Amusement Ch. 02

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When he stopped flicking her clit with his tongue he stood and left her hanging from the chain. She slowly began to relax from the continuous climaxes and a state of total arousal. Her body was exhausted and spent. As her muscles relaxed she hung limply from the suspension cuffs. Her shoulders ached and her arms were numb from being held over her head for so long. Nicole still needed to be careful to hold her head up within the limits of the nose hooks or experience the discomfort of the wires in her nostrils. He gently unhooked the latch on the chain above her head to slip the hook from her nose. It tickled when he slid the two prongs from inside. Reaching into her mouth with two finger, he took hold of her wadded up panties and pulled them slowly from her mouth. She let her head slump forward to rest her neck.

“Here, drink some water,” he said, holding out a bottle of water. “We can’t have you passing out from dehydration.” She opened her mouth as he put the bottle to her lips and tipped her head back as he gave her a drink.

He stroked her body, still moist with perspiration from the intense orgasms and tensing of her muscles. He stroked her sides again and moved over her heaving breasts. The goose bumps reappeared and she shivered. She felt cold as she stood motionless, recovering from all the energy she had just expended. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and turned her head to face his.

‘Ready for more?” he asked, looking straight into her eyes from a few inches away. “I have something else that I’d like for you to experience.”

Truthfully, she wanted to get down from the hanging position and go to bed. She sensed that he had other plans. Unable to say no to her master and lover she wearily nodded, yes.

He walked over to the wall and pressed the lever to lower the chain upon which she was hanging. Her arms tingled from the numbness that had set in. She felt her weight on her feet once again then her arm descended in front of her. When they were at waist level he returned to her to unhook everything and free her hands and arms. It felt good to be able to move them freely. They slowly began to feel “normal” again but a bit of tingling remained as he ushered her over to the back of the room.

“Do you see the wooden stocks over there?” he asked, pointing at the device.

She turned in the direct that he was pointing and could see the wooden apparatus with its top removed and leaning against the wall.

“Go over there and rest your neck in the center hole and rest Pendik Türbanlı Escort your wrists in the two smaller holes on either side. You are to remain in position until I get back. I will close the top when I return. I have a few things to attend to. Do you have any questions my pet?”

She shook her head. She hadn’t noticed the device before, probably because she was so enamored with the leather harnesses and other devices hanging on the walls. While excited at the prospect of more discipline, she was nervous about what he would do next. Perhaps he was building up to something more intense. She looked at the stocks then back at him. He was already gone. She slowly walked over to the device still rubbing her arms. She wondered how long he would be gone. There was no point in making herself uncomfortable until the last minute.

She could feel the cool air on her naked body as she cooled down from before.

Nicole studied the device and wondered how to do this with the least amount of discomfort. At least he had padded the round openings to cushion the harsh edges. The neck hole was not much higher than her waist. She bent down to place her neck in the center hole. It fit well without any pinching. She lifted her right hand and felt around until it rested into its intended opening. She followed with her left side. Her arms are elevated slightly above her neck in the device. It was more difficult to balance on her high heels and neck than she imagined, especially when she lifted her wrists up into their openings. She found that she needed to spread her legs a bit to stabilize herself as well as to reduce the stress on her back. The padded wood felt cold against her neck.

She stood back up to stretch and wait for him. She hoped that he wouldn’t sneak up on her without warning.

“You better be in position,” he warned her in a loud voice as she heard his foot steps coming back toward the room.

The heavy door slammed shut just as she re-positioned her body in the stocks. She was still adjusting her neck and wrists when he arrived behind her.

“I see that you found everything okay,” he said as he moved close behind her and stroked her bare bottom and back with his fingers on both hands. “Comfortable?”

The touching felt good. It sent shivers of delight through her body and she enjoyed it. She remained still, hoping he wouldn’t stop.

“Oh how I love to discipline you,” he commented as walked over to get the top half of the stocks to restrain her. “Be still Pendik Otele Gelen Escort now.”

He carefully lowered the matching top to the base and pressed it over the alignment pins. She felt a slight pressure, especially on her neck as he pinned the top in place. She felt his hands on her neck as he encircled it with his hands and mover her neck back and forth as well as up and down to make sure there was still some clearance. He knelt down and wrapped a length of rope several times around her right ankle. There was an anchor in the floor to which he tied the rope to prevent her from pulling her legs together. He tied her left ankle in the same way. He stepped away again.

She could feel his hands on her hips as he looped a length of yellow nylon rope under her midsection and around her waist so the two loose strands were at her back. She could not see much past the wide board of the stocks. She felt him knot the rope behind her back before he brought both strands between her legs. With the rope hanging down between her legs in front, he pulled both strands up toward her navel. He carefully tucked the rope under the length that was wrapped around the front of her waist and pulled it through. He spread her clitoris with one hand as he tensioned the rope forward in front of her face, making sure to seat the rope in her slit.

There was a relatively small hole in the base of the stocks beneath her neck. He threaded both strands of rope through it and tied a loop with the remaining rope. He walked away briefly and returned with a cylindrical weight, about the size of a coffee can that had a hook protruding from its top. He hooked the weight to the loop at the end of the rope and let it fall. The rope jerked as the slack was suddenly taken up by the weight. She felt the rope slide a bit through her cunt until it suddenly stopped against her vagina. With her neck locked in place her back and bottom lifted from the sudden tension between her legs. The rope pressed quite hard along the length of her slit. The rough texture burned yet felt strangely erotic. The double strands separated her lips a bit. He ran his fingers inside her opening to make sure the rope was in its proper position. After adjusting the rope somewhat to untwist it he continued stroking her clit on both sides of her spread opening.

“This is what is known as a cunt rope my dear. Oh, it appears that you like it. You are getting very wet Nicole.”

Jack continued to play with her trembling body. She moaned. Pendik Ucuz Escort She could feel him pressing his groin against her bottom as he gently stroke her breasts, pinching and tugging on her nipples as he stroked her body. His erection was obvious through his pants. The erotic touching made her feel very amorous. She already longed for deep penetration by his hard cock. She whimpered quietly as he continued to fondle her from her breasts down to her hips. His hands stroked her all over, running beside her vulva. She trembled with excitement as his touch arouses her further.

Still standing between her legs, he pulls on her right nipple. To her surprise, he began to spread a thick gel over her areola. It felt cool and soothing at first, but it gradually heated up to cause a burning sensation. He applied the gel to the right side too. The stinging pain caused tears to form in her eyes. She grimaced as he placed a rolled up piece of leather to her lips.

“Open dear,” he demanded. He placed the roll of rawhide between her teeth and secured it with a strap around the back of her head. He drew the strap tight to press the leather gag into her mouth. She bit down instinctively, trying to remain quiet and compliant.

She could feel that he was no longer standing against her bottom. He brandished a flogger in plain view across the room and snapped it menacingly through the air. She waited in terror as he walked behind her. She jumped when he snapped it through the air again behind her without touching her body. Jack dragged the soft tendrils across her bottom, teasing her. He ran it up her butt then across her back. Suddenly, she could feel the leather tendrils as they struck her right cheek with a moderate blow. Another landed over her left side. She could feel her knees start to buckle as he alternated back and forth across her buttocks. The stinging made her bottom feel very hot with a tingling sensation. Every flinch of her body slid the rope over her tender clit and vagina.

She whimpered through clenched teeth after six or so lashes. He stopped when her cheeks were bright crimson. Examining her skin with his fingers, he declared that enough punishment. He removes the leather from her mouth. He walked around the stocks to stand in front of her. Jack reached down to lift the weight from the cunt rope next. Nicole breathed a sigh of relief as he was released from the rope that was beginning to irritate her delicate flesh. He unwrapped the rope and wound it around his thumb and elbow, Unlocking the top half, he raised the top beam to set her free..

“Get dressed for dinner my love,” he directs. “The night has just begun.”

Thank you to everyone who read the first part of this story. I truly appreciate your votes and the time taken to read the stories. I hope you enjoy the ending of this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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