An Oasis in the Conference Desert

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It had been a tiring conference. It’s not that the subject matter was boring…that wasn’t it at all! Rather, it was the schedule. The time from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon was filled with crowded sessions, small group discussions, all designed with keeping one’s mind going full-speed ahead…all while the body just sat in one place. It being January and cold outside didn’t help matters. Oh, it helped the conference out — not too many stragglers outside sitting in the green grass! But the chilly winter weather only added to feeling of being cooped up for a while. There’s only too much information a mind can retain in a short time, there’s only so many words ears can hear and memory can absorb, and only so long you can sit and stay indoors. Sigh…

I stretched in my seat and looked at the clock — 5 minutes to go before we break for the day. It couldn’t come soon enough. Afterwards, I had no plans, but perhaps to tag along with some people I’d met at the conference, grab a bite to eat and “talk shop”. “naaaah”, I decided. I wanted to do something more fun, more escapist. Something more refreshing than all the intellectual blather that made my head swim.

I made my way to a hallway where the wi-fi signal was strong…these buildings of steel and brick were a cellular black hole. I got online and checked out what movies were playing at some of the local theaters. There were definitely a couple of movies I wouldn’t mind seeing. It’s always strange, I thought, to go see a movie alone, however, because I saw it as an admission that you had nothing better to do with anyone else…though in reality you went to a movie to watch a movie and not to talk. Maybe it was the shared experience that made it more enjoyable. But hey, what did I expect? I was at a conference — ALONE — and had to make the best of it.

But that was O.K. The area was familiar — Though I lived a couple hours away now, I’d gone to college here, and lived on the outskirts of this city for about 10 years. I could easily find something to occupy my time. Almost ready to venture out and make my evening happen, I paused to also check my email, and Facebook, and noticed, among all the other usual junk and inane Facebook updates, a message from Elaine, a good friend I’d kept in touch with since I’d moved away five years ago. She — yes, SHE — was actually going to be in the area doing some shopping and other errands. I had informed her I’d be at the conference. Now, she wondered if I had some time afterwards to connect, she’d have her cell phone with her. All I had to do was call.

“Well, now,” I thought to myself, “that changes some things.” To hang out with her for a few hours would surely beat going to a move alone, shopping alone, sitting at the bookstore alone. Heck, it would even beat hanging around with an entire crowd of conference-goers. I copied the number and prepared to give her a call. I couldn’t help but smile to myself. We had kept in touch because during the few years before I had moved we had increasingly enjoyed talking about what we discovered were many common interests: movies, music we enjoyed listening to and music we playing (she could play one mean piano and I enjoyed the guitar), foods, and more. Our tastes — culinary and otherwise — overlapped in many areas. Our friendship had grown to one that I would say was based on a strong mutual respect. It had really gone no further than that, although there were moments that our friendship veered towards the flirtatious. Just innocent fun that added to the enjoyment we found in each other.

Since I’d moved, she’d also gone through a bout with cancer. Breast cancer. She had been a trooper through the entire process, but had weathered some serious changes in her life: a mastectomy, chemotherapy, feeling lousy, losing her hair, and later, a hysterectomy. We’d kept in touch through that time as well, and I’d always been impressed with how she handled it all — with faith, courage, and poise.

It had been a while since we had seen each other, so I dialed her number with nervous anticipation. She answered on the third ring.


“Hi there, Elaine, it’s me, Todd! I got your message…I’m glad I check it as often as I do, or else I might have missed it.”

“It’s so good to hear your voice! Yeah, I figured you’d get my message sooner than later. So how are you? How’s the conference?”

“Ohhhh, not toooo bad, but I’ve been sitting and listening to lectures and discussions long enough. I’m glad it’s over for the day. To think, I’ve got another day and a half of this to go.”

“Well, at least you’re done for tonight.”, she offered. After a brief pause, she continued, “So, what do you think? I’m in the area…got some time to get together? To perhaps grab a bite to eat or something…?”

“I think it sounds great!”, I responded enthusiastically. “I’m sure we could think of something we’d both like.”

“Mmmmmmmm, I like the sound of that, something…ummm…mutually satisfying! Heh…”

There it was…that flirty attitude we both enjoyed and felt at ease Manavgat Escort Bayan with.. I could almost see her ear-to-ear grin on the other side of her cell phone. I felt myself almost holding my breath as I pondered her statement. “Ahemm…So, where would you like to meet? What are you in the mood for?”

Without skipping a beat, she answered: “Whatever satisfies your deepest hunger!”

“Well”, I answered, “I’m in the mood some good food because I’m really hungry. How about Chinese? There’s one just down the road from where I am…they also have a sushi bar, and from what I remember, some decent saki. Game?”

“That sounds great. Where are you at? I’ll pick you up and we can go together.”

I gave her directions, and within 15 minutes I was in her car and heading towards the restaurant. Over the next hour or so we had a great time catching up, trying different foods, daring each other to eat the things that looked completely inedible, such as the miniature octopi in the salad bar. In comparison, the offerings at the sushi bar were delicious, and teaching her to use the chopsticks properly made for an entertaining evening.

As we finished our meals I nodded towards the last piece of sushi on the plate in front of me. “This is for you if you want it, I don’t think I can eat another bite.” She looked down at the morsel of salmon, cucumber, and avocado wrapped together in seaweed and rice, and then up at me.

“I’ll have it,” she said, “only if you feed it to me. Besides, I don’t know if I’ll EVER get the hang of these stupid chopsticks.”

We laughed together as I took the two smooth bamboo sticks in front of me and gently picked up the tasty morsel. I added a sliver of ginger and a dab of wasabi sauce, I dipped it in the soy sauce and raised it towards her mouth. Before it reached her lips, I couldn’t help but notice how soft and full they looked as she opened them, ready to receive my offering. I must have been staring a little too hard, because her next words were:

“Is anything wrong?”

Her words jarred me from my trance-like stare, but made me drop the sushi in the process. Fortunately, it landed right on the plate in front of her.

“No, nothing’s wrong” I answered, “I was just zoning out for a second…umm, noticing how nice you look tonight”.

Those lips slowly spread wide in a nice smile, as her face beamed. “Why thank you, Todd! I dressed up just in case I got to run into you. But you still have to feed me that piece of sushi.” Regaining my focus I repositioned the chopsticks for a second try.

“Forget the chopsticks…just use your fingers.”

“If you insist”, I answered as I wiped my fingers with the napkin, and picked up the piece between my thumb and index finger. Elaine gently took my hand in her warm, soft hands and guided the sushi into her mouth. As her lips closed around it they also managed to embrace my thumb and finger. I felt a slight buzz at the base of my head, and a shiver run through me as I felt the gentle warmth of her flesh envelop my own. With that same smile on her face she chewed the sushi, allowing a slight moan of delight to escape her lips in the process, before she swallowed.

“Mmmmmm, that was very good, but your fingers are still dirty.”

“No problem”, I said as I reached for the napkin with my free hand.

She noticed the movement and then said: “Oh, you won’t need that.”

With her hands still embracing mine, she locked her eyes on mine as she slowly, tantalizingly brought my soy-soaked finger to her slightly parted lips, enveloped it, and began sucking slightly, in a very teasing way.

“Hmmmm, much better than sushi. And now the other one.”

She released my finger and moved to my thumb, surrounding it with those luscious lips, this time using the tip of her tongue to add to the sensation of wetness and warmth . Aaaaahhhh! My heart started doing flip-flops, not to mention I was beginning to feel a stirring between my legs because of the sheer eroticism of what was taking place at our table right in the restaurant. I quickly glanced around the restaurant, but noticed that no one else was watching, much to my relief.

As I looked back into her eyes, all I could muster was a “Wow, Elaine…that felt…uhhh…wow!” I laughed nervously as I shook my head. She smiled deeply as she withdrew my thumb, causing a quiet “smack” as it exited her lips. Our hands came to rest on the table top and she did not let go.

“Sounds like you liked that!”

“Yeah”, I nodded in full agreement, not knowing what else to say at the moment, “that was hot!”

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze. “I’ve missed you…and I’ve missed THIS. It’s been a while!”

“Yeah it has been a while, but I don’t remember you ever were quite this…expressive!”

She sighed. “I know, I know…it’s just that now that you’re here right in front of me, it just brings it all back, so I’m just going with the flow of what I’m feeling. And you’ve gotta admit: this is SOOO much nicer than email and chat!”

I Manavgat Escort agreed. “I know, chatting over messenger isn’t the same as having my finger in your mouth!” We both laughed. “I’ve missed you too”, I added.

Truth be told, I’d fantasized on more than one occasion about my relationship with Elaine and wondered what it would be like to explore a more “expressive” relationship with her, but never had the courage. After all, she was my friend — albeit a very special friend — but I never wanted to do anything to jeopardize that friendship. Tonight, however, I was a little confused — and excited! — about how to respond. Should I also go with my own flow? Should I try to play it safe?

Being with her tonight was better than anything I could have hoped for, even if dinner at a restaurant was all it would ever turn out to be. But a few more of her nibbles on my fingers, and I would pretty much be putty in her hands! I decided to go on the offensive and see what she was open to.

I swallowed and dared a question: “So what would you like to do next? We can’t sit here all night.”

“I don’t know…do you have anything in mind?”

“Well”, as I started to rattle off some suggestions, “we could go to the mall…”

“Been there, done that. Just before you called, in fact!”

“OK, scratch that. We could go watch a movie…”

“There’s nothing I really want to see right now.”

“Ok, that’s fine. Then how about to the dance club downtown…I hear there’s a nice live band playing.”

“In these??” She hiked up her leg, showing me her high-heeled shoes — shiny and sexy, with long spikes. My eyes couldn’t help but travel from her foot to her ankles and to her calves and thighs…all encased in a sheer black stocking that hugged every curve of her long legs. She obviously dressed for more than shopping! I stared…and smiled! I think she noticed…she had done that for effect! She added: “I don’t know if I’m in the mood for dancing.”

Suddenly an idea formed: “Then how about the Oasis?”

“The Oasis?? What’s that?”

“It’s a hot-tub place about 15 miles north of here. They have a number of Jacuzzi hot tubs in various rooms, all with different themes…like a pacific Island theme, or a Grecian theme, with columns scattered around. One place even has a fireplace — nice and cozy. On a night like tonight you could see the stars from where you’d be sitting; plus, the warm water would feel really awesome in the cool air.”

She tilted her head slightly, her eyes veered to one side, as if she was trying to picture it all. “Hmmm, that sounds great. But I don’t even have a bathing suit!”

“Bathing suits are optional”, I offered, and watched as her expression grew a little quizzical and stoic, so I quickly added: “kiddddinnnngggg! My trunks are in my suitcase at the hotel — we could swing by there and get mine, and perhaps we could even go to Wal-Mart and get an inexpensive bathing suit if you’d like.”

“Is this your revenge for me sucking your finger and thumb in public?” She laughed again.

“Hey, I’ll even throw in a nice foot massage in the hot tub — you’d like that better than dancing after having walked around in those shoes all day.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Todd. Deal!”

We left the restaurant together, and first stopped by my hotel room to grab what we needed. Afterwards we quickly ran through Wal-Mart to get a something for Elaine — a cute but inexpensive bikini — and headed for the Oasis. As she accelerated onto the highway, she glanced my way. “I think I’m really going to enjoy this…I’ve never done this before!”

“It’s quite nice, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s like a mini-vacation, even if it is just one hour.”

“You’ve planned this all along, haven’t you?”

“How could I have? I didn’t know you were going to be in the area until I read your message.”

We soon arrived at the Oasis, and checked in. We selected a room with a beach-like décor — not that it mattered much since it was evening and dark outside — accented with oversized tiki statues, reminiscent of those on Easter Island — except these were probably Styrofoam made to look like wood. What was especially nice about this particular room was that it had a deep hot tub with lots of room to stay submerged and protected from the night air.

I pointed to the bathroom door and told Elaine she could change there. While she did so, I quickly undressed and put on my swimming trunks. I gingerly stepped outside into the frigid night air, ran across the deck, quickly hopped in the tub and waited. Two minutes later, Elaine opened the door and did the same.

“Brrrrrrr”, she shivered, “it’s cold outside when you don’t have much on!”

“It sure is, but it’s very nice in here…and even nicer that you are here with me!”

We just stared at each other with a smile on our faces. Here we were, in a hot tub together in our bathing suits. It seemed hard to believe we were actually here, and at the same time it seemed too good to be true. A little scary though, Escort Manavgat I had to admit, because our flirting had always been safe…online…words and images, nudges and suggestions. The fantasies our imaginations and flirtations had sparked were exciting in and of themselves. To see her now before me in the (almost naked) flesh was quite another thing altogether! It was evident that there was this electric tension between us at the very moment.

But before I wondered what I would say or what would happen next, she held up her leg in the same way she had when she had shown me her shoe. “Well, here you go. You promised me a foot massage.” Even without the black stockings her legs were shapely and smooth. Her foot dangled in front of me, inviting me to do what I had offered, so I took it and began to gently knead the ball of her foot with my thumbs, working my way down her arch to her heel and ankle area. With my thumb and index finger I made slow deliberate circles over the top of her foot until I reached the toe area, where I proceeded to gently massage around and in between each toe.

“Wow, Todd, that actually feels very nice! Who knew you were so talented as a ‘podiatric masseur’!”

“It’s only one of my hidden talents. I can also massage shoulders, backs, and other body parts.”, I winked with a grin.

“How long did you say we had in here?” she asked with a contented smile as she tilted her head back against the edge of the tub. “Only an hour?.”

“Yes”, I began to realize, “Unfortunately.” I remembered how quickly our time at the restaurant had passed us by.

I think she had the same thought. “Oh well, we best make the most of it”, she said.

As I moved to her other foot I pulled quickly and firmly, causing her to slide forward and slip below the surface. As she surfaced, she sputtered: “What was that for??”

“Just wanted to hear you admit that I can get you “wet” from time to time!”

The look on her face was classic as she finally “got” what I said.

“Here”, I said, “Let me make it up to you. Turn around and sit between my legs, and I’ll rub your shoulders and back for a few moments.”

“But no more funny stuff, okay, wise guy?” She gave me a friendly punch on the shoulder.

“I’ll try to be good.”

As I began to massage her shoulders, she rolled her head around slowly in circles, giving my thumbs access to her long neck. Working at the base of her head , I did a shiatsu-style massage up and down the length of her neck, and returned to her shoulders and upper back. Though it was very warm in the hot tub, the temperature turned up a notch when she leaned back fully against me and rested her arms on my legs. Her warm skin against mine felt electric.


“Yes, Elaine…”

“Is that all you want to do is rub my shoulders right now?”

“You said no more funny stuff. Why? Aren’t you enjoying the massage?”

“Sure I am! But here we are, all alone, and we could be doing…more!”

Being the smartass, I answered: “Oh, you mean I could rub your thighs and calf muscles too?”

She stiffened just for a second, and then reacted to my stupid comment with a slap.

I felt confident enough to wrap my arms around her from behind and with a couple of kisses placed on her neck, I told her: “Or I could be doing this.” I began a trail of light kisses from her neck to her shoulder. She rolled her head to the side to give my lips better access.

“I was wondering how long it would take you.”

“Well, I was trying to be the gentleman…didn’t want to be presumptuous, if you know what I mean.”

“I appreciate that Todd — that’s why I like you so much. You’ve never ever taken advantage of me…but…but now I’m finally tired of it!!”

With a school-girl squeal she giggled and turned around and straddled my lap, as far as the hot tub bench allowed. I moved forward to allow her legs to be forward without any restrictions. We found ourselves in a cradling position in the hot frothy water, face to face, her head slightly raised above mine, looking down at me.

“Kiss me then”, I demanded.

She didn’t need any further encouragement. She embraced my head and face in her hands and arms, and together we enjoyed a long kiss, a slow, slight brushing of our lips against each other’s. When we finally broke that first barrier and got over the shock of how beautiful it felt to lose ourselves in each other’s lips, we surrendered to an increased passion and pace. The fullness of those oft-smiling lips were now pressing against mine, our tongues shy at first but now coming out to play…touching each other’s, playfully fighting for dominance and yet always tender and tastefully done! I gently nibbled and sucked her lower lip and tugged as we continued our playful jockeying.

Meanwhile, my hands took on a life of their own. Not content to sit still while my lips were having all the fun, I gently held her waist and supported her back so she stayed close to me. Soon, however, they felt compelled to caress her backside, her long, strong thighs, back to her waist, and up her back. I couldn’t help myself. I felt myself responding completely to her kisses, to her touch, and to her presence in front of me and on top of me. What was at first a gentle stirring in my bathing suit had turned into a full, raging erection.

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