Amelie’s Power Play

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I was on a plane back home. It had been a long time since I had been home, and I wondered what it would be like. I was especially curious to see if anything would change between me and my sister, Amelie.

My parents were sports freaks, and had named both of us after athletes: me for the great Terrapin, Tahj Holden, and Sis for the tennis player Amelie Mauresmo. It only took in her case, though. Growing up, even though I was 2 years older, she had always been bigger and stronger than me. She was also smart, skipping both 5th and 7th grade to catch up with me before we entered high school.

We had then both gone off to college. I joined the Navy reserves while I was there [funny what a strong incentive $10,000 per year towards your tuition is], and had done my 4 years in the reserves while studying computer science at the University of Miami-Florida. Despite being 3,000 miles away from home [Santa Barbara, CA] I managed to enjoy myself. Amelie had chosen to attend Northwestern. Her major was engineering. We wrote real letters and shared e-mail, but hadn’t seen each other since we both left for college. Neither one of us had time for romance: studying took priority. CS and engineering both take a lot of time and effort, as we had discovered!

When I graduated high school, I had been a 5’8″, 120-pound bookworm. Amelie was 5’10″ [and still growing – she was only 16] and 170 pounds of solid muscle. The Navy and the P.E, classes I took had added 40 pounds to my frame – plus I had learned the techniques of kick boxing and kara-te while in college. I figured if it came to a test of strength, Sis couldn’t boss me around anymore. Previously, it had been nonstop “fetch my drink, make my bed, answer my phone, cook me dinner, hand me my shoes…” to the point of driving me crazy!

I found myself wondering whether she had tried that same style in college. She hadn’t said she did in her letters, but that wasn’t the type of thing she would admit to me, I figured. Well, I would have a chance to ask her soon enough. My flight would arrive a day before hers, so we would see each other tomorrow if all went well. At that moment, the flight attendant’s voice broke into my thoughts. “We will be landing in 15 minutes. Please place your seat-backs in the upright position and fasten your seat belts as we prepare for descent.”

The drive home was uneventful, and I slept in the next morning. My job was already lined up – a position at UCSB, in the engineering department, so I had no worries. In the meantime I would have 2 months of summer to relax. Sis was also going to put her skills to use at UCSB, as a researcher, and we had agreed to share an apartment in the area beginning in September to save on expenses. After a leisurely breakfast, I decided to hit the pool in the back of the house for some laps. I was just completing a warm-up set of 8 laps when Amelie arrived home. I was so wrapped up in my swimming that I didn’t hear Sis approach.

“Hey, bro!” she called out playfully. Startled, I jumped almost out of the pool before spotting her, standing on the left side and looking me over carefully. “Hiya, sis!” I said. “Jump right in, the water’s fine.”

“College life agreed with you,” she said, examining my physique with her eyes. My tight bathing suit didn’t conceal much of my body. “You’re a fine hunk of man, no longer a bookworm.” “Uh, thanks,” I said, not expecting her to comment so frankly on my body. “You look pretty good yourself.”

Amelie Giresun Escort had grown another 2 inches at least, as she was a good 6 feet tall. She looked like she’d added more muscle to her frame, too. She was wearing a pale blue bikini, medium-sized. Her calf muscles were rock-hard and diamond-shaped, while her thighs could have choked a tiger. Her arms were well-muscled as well, and her chest was very firm. Her stomach was flat as a washboard. “Thanks for noticing, bro,” she said. “I worked out 4 days a week at school for an hour a day to stay in shape.”

She jumped in the pool and swam over to where I was resting. “Want to race, bro?” she asked. “I know you’re a bit tired, so I’ll do 10 warm-up laps while you rest. Then we’ll be even.” “What sort of a race?” I asked. “40 laps, freestyle,” she said. “Loser has to do the breakfast dishes.” Since only a few dishes were in the sink, losing didn’t really matter, and I was confident I could beat her in a distance swim anyway – I regularly had to swim 5 miles as part of my Reserve training. 40 laps would only be a mile and a quarter. “Sounds good to me,” I said.

After she had done her 10 laps to warm up, we braced ourselves against the wall. “On three,” she said. In unison, we counted off. “One to get ready… two to get set… [suiting the action to the word]… and THREE!” For the first 20 laps, we were evenly matched. Then Amelie started increasing the pace, slowly but steadily. I was getting more and more tired trying to keep up with her, and she didn’t even seem to be breathing hard. With about 5 laps left, she put on a burst of power that left me in her wake. In spite of my best efforts, she beat me by almost a full lap. I was astounded by her performance.

“Wow!,” I said after catching my breath. “How’d you do that?”

“I told you I’d been working out,” she said. “And by the way, I did the dishes when I came in, so you’re off the hook.”

I looked into her brown eyes. Her lovely face was framed by wavy black hair that came down to her shoulders. “That was nice of you,” I said.

She looked back at me, into my dark-brown, almost black eyes, studying my face, capped by Navy-style short black hair, and said, “You’re very welcome. It’s good to see you again.”

“You really surprised me,” I said. “I thought with swimming, I finally had something I was better than you at.”

“You know you’ll never out-physical me at anything,” Amelie replied teasingly. “I may be your younger sister, but you’re my little brother.”

“Izzatso?” I said. “I didn’t read in any of your letters that you were studying martial arts. Technique counts for more than size, you know.”

“You want to take me on in a wrestling match?” she said. “That ought to be interesting. Let’s dry off, go to the basement and test out your theory.”

“What about Mom & Dad?” I asked. “What if they see us?”

“They’re going away for the summer,” she said. “Didn’t they tell you? Dad’s been saving for years, and he and Mom left this morning for 3 months in Tahiti. We’re on our own. In 2 months we move in together, remember? Dad figured we’d better get used to each other.”

“OK,” I replied. “Wrestling it is.”

10 minutes later, still in our swimming outfits, the basement was covered with 4-inch-thick padded mats so we couldn’t hurt ourselves as we prepared to wrestle. We took positions in opposite corners. “Ready?” I called out. “As I’ll ever Giresun Escort Bayan be,” replied Amelie. “Here we go,” I said, “on three, OK? One! Two! Three!”

We carefully circled each other, watching for an opening. I thought I saw one and got Amelie in a clutch from behind. However, her incredible muscles ripped my arms from around her as she easily broke free. “You have to do better, Tahj,” Amelie taunted. “I’ll get you next time!” I said, as she charged toward me. Using my kara-te training, I used her momentum to flip her onto her back and jumped on her as she lay on the ground, going for the pin.

I leaned all my weight onto her as I tried to grab her arms. Suddenly, her leg caught my ankle, flipping me over as she grabbed both my wrists with one hand. With the other, she held my chest down and easily pinned my shoulders to the mat. I struggled to escape, but her legs formed a scissor hold around mine and I couldn’t move. “I give,” I called out.

“You’ll do more than that, bro,” she said. “I’m going to knock you out with my thighs. Then I’ll knock you out with my arms. I have big plans for you and want to show you who the boss is around here.” “What sort of plans?” I asked in a shaky voice. “I think you have a lovely body,” Amelie replied. “I love the extra muscle you gained from the Navy. I know just what I want to do with it. But first things first.” My brain was still trying to come to grips with her words when she placed my head between her thighs. One powerful squeeze of her muscles, and I was out.

A few minutes later, I came to. Amelie was leaning over me, her breasts, covered only by her tiny bikini top, practically in my face. “You’re awake,” she said. “Time for lesson number two. I could kill you with my muscles, you know.” “I believe you,” I said. “You’re much stronger than I thought.” “Don’t worry, little brother,” she said. “I would never even think of doing it. But I do plan to make you mine in all respects.” With that, she clamped her arm around my neck and squeezed tightly. In seconds I was unconscious again.

When I came to, I was lying on something soft. My sister was lying next to me. At that moment, what she said earlier struck me with full force. “Uh, sis?” I asked. “What did you mean when you said you knew what you wanted to do with my body?” I was still somewhat woozy from her display of muscle power in the basement.

“Wake up, Tahj,” Amelie said. My eyes started to focus fully. I realized I was lying on her bed. Then I realized she had removed my swim trunks. I started to cover myself with my hands. “Uh-uh!” she said, snatching my wrists and pinning them down. “You won’t need your clothes this summer. Or any other time.” I looked at her and saw that she, too, was naked. “I thought I made it clear who was in charge a few minutes ago,” she said firmly. “Or would you care for another demonstration?” I shook my head.

“Good,” she said. She put both my wrists into one of her hands and kept me pinned, while her other hand started running over my body in a very sensual manner. I came to a sudden realization. “You can’t do this, sis,” I said. “We’re brother and sister! That’s not right!”

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Besides, what are you going to do about it?” I realized that I had no choice in the matter, with her powerful arms and muscled legs holding me prisoner. “That’s what I thought you said,” she responded tauntingly. “Now lie back and relax.”

I Escort Giresun had one last card to play: out-intelligence her. “Your pulchritude level has increased greatly in the last 4 years,” I observed. My last hope was dashed when she replied, “I know. A lot of boys thought I was beautiful in college, but I knew I wouldn’t be dating any of them. My senior year of high school, I knew you’d be mine.”

My reeling brain went into shock again. “You’ve had a crush on me for that long?” I asked incredulously. “More than a crush, Tahj,” she replied. “In case you’re too shell-shocked to remember, we grew up together. I was fully in love with you by the age of 15. I knew I just had to wait patiently and my chance would come.”

I couldn’t believe it. “Chill, bro,” Amelie said. “You’ve admitted I’m lovely, we know each other well, and I care deeply about you. Most men would kill to have a woman like me in their lives, so relax and enjoy the ride.” She leaned over me, thrusting her firm breasts into my face. “Now suck on these,” she ordered.

I had no choice. I opened my mouth and Amelie thrust her breasts forward, forcing her nipple against my tongue. I started swirling my tongue around it, sucking hard as I did so. “Mmmmmm,” Amelie said. “You do good work.” I switched my attention to her other breast. She responded with a moan of pleasure.

Suddenly, she pulled back. Still holding me down with her hand, she pivoted her body and lowered her pussy onto my face. I obediently started licking her slit up and down. Finding her swollen clit, I put my tongue on it and began circling. Her body started shuddering as she climaxed violently, sending a flood of juices onto my face. “Oooooh, yeah!’ she said. “Keep going! That’s so good!” She locked her thighs around my head, giving me no choice in the matter.

She reached down and began to stroke my dick, gently running her hand up and down the shaft. I could feel myself getting hard as she started playing with my balls with her other hand, massaging them with her fingertips. “That’s it, baby,” she said. “Your muscles don’t compare to mine, but you’re big where it counts.” She leaned down and took the tip of my dick into her mouth, flicking her tongue delicately over the head. I started squirming with pleasure as she began sucking me deeper into her mouth. “I think you’re ready,” she proclaimed.

I couldn’t believe it. My sister was going to, in effect, rape me. I begged her not to go that far. “Please, sis,” I said, “don’t make me do this. What if I knock you up? This isn’t right!” She laughed and said, “I’m on the Pill. And how do you think you’re going to stop me? I own you now, bro. I will use you at my whim, for anything I desire.”

My last resistance was broken by her flat declaration. She flipped over and lowered her pussy onto my swollen dick. I could do nothing about it as she rode me like a horse, sliding her powerful body up and down. She climaxed several times, taking her pleasure from my helpless body. Finally I was at the point of no return. She clamped her legs around me so tight I thought she would cut me in half as we orgasmed together, her hot juices mixing with my spurting fluid.

I was too exhausted to move as she climbed off of me and lay next to me in the bed. “That wasn’t too bad, was it now?” she asked teasingly. I was too stunned by what had happened to reply. Finally I managed to say, “Well… it did feel good… but—” “She cut me off at that point. “See, I told you you’d like it. Being my slave isn’t a bad thing at all. Now let’s get in the shower and clean up.”

Since then, she has been my loving mistress. I’ve long since adjusted to the fact that she’s also my sister. I serve her every need with love and devotion.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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