An Open Letter from the Author

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To a mother contemplating incest with her grown son.

Dear ‘Jocasta’,

Of all the incest that does happen, and incest does certainly happen, sex between a mother and son happens the least often. One can speculate on the reasons that the relations between family members happen and the incidences might be isolated occasions or more long term. There are most certainly bad cases of abuse, easily recognized; yet in some cases it might have been in some way purely beneficial. But as this activity is so associated with the more commonly bad, the uncommon good (or even the more likely neutral) consequences of family liaisons are suppressed.

Modern psychologists know that all little boys go through an “Oedipal Stage” where they are jealous of their mother’s affections, but is not necessarily directly a sexual focus or even overt physically. There are indications that unsuccessful completion of this stage of natural childhood development results in the condition called by the term “Oedipus Complex”. The clinical definition is easily looked up, but is a form of fixation on the maternal love or Mother herself.

The concern seems to be if the Complex hinders the relationship with other women. This is especially an important factor for the ultimate independence of the youth, to say nothing of what most mother’s dream of – grandchildren. Most of the males do manage to cut the apron-strings and mate and produce offspring and life goes on as usual.

But sometimes later in life, for various reasons, (and I imagine some are more common reasons than others in the normal spread of human variation) some men develop a sexual desire for maternal love or their Mother herself. While having a perfectly “normal life” sexually, into their mix of what turns them on is this kind of Oedipal fetish, which mostly is lived out in fantasy, with the Mother figure, either symbolically or personal.

Here is a condition where sons are mature, independent, not innocent, and able to make moral and responsible decisions for themselves. They tend to have a great deal of respect for their mothers and would never impose their fantasy on her, knowing that she would never even consider it. Yet while anyone can think of many obvious reasons that a Mom might not be of a mind to make love with her son, yet there may still be some mothers, for whatever reasons, that might be open to such a union.

Then if these conditions exist together, a lusting son, an open Mom; sometimes the signals might be given visually, or discovered accidentally, or they are put into intimacy incidentally; and this leads to incest. Is this a bad thing, a neutral thing, or something beneficial? Of course it could be several of those things together, as life is complex. But if some of the obvious things are not standing as impediments such as fathers, husbands, wives, possibility of pregnancy, etc.; then there might be less of reluctance, and a lot more connecting.

Connecting in this way sexually, as well as other levels of love that exist already between the two, mother and son, is another way to express the love that is bonding them. The best definition of what this kind of love – this sort of incest – is this from someone called Jane, “incest is to an attempt to transfer [at least in one’s imagination) the sweet physical joy into an already existing strong psychological Giresun Escort bond which is essentially unselfish, affectionate and permanent.”

While of course that is the ideal, reality is seldom as neat, love is messy. As the French say, ‘is that not so?’. You have been given a great gift. What if you had never learned of your son’s desire? You as a mother are happy when your son gets something he wants, and are happy to provide if you are able. Just as any loving parent does. You have the knowledge of his interest. Would you rather to not have known, now that you do know?

Now that you do know, the idea is to you yourself exciting. It seems naughty, yet it might not be, (or at least not so much) if all the circumstances are weighed and considered. (On the other hand, the naughtiness might be a turn on?) Most importantly to be asked, could anyone get hurt? If that is a risk, then that is cause for pause. No one suggests having relations where relationships are damaged. That being said, the idea is a turn-on, and you can see him responding to your more alluring attire.

What next? How far to go? What way to test the waters? What if you could, what if you both did, what if it happened? What do you base your decisions on, how do you balance influences, what authority speaks to your heart’s delight and your soul’s comfort and your body’s yearning? This is your quest, your question, your inquiry. Is it not? It is not untypical of other romantic dilemmas either.

I can assure you that there are some who have had good experiences with their sons. I am, in fact editing a true story written by a son with his mother’s input, about their long and happy affair. This was in an upper-class family too. So others have gone where angels fear to tread and found the footing fine and carpet quite comfortable, in fact. You have a better handle on how slippery things might be for the two of you.

But if you would give your son his heart’s desire,

if it were in your power, and

if it is something that you desire too,

if there is no other man in your life,

if he is free too,

if there are no serious impediments,

then maybe this IS all right

and maybe it will be as fantastic as you both imagine!

Best of luck and best of love

Oediplex 8==3~


Dear Oediplex,

I read your letter forwarded to me by our mutual friend, Joss. I thought about what you wrote. I have done some research online and at the library too. In addition, I have read your stories, they are well written, even if the grammar may need editing in spots. The il-lust-stated story you and Pandora’s Box and Joss did together was excellent and played a part in what happened between my son and me, as I will explain shortly.

I contemplated your last thoughts:

But if you would give your son his heart’s desire, – I always have given him whatever he wanted, spoiled him perhaps.

if it were in your power, – It is, if I would desire to.

if it is something that you desire too, – I drip at the thought of fucking my son, but I am reluctant, as it is a big step to actually commit incest, not something done lightly.

if there is no other man in your life, – Husband died of cancer three years ago, no dating Giresun Escort Bayan since either, and no wonder I am horny.

if he is free too, – he broke up from his lady of two years over six months ago – no dating since for him either, I wonder if he is as horny as I am, I am sure he is.

if there are no serious impediments, – None according to your guidelines.

then maybe this IS all right – Maybe, but how can I be sure?

and maybe it will be as fantastic as you both imagine! – if it does happen, it will be fabulous indeed!

Long hours were spent in thinking about what I wanted for my son, for myself and what would be right or wrong. I cried about it and even prayed about it. I also read an article by the minister you recommended, Rev. Springer, about sex in the Bible, posted at this site*. Very interesting, indeed. So my moral compass might be spinning, but my libido has a magnetic direction all of its own – pointing directly to my son!

I wanted to be sure that he was willing to move things from fantasy to reality and to my bedroom. But as you said, “What way to test the waters?” After several weeks of study and reading and praying, I devised a plan to have an ‘accidental’ confrontation on the issue. I needed to have my boy (grown man by now) masturbating while thinking about incest and me. I needed him when and where I could catch him at it and raise the issue which was creating the sexual tension between us.

That is when I thought of your hot il-lust-rated story, “Slipping Into My Sleeping Mom”. I registered and got access to the story. The great drawings by the artist known as Pandora’s Box and the erotic description your text provide is a real winner. I personally got several cums from reading it. I knew my son would too, because of the many steamy pictures and sizzling action. Then I left it on the computer, so when one moved the mouse the screen-saver disappeared and there was the first panel – the cover page.

I left this set-up for when I knew my kid (I’ll call him Oeddie – LOL) would be sure to sit down at the computer. It was on Friday evening, I announced that I would be going to bed to read and that he could have the machine all to himself. Then I waited for fifteen minutes. I entered the den; the door had been closed, and caught him with his pants down – literally! I said that I had wanted to check on some file that I had not meant to leave open on the computer.

Oeddie, spun a quarter-turn in the desk chair and pushed back slightly, so that I could see both the screen and his hand on his erect penis. He asked me if this was what I had wanted to hide, and gestured toward the screen. He was half way through the story and completely hard. I nodded, not being able to speak I was so keyed up. He asked if I liked that genre of erotica or if I had left the story as a gift for him. I replied with one word. “Both . . .”

We talked for a moment about our mutual taste in pornography. He suspected that I knew of his Oedipus complex, since he had been concealing his dirty books about incest under his mattress since High School. I would come across them when I changed his sheets. In fact, that is how my own interest in the subject was sparked. But he didn’t have a clue, until that evening that I also like to fantasize about mother/son sex. Escort Giresun Now, however, the cat – make that pussy – was out of the bag.

I wanted to get him stimulated again and suggested he read the story while I jacked him off. He brightened like a headlight with that idea. I pulled up a small stool nearby, and as I masturbated him, he finished reading the story. When he got to the part where the boy in the story entered his mother’s vagina I used my mouth and gave a gulp on Oeddie’s rod. I thought to make him cum, but it didn’t happen. To many factors to fully concentrate on cumming he explained, when I looked up after sucking him through to the story’s conclusion.

He took off his shirt and kicked off his pants from around his ankles. Then he reached over and lifted my nightie from me. We were both naked now; the computer screen was the only light. We didn’t say a word, either of us, as he took me in his arms and kissed me. The kissing continued, deep and heavy and lots of tongue play. He stoked my wet slit and then put in a finger, then two. I let my digits work their delicate magic on his wand.

We knew what was going to happen that night, the heightened emotions and hormones made the atmosphere ripe with our pheromones. I expected my son to follow my lead when I took his hand and pulled him toward me, I was intending to lead him to my bed. But instead of rising with me, he pulled me back to him and shifted has weight off the chair, so that we both tumbled on to the carpet. Rug burn time.

I was ready as I ever was to be entered, on my back, legs wide. He positioned us in quick order so that he was between my welcoming thighs. His manhood thrust with authority, but gently into my dripping channel. I came immediately; I was so turned on by the rapid ravishing I was receiving. Oeddie pounded on to bring me to a second orgasm in several minutes. He never let up and as my vagina tightened with its third climax I felt the wonderful feeling of his member swelling to his bursting point.

Then my son came in me. The rush nearly made me faint, as a series of internal flutters in my womb responded to the gushing flow of his hot semen within me. It was a dream cum true, our separate fantasies united as our bodies joined in reality. After we had made a huge wet spot on the floor, we got up and giggled all the way to my bed. We continued for half the night with breaks for snacks and lots of cold drinks to cool our sweaty selves. It was a fantastic evening, that weekend we added being lovers to our relationship.

He is an adult, and I am an adult and no one knows about our affair except for you and Joss. We write this letter to thank you both for having brought us together. We hope you get a good cum from our tale. Perhaps you might like to write it up as one of your stories. We would love to read that, and would be glad to supply more details if you want.

Oeddie has been reading your works like me and his word says it all, ‘awesome’, especially the big il-lust-rated one done with all the incredible art by Pandora. Joss mentioned there was a sequel due out soon. Please let us know when it is published. Also can we get the copies of the photos collection you posted recently?

Oediplex, what can I say to thank you for helping me to make up my mind and seducing my son. I hope you will continue your distinguished career in erotic writing, though you ought to find an editor (oeditor?) to help you polish the little rough spots you sometimes miss. But your stories never fail to make us cum. All our best to Joss too.

Love and thanks from me and my son,


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