All We Knew

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This story is about consensual sex between siblings. Both are over the age of consent and legality, neither is less than eighteen years old.

Timelines may be compressed, but this is my world.


Midford, is a small commuter town only just on the outside of the M25 corridor, pitched between two motorways and about 30 miles west of London. A leafy laned sleepy dormitory town. A mix of owner occupied, rented and social housing. A few petty crimes, no inner city deprivation, no big drugs scene or gang culture. Four good schools, a large recreation ground, a few local shops plus two multi-chain supermarkets. The train service offers a rapid service into London (40- 55 Minutes) with trains every 35 minutes. Local MP on the Government Front Bench. No Police, Fire or Ambulance stations, but all emergency services available locally within 6 miles. Good bus and taxi services run out of Grendon the nearest major town of significant size.

Barrington Drive is a leafy laned avenue of smart three bedroomed semi-detached early seventies houses. That evening most houses have the curtains drawn and lights on, outside some are dark, some have outside lights. At least one car often two or more sit on the driveways. The evening is cool, but not cold.

In one house with the curtains drawn and only the outside lights on downstairs a small lamp burns in a back bedroom. The only sounds that came from the bedroom were the gentle rise and fall of two bodies locked together. They had slipped into the bedroom about an hour after the older adults left, having been kissing and stroking each other for the last half hour. Pausing only to strip each other naked, he had laid back on the bed, she had straddled his legs and reached for his penis.His prick was about 6″ inches long fully erect, she could easily move her small hand to circle it, pumping it gently as she bought it to her damp opening. “Are you sure?” he mouthed, she nodded and slowly slipped the head into her waiting tunnel.

He rose gently as she relaxed and sank onto him. Being average he presented no problems for her as he slid in. She was so excited and couldn’t remember being so wet, she thought earlier she had wet herself as the lubricating juices slid from her . The girl rose gently and lowered herself slowly back as she sat straddling him. He, gently rising at her fall ensured he fully penetrated her as their bodies met. His hands caressed her breasts and slipped up and down her sides. Her hands rested on his chest and she fingered his nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”, she said as her pace slowly increased.

“Ohhhh, that is so nice…”

“Mind telling us what’s going on here?”

Said a gruff voice from the doorway, as the light from the stairway came on and they were blinded as it burst through the room suddenly illuminating their bare bodies.

“Shit,” said the girl as she felt his train rapidly reversing out of her tunnel, leaving her feeling suddenly empty.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he felt his erection melt away and their bodies unlock from each other.

“Oh God,” said an older female voice from the doorway. “What the hell do you two think you’re doing?”

The boy looked towards the bedroom door, a look of sadness on his face,

“Mum, Dad,” he said, “This is all my fault, Julies’ innocent in this, I forced her…” his voiced trailed away, as he gazed at his parents angry faces.

The girl swung her leg over her him and looked defiantly at the two faces in the doorway,

” That’s so untrue Chris, I am just as responsible as Giresun Escort you, I wanted this, I wanted you and I won’t give you up”.

She flung herself into his arms, crying and shaking with fear.

“OK,” said their father, “perhaps we should continue downstairs in the lounge, with some clothes on, acting as grown-ups. Ange,”

he said to his wife, holding her hand and pulling her away from the doorway. She allowed him to drag her away and their footsteps disappeared downstairs.

“Why did you say it was your fault, do you think I didn’t want this, that I let you seduce me, that I’m so weak willed that I couldn’t stop you taking me? Julie sat up on her brother again, without him penetrating her. “What did you mean, why did you say that…?

Chris sat up and hugged her to him, feeling her tears fall onto his chest as his heart broke. Seconds later he was sobbing into her hair, gasping for air and shaking all over.

“I don’t want them to blame you, I want them to think you were innocent in this, that it was my fault so they would be angry with me only, I thought I was protecting you,”

Julie reached up and held his face in her hands,” God I love you,” she said and kissed him on the lips and cheeks, as the tears streamed down her face.

“Yeah well lets go down together and face this out,” he said, sniffing and giggling, drying his tears on the backs of his hand. He lifted her gently off him and onto the bed; sighed and rubbed his face. “Not looking forward to this one bit,” he said, “I don’t think the parentals are going to understand, accept or approve, do you?”

Julie laughed and stood up, her back to Chris now, “Not sure myself, but I thought it seemed to have gone pretty well so far,” she giggled and reached for her clothes.

Downstairs their parents were sitting in their favourite chairs and holding a glass of whisky each. Fingers drumming on chair arms and a grim look on their faces.

“Jack,” said Angela, ” What are we going to do, I can’t undo what I’ve just seen, they have completely passed the point of no return. How could we have failed to spot this, how could we not have seem this coming?”

Jack Chambers, fidgeted in his chair. “Ange I don’t know, I need to understand what’s actually happening.” He paused and looked at his wife, he reddened ” I’ve just seen my children naked for the first time in probably 15 years, but they’re not children are they? they’re adults, that’s no doubt.” He paused “for God’s sake they aren’t exactly ugly are they, why weren’t they doing it with a boyfriend, girlfriend, either way, why with their own sibling?”

Before Angela could answer, they walked into the room hand in hand and sat on the sofa.

“Perhaps it’s because we find we can only be ourselves and act naturally round each other. Perhaps it’s because we instinctively know what the other wants, feels, needs,” said Chris, holding Julies hand tighter.

“I’ve been out with other boys people; but Chris is the only one who doesn’t treat me like a piece of meat or an object, or a trophy, he enjoys my company, accepts my moods and doesn’t push things.” she leaned into Chris and kissed his cheek.

“So he doesn’t push things, but you were having sex with him, huh?” Jack said, an edge to his voice. Angela raised her hand slightly telling him to hang on to his temper. He swigged the whisky down in one gulp and coughed loudly as the fiery liquor hit the back of his throat.

“We were making love, not just having sex, and I wanted him to, Chris was reluctant as it Giresun Escort Bayan was a big, big step, especially as I was still a virgin. We’ve talked about this together for weeks now, it was the first time we’d tried to make love and it was really going well, well at least until you arrived. So a bit of a let down in some ways as we didn’t get to finish,” she smiled impishly, “but I gotta say, it was the most magical, enjoyable feeling I’ve ever had.” She smiled at her mum and dad and gripped Chris’s hand even tighter so he winced slightly.

“Possibly a little too much info there hun, but I have to say, I was also a virgin, until this evening and to be honest, if I never get to make love again, I am going to die a very happy man.”

At the mention that he was a virgin too, Julies eyes widened and a grin appeared across her face, “I was your first!” she exclaimed, “really, really, wow, you are awesome big brother, awesome.”

“Oh God,” Jack ran a hand over his face, “Whatever! However, what you are doing is wrong, on so many levels. I can’t begin to understand how we let this happen, I feel as though I’ve let you both down and failed as a parent. I do not know where to begin to go from here,”

he threw his arms into the air and dropped them back onto the chairs’ arms, pounding at the fabric, his face reddening.

“Why, why why do you need to be with each other, when there’s a world of young people out there for you to choose from?”

Angela, leaning forward, placed her hands on her knees, and coughed,” Guys can we hold this together a bit, please?” Standing she moved to the sofa and sat next to her daughter and took her free hand in hers.

“Honey, can you please explain to us how this happened and what you think you are going to do, going forward?”

“Mum, Chris and I have always been close, unlike some brothers and sisters.”

She looked at her parents in turn,

“I can’t explain everything, but recently, Chris has been around a lot more, sorting out stuff for me, helping me get a grip on life. He has been a perfect gentle man, confidante, sounding board. Well as things moved on we kept talking and sharing and we sort of went out together, not dating, but just going out, to the pub to meet our friends and to the cinema.” She smiled

“I even managed to get him to a club and up and dancing.” She smiled,

“that was fantastic, he can dance but doesn’t think he can, my friends love him, Jenny even came on to him, but he was polite and she got the message.”

She stopped smiling and looked serious.

” I knew something wasn’t right but it didn’t seem a bad thing, you know not weird or wrong, just that Chris was so happy just being around us, or me”

she lifted their joined hands up and gripped tighter,

“Then it dawned on me, he was in love, and it was with me, and I so was thrilled to think that my brother felt that way about me, as I had realised I felt that about him too.”

Chris coughed and reddened,

” Huh, yea, err umm, I wasn’t going to say anything to Julie, she’s my little sister and I knew that my feelings might weird her out, it all seemed hopeless.”

he smiled,

“I realised that I was in love and that I couldn’t say anything, in case I ruined our relationship, what if I drove her away? I couldn’t bear that.” he pulled her hand in his across his chest. “Julie means more than anything to me, and if she had found someone who loved her like I do, I would move heaven and earth to make sure they were together, Escort Giresun Julies happiness means everything to me”.

he hung his head,

“I’m not ashamed to love my sister, but I am ashamed that you both found out this way. We have been getting steadily closer to the physical side over the last few months, but tonight, with you out, we wanted to express that love. I don’t think it’s wrong, I just want to share everything with Julie, including my body.”

Jack, looked down at his lap, and reached for his hanky and blew his nose loudly.

“I don’t know what to say, if you weren’t her brother, I’d send you back upstairs with our blessing, but you are and we need to sort this out.”

He stood and walked over to the pair, knelt down and held their joined hands in his.

” Do you know what would happen to you if people found out. Your Mum and I can take this, we can brazen it out, but you two are risking prison and forced separation, is it worth all that for your love?”

He sighed,

“shit of course it is, what am I saying?”

he shook his head,

“Do you understand what I’m saying, you can never relax, you can never be sure someone won’t find out or start pointing you out, it’s not going to be an easy time for you.”

He gripped them tighter,

“You are our greatest happiness and also our greatest fear, this, however, is a whole new ball game, life doesn’t come with a manual and even if it did, this would be in Chapter One under the “Don’ts” section.”

Angela had been nodding in agreement,

“We have no worries, our family will stand by us, and you two as well, when they see you and you can explain, but there are an awful lot of people out there who won’t.”

“Look it’s late and you have classes tomorrow Julie, Chris do you have college tomorrow?”

“Yes dad, but not until eleven.”

“OK, well as you are both obviously an item and have consummated or almost consummated it , I can’t really ask you to keep apart, I’m not condoning it, mind you, just being practical, get off to bed, wherever you find most comfortable, and well speak again tomorrow night.”

“Oh Dad, can we hold over ’til Saturday, it’s the “End of Term do ” tomorrow and I’m taking Chris as my partner,” Julie said smiling.

“Really, you don’t think people will think it a bit weird you taking your older brother? Jack asked.

“No, not at all, my friend Jane is taking her brother too, we decided we wanted to have a good time without having to fight off the boys in our year, they’re such creeps and wierdo nerds.”

“ok folks, let’s clear the room, say goodnight and see what tomorrow brings.”

Angela said and began to usher everyone upstairs,

“Jack can I leave you to lock up, gotta go pee and want to get ahead of the pack, you know how long they take?”

she smiled and kissed the top of his head from the first stair.

“Sure hun, go for it.” he said as he reached for his keys.

In bed later, Jack lay on his back, hands behind his head unable to sleep.

“Jack, Jack”, Angela whispered, “Jack, don’t let this gnaw at you honey, try to relax and get some sleep, there’s nothing that we can do, especially not tonight, give me a hug and relax.” she said.

“I’ll try,” he said slipping an arm around her waist and snuggling up to her, “Do you think I’m a bad father, not realising what’s going on, and now letting them stay together?”

Angela moved her hand to his and laced her fingers in his, “No I don’t, nor do I feel I’ve failed, we just have two kids who have grown closer than most, for whatever reason, and who obviously love each other. Now go to sleep.” He snuggled closer too her, and she felt his hardness against her bottom.

“Don’t even think about it tonight,” she murmured as she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

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