Alone in London Ch. 2

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Adam had been hearing the noises for some time now. At first he thought nothing of it presuming that it was a cat or any other one of the strange noises that occupied the cold London nights. But after a while he started to wonder at the noises. They did seem to be coming from the building and there was definetly a strange human feel to them. It was only a couple of weeks previously that he finally found out the source of the murmurs. He had just returned from a walk one evening and was mounting the stairs that took him up to his small bedsit when he heard the murmurs emerging from the flat directly beneath his. He stopped and continued to listen at the door with a feeling of great anticipation. As the murmurs continued he finally understood that they were the noises of a woman – a woman writhing and heaving in sexual pleasure. He froze knowing that he should move on but compelled to listen to the sweet music of this woman in sexual frenzy. As he continued to listen, the murmurs continued to emerge from beneath the door and soon he could hear the sound of springs and heavy panting. Oddly enough there didn’t seem to be any other noise coming from the room, either the purveyor of this passion was silent or the woman and her lover were one and the same.

Adam had noticed the woman from downstairs on a number of occasions. She was after all extremely beautiful – not a conventional beauty but one of savage desire and contempt. She never seemed sikiş porno to notice him and appeared to be in a world of her own, an almost vacant expression in her eyes. Adam had never dared converse with her – speaking with women had never been his forte, in fact quite to the contrary. The result of this was very little sexual activity, leaving him to release himself on his own most of the time. His only sexual experience with a woman had been with a prostitute.

It had happened one night after a few too many drinks. Geered up with unnatural courage, Adam had decided that he would at last enter the body of a woman putting to an end his unsatiable curiosity. The prostitute had not been hard to find – she was in fact the first one he came across. She had been standing on a street corner, wearing a short leather dress and the remains of what was once a skimpy top. Negiotations were brief and Adam soon found himself in a dark and damp room occupied soley by a bed with soiled sheets. The prostitute ordered him to remove his clothes and indifferently did the same. As Adam removed his pants, barely managing to stand up, his enormous penis sprung out onto his belly craving for attention. The prostitute looked at he penis and for the first time showed some sign of interest. She approached Adam and took his member between her long fingered nails and slowly began to stroke along the length of his penis while the other şişman porno hand gently began to massage his balls preparing them for the unevitable milking that they were about to receive. Adam stared on in wonder as the woman’s face came closer and closer to his now throbbing cock. Slowly but surely, she let her full painted lips envelop him, sucking first at the tip and gradually allowing the enormous organ to delve deep into her mouth and then her throat. Adam’s body jerked in pleasure and anticipation, the muscles in his thighs and neck struggling to keep him in balance. As the woman’s mouth and throat thrusted themselves on to him he could feel the sensation of come brewing in his balls desperately wanting to shower the prostitute’s tonsils and throat. The prostitute, despite heaving on the size of this enormous cock, was unusually aroused and was soon fingering her soaked sex in rhythm with the pummeling of Adam’s cock. Eventually, crazed with desire, the prostitute screamed to Adam to fuck her properly, to make her come like she had never come before. Adam, confused, replied that he could not afford anymore but helpless to the crazed woman was violently pushed on to the bed.

The woman eyed him greedily as she mounted him slowly guiding his ten inches of muscle in to her dripping pussy. Slowly she let herself drop onto him allowing his cock to engulf her first parlty and then fully. The woman looked shocked swinger porno from both the pain and the intense pleasure that soared through her as she repeatedly sunk the lips of her pussy around his cock. Everything was a blur to Adam as this crazed woman fucked him again and again gasping with the effort and the pleasure. As she sensed him wanting to come, she released herself from him and hungrily sucked on his cock willing him to come. As he finally came, Adam cried in relief and watched as his midnight companion gleefully licked his warm come from her face massaging what was on her body over her breasts and pussy. The woman had refused to let him leave and had fucked him till he could come no more, making him penetrate her as fully as he could filling her pussy and then her anus with his milk.

As Adam listened in wonder to his neighbour he felt himself stroking his penis through his pants craving to see what this woman was doing to herself. As the delightful noises of the woman combined with his memories of the prostitute, he could feel himself craving for sex like never before. He gently pumped on his penis, standing dangerously near to the woman’s door. Despite being terrified of being seen, Adam felt strangly turned on at the thought of being caught and daringly loosened his belt to give his full attention to the throbbing animal between his legs.

As the two lonely people in thier shady part of London masturbated fantasizing their own special fantasies, little did they realise that together they rocked in unison, moaning at the same places and finally reaching orgasm in syncronised gasps and elations. Little did they know that they weren’t in fact alone in London.

To Be Continued…

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