Always Say Yes Ch. 01

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“yes! Yes! YES!” Stephanie panted, lost in blissful ecstasy. “Don’t stop Tony. Please don’t stop! Oh, yes!” Stephanie’s body quaked from the breathtaking orgasm.

Tony held Stephanie tightly as he made love to her in a hidden back corner alcove on the third level of the city’s large art museum. She loved the way she felt in the strong arms of her tall six-three muscular boyfriend. She saw the depth of his tender love as she stared into his ocean blue eyes and ran her fingers through his short brown hair. “Yes! Yes!” she whispered as she felt the delight of his thick cum fill her, his juices mixing with hers.

It was Stephanie’s idea for the two to spend their Saturday afternoon taking in the impressive works of art spread throughout the large multi-story building. Neither had any idea Stephanie would feel inspired to take Tony in too, especially in such a public place. Stephanie was not usually disposed to the risk of exhibitionism, even when they were dating in college. They were now 32, and already living together seven years. Moved by the romance of the moment, the eroticism of the art and the privacy of seeing no one around, Stephanie had grabbed Tony’s hand and pulled him behind a large wall displaying extraordinary works of art. Stephanie quickly unzipped his pants, retrieved his large dick and pulled her short brown patterned skirt up to expose her uncovered, trimmed pussy. “Fuck me,” she said, more a lust-filled demand than a request.

Tony felt his large dick grow to its full stature in her feminine hand. He pressed his body into her tall five-foot-eight fit sculptured body. She navigated his tool to her already-moist pussy and pushed him deep inside her. Her large brown eyes, broad white smile, curled long brown hair, along with her firm round 36D tits and long tan legs made her irresistible to him. The thrill of the adventure and risk of being caught heightened the intensity of her climax.

“Damn you are good,” she said breathlessly as Tony held her close.

“You’re a real masterpiece yourself,” he reciprocated playfully.

“Shhh, shhh,” she whispered with a giggle. “Someone’s coming.” The sound of footsteps on the other side of the wall revealed they were no longer the only ones in the large room.

“Yeah, we both just did,” Tony whispered back.

Stephanie playfully slapped him on the shoulder. “Shhhhh,” she said. “They’re going to hear us. We’re going to get caught.”

Tony quickly pushed his still-hard dick into his pants while Stephanie pulled the bottom of her skirt down. It was impossible to keep some of the mixed juices from escaping down the inside of her long tanned legs. They tried to look nonchalant as they walked back around the seclusion of the wall, across the art-covered floor and toward the elevator. Another couple passed them, perusing the art, and wondered what might be behind the wall where Tony and Stephanie had emerged. Tony and Stephanie giggled as they stepped into the elevator to make their escape as the other couple turned the corner for what they might discover behind the wall.

“Gawd I love you,” Stephanie said tenderly to Tony with a small kiss on his cheek.

“You still surprise and amaze me,” Tony said, grateful for his lover’s seducing initiative. “I never expected to make love to you in an art museum.”

“I got so hot,” Stephanie responded. “You were amazing to go along with me.”The doors to the elevator opened to give them a quick way of escape through the entrance of the creative urban architecture.

“I will never say no to you Stephanie,” Tony said sincerely.

“That’s living dangerously,” Stephanie answered playfully, feeling bold. “Better be careful making a promise like that.”

“Hooking up with you was living dangerously,” Tony said. “I just say, don’t disappoint,” he teased.

“Now that sounds like a challenge,” Stephanie answered.

“Just a commitment,” he said as they walked out the museum doors into the bright sunshine of the warm afternoon. “Just know, I will never say no to any desire you have.”

“You sound serious,” she said.

“Try me,” Tony challenged.

“I just did,” she said. They both laughed. “I think the only way a promise like that should work is if it goes both ways,” she added with a wink. “Not only will I never say no to you Tony, I will gladly always say yes.”

“Now that’s living dangerously,” Tony played.

“Try me,” she challenged with a sultry smile. “I dare you to find the limits of what I won’t do.”

Chapter One

Tony and Stephanie’s sex life had always been good, but never better than the last four days since making their “always say yes” commitment at the art museum. The daring no-holds-barred promise deepened their love and excitement. Their imaginations spun for what it might mean, and for what might be asked. It made their love life adventurous. The promise meant every fantasy could become real. Whatever it might be, they would always say yes.

“Carly has her ‘girl’s party’ over here tonight,” Bycasino Stephanie reminded Tony as they each headed out the door to go to work Wednesday morning.

Carly lived across the street; she and her boyfriend Steve were Tony and Stephanie’s best friends. Carly is a petite young Korean woman, 5 foot 1, and 105 pounds soaking wet. Steve is a tall, six foot five, blond, muscular, former college rugby player with transparent blue eyes. He is everything contrary to the traditional expectations of Carly’s family, and she loved that about him. Carly is a rebel, and he loved that about her. The two couples enjoyed hanging out and had taken a few vacations together. Stephanie volunteered to help Carly with her new direct sales business by hosting a “girls party” for Carly to sell some of her exquisite lotions, oils and related products.

“Oh, that’s right,” Tony said. “How about I stay late at work to give you girls the house?”

“That’s sweet,” Stephanie said. “You don’t mind?”

“The last thing Carly is going to want is a man in the house when she is trying to sell oil and lotion to women,” he said. “I don’t mind.”

“Thanks Tony. I’ll guess I’ll just have to buy some of her good stuff to use with you tonight after the party.”

“Now you’re talking,” Tony smiled at the consolation suggestion. He gave Stephanie a little peck as they walked out the door toward their cars. “You know I’ll always say yes to you.”They both smiled flirtatiously.

Stephanie got home early from work and prepared the house for Carly’s party. Out of the five invitations to women on their street, Tiffany was the only one able to clear her social calendar to attend. Stephanie understood. She rarely accepted invitations to direct sales parties unless she felt obligated or was really interested in what was being sold. Carly was fine with only a small group of three. Small groups tend to buy more.

Carly liked to make the parties fun with incentives, games and sales gimmicks. She always made sure there was plenty of wine flowing as well. Carly was masterful at getting women to share intimate stories about themselves once they had a little wine in their system and oil on their skin. The more illicit the stories got, the more inspired women became to buy her products. If the stories were too tame, Carly was good at enticing women to share their fantasies. All it took was sharing one of her own, to open the floodgates for more stories of unfulfilled lust. They were, after all, ‘girl parties.’

Carly showed up to Stephanie’s a few minutes early to set up her displays. With everything ready, Stephanie ran upstairs to change for the party. “Show that skin,” Carly reminded. She had encouraged the women to wear something that gave easy access to different parts of their bodies to sample the lotions and oils. Carly wore a short shimmery blue crop top and equally short black skirt with black high heels. There was no evidence of a bra. Stephanie justifiably wondered if Carly was wearing any panties.

“You’d like me to show skin,” Stephanie shouted playfully as she made her way upstairs.

“With a body like yours, the more the better,” Carly fired back.

The doorbell rang as Stephanie descended the stairs. Stephanie was a knockout, wearing a small red spaghetti strap dress Tony bought for her for Valentines Day. Like Carly, Tony liked seeing a lot of his girlfriend’s skin. Matching red shoes and a pearl necklace accessorized the dress.

“That’ll do,” Carly said approvingly as she met Stephanie at the door to welcome Tiffany. Tiffany stepped in looking equally ravishing. “Good thing we are meeting here,” Carly said. “If we were going out, you two would cause traffic accidents.”

Tiffany is the youngest of the three at 27 years old. She is five foot seven with long blonde hair, hazel eyes and tan skin. Her large round 36DD natural breasts complemented her tiny tight ass. Her friends teasingly called her Barbie, a title she resisted due to her Masters degree in Biology. That said, Tiffany was a lightweight and known to turn into her Party Barbie alter-ego after just a couple drinks. It was hard for her to resist a party invitation. Tiffany had followed the invitation instructions, wearing little more than a green bikini top posing as a blouse with a matching short skirt and heels. She loved oils and lotions on her skin, and was eager to see what Carly was selling.

Tiffany blushed. “Well thank you,” she said. “You’d stop traffic yourself.”

“Please come in,” Stephanie invited. The three made their way to the living room. “Let’s get this party started. It’s just the three of us tonight. Tony is out to give us the house.” Stephanie poured the two girls a glass of wine before filling her own.

Carly took control of the party, introducing the fine lotions and oils to the two women. She started with a couple games that emptied the first couple bottles of wine and loosened the women up. After four bottles of vino in the first hour and a half, the three women were Bycasino giriş all tipsy, sharing intimate stories and enjoying the product. The intimate party was going exactly as Carly had hoped.

Tony heard the women laughing as he walked in the front door. Careful to not interrupt the party, he secluded himself in the basement for a workout while the women carried on telling stories, playing games, trying samples and emptying two more bottles of wine. The conversation moved easily to telling intimate stories about illicit adventures and fantasies. They each had plenty. Stephanie couldn’t help bragging about Tony’s stamina and unquenchable ability to make love all night long.

“Are you kidding me?” Carla laughed. “Steve is one and done. I call him my Big Spender. He’s big and satisfying, but as soon as he shoots his load, he’s spent. If I don’t cum first, I don’t cum – at least by him. He’s limp in seconds and asleep in minutes.”

“I once had a foursome where I was the only woman,” Tiffany confessed with a slight blush. “I liked it because when one was done, there was another one ready.”

“Sounds like my Tony,” Stephanie bragged more than she would without the wine. “He’s a one-man foursome. I’ve never met a man who knows how to please a woman all night like him.

“All night?” Tiffany asked.”No man can go all night,” Carly argued.

“One night I wanted to see how many times I could make him cum before he could give no more. I wanted to see how much cum I could drain from him.”

“How many times?” Carly asked curiously.

“How much?” Tiffany asked.

“We never completely found out,” Stephanie confessed. “Tony gave time after time, almost drowning me with his cum. Even more awesome, he had me going with what felt like back-to-back orgasms. I fell asleep exhausted at 5:00 and we both had to get up for work at 7:00. He woke me up with more of his cum served as breakfast in bed. The man is a tender sexual satisfaction machine.”

“He sounds like a dream,” Tiffany sighed.

“A wet dream,” Carla laughed.They heard the basement door quietly open and close. Tony had tried to move from the basement to the shower upstairs without making any noise to interrupt the party. Ironically, rather than interrupting the party, he was the current focus of it.

“Hi Honey,” Stephanie playfully called out. After all this talk, she wanted to show off the specimen she had been bragging about. “Come say hi to the girls.”

Tony realized his attempt to sneak upstairs unnoticed had failed. “Sorry Babe,” he said glancing around the corner. “I tried to sneak upstairs for a shower without interrupting your party.”

“Come in here,” she said, “and say hi.”

“Damn,” Tiffany said, “he looks fine after a workout.” Tony stood in front of the women wearing a sweat-soaked white tank top and short black Adidas shorts. The drenched tank clung to his muscular chest and abs, his shorts strained to contain his package.

“Can’t sneak out of a party where you are the main attraction,” Carly blurted.

Steph hit her on the arm. “Shhhh.”The women giggled.

“What?” Tony asked feeling left out of a secret.

“I was just bragging about you,” Stephanie boasted with pride.

“Your stamina in the bedroom,” Carla blurted. “Is it true?”

Tony blushed. The room filled with sexual awkwardness. Tiffany and Carly each took in bold long views of Tony’s body, imagining what a night with his sexual skills might be like.

“Daaamn,” Tiffany repeated with a seductive smile, liking where imagination took her.

“Ah, I think I’ll leave you three to your wine and party,” he said avoiding the question and feeling more awkward. It was impossible for the three women to miss Tony’s tight shorts stretching from the involuntary movement beneath. Complements of sexual prowess by three inebriated sexy women glistening from applied fragrant oils, would cause any man’s equipment to respond, especially one with Tony’s now legendary reputation. Stephanie basked in the glow of watching her friends lust after Tony, and enjoyed watching Tony caught in the awkwardness of the moment with his shorts moving up the impressive flag pole.

“Ah, yeah. Well,” Tony stammered. “I’m going to go grab that shower. You all make yourself at home. Help yourself to anything you want and have fun.” Tony left the women to their imaginations and made his way to the shower. He contemplated a cold one. Stephanie opened another bottle of wine and refilled their glasses.

“I don’t believe you,” Carly said playfully to Stephanie.

“About what?” Stephanie asked, still prideful for Tony’s display of masculinity.

“About Tony, in bed,” Carla answered.

“It’s all true,” Stephanie boasted.

“I think it’s all talk,” Carly challenged.

Tiffany saw what Carly was doing. “Me neither,” Tiffany said.

“I can’t make this stuff up,” Stephanie answered playfully.

“Only in your dreams,” Tiffany answered.

“Wet dreams,” Carly added again. “I Bycasino deneme bonusu think the wine is causing your gift of exaggeration to get away from you Stephanie,” Carly added.

“Not only is it all true, I haven’t shared the half of it,” Stephanie said defending her man, running her hands across her body.

The three women heard the water for the shower turn on upstairs. Carly looked up toward the sound. “Prove it,” she challenged.

“How do you suggest I prove it?” Stephanie asked.

Carly drained half her glass of wine. “I don’t know, you tell us,” she suggested. “You’re the one making claims about what Tony is capable of,” she added with a seductive smile. “How are you going to prove it to us?”

Stephanie was at a loss.”Hey, it’s OK if Tony can’t,” Tiffany teased. “Most men can’t do what you’ve said he can do. I know a lot of people who exaggerate their partner’s ability.”

“I’m not exaggerating,” Stephanie defended playfully. “Tony can and will do anything I ask him,” she boasted.

“You think so,” Carly teased. “We’re not convinced, are we Tiffany?”

Tiffany shook her head. “Words are easy, especially when it comes to sex.”

Stephanie gave in to their ploy and decided to play along. “I suppose the only way for me to prove it would be to have Tony convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt.” Stephanie smiled. “I suppose he would need to do whatever it would take until you are convinced.”

“Seriously? You’re offering Tony to us?” Carly asked.

“Anything we want?” Tiffany added.

Stephanie would not normally volunteer her boyfriend to two other women, but somehow in the moment, it seemed like a good idea. Although she and Tony had never ventured into a threesome, let alone a foursome, she suspected Tony would be glad to accommodate with her permission. After all, his reputation was on the line. “Anything, until you are satisfied,” Stephanie added with a smile.

“That could convince us,” Tiffany answered, her face lustful at the invitation.

“Great idea Stephanie,” Carly added coyly. “It just might convince us,” looking again up the stairs toward the sound of the shower. “We’re in.”

The three inebriated women laughed and giggled, equally surprised at what was happening. Stephanie stood up and grabbed a hand of each of her friends and pulled them up from the couch. “Shhhh,” she said. “If we’re going to do this, we need to surprise him.” The three tipsy women staggered to their feet. Rather than being nearly over, the party was just about to begin. “Let’s do this,” Stephanie said. “Tiffany, grab the wine and Carly grab your product. You are about to have the fuck of your lives.”

“And so is Tony,” Carly promised.

The three women ran upstairs giggling like schoolgirls trying to sneak a peek into the boy’s locker room. “Shhhh,” Stephanie whispered, putting her index finger to her lips as they jostled clumsily into the master bedroom. “The only way this will work is if we ambush him in the shower,” she instructed. “Take all your clothes off and we’ll go in together. Once we are in there, I can promise he will do anything you ask, until you are completely satisfied and convinced.”

Carly and Tiffany still couldn’t believe this was actually happening. They quickly shed their clothes. Stephanie’s early suspicions were correct; Carly had no panties. The three scantily dressed women were naked in seconds.

“Damn,” Carly said again. “You two are hot. If I didn’t love men so much…”

“Shhhh,” Stephanie whispered again to Carly. “It’s now or never ladies. Once we go through that door, there’s no turning back. We take over his shower, and he’s ours until you’re convinced.” Stephanie smiled, knowing Tony would not disappoint. She was about to take his promise to “always say yes” to a new level. She couldn’t help but wonder what this moment might mean for her in the future.

Stephanie slowly opened the door and the three women entered the large bathroom. A thick fog of warm steam concealed their invasion. Tony and Stephanie enjoy sex in the shower and had installed an upgraded double-headed large round glass shower to accommodate. They had great memories in it, and were about to make more. As the naked women approached the shower door they saw Tony washing his hair. His eyes were closed. Thick suds flowed down from his head, off his shoulders and cascaded over his ripped abs like water over a waterfall. The sexy image burned into the minds of all three women.

Stephanie seized the opportunity to open the shower door to begin their coup. She immediately placed her arms around his wet slippery body.”Hey Lover,” she whispered.Soap continued to pour over Tony’s face, forcing his eyes closed. His face immediately lit up with a broad smile.

“Hey,” he said with his eyes still closed. “This is a nice unexpected surprise.”

“Yes it is,” she whispered seductively as she stood behind him, moving her hands up and down his abs. Tony’s dick immediately responded to her affection. “Remember your promise to always say yes to anything I desire?” she asked with continuing seduction in her voice.

“Definitely,” he answered with his sustaining smile.


“Try me, Baby. I will always say yes,” he reasserted. “Are the other women gone?”

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