An Erotic First Meeting

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You meet me at a hotel and I hear a knock at the door. I open the door and see you looking sexy and beautiful so turned on and excited to see you. You smile as you walk in as we hug, letting the door close as I push you up against it my hand on your throat and kiss you so passionately. Your lips feeling amazing as your tongue pushes in my mouth pressing against mine moaning your lips tasting so good as I grow in my pants and you press into me feeling my hard excitement for you. You are wearing jeans, a tight top and sexy heels and push me to the bed straddling me as you take off my shirt and cuff my hands to the bed. You pull my pants down so I am naked and kiss my lips sucking me so hard telling me you will be right back.

You return from the bathroom wearing a business suit style corset, a pinstripe g-string and black lace thigh highs. Your tits pushed together looking so sexy from the push up and your legs so sexy from the thigh highs clinging to your sexy thighs. My jaw drops telling you how sexy you look, you smile as you straddle me – sliding your g-string to the side and you push your pussy right into my face – grinding on my face so your wetness and scent fill my nostrils as your clit rubs against my powerful tongue.

You balıkesir seks hikayeleri ride my face grinding so hard you make me struggle but my struggling is causing me to moan and sending vibrations through your whole body. You see my hands pulling at the cuffs but the rattling metal of the cuffs only makes you hotter knowing I am under your control. You ride my face until you are pleased and cum multiple times then turn around as I lick your pussy and ass and you tease my cock sucking it hard and using your teeth as you feel me squirming. As I squirm you sit harder on my face holding my body down as my tongue pushes deeper into your ass. Your moaning making me push deeper but you pushing down making me go so deep in you as you hear my muffled moans from torturing my cock.

After what seems like hours of eating your ass and pussy you finally pull off me. Your face red from excitement, your pussy soaked and swollen with the musky smell from being so wet and cumming so much. You looking at my bright red face telling me how amazing that felt as you bite my neck and nipples telling me you are going to take care of me now. You take me deep in your mouth as I moan. Your wet mouth slurping on my cock feeling the tip hit the back of your throat as you make more noises knowing you are working hard to take care of me. Looking at your gorgeous big eyes as you look at me I see you finger yourself and reaching up for me to lick your fingers.

Then taking your fingers and tracing down my balls and under them around my ass. You whisper that you can still feel my tongue in you and you are still soaking wet. You reach down and finger yourself again your fingers soaked and you push your index finger covered in your juices deep into my tight virgin ass. One finger pushing slowly in me as I moan your mouth lightly sucking my cock but seeing that your fingers in my ass is making my cock harder. You hear my moan as you push deeper. You feel so amazing I moan. As you pull your finger out moving your mouth down sucking on my sensitive balls hard causing me to squirm and pull at the cuffs and you re-soak your fingers inside you.

I feel two fingers push inside me as my body squirms and I moan arching my back into you as your fingers get deeper completely inside me as you suck my hard cock showing me how incredible and how amazing you are at sucking. You move your fingers inside me making me crazy as I moan louder and louder, your mouth and tongue feeling amazing as I tell you I am getting close. You pull off me but leave your fingers inside me as you reach next to you and pull out a cock ring and slide it over my shaft.

You go back down on me telling me that I will cum when you tell me I can cum as you suck harder and better then before, your fingers working inside me harder, my toes curled unable to cum from the restrictive ring begging you to let me cum. My moaning and begging so intense as you finally have to reach down and slide your g string off and shove it in my mouth to muffle my loud noises. Your cum soaked panties musky from being soaked but the scent of you is so sexy. You side off your corset getting the first glimpse of your amazing chest. You pull the ring off and tell me you want me to cum all over your pretty chest. I explode shooting ribbons of my hot cum all over your amazing body moaning cumming more than I ever have before. Covered in my cum you move over me pulling your g-string out of my mouth and ordering me to lick my hot seed off your body.

I try and turn my head away but you press down harder and my gobs of cum fill my mouth as my tongue licks your soft sweaty cum covered skin clean. Your hand on my throat as you order me to swallow. Me breathing heavy exhausted from pleasing you. You kiss me and tell me to follow you as you turn on the hot shower so we can clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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