All We Knew Ch. 06

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All characters are over eighteen and above the legal age of consent. All sexual activity is consensual.


Julie Chambers stood at the mirror, naked, examining herself, twisting to try to see her back, her bottom.

“Chris, am I OK, I mean, do I still look OK, after all we’ve been together for a while now, do you still like what you see?”

Her brother gazed at her up and down, pursed his lips, held his breath. Her perfect breasts 32B, were maybe smaller than average but firm. Bit of a tummy, but not fat, bare pubis, shapely legs and tight backside,

“No Janey I’d have to say no!” He paused and smiled, ” I love what I see, not like, that’s not good enough a word for you. Anyway there’s more than just physical attraction about us, isn’t there?”

Julie smiled, “Of course there is, but a girl likes to think she’s attractive, and well, I just need a bit of encouragement and support here.”

“Baby sister, you are perfect in every department period. At any time, day or night you are radiantly beautiful, you could wear a bin liner and look fantastic, now hurry up I need to shower and shave.”

“Anything else and you use the downstairs loo.”

“Yes M’lady, anything else M’Lady?”

There came a hurried knock on the door,

“Guys what’s a man got to do to get a shave round here?” Jack Chambers yelled through the door.

“It’s open, Dad,” Chris said and grasping the handle opened the door, “Sorry, got a bit of a personal problem her, Baby Sister is having a few doubts about her body, what do you think?”

Jack Chambers looked at his daughter then into her eyes,”Julie, you are bloody perfect, now can I have my turn?”

“Jack, why are you shouting?” Angela Chambers asked as she came along the landing from their bedroom, freshly showered from the en-suite, and impeccably dressed.

“Dad, please, don’t look, please; this is embarrassing, you pig Chris,” she slapped his bare backside, stinging it.

“Julie, baby what’s wrong?” said Angela stepping past John and Chris, “What’s happening?”

“Baby Sis is worried that I won’t find her attractive now we’ve been sharing the same bed for the last three months, like that is ever going to happen, anyway Dad confirmed it, she’s perfect.”

“That’s grossly insensitive son!” exclaimed Angela, ” and not cool opening the door and embarrassing both Julie and your Father.”

“Yeah I guess, sorry guys, I’m not thinking this morning, I’m miles away. Sorry Julie, I didn’t mean to brush your concerns aside, believe me I think you’re more beautiful now than ever. If I failed to tell you that, then that’s my stupidity not your looks. So sorry.”

“Better,” said Angela, “but what’s eating you today?”

” D’oh! just I’ve got that interview today for the job in London, I’m really worried I might blow it and then Julie and I have to rethink her Uni plans, I don’t want to screw this up!”

“Idiot, I’m going to to Uni in London whether you get the job escort bursa or not. If you don’t get this one look for another one. London’s a big place, you can find something, stop worrying. Anywho it’ll be a breeze for you, brainy brother,”

“I guess, but I don’t want to let you down, if I get this one we can share a flat near your campus and I can walk to work so we can save money, if I have to commute then we save less.”

Julie reached to the towel rail pulled a towel round her and passed one for Chris, “Sorry guys with all this talk we forgot to cover up, sorry Dad, after all you said about not flaunting ourselves!”

Jack Chambers laughed, “Princess I was so engrossed in what you were saying I forgot you were naked, but from what I thought I saw I don’t think either of you should be worried about your physical state.”

“I second that, you two are quite the handsome couple, clothed or naked. I’m just so jealous of you youngsters. I’m afraid my body’s suffered a couple of major landslides and everything appears to have gone south no matter what the season.” Angela smiled ruefully.

“Mum that’s untrue, you’re still a beautiful lady, Dad’s lucky to have such a catch on his arm, hey isn’t that right stud.”

“You got it in one son,! If you age as well as your Mum, Julie, then Chris here is going to be fighting of men for many years to come.”

” Chambers or Bennett genes for that?”


“Bennett, she takes after me, and her grandma.”

“You are so right, now there is a lady, son I swear your Gran didn’t age a bit in thirty years.”

“Did you have the hots for Granny?”

“No, you just know a beautiful women when you see one, she was always well turned out, not flashy but well groomed, tidy, a looker and it’s something your Mum inherited. Well it’s definitely hit the third generation now Julie and it shows no sign of fading, so can I get in to shave please?”

Barging past the others Jack proceeded to push them out the bathroom. Satisfied he shucked off his dressing gown and lifted the lid to the toilet. Just as he started to pee the door opened and Angela peeked in.

“Just checking you’re okay, Stud,” she said and grinned, “Wow that’s some hose you got there Fireman Sam!”


“Just going, but I gotta ask… is there any chance of a practise fire drill with that tonight officer?”


Angela bounded down the stairs laughing and hurried into the kitchen.

“OK, what do you want for breakfast?” she asked Chris, “or are you not hungry?”

“What, oh yes, err, some toast and honey, please”

“Chris this will be okay you know. Your right for this job, you will do well.”

“OK Mum I know you’re right. No I was just thinking what an idiot I was just now, I must have really upset Jools, not even thinking, just being a typical older brother. Think I’ll go and apologise.”

In their bedroom Julie sat on the bed, pulling on her socks, bursa merkez eskort she looked up at the tap on the door as Chris came in.




“I just came up to apologise for earlier, I was stupid, thoughtless and an unthinking ass, I embarrassed you and Dad and Mum.”

“Wow, that was unexpected big brother, I hadn’t really thought about it again. Dad didn’t ogle me you know, he just looked and smiled, then like you he looked me in the eyes when he talked, or at you or Mum when you or she did, he really didn’t see me as any different than if we were sat downstairs in the kitchen or lounge.”

“OK, but please believe me when I say that you are perfect, I wouldn’t change anything about you at all. Even your little turned up nose is cute,”

“Don’t push it Bro, I can still pack a punch, I can take you down anytime.”

“You think? Well come and have a go if you think your hard enough!”

Suddenly Julie leapt up and hurled herself full length at Chris landing across his chest and wrapping her arms and legs round him. He staggered back and began to tickle her under her arms. She screeched with laughter as he staggered forward and dumped her on the bed. Braless her breasts swayed around invitingly. Chris placed a large hand over each breast and gently pushed down, trapping her under his weight.

“Way to go girlfriend, you going to surrender?”

“Never,” she giggled and began to use her legs to lift herself off the bed. Arching her back and moving her legs under her she tried to remove his arms with her hands. Chris leaned in slightly more and as her stomach came close he bent down and placing his lips on it blowing raspberry’s. Julie collapsed back on the bed laughing.

“Cheat, cheat, that’s so unfair.”

“I could stay like this all day,” he beamed, “Without wishing to insult you, I’m now fully erect, since I’m holding you by those perfect breasts of yours and as you only have your socks on I can see right between your lovely legs, straight into heaven.” He arched his eyebrow and leered at her.

” let go and I’ll take my socks off”

“Fair enough you win, I lose,” Chris smiled moved his hands off her breasts, bending down and kissing her lips, briefly.

“Mmm, is that all lover, anything else you think needs kissing?” she flicked her eyebrows suggestively.

“Only every part of you from the soles of your feet, to the top of your head, and back down again in case I missed anything.”

“I may well take you up on that, can I get a ticket now and use it later?”

“No ticket required just haul your body up here whenever you like, your names on the list.”

“Oh and who elses name is on that list?”

“Let me check, oh yes, and..hmm, well it appears after due consideration and a recount, you’re the only one.”

“Good, now come down here and give me a sneak preview!”

“What and ruin your tutors day, bursa sınırsız escort you’ll be clock watching instead of paying attention and they’ll have wasted all that prep time, no I’ll save it til later.”


“‘S’why you love me, going down for breakfast now, Love you”

“Love you too, see you in a minute.”

Chris bounded out the bedroom and nearly collided with Jack as he left the bathroom, Jack swayed against the wall and rebounded,

“Hey, Lewis Hamilton, slow down on the corners will you, nearly took out the safety car.”

“Sorreee Dad,” echoed from the stairs as Chris clattered down,

Jack tapped lightly on the bedroom door, “Hey Julie, got a minute?”

“Sure Dad, come in, I’m almost decent,” she giggled as she stood in the bedroom in her bra, panties and socks.

John poked his head round the door, smiled and shuffled in.

“Honey, just wanted to say that I’m sorry you got embarrassed by lunkhead, and I didn’t mean to stare at you, but I have to say you are one beautiful young lady. I’m so proud of you, I hope you and Chris find some place you can go to when you leave here which makes you happy together. Meanwhile in the event something goes wrong, your room here will always be ready for you.”

He sighed and sat on the bed, she sat beside him and hugged him tightly.

“Daddy, you are the best and I know we’ve kicked you some pretty curved balls lately, but you know, it’s only because we know you care that we can be so open with you and Mum.”

“Well thanks for that princess, Mum and I hoped you would be able to bring us any problems you got, but it was a surprise to find you had the same problem together, if you catch my drift.”

“Dad, I hope I haven’t disappointed you, every Dad believes his daughter’s a virgin all her life, I was so sad that you had to find out by catching us, especially as you trusted us to behave when you went out.”

“Yeah that was a big hurt, but you both behaved so adulty, is that a word, well anyway you were both so adult and explained yourselves so calmly and reasonably I couldn’t be mad at you both for long. I’m kind of used to the situation now,but I’m still not sure I fully understand you guys, but I won’t see you hurt over this, by anyone. Yes, I have never thought of you as a sexual being, what father does, but well you’re an adult according to the law, and if you had found someone else and the same scenario happened, what would I do, can’t put the genie back in the bottle, huh?”

“No Dad, you can’t, however, in all this there is one thing I would ask, if it does go wrong for us, don’t think Chris is all to blame and let him come home too, this is his home as much as mine, he deserves as much of your love as I have.”

“Baby girl, that’s a given, what we do for one we do for the other, I was looking for an opportunity to grab him for the proverbial Man-to-Man, father and son, talk anyway.”

“Thanks Dad,” Julie stood and twirled around, “Am I still your princess Daddy?”

“Always Julie, always.”

“Thank you Daddy, you are the best Daddy a girl could wish for.”

“I’m so glad, now put your clothes on and get down for breakfast or I won’t be able to drop you off this morning.” He stood and walked to the door.

“Okay Dad.”

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