Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 16

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Sarah led the way up the stairs, followed by Amy and Laura. I went last, hardly believing that I was here, now, with these three beautiful women with whom I’d become so close. I felt a thrill of anticipation for what was about to happen, and resolved that for my part, I would do my very best to ensure that each one felt loved and appreciated.

We went into the master bedroom and Sarah knelt on the bed. “Amy, Laura, come to me,” she said. The girls complied, Amy kneeling on her right, Laura on her left.

“Tim, you’re clearly outnumbered,” Amy said with a grin, “and I vote that Sarah gets to enjoy herself first, then Laura, me, and you come last. We promise you won’t miss out.”

I returned her grin. “No arguments from me. I do have one thing to confess, though.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“I did give Sarah a little appetiser this afternoon while we were sunbathing,” I explained.

Amy smiled. “That’s fine by us. After all, we started it by tempting you with the sun lotion.”

“Anyway, we’re here now, so no need to hold off the marshmallows,” added Laura.

“Good job I know some psychology,” said Sarah, “or I would really wonder what you were on about.”

“Tim,” she continued, “do you want to undress us?”

“I think that all of us should help,” I said. “Let’s start with you, as it’s your turn first.”

I moved over to her and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. Amy and Laura quickly caught on, Laura undoing the fastening of Sarah’s wraparound skirt and removing it, while Amy moved behind Sarah to help me slip her blouse off. Then Amy unfastened Sarah’s bra and discarded it, leaving me to bend my mouth to Sarah’s now-bare breasts and begin to kiss and tongue them passionately.

Still behind Sarah, Amy slipped her hand down the back of Sarah’s panties and obviously began to touch her opening from behind, while Laura did the same from the front, sliding her hand over Sarah’s mound and beginning to touch her sensitive nub.

“Ohhh,” gasped Sarah. “I don’t think that orgasm this afternoon has slowed me down at all. Quite the opposite.”

I drew her forward so that she was on hands and knees, and Amy helped me remove Sarah’s panties. Sarah returned to her kneeling position, and Amy continued to use her fingers on Sarah’s entrance from behind while Laura and I Giresun Escort changed over, Laura now using her mouth on Sarah’s breasts while I touched Sarah with my fingers and thumb.

“Amy,” I said, “you remember Ralph, don’t you?”

For a split second Amy looked puzzled, then her face showed comprehension. She carefully moved her fingers back to touch Sarah’s rear opening, then slid one finger in just a little way. Laura began to touch both Sarah’s breasts more urgently with her hands and mouth, and I slid a finger a little deeper inside Sarah to search for the other sensitive spot I knew I would find.

Sarah’s breathing quickened and she began to gasp, then gave her characteristic drawn-out moan as she climaxed, her body shaking.

Amy wrapped her arms around Sarah from behind and held her close, while Laura and I hugged her.

“Phew,” said Sarah when she had got her breath back. “That was intense. Thank you, Tim. Thanks, Amy, Laura.”

I grinned. “Do you think you’re ready to help us give Laura what she’s been waiting for? Remember, I got her all excited before lunch.”

“I think I could lend a hand,” smiled Sarah. She stretched out her arm and put her hand behind Laura’s head, pulling her close and kissing her on the lips. Laura’s eyes widened in momentary shock, then she relaxed into the kiss.

Sarah pulled slowly away, and I said, “Hmm, Sarah, I think you surprised her.”

Amy interjected, “I think I could cope with the same kind of surprise when it’s my turn.”

“I won’t forget,” promised Sarah with a wink.

“Anyway, it’s still Laura’s turn,” I reminded them. I leaned over and kissed Laura myself, tasting a faint hint of Sarah’s lipstick on her.

Amy reached out a tentative hand to the hem of Laura’s t-shirt. She glanced at Laura; Laura nodded, and Amy used both hands to lift the t-shirt over Laura’s head and discard it. Sarah moved round behind Laura and unhooked her bra.

Amy bent down to Laura’s bare breast and kissed it, then took the nipple between her lips gently. Sarah began to use her mouth on Laura’s other breast, and Laura closed her eyes, smiling dreamily.

I moved down and undid the buttons of Laura’s jeans, sliding them down. Without being distracted from the attention she was receiving, she flexed her hips to allow me to take Giresun Escort Bayan her jeans off completely. Then I reached for her panties, removing them in the same way. I moved up between her thighs and kissed the blonde fur of her mound, then gently explored the top of her slit with my tongue. She moved her legs slightly apart, giving me access to her wetness.

I ran my tongue up and down her entrance, then gently touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I brought my hand up and slid a finger inside her, moving my tongue more insistently on her clitoris. She began to gasp, and put my other hand on her stomach, feeling her muscles begin to tense in the giveaway sign that her orgasm was close.

Then her back arched, and she moaned, pressing herself into my mouth. I continued to tongue her until she subsided back against the bed.

Amy stroked Laura’s hair, and Sarah held her hand, while I moved back up and put an arm around her.

“Thanks, guys,” she said quietly.

“Should we take a minute?” I said. “I could do with a glass of water.”

“I’m in no rush,” said Amy. “Don’t be too long, though, lover.” She winked.

I went through to the en-suite and drank, splashing my face and then drying it with a towel.

I went back into the bedroom and stopped in momentary surprise. Amy had already undressed, and was kneeling on the bed facing me.

“Come here, lover,” she said, her eyes sparkling. I walked over to the bed, and she patted the space by her.

“Lie down,” she requested, and I complied with her request. She shifted her body on top of me so that her wet entrance was against my penis, and began to slowly move against me, pressing her clitoris against my shaft.

“Mm, feels good,” I said.

She smiled. “Sure does.” She turned to Sarah. “Now, Sarah, you promised.”

Sarah smiled, and bent to kiss Amy on the lips. Amy put her hand behind Sarah’s head and pulled her harder against her mouth.

As she kissed Sarah, Amy flexed her hips against me, and I said, “Don’t take me too far – it’s still your turn, remember.”

Amy released Sarah from their kiss, and moved upwards on me until her entrance was close to my mouth. I began to touch her with my tongue, and she closed her eyes. Sarah bent her head to Amy’s breasts, while Laura slid her hand Escort Giresun between Amy’s legs from behind and began to use her fingers inside Amy.

Then Laura paused, and reached over to the bedside table to pick something up. I recognised the slim plastic cylinder that had proved so useful before. She slid the toy inside Amy, moving it gently, and Amy moaned. I began to move my tongue more quickly on her, and she flexed her hips against my mouth, pressing into me.

Laura withdrew the toy, and making sure it was slippery from Amy’s juices, pressed it gently against Amy’s rear opening. Amy gasped, and said in a voice just slightly throaty, “Oh, yes.” Laura pressed the toy in a little further.

Like a tidal wave breaking, Amy’s orgasm overtook her, and Sarah held her as she shook against my mouth. Laura withdrew the toy, and wrapped her arms tightly around her friend.

After a minute or two, Amy slid off me. She glanced across at Sarah and Laura. “So, how are we going to return all these favours that Tim has been doing for us?”

Sarah grinned. She bent down to kiss me on the mouth – I could taste Amy on her lips – then she moved down and started to tongue one nipple. Amy moved to give attention to the other nipple with her mouth, and I gasped.

Sarah lifted her head and said, “Now, Laura, you carry on.” Laura replaced Sarah, who moved down and kissed the tip of my penis, still wet from Amy’s entrance against it.

Then Sarah took the tip of my penis into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I gasped again, and said, “Sarah, I’m really close. Can I be inside you?”

She smiled, and released my penis, shifting her body across me. She guided me into her, and slid herself down on me so I was penetrating her fully. Amy and Laura continued their attention to my chest, and I reached out to touch Sarah’s gorgeous breasts as she began to move up and down on me. I felt my climax begin, and flexed my hips against Sarah as I began to spurt into her. A dreamy smile spread over her face, and I felt her tense around me, not with an orgasm of the same power that had caused her to cry out, but something gentler, more intimate.

She waited a few moments, and carefully slid off me, lying down to pillow her head on my chest. Amy and Laura lay down too, and the four of us made a comfortable tangle of bodies. Sarah reached out and turned off the light, and one of the girls pulled the covers over us all. I lay in the dark, feeling the warmth and closeness of my wonderful companions. Their soft breathing was somehow soothing, and I drifted off to sleep with my arms around them.

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