Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 15

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Author’s Note

All characters in this part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series are over the age of legal consent.


Part 19 — My second term at University – fourth part

NEWPS — The Medical Examinations

Ben had done a great job yet again. He’d managed to get the 4 medical examinations set-up for 4 consecutive days. Doctor Pete Lawrence was a busy, lucky man.

Katie was the first to go with Brooklyn. It was only when Katie said that she was looking forward to meeting Doctor Pete Lawrence that I realised that Katie had never been to a medical.

I had a quiet word with Ben and made sure that Katie got her share of the fun.

When Katie got back she told us what had happened. Brooklyn had been quite nervous. Apparently she is still getting used to having no pubic hair and was embarrassed to have to be naked in front of a doctor. She said that she felt like a little girl. Wearing short skirts and no knickers hadn’t helped her either, as she was constantly turned-on as the cool air tickled her pussy.

Apart from that, Brooklyn had done quite well. The doctor had given her 4 orgasms.

Katie hadn’t been expecting to go through the ‘additional’ requirement so she was pleasantly surprised to be told to strip and get on the couch. The doc had given her 4 orgasms as well.

I asked her how many young men had watched them going through their peaks of pleasure. She told me that the door had been shut all the time.

What a missed opportunity. After Katie had gone back to her room I got on the phone to Ella and Sarah to remind them to leave the door open.

Late the following evening, Sarah phoned to let me know that Leah had done well. She’d been quite embarrassed and the doctor needed to play with her clit quite a bit to get her well lubricated, but after that she’d relaxed and orgasmed quite quickly.

There had been 3 young men watching Leah then Sarah have the doctor’s favourite number of orgasms.

Ella phoned me to let me know how she and Zoe had got on. Zoe had been a bit slow at responding to the doctor’s massaging of her clit. Maybe it was because the doctor is a man, and Zoe prefers women. Ella told me that the doctor had got a new weapon to make them cum. Instead of using his hand, he’s got a Magic Wand and perhaps didn’t realise how good they are. He’d given Zoe 5 orgasms in next to no time. When it came to Ella’s turn she’d grabbed the Magic Wand from the doctor after her third orgasm and the doctor (and Zoe and 5 young men) had watched her give herself 3 more orgasms.

Kailene’s medical was set for a couple of hours earlier than the other 3 because I needed to be back for cheerleader practice. Kailene was waiting outside the room when I got there. There were 6 young men in the waiting room, and all of them had a real good look at us while we were waiting. Kailene whispered that she’d like to show them her goodies. Little did she know.

When we went in, the doctor went through the same routine as he had when I’d taken Ella and Sarah. I could see that Kailene was enjoying it; her wet pussy was sparkling in the light when she first got up on the couch.

Kailene had a ‘happy’ grin on her face when I left the door open while I got the forgetful doctor’s bag. I didn’t even bother to attempt to close the door when I went back in. It stayed as wide open as Kailene’s pussy.

Kailene looked to be struggling to hold back as the doctor examined her pussy. She’d already moaned when he’d rolled and tweaked her nipples; but when he put the speculum inside her the moans were through gritted teeth.

The doc told Kailene that he needed to see how she responded to stimulation of the clitoris; and started teasing her clit. It didn’t take long for Kailene to prove that her response was entirely normal.

The doctor let Kailene calm down a bit, then got the Magic Wand out of his bag. He plugged it in and passed it to Kailene. He started to tell her about the NEWPS additional requirements, but Kailene was way ahead of him. She’s switched the thing on and was massaging her pussy.

Kailene went over the top shouting ‘yes’ and ‘more’ and ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ and ‘I’m cumming’.

Kailene was in an orgasmic heaven; and what’s more, the doctor loved every minute of it. So were the 7 voyeurs looking through the door.

Kailene kept going.

I think that she had an orgasm for each of the sets of male eyes that were watching her. The poor girl looked knackered and looked to be a bit unsteady on her feet when the doctor told her to get off the couch. The doctor hadn’t bothered with a rectal examination.

Kailene took ages going to fill the little jar with her urine. Again, the doctor had told her not to bother getting dressed; that the place would be empty. All the time that Kailene was away, the doctor was typing away on his laptop. I wondered if I should say anything to him about me knowing that he wasn’t a medical doctor; but I didn’t.

When Kailene finally got back she told us that she’d got a bit lost. She told us that there had been quite kaynarca escort a few people walking around the corridors. I’d forgotten that we were a couple of hours earlier than the previous times; but Kailene didn’t look at all upset by being naked with all those people around.

The doctor hadn’t forgotten the late, extra NEWPS requirement that I hadn’t yet had!

As I stripped I stared at the voyeurs in the next room. I’d been wet from seeing Kailene being given the works; but when I stripped I positively gushed.

I got on the couch and put my legs in the stirrups. As I was laying there waiting for the doctor I noticed what looked like a surveillance camera screwed to the wall above the door. It was pointing down to the couch; specifically at my pussy. I hadn’t noticed that there the last time I was on that couch.

The doctor started by using his fingers on my clit. Then he started finger fucking me. It didn’t take long for my first.

The doctor stopped and looked down at me. There was a satisfied grin on his face as he got the Magic Wand and switched it on. As it came into contact with my clit I had flash-backs of our torture at the Art Gallery; of me hanging upside down with the Magic Wand driving me crazy.

It was seconds before I started getting vocal. I was shouting and screaming and jerking about. The voyeurs must have thought I’d gone mental.

The doctor slowly moved the Magic Wand around my pussy. I wanted him to push it inside me but he didn’t. He tortured my pussy and clit for what seemed like hours. I have no idea how many orgasms I had. When he finally stopped I just lay there with my chest going up and down and my heart pounding.

As I started to come back down to earth I looked round. The only pair of eyes that weren’t looking at me was the doctor’s. He was busy typing.

I slowly got off the couch and sat next to Kailene. After a minute or so, the doctor looked up and said, “You can both get dressed now girls.”

As we walked away from there Kailene said, “That was fucking amazing. Are all British medicals like that? I really loved him watching me cum so many times.” I laughed and said, “Unfortunately not,”

I wanted to go back to Kailene’s room and have a shower with her, but I didn’t have the time; I had to get to cheerleader practice.

When Ben came to my room later for his last fuck of the day, I asked him about the camera. He told me that Peter Lawrence wanted some memories of him pretending to be a medical doctor so he’d installed the wireless webcam. He’d recorded all 8 of us girls on that couch. Ben had told him that he could make a fortune selling copies. Peter Lawrence had given Ben a copy and I looked forward to watching it.

I had a sudden naughty thought. I asked Ben where Peter Lawrence had got the wireless webcam from and how much it was. Ben made quick phone call then told me he’d got it at a shop in town. I asked Ben if he’d go and get one for me, telling him that I’d give him the money later.

Blackmail – Professor Thomas Gibbons

Both Sarah and I are still flashing him whist we are at his lectures. I wore my Pocket Rocket last time that I went, and asked Sarah to put the control on her books. The poor man looked confused again when Sarah didn’t respond to him playing with it.

Blackmail – Professor Lesley Jones

I had to have a shower before I joined the other 3. It just wouldn’t have been fair on them to have to put up with sweat and my dried sex juices all over my body.

We’ve been practicing forming a pyramid. The getting up is okay, it’s the getting down without anyone getting hurt that’s been the worrying part. Sarah, being the smallest, is the one who gets lifted to the top, but we’ve been nervous about throwing her up that extra bit and letting her drop right down into our arms. None of us want to see her get hurt.

There’s one bit that’s especially good; it’s where Katie stands with her legs wide apart and Ella and me get in a sort of crab position with our legs either side of her legs; and we rub our pussies against her knees. It only lasts a couple of seconds but it feels good. It probably looks good as well.

There’s lots of back flips and cartwheels where our little skirts will come up and flash our pussies for a few seconds.

The tops that the Prof gave us to wear are tie front and we couldn’t work out how we could flash our tits with the tops tied. Sarah (the one without any tits) said that we should only put half a knot in them. They’d look fastened until we started jumping about, but would soon become loose and flap open revealing our tits. Because we haven’t started wearing the uniforms yet (still practice in the nude) we don’t know if it will work.

NEWPS — The 4 Pledges Second Hazing

The annex of the gym is booked and Ben and a couple of his mates have started selling tickets.

We’ve decided on a format for the event. We all liked the idea that the loser was the one that orgasmed first. We don’t believe that anyone of them could cum without us knowing.

We’d originally küçükyalı escort thought that we could have each of the 4 take on the other 3, one at a time; but that would have meant 10 matches. It could take forever.

Then we thought of a sort of team match where 2 of them would take on the other 2 then the winning pair would take on each other. The problem with that was that we couldn’t decide on how we got a winner. Did 2 from an original team have to cum; or just 1?

In the end we decided that it would be a free-for-all. All 4 would start together and would naturally gang-up to eliminate the others one at a time.

The Rules

These are the rules that we all decided on: –

1.Each girl is to start the match wearing only one pair of knickers; nothing else. (We thought it would be a bit more entertaining for the audience if the girls start off wearing a pair of knicker and the others rip them off.)

2.Once the knickers start coming down they cannot be pulled back up.

3.No one will inflict any pain on anyone. (We need to say how important this is. The last thing that we want is for one of the girls to have to go to hospital and have to explain how she got the injury.)

4.Any indication of deliberate un-warranted violence or loss of temper will result in immediate disqualification and a severe public punishment. (We thought that if this happened we’d give the Pledge the opportunity to apologise; if she accepted a good thrashing of her backside, there and then.)

5.Hair pulling is not allowed.

6.All girls must remain on the mats at all times until they are eliminated. (We don’t want any unofficial breaks.)

7.If the referee says ‘break’, you will go back to your Pledge Sister immediately. (Each girl will have a ‘corner’ of the mats where she will have her breaks. Her Pledge Sister will be there with a bottle of water.)

8.Once the referee has decided that you have cum, you will be eliminated.

9.A 1 minute break will be taken every 5 minutes — approximately. The referee will decide when a break time is appropriate, based on the nature of the action at that time.

10.The referee’s decision is final.

11. Ben will be the referee.

The Prize

The winner will lay spread-eagle on the floor and the 3 losers will work on her to give her 3 orgasms. Only objects provided by the referee will be allowed.

We then had a couple of weeks to wait until the big day.

My New Job

This is going well. Nothing really exciting has happened. Isabelle has told me there’s another mobile fashion shop coming up soon and asked me if I was interested. She also asked me if I could get someone else to be a living mannequin as well as me. Hayley isn’t available as the road show is on a Saturday evening and Hayley will have been working in the shop all day. I told Isabelle that I was sure that I could get someone. The only question was, ‘who would I ask?’

My Pledge

I told Kailene to knock on my room door at 6:30 in the morning on the next Sunday. She was a bit shocked by the time, but didn’t ask any questions. I also told her to make sure that she was wearing trainers.

The girl was prompt. I woke to the sound of knocking and looked at the clock.

“Come in,” I shouted and a naked Kailene walked in.

“Where are your clothes?” I asked.

She told me that she’d assumed that I wanted her naked and had left her miniskirt, top and shoes outside my door.

“Have you showered and shaved? I asked.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Right, go and make us both a coffee, then bring them back here and assume the position. I’m going for a shower;” I told her as I got out of bed, grabbed a towel and my toilet bag, and walked passed her.

When I got back, there she was, on her spread knees with her cute ‘Bs’ pointing to the ceiling.

“Any problems?” I asked.

“No Mistress; but there were 2 men sleeping on the floor in the common room. They watched me all the time that I was there.”

I reached out with my foot and ran my big toe up her pussy lips. She was wet; and she moaned as my toe touched her clit.

“You enjoyed them watching you didn’t you? Get up.” I told her. “Drink your coffee.”

“Yes Mistress, I always enjoy it when men see me naked.”

When we’d finished our coffee I told Kailene to masturbate. I let her get close to cumming and told her to stop.

I put on a top, skirt and trainers and told Kailene to get dressed. Picking up 2 towels, we walked out and to the swimming pool. We were the first to arrive so I told Kailene to ‘assume the position’ just outside the front door. I also told Kailene that she wasn’t to speak to anyone unless I told her to.

Henry and Aaron arrived next. They looked at down at Kailene and her exposed pussy then asked me if I’d got a new Pledge. They knew about our Sorority from Ben; and Henry had been at my second, first Hazing; although I didn’t know it at the time.

“Cute.” Aaron said and asked Kailene what her name was. She didn’t answer, but I did, “Kailene is from sancaktepe escort America and has decided to study over here and to learn our English ways. I’ve told her not to speak today; and by the way, you can’t fuck her; well not today anyway.”

Ben arrived just then and unlocked the door. I told Kailene to get up and follow us in.

Kailene watched as everyone stripped. Darren, Mark, Katie, Ella and Sarah all arrived at the same time and started stripping. Ella had brought Zoe along with her. I think that Ella wanted Zoe to see some naked men and a bit of heterosexual fucking.

Zoe tried to talk to Kailene but got no response. I told her that Kailene was under orders not to speak.

Zoe said that she was amazed that we were going to swim naked and was a little concerned that we might get caught. I re-assured her that my big brother had it all under control. “Brother!” Zoe said. I didn’t answer her.

We all had a great time messing about in the pool; even the silent Kailene; and it wasn’t long before a few started using the water inlet. Ella took Zoe over to it and Darren and Henry held her in place. I think that Zoe even enjoyed Darren playing with her tits. I don’t think that Ella had told Darren that Zoe was gay.

After a while I took Kailene over and she watched as Henry held my feet and Ben held my top half at the surface. I watched Kailene as Ben started massaging my tits. She looked a little surprised; but of course she didn’t say anything.

After I’d cum, I swapped places with Kailene. She looked eager to have a go. Ben held her and started playing with her breasts. I let her get really into it; and just as I thought she was getting close, I pulled her away.

Ben tried to scold me, saying that I had spoilt Kailene’s fun. I told him that I knew; I was letting her experience a bit of orgasm denial.

Things got worse for Kailene in the showers when we all got out. Katie, Ella, Sarah and I were all getting fucked. Zoe was watching by her own choice (and playing with herself); but I had told Kailene to stand and watch and to make sure that she didn’t touch her pussy.

Kailene looked very uncomfortable standing and just watching. Her expressions and the movement of her legs told me that she was frustrated and jealous.

We left the swimming pool and I took Kailene to the gym. I told her that she could talk again and she told me that she really wanted to cum. “Not yet.” I said.

I hired a couple of squash rackets and a ball and we went to the courts. We were the first there so we had a choice of courts. I chose one of the ones with a glass back wall. Anyone who was passing would be able to see us; so would anyone who was sat on the spectator’s seats.

When we went onto the court Kailene asked if we were going to play wearing our skirts and tops because they weren’t the proper clothes.

“No we’re not, take you clothes off, we’re playing in just our shoes.” I told her.

Now I’ve never been any good at squash. I took Kailene there so that there was the chance of us being seen by anyone passing. It turned out that Kailene was better at squash than I was; although she didn’t admit it, and she deliberately lost the match to me.

While we were playing we got a little audience. Two young men, and a man and girl, who looked like they had hired courts, decided to watch us instead.

The match went on for ages, every time that I managed to get a few points Kailene would show her skills and catch up. She kept telling me that it was just good luck.

By the end we were both quite a bit sweaty and I took Kailene for another shower. As we left the court (still naked) we got a small round of applause.

In the shower I told Kailene for frig herself; but not to cum. I thought that she was getting too close at one point so I grabbed her hand and pulled it away.

I took Kailene into town next. We met up with Ben who had been shopping for me.

After getting something to eat in a café, where I got Kailene to sit with her legs wide open (don’t know if anyone saw her pussy, I didn’t look); we went to the local park. It wasn’t really the weather for spending much time in a park, but I wanted Kailene to give Ben a blowjob, and to eat me, in a public place.

In a bit of a wooded area I told Kailene to pull her skirt up to her waist, and her top down to her waist, get on her knees and blow Ben. Kailene unzipped Ben’s jeans and pulled his soft cock out. It wasn’t long before Ben’s cock was rock hard and hitting the back of Kailene’s throat. I had to stop Kailene’s hand from playing with her pussy a couple of times. I held Kailene’s head on Ben’s cock as he shot his load down her throat.

My turn. We went to the deserted kid’s playground and I sat on one of the swings with my legs wide open. I told Kailene to get on her knees again and get to work.

Kailene was good. She really knows how to use her tongue and teeth.

This time it was Ben’s turn to stop Kailene fingering herself.

As I reached my peak I nearly pulled myself up off the swings seat.

When I was in a fit state, I got off the swing and told Kailene to get on. She didn’t need to be told to open her legs. I got down in front of her and gave her soaking pussy just one lick. Kailene moaned, and for one second I thought that she was going to cum; happily she didn’t.

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