Amanda , Her Father Ch. 09

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John was the first to awaken. He looked over at his sleeping daughter; that should keep her satisfied for a day or two. What an orgy. He actually fucked five young women, half his age, women whom he had known as teenagers and women whom had had fantasies about him during their high school years.

“Morning Dad,” said his daughter. She threw her arm around him and pressed her body against his. “That was some party, don’t you think,” she asked?

John nodded.

“This is the first time, in a long time, that I have actually awakened feeling satisfied, not horny. I guess that’s what happens when you cum so many time that you lose count. I can’t wait for Bill and Katie to see the tape of our party. They’ll go crazy.”

“I should have it edited and duplicated by the end of today, especially if I’m not bothered while I’m working,” replied John.

“Oh, so now I am bothering you?” said Amanda with a smile. “Maybe I should find someone else to bother.”

“Go a head, I have got the phone numbers of three beautiful women who told me to call them anytime,” said John, chuckling.

“You are ready to replace me, are you?”

“Amanda Honey, I could never replace you, in fact I’m not sure what will happen when you go home next week.” John gave Amanda a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. “Amanda I love you, I always have, but these few days together have made me not only love you but desire you; just like I desired you mother. I am really going to miss you.”

“Daddy, I’m not leaving you forever, you can visit Bill and me anytime. In fact if you lived a little closer, we could get together more frequently.” She looked John directly in the eye and said, “Dad, what we started is not going to end, I want you as much as I want Bill and if I’m like my mother, I may need the both of you to satisfy me.”

“I think you may need even more people, if you are like your mother. Let’s stop talking like this and get up. You take a shower and I’ll make you breakfast. Then you can decide what you want to do today.”

John got up and headed for the kitchen and began breakfast. In about fifteen minutes, Amanda walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She was wearing a short silk robe that was belted on top of her pregnant belly. The robe was stretched so much in trying to cover her belly that it allowed the top part to be open to the waist, giving John an eye full of her enlarged breasts. John looked at Amanda while she sat eating her cereal. God she was beautiful, he thought, just like her mother. They engaged in small talk until they were finished eating, then John went to work on the tapes.

Amanda got dressed and decided to go shopping for baby clothes. John was still working on the editing the tape by the time she got home. She decided not to bother him and went to their room to take a nap. It was mid-afternoon when she woke up. She went down to the basement to check on her father’s progress with the tape.

John looked up from his work when he heard Amanda come into the room. “Honey, I just finished. Wait until you see the tape; I think it’s better than most porno films” John embraced his daughter and kissed her passionately, his hands grabbed her ass. She could feel his erect cock pressing against her.

“Daddy, I thought you were worn out from yesterday’s activities. That tape must be awesome if it has gotten you all horny. Can I see it?”

“Sure, we better watch it together because you’ll really be horny.”

Amanda and her dad watched the tape he made of their sexcapade. They had to stop the video two or three times to make love. Finally they were finished watching it and of course, very satisfied from all their love making.

“Dad, I can’t wait until Bill and Katie see this,” Amanda said to her father. “I’m going to call him on his cell phone right now and find out where they will be tomorrow. Then, we can go to Fed Ex and over night the video to them. That will get them both as horny as we were when we watched it.”

“I’ll make copies for the girls,” said John/ “We can deliver them today. I’m sure they will enjoy the tape as much as we have.

That is what they did. Amanda sent her husband and mother-in-law a copy of their tape and then delivered the rest of the tapes. The day Bill received the tape, he called his wife. After watching the tape he changed their business contacts so that they finished early. He and his mother would be at John’s in three or four days at the latest. Bill also suggested that Amanda arrange another party, like in the video. He found it highly exciting and wanted to experience all the sexual activity that John and Amanda had in their party. Amanda was excited to hear her husband would be coming early. Amanda missed her husband even though her father had been a satisfying lover.

Amanda began to plan the party for Bill and Katie. As she was thinking about who to invite, a thought crossed her mind about inviting males also. She called to John to get input for her idea. At first John was somewhat hesitant escort bayan bursa about it. He was worried that Bill or even he would be jealous of seeing Amanda with other men.

“Dad, I’d like to invite the guys for Katie. She has only been with two men in her life and Bill’s father was not a caring lover. Probably, she will sleep with you but, I’d like her to experience more men than just you and Bill. You didn’t get jealous of mom with other men so why should you get jealous of me with other men. As for Bill, the way you talked about mom’s condition, it looks like he is going to have to get use to seeing me with other men. I don’t think I’ll be jealous of him with other women. This is a good time to find answers to these questions.”

“I think you are right, honey.”

Amanda started calling her friends to arrange another party. She called Janice first. “Janice, this is Amanda, I am trying to set up another party and wondered if you would be interested. My husband and mother-in-law will be joining us this time.”

“Would not miss it for the world,” replied Janice. “I have been watching the tape. I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet. I hope you don’t mind but my brother watched some of it with me. After ten minutes of watching we were in the doggy position fucking, but still watching the film.”

“Janice, that’s fine. In fact I was going to ask you if your brother would like to come to this party. I told you about my mother-in-law and her lack of experience in the area of sex. Do you think your brother would fuck an older woman, someone his mother’s age?”

“Would he! He has this fetish about older women, especially our mother. He hasn’t done anything about it, but I know he’d jump at the chance to screw her.”

“Is any one date better for you or your brother?

“Anytime is fine. I’ll take a vacation day and Larry is between jobs right now.

Great, I’ll call you back when I get a date

Next Amanda called Heather and got the same response. She was excited about another party. She had a request though, she had shared the tape with her boyfriend and he went nuts over the tape. They fucked so much they were both sore the next day. He wanted to be included in the party. Amanda brought up the incest and the screwing of an older woman scenario and got the same answer from Heather.

Finally she called Keesha. Keesha was eager to attend another party and her work schedule would allow her to be off on the date Amanda was hoping to have the party. Keesha wanted to know if Wendy was invited also and Amanda told her she was. Then Keesha asked if she could invite another friend of hers, a tall light-skinned African American woman. The woman worked at the hospital with Keesha and Wendy. She was drop-dead gorgeous and she loved to fuck. Of course Amanda said yes.

After calling back everyone to inform them of the date. They were all looking forward to attending.

After all the arrangements were made there was nothing to do but wait for Bill and Katie to arrive. John and Amanda slept together every night and made love several times a day. John did his best to satisfy his daughter’s over-active sex drive. But just like the similar situation that occurred with his own wife, it was difficult for him to keep providing the amount of sexual activity needed to fulfill her enormous cravings.

Finally the day came when Bill and Katie were to arrive. Amanda and John sat on the sofa in the family room waiting for them to arrive. They had on the television, but Amanda was paying more attention to sounds outside the house. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon when Amanda heard the car pull into the driveway. She immediately jumped to her feet and ran to the door. Bill and Katie were not out of the car before Amanda was running to meet them with John trailing behind.

Bill opened his door and took his wife in his arms. “Honey I missed you so much,” he said as he kissed her. Looking at his wife’s protruding stomach Bill said, “I think you have gotten bigger since last week.”

“I missed you too,” replied Amanda, thrilled to have her husband back in her arms.

John helped Katie out of the car. He could not get over how much she had changed. Even though Amanda had told him how she had gotten her mother-in-law to change her appearance; John was still surprised when he saw the beautiful woman emerge from the passenger’s seat.

“John, you remember my mother,” said Bill as he broke the embrace with his wife and turned to face John.

“Why, yes of course I remember her, but where is she?” You can’t be Kathryn,” John said to the woman he had helped out of the car.” In front of him was a woman who gorgeous. She had a form fitting blouse with the first three buttons undone, her ample bosom and cleavage clearly seen. Her skirt was a few inches above her knee, and her legs, what John could see, were rather shapely. Her hair was cut short and frosted. She wore just enough makeup to enhance her pretty face. bursa sinirsiz eskort The transformation was truly amazing.

“I’m not,” she replied. “Kathryn is gone, I’m Katie.”

“John we’ll get the bags latter,” Bill said as he and Amanda ran up the driveway into the house. John and Katie strolled behind them. By the time they entered the house Amanda and Bill were no where to be found.

“It looks like the kids have gone upstairs,” John said to Katie.

She laughed. “Yes, I expected that. Ever since Bill saw that tape, all he could talk about was how he missed his wife. He was a slave driver, getting all the work done early so we could visit. I must admit that the tape fascinated me. My sexual background is very limited, as you know. Bill and Amanda showed me a few porno tapes, but I never saw ordinary people carrying on like the people did in the tape. It really turned me on.”

In a matter of minutes they heard moans, groans and other noises coming from one of the upstairs bedrooms. Both John and Katie looked uncomfortable, like they had something on their minds. Finally John spoke, “I guess I shouldn’t say this, but after these last few days, I have really enjoyed Amanda’s company. I guess I’m a little jealous of Bill, right now.

“I know exactly what you mean,” said Katie. “After my almost total lack of sex, early in my life, I must say I have never been happier than these last few days. It was great to have a man make love to me several times a day. I was just beginning to get used to it and now reality sets in. I guess I’ll just have to get use to have sex less frequent.”

“Kathryn…err. I mean Katie; I can’t get over how much you have changed. You used to be a ….um…”

“An old bitty,” Katie interjected.

“Well, yes. You always seem so cold and prudish. Your appearance made you look much older. You are so beautiful; it’s hard to believe you were that other person.”

“You really think I’m beautiful!” asked an excited Katie. “Bill and Amanda have told me that I’m pretty and people at the office have complimented me, but I wasn’t sure if they were saying that just to be nice to me. You’re not saying that just too polite.”

“Hell no, I can’t believe how pretty you are and what a great figure you have.”

Katie moved close to John and gave him a short kiss on the lips. “That’s for being so kind to me,” said Katie. Then, she kissed him again only this time much longer. “And that’s for inviting me to your house,” she said.

John took her in his embrace and kissed her hard on the lips. ”That’s for getting me all excited.” He kissed her again, this time he thrust his tongue into her mouth where it was met by her tongue. As the kiss progress, John moved his hand up to lightly cup Katie’s breast. The moan that escaped from Katie’s throat told him she enjoyed his advances. Without breaking the kiss, John eased Katie backwards until she was lying on the sofa with him on top of her. Both his hands were on her breasts playing with them through the fabric of her blouse and bra. John rolled off of her so that he was lying at her side. His fingers began to undue the remaining buttons of her blouse. When he was finished, he opened her blouse and buried his face in the top part of her ample breasts that were spilling out of her sexy black bra.

Katie through her head back and closed her eyes. She was enjoying John’s kisses and caresses. It was fun to have another man other than her son, make love to her. She grabbed John’s head and pressed it tight against her bosom. John responded by kissing one breast and then the other. He searched for the clasp that would release Katie’s beautiful breasts and found that it was in front. He undid it and removed the cups from her tits. He moved his head back from her body to get a good look at the tits he had been messaging and kissing. They were fantastic. He breasts were small, probably a B cup. Her nipples were a dark shade of red, almost the color of red wine. They contrasted her cream colored breasts and made her look very exotic. They were very hard and erect, almost a half an inch long. He couldn’t resist taking one in between his lips and sucking on it. It felt wonderful, sticking into his mouth where his tongue played with the tip of the nipple while his teeth gently nipped the base. Katie’s whole body responded to John, Her breathing became rapid, her head thrown back with her eyes shut; low guttural sounds were emerging from her mouth. Her hands ran through John’s hair caressing it and playing with it. Her hips pressed against his body; rubbing against his erection. Both of them were becoming very worked-up and excited.

“I think we’d be more comfortable up in my bedroom,” suggested John.

Katie answered him by rolling of the sofa and onto the floor. She patted the space beside her as an invitation for John to join her. “Let’s fuck right here.”

When John got aside of her, she pushed him on his back and got on top of him. As Katie’s escort bayan lips were busy kissing John as her fingers were unbuttoning his shirt. As she undid the buttons she opened his shirt and kissed the exposed part of his chest. She sucked on his nipples and ground her pussy on his hard cock. John grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her tighter against his hard dick. Even though she still was dressed in her skirt and John in his pants, they both were receiving pleasure from the friction of their body parts rubbing together. When she had his shirt unbuttoned, she lay on top of him. John enjoyed the feeling of Katie’s bare tits mashed against his chest. He always enjoyed the two sensations that occurred in times like these. The soft, cushion-like feel of the woman’s breast against his bare skin contrasted with the presence of two hard nipples in the center never failed to get him aroused. .

As Katie became more excited she increased the tempo of her hips moving up and down. John realized she was close to an orgasm. He lifted her head up to his and kissed her, his tongue driving into her mouth. As the kiss grew more heated John’s hands slide down her back and beneath the cloth of her skirt and panties. His fingers massaged the bare flesh of Katie’s ass cheeks. Katie responded by mashing her pussy down on his cock so hard that it was almost painful for John. John squeezed her ass check and pushed his index fingers in her crack and touched her ass hole. That was all it took.

“Oh, John…….God……I’m… cuming….” Katie yelled and her body stopped moving.

John held her tight until she relaxed. Slowly she picked her head off his chest and looked up at him and smiled.

“That was good, John. I knew you were good, I watched the tape of you pleasing those four girls. That felt wonderful.”

“We only started, Katie. Let’s get out of the rest of our clothes so that we can really have some fun. Katie unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs. Then she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down also. She looked at John who was intently watching the show she was providing him. He noticed her stomach was soft, not flat but far from bulging. Her hips were nicely rounded and her pussy was shaved bared like Amanda’s.

Katie saw the smile on his face. “Do you like what you see,” she asked?

John nodded and smiled.

“I thought you would only be turned on by younger women, since that is what you been with, lately.”

“Don’t put yourself down; you are an attractive, sexy woman. Katie, I enjoy all women, I didn’t know how much I missed having women in my life until Amanda came to visit me.” John then undid his pants and pushed both his pants and underwear down his legs. He looked at Katie and noticed her eyes were glued to his crotch. “Do you like what you see my lady,” John asked.

Katie blushed slightly, but answered, “Yes I do. Your… um….err… penis is only the second one I have seen. I never even saw Bill’s father’s one.” Katie took John’s cock in her hand. “I am amazed as to how hard and hot it is.” Then she reached down and cupped John’s balls, “and how soft these are.” She leaned down and kissed and licked the head of the cock she held in her hand.

John’s hand moved to Katie’s pussy. His fingers rubbed the lips; he could feel that they were very wet. Katie was very aroused. He inserted one finger inside of her and wiggled it around. That brought a moan from Katie. He removed the finger slowly and ran it up her pussy until he reached her clit. There he rubbed her little nub for a few seconds.

Katie stopped what she was doing, “that feels so good, let’s fuck.”

“Katie, such language out of a refined woman,” John laughed as he sat up with his back against the sofa and his legs spread slightly. He held his arms open to the naked woman in front of him. “Here, sit on this.”

“Such vulgarity out of your mouth,” Katie laughed too, but she moved her body and positioned it so that her pussy was right above John’s cock. She reached down and placed the head into the entrance of her slick cunt. With one motion, she took all of John’s seven inches inside of her.

They both sighed at the same time. Katie began to move her hips up and down very slowly. John’s hands moved to Katie’s tits and he began playing with them and her hard, dark red nipples. This caused Katie to increase the movement of her hips which caused John to pinch her nipples harder.

That was the sight that Amanda and Bill saw when they entered the family room. They didn’t say a word but watched their parents fuck.

Within a matter of minutes Katie screamed “here I cum.” That triggered John to join Katie in orgasmic bliss. Katie stopped moving and John grabbed her and pulled her tight against his body.

They stayed that way until Bill started speaking, “Mother I can’t leave you alone for thirty minutes before you seduce John.”

“Daddy!” said Amanda.

Then everyone laughed. Bill said, “We felt guilty running up to the bedroom to have sex and leave you two alone, so we came down to be with you.”

“If I would have known what you were doing, I would have been able to come a few more times,” said Amanda.

John replied, “We were sitting here, talking, enjoying each others company when we started to hear some interesting noises coming from upstairs.”

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