m okay…”

“Of course. Want me to go get us some coffee or something to snack on?”

Jessie nodded her head, looking over at me as her eyes glimmered with tears.


Jessie was released that afternoon. We had prescriptions for pain medication, some topical silvadine for the burns, antibiotics, and orders for some follow up appointments. Luckily, the fractures on her right side were able to be set without surgery, so far, and would just take time, and the burns to her left hand and thigh just needed time and the topical cream to prevent infection. The sprain and other swelling should start to heal in a few days. Looking at her you would think she had been in a train wreck, but thankfully it looked worse than what it was.

It was difficult getting her into my little jeep, and she was in quite a bit of pain during the ordeal. We headed off to the pharmacy closest to my flat to get her prescriptions filled and listened to more updates on the state of things with the virus and lockdowns.

“After we get your meds, we can swing by the tow yard and get your clothes and stuff out of the car. I’m kinda interested to see what kind of damage there was…”

“There’s no need…. The officer that came to the hospital told me it was a total loss. Everything I had packed was burned. He said I was lucky someone saw it happen and got me out. I don’t even have the clothes I was wearing…” she motioned to the disposable paper scrubs that the hospital had given her for discharge since her other clothes had been cut off on arrival.

“Nothing left at all? Wanna at least check?”

“Nothing. Let’s just get the meds if you don’t mind, I’m hurting really bad.”

I nodded, “Okay, I’ll get you set up and then we will figure out the rest.”


We finally made it upstairs to my apartment, having to carefully and slowly take each step with Jessie due to her ankle and general aches in her body. It was already getting well into the evening as the light began to fade outside.

“It’s not much but it has suited me just fine,” I told her as I walked her into my bedroom to get her comfortable on my bed, “You get the bed, since you look so pathetic, and I’ll be on the couch.”

I had been living in a small, one bedroom apartment for the past couple of years while I saved up for a house. I didn’t really need much space, as I spent a lot of my time working, or trying to stay out of the house and stay active.

“Am I that pathetic?” Jessie feigned with an over-exaggerated pouty lip. “I can’t take your bed, Jake, this is your escort oğuzeli place!”

“Not up for argument, I’m afraid. You’re my guest and I’m not gonna put you out on the couch.”

Jessie let out a sigh as I escorted her through the kitchen/living room.

“You wanna borrow some of my clothes until we get a chance to go get you some stuff? I can grab you a baggy t-shirt and some shorts,” I told her as we entered the bedroom.

Jessie stepped gingerly towards the bed as I supported her weaker left side, “Yea I guess. Maybe no shorts, my thigh is still really tender.”

“Ok, one comfy baggy t-shirt, coming up!” I said as I left her side and walked through the bathroom which was situated off of the bedroom and into the walk-in closet. I flipped through hanging clothes until I found an oversized light grey shirt and returned to Jessie.

“That’ll do,” she said,” I wish I could take a shower but I don’t think that’s a good idea right now… can you grab me a couple of wet washcloths and a towel so I can at least wipe myself down a bit.”

I grabbed her some supplies, setting them on the bed in front of her as she stood there, leaning on her right foot and holding her arms out to her sides.

“You got it? I’ll go get your meds ready if you want…”

“Yea, it’s gonna take me a bit, no rush.” She said as she shooed me towards the door with her gauze wrapped hand.

She did look pathetic, not really the vision of beauty, objectively, that she normally looked. Her hair was still fairly matted and unkempt, and the baggy paper scrubs hid her normally curvaceous form in sharp angles. I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me and went to the kitchen to start sorting through her prescriptions, reading directions on the bottles as I went.

After some time, I could hear grunts and and frustrated sighs coming from the bedroom, “You okay in there?” I yelled through the door.

“Yea! Maybe…”, a long silence followed, “No, Jake I need help please!”

I opened the door to see Jessie still standing in almost the same position, with the scrub pants only partially down her legs, hung up on the gauze wrapping on her left thigh.

I let out a small chuckle, “You look like you’re having issues.”

She nodded, “I feel so useless, it hurts my arms too much to do anything…” she let out a loud sigh.

“Alright, let’s get you sorted then, pants first. Just, uh, keep facing away from me I guess. I don’t exactly wanna see my sister naked.”

Jessie grunted as she slowly turned, “Ok, thank you.”

I stepped behind her and bent down to slowly pull off the scrub pants, widening them to get around the gauze wrap on her thigh, and then ankle, before she stepped out of each leg. I absentmindedly noted her curvy butt as it jutted out as my face got eye level, the scrub top hanging down just above where her cheeks curved down into her upper thighs. I shook my head, trying to remind myself just what I was doing. I tossed the pants onto the floor.

“Ok, shirt,” she said as she raised her arms up higher above her head.

I grabbed the bottom of the shirt and raised up, her shapely ass now on display with her wide hips, holding up her worn teal colored underwear. I gulped as I continued lifting her shirt, exposing her back, then shoulders. No bra, I guess they cut that off too. The shirt caught on something as the front came to her chest pointed away from me.

“You have to lift the shirt over my boobs dude, I’m a girl,” she snorted.

“Yea yea,” I said as pulled the front away from her chest, and over. My sister had always had a decent sized chest ever since she developed in her teens, a fact my friends had always liked to point out, and something I would get offended by when they would talk about her.

As I lifted the shirt, the back of one of my fingers momentarily brushed the side of her breast, causing her to jerk slightly at the contact. As if on reflex, I felt blood begin to fill the member in my pants. I forced my thoughts to focus on the clinical aspect of this situation in an attempt to dissuade my physical reaction. She’s your sister, Jake, and she needs your help.

I finished lifting the shirt up over her head, then carefully off each arm. Jessie stood there, her arms in the air, bare back facing me and the thin, dirty panties covering the mounds of her ass cheeks. I surveyed the numerous bruises that I was able to see the marred her soft pale skin.

“Um…do you want me to put the shirt on first, or do you need help wiping down?” I asked, almost wanting to reach out and stroke her skin.

“Uh, yea if you don’t mind helping me wash a bit, I’d appreciate that, apparently I’m pretty useless right now,” she replied nervously.

“Ok, how about for both of our benefits, could you just please stay facing that way?”

“Duh…” she shrugged her shoulders as she lowered her arms, tired from holding them up high.

I grabbed the washcloths and began gently wiping her shoulders, followed by her arms as far as I could go. I continued down her back, Jessie tensing up as I passed over bruised areas. I got to her lower back, my eyes drawn to her lovely cheeks and full thighs.

“Jeeze, these underwear have seen better days…” I noted out loud.

“Literally the only clothes I own right now…” She sounded more somber.

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