An Officer with No Gentleman Ch. 02 – Bound

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Female Ejaculation

This is a follow up story to my first foray into BDSM stories. Finding my way as it were. It is best understood if the previous chapter is read but I hope it will be able to stand on its own. Enjoy.


On the ride home from Zach’s apartment Miranda was reveling in her post orgasmic bliss.

She was also anticipating what new levels of submission might await the following Saturday when master had promised her that she would be introduced to the group he belonged to and would be the center of attention.

Miranda had stretched her sexual boundaries considerably in the six months she had been seeing Zach and she was excited about making him proud of his pet at the party.

She had no panties on under her police uniform and the seam in the crotch was stimulating her still engorged clit so nicely.

Miranda knew that she would enjoy the memories of their times together as well as the anticipation of experiences to come when masturbating during the coming week.

After getting back to her apartment and stripping down for a tub bath she took time to examine her body in the full length mirror.

There was no broken skin, there never was with master.

The past two months had been the most exhilarating time of her sexual life.

She had been fucked in the ass for the first time.

She had learned to love having her hair pulled and having master choke her while he was fucking her hard.

When he had teased her with the possibility of having several more men enjoy her holes and use her for their enjoyment she had thrilled at the prospect.

Next weekend was to be that time. She was frightened and excited at the same time.

She did trust Zach to keep her safe though and that helped the excitement override the fear.

First she had to wait through her week of work as a precinct patrol officer. It was a week not unlike so many others. Work as a patrol officer was fulfilling for Miranda and she felt that she was making difference in the community. Each day brought it’s own set of challenges.

While on the job she had to be assertive in her demeanor or the criminals she dealt with would sense weakness and push her limits. Her first partner Kowalski had trained her well and he had also taught her how to stand up to the boys club banter that prevailed in so many precinct houses.

Any of her fellow officers would never have guessed that a true sexual submissive lay just below her professional exterior.

Master had seen and developed her true sexual nature and each encounter had brought surprising delights to her, making her quiver in anticipation of what might be next.


A couple of weeks back Zach had introduced her to the Sybian and while she was astride it and orgasming repeatedly he had played a video for her. In the video a slender woman was on her knees surrounded by men waving erections before her and waiting for their turn to fuck her face. Randy had the vibrating dildo of the sybian embedded deep in her cunt and the rubber studded pad was tantalizing her clit. Zach took a moment from flogging her ass with the soft flogger to lean in and whisper in her ear.

“Do you see that woman in the video?”

Randy had nodded yes in response because there was a ball gag secured in her mouth. Her hands were bound behind her back with leather straps and clothespins clamped to her erect nipples were further stimulating her erogenous zones.

“No need to answer pet. I know you see her. Her name is Jackie. She is the slave pet of one of the men you see standing and waiting to be serviced.”

Jackie was dressed in a black leather corset with her boobs spilling out over the top. She had on thigh high black stockings and black leather stiletto heeled boots that came up above her knees. Her pussy was exposed and shaved and one of the men was busily working several fingers into it. She spread her legs to give him easier access.

A leather studded collar was secured around Jackies neck and a ring on the collar was attached to a leash which was being handed from one man to the next when he wanted the slave pet to turn her oral attention to his cock.

The men in the video, there were four of them visible at various times, were all wearing masks to disguise their identities. Randy had no trouble identifying Zack however. Jackie was seen in close-up now going down to the root of his cock and lathering his balls with her tongue. There must have been someone operating the hand held camera which was changing position frequently in order to capture the action.

“She’s good isn’t she pet?” Zach asked, punctuating the question with an open handed slap to Randys ass.

“You are going to be just as good.”

Zach removed the ball gag and placed his cock in front of Randys face. He also unbound her hands and shackled the leather wristcuffs to either side of the Sybian so that she had to bend forward and over the apparatus. The dildo continued to work away inside her frothing cunt.

Randy bent her head forward to take his cock into her mouth but found Pendik Esmer Escort herself receiving a slap across the face and having her head yanked backwards when Zack pulled it so by a fist full of her hair.

“Did I give you permission to suck me slave?” He demanded.

“No master.”

“That is correct. I want you to remember your place when it’s your turn to be the party girl.”

With that said Zach touched the remote on his video player and a new video played. The woman in this video was also Jackie. She was wearing a black leather hood with holes cut out for her eyes, mouth, and nose. There was no mistaking that it was Jackie though because she had the same tattoo of a heart over her left breast.

“This was her coming out party last year. Pay close attention. I am hoping you are going to be ready for your debut before long.” Zach said while he stroked himself tantalizingly close to her mouth.

“Would you like to taste me now my pet?”

“Yes master. May I?”

“Yes you may. Suck me but keep watching the screen. You may ask any questions that come to mind.”

Miranda took his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She was watching Jackie deep throating a very large cock on the screen before her. Two other men, one of them Zach, were watching the suck job and stroking their erections. Jackie had her identity concealed by the hood and at least two of the men in the video were wearing masks, but master and at least one other were without masks.

Away from the action with Jackie, Miranda could see a woman with her back to the camera who was on her knees and sucking on the cock of a large black man. This woman was wearing a mask Miranda could see when the camera caught her in profile. There was something was familiar about her.

Miranda popped her mouth off of Zachs cock for a moment and asked, “That woman in the background, is she who I think she is?”

“Very good pet. She is indeed. You have keen powers of observation, no doubt from your police training. That is Marianne, the woman I was fucking the day we met. The day you and your partner knocked on my door and interrupted our session.”

Zack had moved around behind Miranda and spanked her butt cheeks with his erection. He slid a thumb into her sphincter and could feel the Sybian dildo vibrating away inside her juicing box. Miranda shuddered at the intrusion and knew she was about to be invaded back there by his boner. Master had fucked her in the ass numerous times but never while her pussy had been filled. This would be her first double penetration and even while that thought was exciting her she watched Jackie on the video being stuffed simultaneousely by two throbbing cocks.

Zach grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked back so that the delicious pain of his action with her hair balanced nicely with the hard thrusts of his cock into her anal canal.

He smacked her reddening ass cheeks with an open hand repeatedly while continuing his assault on her rectum.

“You have become such a good slut my pet. Are you enjoying this?”

“Oh my God yes.” Randy answered while pushing her fleshy ass back to meet his thrusts and closing in on a powerful orgasm.

The vibration from the Sybian was heaven.

A smack to her face broke her reverie momentarily.

“Yes. Yes what?”

“Yes master. I love it.”

Miranda looked up at the video before her, now showing Jackie astride a large black cock with her hands tied behind her. There was a man standing by her head and spanking her face with his hardon. He took hold of her hair which protruded from the hood and then thrust his cock through the hole in the hood where her mouth eagerly inhaled his invasion.

Another man was preparing to enter Jackies rear when the camera panned up to show that it was Zack whose cock was face fucking the bound woman.

That day master had fucked her so well and to so many orgasms that she lost count. He had convinced her to agree to being his special contribution to the next get together and she did not require much convincing after watching Jackie enjoy herself so thoroughly on various videos.

“The others will be very pleased with you slave. I have told them all about your skill set.”


On Friday before her weekend pet debut, officer Miranda Yearwood had a rather routine shift. There were a few traffic stops made by her and her new partner and they went on one domestic dispute call that had resolved itself by the time they had arrived.

There was a lot of chatter at the station regarding the new captain assigned to oversee the precinct.

He was supposed to be a decent enough guy according to one of the senior patrolmen who had served with him in the ranks.

What struck Miranda first about him was his striking good looks and size. He was a tall man and well put together. In his early fifties with salt and pepper hair.

Captain Andrews was certainly a hunk.

Amelia Jackson, the only other female officer assigned to the precinct, had remarked Pendik Eve Gelen Escort to Miranda in a girl talk aside.

“That is one white boy I would not mind giving a test drive to.”

“Slow down girl. You know you are too smart to get caught up in dreams of fucking the boss. Besides, he’s married. Don’t you see the ring?”

“Separated sugar, and headed for divorce.” Amelia responded.

“And how would you know? Just being your nosy self?”

“I asked around. He doesn’t fuck around at work though I asked about that too.”

Miranda and Amelia finished changing into their civilian attire in the locker room and it was time to let the men take their turn. There was only one locker room at the precinct and since budgeting would not allow for seperate female facilities the compromise had been to allow blocks of time at start and stop of shift for women only.

“About fucking time.” Officer Stevenson remarked when the women exited the locker room.

“Fuck you Joe. We weren’t in there that long.” Amelia shot back. “It’s not like you have some hot date you’re in a hurry to get to.” She added with a smirk.

“Fuck you too. Both of you bitches.”

“In your dreams.” Miranda retorted.

“In your dreams you mean. Like I’d want to tap that fat ass of yours anyway.”

Miranda reddened at this. She was still a little self conscious about her weight and looks and even though she had worked hard at toughening herself against such barbs, some still struck home.

The shift seargents booming voice broke in.

“Knock it off! Knock it off ladies and jerks. We’ve got enough shit to deal with policing miscreants without having to police our own behavior so knock it off. Go change Stevenson before I change my mind about writing you up. We have talked too often about your ball busting.”

“Tough to bust balls when they don’t have any.” Stevenson said before disappearing into the locker room with two or three other officers who had been watching the show and waiting to change.

“Thanks sarge.” Miranda said after the door had closed behind the men.

“Don’t mention it. You are a stand up cop and I know it’s tough dealing with the occasional misogynist asshole in the house when you have all those dimwit perps to deal with out there.”

The seargent continued. “What I came up here to tell you was that the captain wants to see you before you go. No worries. He just wanted to introduce himself individually to everyone in the house and you are one of the last few he hasn’t gotten to yet. Shouldn’t be but a few minutes.”

“I wish my chat had lasted more than a few minutes.” Amelia said and added a wink.

“Jackson,” Seargent Collins said. “Didn’t you ever learn not to shit where you eat. You should take a lesson from Yearwood here.”

“Later girl. Gotta run. Got me a man to meet. Hope you get yourself some this weekend even if it’s not that captain.”

Amelia left Miranda and officer Yearwood proceeded to the captain’s office and knocked.

“Come in.”

Miranda entered and captain Andrews looked up briefly from the paperwork he was shuffling through to smile at her and ask her to take a seat.

“Forgive me a moment officer. If I don’t file this last report while I’m thinking about it I’m likely to screw up and forget it.”

Miranda sat and observed the captain and especially noted his hands and forearms. They were very well formed and her submissive side couldn’t help but drift to wonder how they might feel stroking and smacking her naked butt. There was a tattoo of an anchor on the outside of his right forearm and she presumed it was quite old due to its faded nature.

“There.” Andrews said at last. “My apologies officer Yearwood. I want to thank you for taking some time to sit down with the old man at the end of your shift.”

“You’re not so old sir.”

“Old enough.”

Looking down at her personnel file captain Andrews said. “I’m quite impressed with your record here at the department and notice that you have applied for promotion to the detective squad.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Ambition is good. You have no bad reports in your file. Kowalski told me you were a winner and I trust his judgement.”

Miranda startled a little at the mention of her first partners name.

“How is he doing sir?”

“Very well. Enjoying his retirement. When he found out about my assignment he asked me to keep an eye on you. Not that you need much looking after from what I’ve heard and observed.”

“I know you want to get started on your weekend so I will be brief. You seem like a good cop. I trust that will continue. Work your shifts. Play by the rules that constrain us all and I have no doubt that you will go far in this department.”

“Thank you sir.”

Miranda stood as soon as she noticed captain Andrews rising to stand and took his extended hand to shake it.

“Do you have any questions for me?” He asked as almost an afterthought.

“Just one sir.” Miranda said pointing to the tattoo. “Were you in the service?”

“Oh Pendik Evi Olan Escort yes, the anchor. Very astute. The navy. Half a lifetime ago. It seemed everyone got one so I was no different. How about yourself?”

“Do you mean the service?”

“No. Your file tells me that you weren’t in the service. Any tattoos? Never mind. That’s an inappropriate question. Forget I asked it. Have a good weekend Yearwood. Blow off some steam. God knows this job builds up enough to blow off.”


The next day Randy was up before dawn and dripping with anticipation of the evenings festivities. She shaved her legs and her pussy in a soaking sub and ran the shower head extention over her steaming box. She played with herself but did not bring herself to orgasm. Master had forbidden it. She might have lied about her masturbation to climax but he would know. She knew he would. He might punish her for disobedience and that punishment would likely be her exclusion from tonight’s party.

This was a risk she would not take as she was boiling over with desire to be used as she had seen Jackie be used.

Jackie was to be there tonight as well to prepare the men as she had seen Marianne prepare the men in Jackie’s video sessions.

Miranda was to get to masters place around seven and the men were due to arrive around eight or so. Jackie had agreed to be there early also and Miranda was looking forward to meeting her and asking her how it felt to be thoroughly used.


At six fifty Miranda parked her car outside on the street and proceeded to Zach Thorntons apartment. The door opened to her knock and Miranda was only slightly surprised to see that it was Jackie who stood there and not Zach.

“Come in. Come in. You must be Miranda. I’m Jackie.”

The woman shook her hand and the two moved into the living room. “I took the liberty of making you a screwdriver. Zach says it’s your favorite and believe me it will do you good to have a drink or two and take the edge off.”

Jackie appeared to be in her late thirties and had an above average body. With her manicured nails and manner she oozed an atmosphere of a professional woman.

She sat next to Miranda on the sofa and sipped on her own drink while Randy gulped half of her screwdriver in one swallow.

“Slow down sweetie. You’re nervous aren’t you?”

Miranda nodded in response.

“It’s normal to be nervous. I was very nervous before my first party. My master, who’ll be here tonight by the way, told me my nervousness got him extra hard. He said I was wonderful at my coming out party. I don’t remember a lot of it because I was coming so much but watching the video reminded me of why I was glad I did it. But you’ve seen the video I understand.”


“What did you think? I guess it didn’t scare you or freak you out or you wouldn’t be here.”

“No it didn’t. It was hot. It made me so horny. Zach was fucking me while I was watching you in action.”

“Zach told me. He got permission from my master to show you the videos first. He didn’t ask me but I would have said yes of course. You have to remember not to call him Zach when everyone is here tonight. There will be a video recording of your debut as you know, and we are all anonymous. It’s either pet, slave, master, or sir. You understand?”

“Yes I do.”

Jackie got up to fix Miranda another drink as she had finished her first. When she sat down again she sat closer and placed a hand on Miarandas thigh.

Miranda did not move away and made no effort to remove the other woman’s hand.

“How long have you been…?”

“In the lifestyle?” Jackie finished for her. “About ten years or so. I was finishing my residency when I met my first master. He was in the maintenance department at the hospital where I worked. Don’t look so surprised. Yes, I’m a doctor.

Marianne, who you met, is a very well paid attorney and you are a law officer moving up the ranks. It is not unusual for women in powerful positions to have a hidden submissive side that needs to be satisfied.”

Jackie rode her hand further up Mirandas thigh and Miranda parted her legs just a little in an unconscious arousal response.

“I have had a few masters over the years. Never married. Too busy with work. My current master is a longshoreman and he introduced me to Zach a couple of years ago. I was the party pet about this time last year as you know since Zach showed you my video. Marianne introduced me to how much fun it could be.”

Jackie paused and stroked Mirandas thigh gently.

“Have you ever made love with a woman Miranda?”


“One or more of the masters may want me to go down on you. Will you be ok with that?”


“They may want me to suck some cum out of your pussy or ass and then share it with you in a kiss.”

Miranda opened her legs a little more and placed one of her own hands on Jackie’s thigh in response.

“That sounds hot.”

“Zach was so right about you.”

Zach Thornton then appeared through the opening from the kitchen and saw the two women seated close together.

“I’m glad you two have had some time to get acquainted, but we need to get ready now Jackie. Your man and the others will be here shortly. We may even have a new surprise guest if he takes me up on my invitation.”

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