Always Working Ch. 01

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Note: This is the first chapter in what could turn out to be a much longer story if the readers would like to hear more. Please feel free to send feedback. I enjoy hearing from you. As always, votes of 5 are greatly appreciated. – DD.

Michael sat alone in his office on a Friday evening. He was finishing up a proposal for a big sales pitch on Monday and didn’t want to be stuck working over the weekend. He enjoyed his job and took pride in the fact that he was damn good at it. A recent promotion assured him that those who mattered at his company shared his view of his contributions. So even though he had no romantic life, all in all, he was truly happy.

As he stared at his computer screen, Michael’s mind began to wander. He had always considered it strange that there were no blacks or women in management at his company. It wasn’t something he gave a lot of thought to, still it seemed odd in these modern times. But just recently that had all changed. They had hired a beautiful black woman to head up a key project. She was a management consultant and thus not a permanent employee, but she would wield an enormous amount of power for the length of her contract.

Her name was Alicia and though they had no direct connection through their job duties, they had been introduced and had engaged in the mindless pleasantries and chitchat that went with the territory. Over several weeks, Michael found himself thinking of her constantly. He had never been romantically involved with a black woman and normally wouldn’t even have those kinds of thoughts. At least not during daylight hours. His dreams and fantasies were another story altogether. But this woman was different. She crawled inside his mind and setup a beautiful palace there where she resided like an Empress.

Michael thought back to the first time that he had seen Alicia in the office. She was a very tall lady and was brazen enough to wear high heels on top of that. She had the kind of figure that you can only find on a black woman. A round, firm ass and powerful thighs that were really accentuated by her slender waist and beautiful bustline. And she was not one to cover her blessings, so each outfit she wore made her figure look as though it were carved from flawless marble. Like the perfection of the statues of Ancient Greece. A real live Goddess.

Alicia walked with a confidence that said she knew she was beautiful and Michael agreed that she had every right to that opinion. She was the kind of woman that you didn’t openly stare at. Something in the way she carried herself let a man know that she would accept no disrespect or games. So instead he stole frequent glimpses hoping to burn the image on his retina to enjoy later.

Her eyes were dark and almond shaped and she seemed to look right inside your most embarrassing memories whenever she held your gaze. Michael felt his face grow warm every time she caught him looking her way. Something in her manner said she knew about that incident in 3rd grade when he had accidentally set the playground on fire. He had the distinct impression she was laughing at him. But she was so intoxicating he was just happy to be able to offer her whatever she wanted. If she needed a laugh, he would gladly be her joke.

As these thoughts jumbled through his mind, Michael didn’t hear the door to his office being pushed open. So it was with absolute shock that he looked up from his reverie to find the object of his feverish daydreams standing right before him. Today Alicia had on a black, silk, knit dress and black leather knee boots. She managed to look both seductive and professional while at the same time captivating him as thoroughly istanbul escort as though she were a gorgeous stripper twirling around a pole. As he stared at her unable to break her gaze, she tossed her head and he watched as her seemly thousands of tiny braids fanned out around her head in a wavy lion’s mane. He marveled at how anyone could be so ethereally beautiful and lushly fleshy all at once.

“Michael are you almost ready to go?” He realized that she was repeating herself as his brain had failed to register the question on its initial delivery. When she had opened her mouth he had gotten lost in the flashing brilliance of her smile and his sense of hearing had fought a losing battle with his sense of sight. Suddenly his sense of smell joined the fray as he was assaulted by the luscious fragrance she always wore. God, he had to find out what that was so he could spray his sheets with it and imagine he was falling asleep in her warm, silky arms.

“Oh yes, Alicia, I’m just finishing up.” For some reason he wanted to say Ms. Alicia. He didn’t know why. There was just something about her that was sooo dominant. It had been awhile since he had indulged his submissive desires. In fact, he had thought he’d finally gotten them under control and purged that chapter from his life. But looking at her he knew those old cravings were washing over him stronger than ever. Why did she have to wear those gorgeous boots and stand so close to him?! He could smell the leather as he looked at the skinny three-inch heels and imagined for a second that he was on his back on the floor with one of her feet planted firmly in his chest.

Of course none of this was lost on Alicia. She knew the effect she had on men in general. And she particularly enjoyed the effect she had on little Michael. He wasn’t actually that small. At 5’10 and 150lbs, he was a slender though respectable figure of a man. He was always immaculately groomed and actually was decently handsome in a rich white boy sort of way. In her heels however, she towered over him like an Amazon. And as she noticed his reaction to her, she deliberately placed her hands on her luscious hips for good measure. Her face broke into a smile of satisfaction as he swallowed convulsively.

“Come on little mouse, let’s grab a bite to eat. You can show me around this big city of yours.” She flashed him another smile. He didn’t know when she had really started calling him that. It should have been a derogatory term, but the way she said it, with that honeyed Southern accent, just made his tummy warm. He hoped that she would soon unleash the wicked kitty that might be amused to scratch up a little, willing mouse.

Alicia just took control and expected him to follow her lead and he was simply powerless to do otherwise. He quickly finished the last sentence he had been typing and started shutting down his computer. By now she was sitting perched on the corner of his desk facing him as he got ready to follow her. Her crotch was scarcely 2 feet from his face and it was all he could do to stop himself from falling to his knees and burying his head in her lap. God, he wondered what her luscious chocolate pussy would smell like. He wondered if she would grip his hair and husk obscenities or if she would gently soothe his head and mummer encouragement as she ground into his eager little face. He shook his head, physically clearing his mind and trying to focus his thoughts.

Alicia stood up and gracefully swayed out of the room. The way she walked he could almost imagine that theme music was playing with each step. Her awesome ass was like a leash pulling him along behind her like escort bayan a collared puppy. In the parking lot she told him to follow her. They would be leaving her car back at her place and then he would drive her around in his. His heart thrilled at the way she was taking control. It had been so long since he submitted and he had never had a woman who possessed such sheer dominance that she didn’t even seem to consider the possibility that he would refuse her. And she was right. The last thing he wanted to do was displease her in any way.

They pulled up in front of a luxury building and Alicia parked her car. Then she came and got in the passenger seat of his. As the door closed behind her, he realized he had never been in such tight, close quarters with her. She seemed larger than life at this distance and he almost closed his eyes as he dragged in a deep breath of Alicia scented air. He struggled to keep his mind and eyes on the road as she moved sensuously in her seat getting more comfortable. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she put the seat back to accommodate her long legs. Her toffee colored skin glowed against the inky blackness of her boots and dress. Just a small bit of flesh winked out at him. Calling him. Marking him. Making of him a totally vanquished slave. He wanted to lick every inch of her flesh and fall under the spell of every nook and cranny of her incredible body. Oh! If only!

Michael wanted to impress her. So his mind raced with the possibilities for a dining experience that would be worthy of her. He settled on a small, classy restaurant that had great but eclectic food. He was like a small boy bringing his carefully transcribed homework to his beautiful, perfect teacher. Oh how he hoped she would be pleased with his choice. Would find him sophisticated enough to share her space. Breathe her oxygen. He wanted to kick his heels in the air with joy as he helped her out of the car and she smiled at his selection. “This looks nice, my dear little mouse. Good job sweetie.”

Alicia strode toward the door with confidence as Michael hurried beside her so that he could open it before she arrived. She smiled at him as he graciously held the door for her to enter the building. What a sweet little dollbaby he was! His face was frozen in an expression of extreme happiness as he watched her walk inside. The hostess greeted Michael warmly making him feel special and proud. This would show Alicia that he was well respected and had connections to offer her the very best. They were shown to a beautiful private table.

The dining experience was marvelous but Michael remained nervous because each move Alicia made seemed like a deliberate seduction. Even the simple act of eating seemed to be a prelude to how she might devour him later. One part of him wanted to be her willing feast, another part wanted to run as fast as he could and never look back. At this point, he honestly didn’t know which instinct was stronger. She made him feel very submissive. But, she also scared the shite out of him.

During the meal Alicia told him an interesting story. What she claimed was the true origin of the Medusa legend. Seems Medusa was neither ugly nor the possessor of a head full of snakes. She also wasn’t green as the erroneous myth insisted. She was black. A gorgeous black Empress with a head full of tiny braids. Looking at her turned men to stone all right. Below the belt. Michael stared at her braids as Alicia told him the story. They looked very much alive – like every part of her. He could believe she spoke the truth. After all her beauty captivated him and his dick was hard as a rock.

Alicia Pendik escort decided she wanted to go dancing, so they left the restaurant to find a nice dance spot. Michael was torn. He didn’t want to take her to one of the bars he knew because the dancing would probably not be up to her standards. At the same time he didn’t want to humiliate himself at an all black nightclub. As usual Alicia solved the problem by taking charge. She suggested a mixed club she had looked up on the cityguide.

Michael feared that he would feel overdressed in his black suit, but actually they made quite a striking pair. Alicia’s beauty was enough to improve the appearance of anyone standing nearby her and he was especially proud to be the chosen one tonight. Suddenly a song came on that she loved. She took his hand and led him out onto the dance floor her hips swaying rhythmically as she went. He followed behind her awestruck and giddy in a cross between puppy love and complete adoration.

As Alicia danced, Michael’s eyes followed her movements in a hypnotized daze. He didn’t understand how someone could blend such raw sexuality with unquestionable class. Even though she moved in a way that was a blatant seduction, he still knew that he could not just reach out and fondle her body. He knew that she was in complete control and that he must show her the utmost respect at all times. Seeing but not touching drove him to the brink of a feverish meltdown. He could feel his cock dripping in his boxers. He just prayed he didn’t get an embarrassing wet spot.

As the night grew older they continued to dance and feel each other out. He had no idea what was going through her mind. But she seemed to be reading his thoughts as easily as a Dr. Seuse book. Finally Alicia announced that it was time to go “home.” Michael wondered excitedly if she meant her place or his. As he drove her back to her luxury apartment, he soon came to understand that she meant to their respective homes. He felt an icy stab of rejection pierce his heart but tried his best not to let it show on his face. His mind churned to discover what he had done wrong.

Michael pulled his car into the parking lot and switched off the ignition. He started to turn towards Alicia, his mind racing to find words to express how much he had enjoyed the evening. But before he could speak, she did. “Kiss me little mouse,” she breathed. He leaned forward obediently aiming for her succulent lips, but before he could reach them she reached up to his head and guided his mouth to the long perfect column of her neck. He closed his eyes and breathed her in. God! She was delicious. He didn’t know how much of this he could stand. He eagerly covered her flesh with soft kisses, moaning low in his throat as he did so.

“Look at me sweetie, “she husked near his ear. Michael raised his head and looked at her as though in a trance. As he stared at her she reached down and hiked her dress up slightly as her hands disappeared underneath it. “I have something for you darling, “ she breathed, flashing her brilliant smile. As he looked on in amazement she retrieved her soaking, black thong underwear. He was speechless as she turned it inside out, exposing the glistening crotch as she wadded it into a neat package. She gripped the back of his head with one hand and gently commanded him, “Open wide.” He silently opened his mouth and she stuffed the panties inside. He lowered his eyes in ecstasy as the first incredible taste of her juicy, chocolate pussy invaded his senses. His cock jumped and coated his boxers with more of his liquid excitement. “Mmmmmm,” he breathed, closing his eyes to more fully savor the erotic taste.

Suddenly he heard the car door being opened. Before he could rouse himself she was standing outside the car leaning back over the seat. “See you at work mouse.” And then she was gone. Swallowed up by the night. By sheer mystery. By his unleashed fantasies.

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