An Oral Encounter

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The phone woke Zac from his slumber; he was late for his first appointment. His head still spinning from the party last night made dodging the early morning traffic all the more difficult. Zac was a bike courier in London, this kept him in good shape, however this morning he was looking somewhat bedraggled. He had not shaven for two days well it had been the weekend.

His first job was a simple collect and drop, somebody working from home had forgotten to take some files and he had to pick them up from the office which was in Westminster and drop them off at the house which was in Knightsbridge. Having collected the folder he headed off to the address, sounded like a posh top floor apartment.

On arrival he had the package signed for by a very nice late twenties earlier thirties woman. He decided to take a chance and ask if it was possible to use the facilities, strictly this is not allowed but this lady seemed nice and somewhat relaxed about life she had just answered the door in her bathrobe.

“Excuse me would it be at all possible for me to use you bathroom” Zac said

“Of course up the stairs second on the left” she said.


Cleo had decided to work from home, it was Monday and she just could not be arsed to go into the office there was the on problem of the file she needed but a quick call to her secretary and that would be couriered over. Well thought Cleo, I have some time before the file gets here, mmmm let me see what should I do with that time.

As she lay on her bed she thought about the last time she had felt a man inside her and more importantly to her the last time she had felt a hard throbbing cock in her mouth. Oh how she loved to suck cock, she loved the warm hardness in her mouth, the slight musty manly odour that was associated with a man’s crotch. As she started to let he mind wonder so did her hands, running down over her full breasts squeezing her hardening nipples, on down over her navel now inside her dressing gown. She let her fingers slide gently over her freshly shaven lips, she always kept her bush well trimmed, she Zonguldak Escort like to have the lips bare of any hair but keep some hair on top. As her fingers started to explore her pussy lips she slowly slid two finger of her other hand into her mouth as she thought about sucking on a cock.


“Fuck, who the hell could this be” Cleo thought.

“Yes” Cleo said into the intercom.

“Package delivery for Miss Bush” the Voice came back.

Opening the door Cleo, in her now horny state, was confronted by a young fit cycle courier. Maybe this would be her lucky day.

The cycle courier seemed nice and after all was signed for he asked most politely if he could use the bathroom. Cleo was already hatching a plan to seduce him.

“Of course up the stairs second on the left” Cleo said.

Heading up stair Zac thought she must be loaded living in a place like this on her own, he had noticed only women’s coats on the coat stand.

Turn as told to the second on the left Zac found him self in the bedroom, and was quite taken aback stepping out quickly he met the woman in the hall, you said, “Second left, Yes?” Zac questioned, “Did I, oh sorry I should have said right” the woman answered.

Oh God Cleo thought with out thinking I had directed him in to my room. Standing in the middle of the room she waited to hear the toilet flush, she could not stop thinking of the couriers bulging cycling shorts. As the toilet flushed and the courier stepped out Cleo called to him,

“Excuse me, I know it is a bit rude but I was wondering if you might be able to help me”

“I can try” Zac replied.

“I want to see how my bed would look by the window and I would be ever so grateful if you would help me move it.” Cleo continued

Zac thought of the tip and agreed to help. They moved the bed into the window and as Cleo sat down on the bed her robe fell open, just a little but enough, to reveal her breasts and shaven pussy. Zac did not know where to look.

“Do you like what you see” Cleo asked Zonguldak Escort Bayan reaching up to stroke the enlarging bulge in the cycling shorts,

“Umm, well, umm yes” Zac stammered.

As Cleo freed the throbbing man hood from it confines within the cycling shorts she let her robe fall more open. As the excitement rose within her Cleo took the hard cock between her lips letting her tongue pass over the salty head where a small amount of pre-cum had formed. God that tasted sooo good, as the cock twitched and jerked over her tongue, she slowly took the whole of it into her mouth and expertly down her throat, caressing the balls with her hands.

A groan escaped Zac’s lips he has seen the movies of guys getting deep throat but had never come across a girl that could do it, this just felt wild, he resisted the temptation to run his fingers thought her hair, he knew if he did he would grab the back of her head and fuck her face this was going so good he did not want to screw it up.

Cleo still fondling his balls started to pick up the pace sliding her lips the full length of Zac’s manhood, swirling her tongue around the red head before swallowing the whole salty tasty musky thing back down her throat. She could feel Zac start to buck his hips, like he was not going to cum but was getting close, so craftily wetting her finger with saliva she reached below Zac’ ball sack and started to make circles with the pad of her finger in he dark rosebud of an anus, before dipping the tip inside his tight hole.

This was new for Zac he felt the finger near his hole and then on his hole, He was enjoying the sucking and the finger did not feel bad only slightly strange. As it started to push into his ass he felt his knees buckle slightly and a new sensation fill his loins.

You like this don’t you thought Cleo and she continued to suck deeply on the throbbing dick in front of her, as she took the whole of his cock deep into her throat she pushed he finger deep into her ass. This was all to much for Zac who’s knees buckled again and he shot Escort Zonguldak he load deep into her mouth filling her mouth with jet after jet of creamy cum which Cleo swallowed down with ease.

As the last drops of cum were sucked from the cock in front of her Cleo fell back onto the bed he legs spread and her robe open. Zac feeling that the pleasure should not be all his, once he had regained his senses knelt between her open legs and slowly parted her virginal petals, to see he clit protruding from its hood.

Zac slowly ran his tongue over the hood and round and down along the line of her virginal lips and back up over her warm moist hole to her clit, circling his tongue around it.

A gasp escaped Cleo lips, not only did his tongue seem to know exactly where she wanted it his stubble scraped the inside of her legs and virginal lips in a way that send waves of pleasure up through her body.

Zac continued to move his tongue in an irregular motion as he felt her body twitch beneath him, some times moving his tongue slow and hard in broad strokes other time, other times fast and soft flicking at her clit.

Moving slightly he inserted one then two fingers into her pussy pushing then not only in but also up searching for her G spot. The woman beneath him moans and writhed as his fingers sought out the very depths of her pleasure at the same time his tongue danced its dance upon her.

Cleo could feel it building within her, the tongue on her clit the finger in her moist pussy she moved her body till they were stroking her exactly where she wanted, the warmth and the tingling increased and her moans became louder she pushed down deep on to the fingers the tongue squashed against her clit the stubble scratching at her lips and inner thighs it was all to much, with on final gasp an orgasm rocked through her body as wave after wave of pleasure emanating out from her womanhood, her juices gushed on to his tongue as he lapped at them covering his face with there sticky wetness.

As she lay gasping on the bed and he lay between her legs she thought this was a good day to take off.

Zac had never seen a woman cum so much his cock was once again hard and this naked woman on the bed seem keen and her open wet pussy looked so inviting, he was going to have to call the office tell them he had been knocked off his bike.

To be continued ………

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