An Affectionate Friendship Ch. 05

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Beach Sex

This is a continuation of the Kelly, TJ, and Alexis series, “An Affectionate Friendship” with twenty-three year old Kelly again as the narrator. The events of Chapter 4 piqued Kelly’s interest in exhibitionism and public sex. Kelly enlists the help of her best girlfriend, and former college roommate Alexis to explore her interest in exhibitionism, and sex in public places. Alexis turned out to be game for anything Kelly had in mind. The girls are very attractive, smart, young, and single. Kelly and Alexis have been on a journey of sexual self-discovery that they will likely outgrow as they form permanent relationships. But for now, they are giving in to their sexual fantasies. My thanks to kjplotts for her editing assistance.

Alexis and I are having lunch to discuss forming a sexy triumvirate and a little girl sex with a former mutual college friend Laurie Peters. I am quiet and just listening to Alex as she talked on. We are at our favorite little café at the mall, and I am letting my mind wander a little. Alex notices that my mind is absent from the conversation and stops talking just to watch me for a few seconds or so.

Trying to recapture my attention, she starts in on a faux conversation, “So there I was up in their alien spaceship on the table… the table was ice cold on my poor little bare ass, Kelly… and they all wanted to have sex with me. So I say to their leader, ‘What? No drink first… no romance?”

“That’s nice, Alex,” I said, still tuned in to my own private wavelength.

“KELLY!” Alex exclaimed, “Where are you today, darling? I was up in an alien spaceship about to get my brains fucked out and they didn’t even offer buy me a drink first.”

“Huh? What was that Alex, honey?” I was starting to come back to reality.

“Kelly m’love, what color is the sky in your world today?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Alex, just thinking about my last date with TJ. We went out to dinner to talk about some things. Afterward, as we reached the car, TJ grabbed me and kissed me. We ended up making love in the parking lot, up against my car. Then he turned me around, and put it up my ass over the fender.”

“Uh, sounds like fun, darling, but if you remember correctly… except for the last part… you and I have had sex in the cool night air up against my car… twice!”

“Yeah, I know honey,” I put my hand on hers and smiled sweetly, “and it was wonderful my sweet friend… I love your touch. But, with TJ something happened as I was bent over the hood of my car with my ass visible to anyone who might walk by and TJ inside me. I had an uncontrollable feeling that I wanted someone to see me—to see my naked ass. I began to shiver as I fanaticized about someone, or several someone’s seeing and even joining in the action. It was such a strong fantasy, Alex. I came so hard! I was just now thinking… Alex, am I an exhibitionist and if I am, is that a bad thing?” I asked Alexis.

“Exhibitionism is still within the normal realm of sexual activity. From everything I’ve seen, it is quite a common fetish. A-Actually Kelly, listening to you talking about your fantasy just now, I g-got a little twinge too. Does this mean that this idea turns me on as well?”

“Really?” I lowered my voice as a sly smile slowly spread across my lips. “Hmm… maybe we can try a little experiment to find out. We are both wearing skirts, so um, I would love it if you ah, slipped your panties off right here and right now, and gave them to me.” I was almost whispering as I challenged Alexis, “C’mon baby, give me your shorts!”

Alex cocked her head a little and looked at me quizzically, “Are you serious girl? What flavor of crack are you on today?”

I pushed her a little, saying, “C’mon honey, no guts no glory.”

She kept her quizzical expression, “Glory is overrated, doll face!”

I was still trying to keep quiet as I leaned forward over the table; I almost commanded her in a little bit of a louder whisper, “ALEX! JUST DO IT!” and in a lower voice, “I guarantee it will be a turn-on.”

She thought for a few seconds, rolled her dark emerald eyes then slowly developed a very naughty smile as she slowly looked around, cleared her throat nervously, and rose up from her seat a little. She gave me an “I can’t believe I am doing this” look then she reached under her short skirt. She slipped her panties down over her shapely ass with a sexy little wiggle, then pushed them down to her knees and let them drop to her feet. By this time, Alex had gone through about three shades of red as she blushed. She reached down and pulled them off over her heels, and defiantly threw them at me. A woman just a few tables over gasped, and Alexis looked over and winked at her. The woman dug her fork back into her little salad with creamy ranch dressing and cherry tomatoes.

I smiled broadly, giggled and pressed her panties to my nose and breathed in deeply. I let out a satisfied, “Mmm, you smell lovely today, my darling!”

Alex rolled her eyes again, but challenged me, “Now girl, give me yours! I want your skivvies, tuzla escort baby!” Alex demanded with a sexy smirk.

I looked over at our middle-aged female audience, smiled and said, “Hi honey, how’s the salad? Mmm, it looks delicious!”

The woman moved her chair turning away from us, so we could not see her face turning a nice shade of crimson. Then I slowly turned my gaze to Alex giving her a little time to be jittery at being nude underneath her skirt. I finally replied, “You want ’em baby, you’ve got ’em. Right here in the mall with anyone and everyone looking… including our sweet little salad lady.”

I kept my eyes glued to her pretty green orbs as I lifted my ass off the seat. I pulled my skirt up as far as I needed to put my thumbs in the waistband of my French-cut silk panties. With an exaggeratedly sexy wiggle of my ass, I slid them slowly down to my knees. I was exposing my naked thighs and a portion of my ass to anyone desiring a peek. I crossed and uncrossed my knees, causing my panties dropped to my feet. I removed them completely over my heels; I threw them at my friend. Alex followed my actions and pressed my panties to her nose, breathed in the scent deeply from my slightly damp panties. She exclaimed loud enough for those near us to hear, “Ohhh Kelly honey, I love the smell of your sweet pussy!”

A young married couple with two children got up hurriedly, paid their check at the counter, and left with daddy shielding the kids eyes from a view of a couple little sluts.

I then said, “Put them on honey, and I will wear yours.”

Without another thought and with both of us in a staring contest, we hiked up our skirts, and pulled on each other’s panties with a final sexy wiggle to get them into place. I feeling of Alex’s damp panties against my pussy was exhilaratingly sexy. I left enough cash on the table to cover our bill and a tip, walked over to Alex as she rose from her seat, put my arms around her and gave her a passionate kiss with my hand firmly on her ass. We started to leave, and I turned walked over to the woman with the salad, plunked down a twenty and said,

“I’m so sorry for your embarrassment dear; it’s just a social experiment. Your lovely salad is on me.”

The woman looked at the twenty then at me and said, “My dear, I just wish I was young enough to carry off what you and your pretty friend just did. I hope you two girls have a lovely afternoon.”

“Thank you honey, we will. And you also!” I said with a sweet smile. Alex witnessed the interchange, but only offered a sheepish smile.

Everything we were doing was so exciting! I was severely leaking into Alex’s panties, now covering my wet pussy. Her pussy sweat and juices were mixing mine. I liked the smell of Alexis’ panties when I pressed them to my nose; it was pleasant even if a little acrid… perfumed… pungent. How do you describe the smell of pussy? Pussy smells like… pussy. I always thought that folds of skin some hours away from a last shower smells rather like… well, a little like overripe dill. I know that sounds weird, but try it. Run your finger across the crease between your labia (testicles for the men) and your inner thigh, and see if it isn’t true. Girls smell a little more flowery from their skin cream, but it fades rather quickly, lemony creams can persist a little longer, and then… lemon dill, I guess. A girl really needs to keep herself clean though, otherwise… fish taco!

After lunch, we did some shopping for um, girl stuff. We tried on dresses and even panties together in the same dressing room. She put a pair of lacy panties on me, and I put a pair on her, then we switched, and wearing each other’s prospective purchases, we just laughed, touched each other’s privates, hugged and kissed. At one point when I bent over, I felt the hair on her mound against my ass as she came up behind me and rubbed herself on my butt. She then slid a hand over my butt and stuck a finger into my pussy. Right there in the dressing room at the mall with the curtain slightly open. We were enjoying being a couple of little sluts … the nastier and sluttier … the better!

Alex even said as much, “Aren’t we a pretty pair of little sluts today?”

“Do you like being a slut, Alex?” I asked her.

“Mmm, I guess it depends on the people involved. I like being a slut with you, Kelly honey. We are young and single, so ‘slut’ sounds good … for now. You know that you can do anything you wish with… or to me, Kelly m’love.” She smiled with a little blush.

She looked at me and after a moment’s hesitation and as her smile faded to serious, said softly with very palpable nervousness, “Touch me, Kelly.”

I let her dress slip off her shoulders and pulled her panties off. She just stood there very naked and very jittery in the dressing room. As much as we have done together in the past, this was new. It was in public with just a partially drawn curtain between prying eyes and our naked bodies. I kissed her soft mound and then rose to kiss her lips. I lightly slid my göztepe escort fingertips all over her body as she shuddered with the ticking sensation.

She closed her eyes and moaned softly. I slid my fingers over her breasts, let them play with her nipples, then slide down her stomach, and fondled her belly button. I continued over her hips, lightly massaged her mound, and slipped a finger into her very wet pussy. I rose again and held her tight with my finger still stroking in and out of her as she shuddered into a very strong orgasm. I could feel her pussy clenching my finger. She pushed her head forward and slid her tongue into my mouth as far as she could, as she let it explore my mouth. She was moaning into my mouth and shuddering against my body.

She put her lips close to my ear as I held her and whispered, “Thank you so much, Kelly honey… you always get me so worked up, baby.” As we pulled apart a little, she slowly opened her beautiful and tearfully liquid green eyes. She gave me an ‘I love you’ smile that caused my pussy to twitch.

I loosened my hold on her a little, kissed her and answered, “Mmm, my sweet lover. You get to me as well darling! And… I love you too.”

We ended up getting a couple of loose silk blouses and very short tight skirts, which we wore out of the store… without bras or panties. We put our clothes in the shopping bags, and walked around the mall a little. We bent over at every opportunity, and used the escalator extensively. We tried to see how much we could give pantiless up-skirt views to passersby. At one point, there were a couple of young men following us up an escalator and I bent over pretending to adjust my shoe giving them a perfect view of my naked ass and pussy. I looked back and saw a couple of very satisfied wide-eyed grins below us.

Kelly saw this whole action and said quietly but sternly, “Kelly! Cut it out!”

I answered her quickly, “Well, I am sure they would love to see your cute little ass too, honey.” She just gave me a look that said, “Forget it!”

“Prude!” I said as I slid my hand up her short skirt and over her ass cheeks.

She reached her head down kissed me and retorted, “Slut!” We both broke out in rivulets of giggles as we looked down at our young victims who were sporting very confused looks.

We left the mall, and could not get to the car fast enough before we were tearing at each other’s clothes, with skirts up and blouses half-unbuttoned before we got there. We fell into the back seat together, tore off our skirts and blouses, as we kissed and fondled and licked until we both shuddered, each with our own sweet violence. The windows were fogged up so the little schoolgirl in me stretched over Alexis’ body to the window, and with my breasts in her face drew a heart, complete with arrow and wrote “KS plus AG” inside. Silly, I know!

Alex looked up at my artwork, smiled and kissed my breasts. Then she breathed into my ear, “Does that make us lovers, Kelly darling?”

“Yes!” I breathed as we kissed passionately, naked inside our little foggy cocoon.

The smell of pussy hung heavy in that sweaty little car. After a while we dressed. I gave Alex my panties and bra to wear from the shopping bag, and I took hers and put my bra on. We drove to Alex’s apartment, and quickly vaulted the stairs, as I pulled off my blouse; I threw it at Alex, and started unhooking my borrowed bra. A young man was walking toward us down the hall, and as he passed, I gave him a faux military salute, and said “Hi, honey!” followed by little girl giggles, with my bra loosely dangling from my shoulders, and most of my 36C breasts visible behind it.

Alex finally found her key and opened to door, pulled me inside by the arm and said, “Get your ass in here, you little slut!”

I retorted using our familiar banter, “Me a slut? You’re a slut, you little slut!

She laughed and said, “Yes but you’re my little slut!” Alexis’ green eyes sparkled.

I was starting to get a little too high on my naughty behavior so I toned it down a little once inside of Alex’s apartment since she was not quite there yet.

She looked at me and said, “Okay honey, if you are going to strip, how about giving me a private show?”

I started by feigning a little dance humming the tune, “The Stripper,” a familiar David Rose melody, as I let the bra slide from my shoulder. I reached behind swaying my hips, and slowly unzipped my skirt to a chorus of “Yah baby, take it off! Take it all off,” from Alex now seated on the couch watching her crazy friend. I jiggled my breasts at her, and let my skirt slip down just a little. I put my finger to my lips in a wide-eye faux embarrassed stripper look, then turned around and stuck my ass out toward my giggling friend. I waggled it at her as I wriggled out of my skirt. I kicked it into a corner, and danced toward her wiggling, jiggling, and giggling. I put my hands on her on her face and kissed her sweetly. Alexis was laughing and clapping at the performance. I think I even heard a “Brava, üsküdar escort baby!” or two from her.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties that I was wearing and slowly slid them down over one hip at a time to tease her. I turned around and slid them over my pert little ass, slowly and suggestively slipping them down my thighs, and bending at the waist gave Alex a complete view of all of my charms, as I slid them down my lower legs to my feet. I straightened up and with one foot kicked them to her. She caught them, and pressed them to her face, then opened them up and licked the crotch, soaked with both of our most intimate juices. I was now standing before my friend completely naked. I moved toward her, and she put her hands around onto my buttocks, and pulled me to her face. Her tongue immediately went to my little clitty, already starting to engorge.

I moved in, spread my legs for her, and felt her tongue invade my pussy. I was a swamp down there, and her tongue felt miraculous. I took both of her hands from my ass, pulled her to her feet, kissed my juices from her lips, and then slowly began to strip her. She did nothing to stop me. Naked, we both hugged and kissed in a long passionate kiss. I wrapped a leg around one of hers to get my pussy closer to hers. Her full firm breasts moving and jiggling against mine was such an amazing feeling… as turned on as I was. I slid my hands down to her firm little ass, and she cupped my breasts in her hands.

I placed one hand on the small of her back, and with the other, I curled my fingers and slid them down the crack of her smooth unblemished ass and fingered every intimate part of her I could reach. We stood there kissing, fondling, and fingering for a long time. Her warm hands squeezing my breasts was such an amazing feeling… I love to have my breasts touched… it always goes a long way to getting me very hot very quickly. I knew she was starting to get close too; she moaned as I touched her pussy lips, and tickled her asshole with my finger. She was breathing in and out fast and deeply, and so was I. We could feel our hearts beating hard against each other.

We eventually adjourned to the bedroom, as I pushed her toward it, still kissing, and we flopped onto her soft queen-sized bed. We just played with each other’s bodies in every way we could imagine, both reaching several orgasms. We lay together arms tightly around each other, and bodies pressed together for a long time. Lips touching lightly, we just breathed into each other’s mouths. We were just cooling down, with both of us just listening to the other’s breathing and heartbeats.

At some point late in the afternoon we rose, showered together and dressed in casual stuff. The only thing I insisted on is that I wear her panties from before, and asked her to wear my equally soiled panties. She agreed… felt so good! I uncorked a bottle of Pinot Grigio (a crisp and fruity white wine) from her kitchen; poured us both a glass and we curled up on opposite sides of her couch, and just talked about the events of the day dressed in our loose sweats, and wearing each other’s dirty underwear.

“Alex, I was so turned on by what we did at the mall. I was jittery with the excitement of something new. What… what d-do you think, honey?”

“Well, I am not quite there yet I guess, but I’m getting there quickly. It was very hot… I mean what we did at the mall. I did not expect to be as turned on as I was by it. I am interested in exploring this a little, Kelly. I know that I am about to enter the very proper legal profession, with its own code of behavior. But Kelly… Kelly honey, you have opened me up to a new sexuality over the past year or so, and I love it. I love you so much. I mean I love having a stiff dick inside me too, but I love… I need your soft touch as well.”

“Alex darling, I feel like I am such a bad influence on you. I must just be a slut by nature; I was exposing my little body to TJ when I was eighteen. He wasn’t interested of course, but it gave me a thrill to do it. He is my sweet man and even though I love sharing him with you, I need to have his sweet cock inside me too. It is because of my friendship with you that I became interested in exploring all aspects of my own sexuality… all aspects, honey! I am turned on by you, my darling… I want us to explore um, everything… together.”

We sipped our wine, and talked, laughed and giggled for a long time. We got up, walked into the kitchen and made ourselves some pasta with a little store-bought red sauce, garlic bread, and a small spinach salad. As we ate, we talked about what would turn us on that we have not done yet, and also talked about including our mutual friend Laurie Peters in some of our future activities. We both agreed that this pretty, petite slip of a girl was someone we wanted to have in a three-way. I formed a mental vision of the three of us in a tight embrace with Laurie in the middle. The thought gave me shivers. Laurie was smart as well as pretty, and she would make a wonderful partner. Alex had the task of warming her up to the idea, so we could follow through on making her our bi-curious partner; we decided that we would do that… soon. The only thing I had to decide, was if I would be comfortable offering her to TJ as a sexual partner.

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