An Unusual Anniversary Surprise

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It was the last weekend in October and the upstate New York air was exceptionally cold and all the signs of an impending storm were there but I was just going to be up at the cabin for a couple of days and figured I would be out of there before anything happened.

Ever since I was married to Gwen, we went up to the cabin to celebrate our anniversary. We brought enough food and drink, especially the drink and it was just the two of us enjoying an intimate weekend.

Three years ago, Gwen passed away but I still go to the cabin on our anniversary. It was never a morbid weekend though. I just wanted to do something for her memory and I wanted the peace & quiet that the weekend would give me. And at 40, gave me some time to think about my future.

Anyway, it was Friday afternoon when I got to the cabin. I had the food and I was set to relax for a couple of days.

I made sure the generator was full of gas just in case and there was wood for the fireplace.

When Gwen & I came up to the cabin we never brought much clothes, if any since we were both nudists and didn’t wear clothes up there. Gwen did have a few special pieces of lingerie that she kept in the closet, but that was it and they were still there.

In any case, I settled in and as the weather started to change. Snow started falling which was a bit early up here but it wasn’t terribly bad. However, as the day wore on, the snow came down heavier and it was piling up.

I turned the radio on and the broadcast indicated that we were going to get an unexpected foot of snow before it was all over.

I had just finished dinner when I decided to bring in more wood for the fireplace. I put on my clothes and went outside and as I did, I thought I saw a light way down the road. I brought the wood in and went back out to see again.

As I peered down the road, I was sure it was a light so I headed toward it. After walking maybe a thousand yards, I saw a car in the ditch with its headlights still on.

I got to the car and saw a person cuddled up inside, unresponsive. I was able to open the door and pull the person out. It was then that I saw it was a young lady. She was freezing.

I carried her back to the cabin and started warming her up slowly. I got her out of the cold, wet clothes she was wearing and wrapped a blanket around her and sat her near the lit fireplace.

I could see she didn’t have any signs of frostbite, thank heavens, but she was very cold. I made some tea and had warm compresses that I put on her to get her body temperature up.

After an hour or so, she started coming around. As I was hovering over her, she opened her eyes and let out a scream, “Where am I and who are you?”

I looked at her and told her to calm down and I said, “You are in my cabin. I found you half frozen in your car and brought you here. My name is Sam. You are fine now. Let me get you some hot tea.”

I went and got her a cup of tea and brought it to her. She then realized she didn’t have any clothes on but the blanket I wrapped her in.

She asked, “Where are my clothes?”

I replied, “They were soaked and they are now drying and I only had a blanket to cover you with to get you warm.”

I continued, “What’s your name and what the hell was a young women doing driving up here in this weather?”

She looked at me and said, “My name is Gwen and I was going to visit my girlfriend for the weekend, if you must know.”

I answered, “Oh, I see.”

She said, “It’s not like that…we are just good friends.” She hesitated and continued, “That’s not entirely true. We are very close friends from college and it was supposed to be a romantic weekend if you must know.”

I smiled and told her she was a lucky young lady that I found her. She then said, “By the way, what the hell are you doing up here?”

I smiled and said, “It’s my anniversary and I come up here every anniversary, if you must know.”

She asked, “Where is your wife?”

I replied, “My wife died a few years ago but I still come up here every anniversary, if you must know. Her name was Gwen too.”

She apologized but I told her there was no need to. I went to check on her clothes and told her they were still damp. I told her the only clothes I had were lingerie items of my late wife but I didn’t think she would like to put them on.

She asked me where my extra clothes were and that maybe she could fit into them. I told her I didn’t have any extra clothes. She wanted to know why and I said, “My wife and I are nudists. So, we didn’t bring extra clothes. The only extra clothes are her lingerie.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Oh. Look if you want to get nude, it wouldn’t bother me. I’ve seen naked men before,” as she laughed.

She continued, “You seem like a real nice guy so how about this, you get naked and I will put on a piee of lingerie, if that is ok with you. I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist anyway.”

I looked at her Eskişehir Escort and replied, “Well, if you are ok with it, then so am I.”

She got up and went into the bedroom as she did that, I got naked. She came out wearing the black neglige that was the last one my wife wore up here.

I looked at her and exclaimed,”Gwen, you are beautiful. You could pass for my wife’s sister.”

Gwen looked at me with a big smile, “And you look pretty damn good yourself. I’m impressed.”

We both laughed and sat on the couch and listened to the radio as the announcer said that the snow should taper off tomorrow sometime.

I told her it looked like we would be trapped here for at least the weekend. She smiled and said that would be fine with her.

I couldn’t help but see that this beautiful young woman had a beautiful body. Her tits were full and firm. Her pussy was smooth and her long black hair cascaded down to the top of her ass.

She caught me looking and said, “Hey Sam, tell me what you and your wife did up here on your anniversary.”

I looked at her and said, “Well Gwen, like any other couple celebrating their anniversary, we had a lot of great sex. The best part was that nobody bothered us.”

I continued, “Tell me about yourself.”

She replied, “Well, you already guessed that I am bi, but I prefer a man. I am 30 years old, single and not shy. And, I am an exhibitionist and ok with being stared at and ogled.”

I laughed and said, “That’s good, because I like looking at you.”

She said, “Well Sam, I don’t like to brag but that must be true because I can see how much you like what you see.”

I looked down and my cock was semi hard. I apologized and covered up. She laughed and said, “Hey, don’t hide that thing. I like to look too, you know.”

We both laughed and I uncovered my now erect cock for her to see.

Then I said, “You know Gwen, I feel very comfortable with you, like I have known you for years. You are funny, easy to talk to and a nice person.”

I got up and checked on her clothes and brought them back to her and told her they were dry. She looked at me and told me to put them aside as she was very comfy wearing what she had on.

Then she asked, “Tell me why you are into nudity?”

I smiled and replied, “For one thing, it’s easier to have sex, no need to remove clothes. It feels more natural and you aren’t confined. And, it helps if you like to show.”

She laughed and replied, “Well Sam, you do show well. Would you mind if I took off this outfit? The thong is digging into my crack anyway.”

I told her she could do whatever she wanted. With that, she stood up and removed the lingerie and stood there naked and looking even more beautiful and I told her so.

I could feel my cock getting rock hard and Gwen noticed and said, “I think your friend is acting up again. Is there anything I can do to help him?”

I looked at her and said, “There isn’t any need for you to do anything. But if you wouldn’t object, I would like to go inside and get it taken care of.”

She smiled and replied, “You know Sam, I have never seen a guy jerk off before. Would you do it for me here and now, please?”

I looked at her and smiled and started stroking my cock. Some pre-cum was visible as I picked up the pace. After a few minutes, I told her I was going to cum. She got up and knelt in front of me and then I came, shooting my cum on her tits and nipples.

She rubbed my cum all over and smiled and said, “Wow, that was something. Do you always cum like that?”

I replied, “Pretty much, yes. My wife loved having me cum on her tits too. She loved swallowing it as well. I guess you would call her a cum slut.”

Gwen got up and sat back down, leaving my cum on her body.

She said, “Did your wife like getting your cock in her ass?”

I answered, “My wife liked all sex but she did like me to cum in her ass mostly.”

Gwen asked, “Tell me some of the things she liked to do.”

I replied, “She loved sucking cock. Before she died, she started sucking my cock and balls together. The feeling was outrageous. Then she loved me eating her. As you can see, I am smooth and so was she…we didn’t like getting hair in our mouths.”

Gwen then asked, “Be honest now, you guys ever swing?”

I looked at her and answered, “The answer is a simple yes. She enjoyed that a lot. She loved having two guys playing with her at the same time. And yes, she was bi.”

Gwen said, “She sounds like someone I would have liked to get to know. We had a lot in common. Did you like sharing her?”

I answered, “Most guys would say that I was a cuck but she really enjoyed herself and it had nothing to do with love, just sex, so I didn’t see any harm in letting her do what she loved “

Gwen said, “You know, I have never had a cock in my ass but I wouldn’t mind you fixing that.”

I looked at her and told her that Eskişehir Escort Bayan having sex with her wasn’t necessary but she said that she wanted to do it but only with me.

On the way to the bedroom, she stopped and looked into my eyes and said, “Sam, I would let you do anything you wanted to me. And, if I were your wife, I would want to follow in your wife’s footsteps.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her for the first time. Our bodies pressed together as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth.

We got to the bed and Gwen got on all fours. My hard cock pressed against her asshole. I lubed my cock and slowly slipped my cock into her hole. It took awhile but my cock was finally completely in her. Her tits hung down and I started fucking her ass, slowly.

With each thrust, her moans got louder and louder. She started screaming, “Oh god yes Sam…that’s it…fuck my ass baby…cum in it…shoot your hot cum in me.”

I stopped for a second when she said (shoot your hot cum in me) as that was the exact words that my wife used when I was fucking her ass.

She started yelling…”Don’t stop now Sam, cum in me.”

I picked up the pace and shot my cum load deep into her ass. When I pulled out my cock, my cum oozed out her ass and she fell on the bed on her stomach.

We rested together and her hand found my limp cock and played with it and got it hard again. Then she looked at me and said, “Sam, am I as good as your wife was? I want to please you like she did. I will do whatever you ask me to do, no matter what.”

I looked at her and replied, “Gwen, you were terrific and are just as sexy as my wife was but we just met. How could I ask you to do what she did?”

Then Gwen responded, “I’ll tell you what we can do…let me live with you for six months and after that time you can decide on what to do. Is that fair?

I looked at her and replied, “That sounds reasonable. I would like that.”


Gwen and I have gotten to know each other extremely well over the last six months.

One night over some wine we discussed our future. I said to Gwen, “Well sweetheart, I think we get along real fine and are very compatible in every way, especially in the bedroom. I would like it to be a permanent situation. What do you say?”

Gwen replied, “I agree with you Sam. I have never been happier than I have been for the last six months. You have taught me so much. Tell me something, am I as good as your wife was?”

I looked at her and replied, “Yes, you are. But there are a couple of things we haven’t done yet and I would like to do them.”

Gwen answered, “Whatever you want, I will do.”

I told her that we would be going up to the cabin this weekend and I have asked a couple of friends to join us, a sort of six month anniversary party. Is that ok?”

She told me that it would be perfect and was looking forward to it.

Friday afternoon came and we drove up to the cabin. We brought all the food and drink inside and got the place cleaned up and ready for our guests.

I told Gwen that two of my friends were going to join us along with their wives or girl friends. I also told her that she was to be the perfect hostess for the weekend.

She said that sounded like fun. I also told her that they are all nudists as well.

That night, Gwen and I had great sex until the early morning hours. We had breakfast and got last minute things taken care of.

By noontime, my friends arrived. Jack and his wife Susan and Jim and his girlfriend Ruby arrived. After all the introductions, I told our guests to get comfortable and they wasted no time in getting naked.

I saw Gwen getting an eyeful of their cocks and cunts and saw her cute little devilish smile.

We all had lunch on the deck and enjoyed the peace and quiet. After lunch, the women cleaned up and Gwen brought out glasses of wine for everyone.

After an hour or so, I made an announcement, “Gwen and I want to thank you for joining us on our six month anniversary. My late wife would have been proud to know Gwen. And, as you all know, my late wife enjoyed your company immensely and for that reason, Gwen wants to follow in her footsteps and this will be her first time. That being said, I offer Gwen to the four of you for the time you are here, to do as you wish. Enjoy her like you did my late wife. Thank you.”

Everyone raised their glasses and thanked us for the weekend.

We finished our wine and then

Jack and Jim escorted Gwen to the bedroom. With a twinkle in her eyes, she laid down between the two men.

Both men started playing with her as we all watched. Jack’s cock must have been 8″ hard and Jim’s cock at least 7″ and both cocks were thick.

As they each sucked a nipple, Gwen’s hands were wrapped around their cocks, slowly massaging their shafts.

Jack was the first to move his mouth to her cunt and he started eating Escort Eskişehir her while Jim was kissing and feeling her up.

Then, when Jack finished, Jim mounted Gwen and wasted no time in slipping his cock into her cunt. While Jim was fucking her, Jack moved his cock to her mouth and she practically swallowed it, giving him a blow job.

The women cheered Gwen on and soon both men said they were going to cum.

A few more thrusts and Jim pulled his cock out and shot stream after stream of cum all over her while Jack shot his cum into her mouth and we all watched her swallow every drop.

The guys got up and sat on the couch to rest as the women changed places with them.

Susan and Ruby joined Gwen on the bed. Susan immediately started kissing Gwen. Her lean body and big tits pressed up against Gwen’s body as she started sucking her erect nipples. Jim’s still wet cum being rubbed all over Gwen by Susan.

Ruby wasted no time in eating Gwen. She got into 69 with Gwen and we could all clearly hear the lapping of Ruby eating Gwen.

Soon, they switched positions and we watched Gwen enjoy every second of their assault.

It didn’t take long before all three women were screaming out that they were going to cum. We watched as their bodies shook with one orgasm after another until all three women were spent.

After that, Gwen said she needed a rest and we all took a break and had some more wine. Jim’s cum still all over Gwen.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. Both Jim and Jack fucked Gwen one on one as did the women, all to my enjoyment and Gwen’s.

After dinner, it was more of the same until I suggested that it was time for Gwen to get her ass fucked as well as DP’d with all of us enjoying Gwen at the same time throughout the night.

We made Gwen get on all fours. With her tits hanging down and swaying back and forth, the two women got on their backs and slipped underneath Gwen and each sucked a nipple. I lined up behind Gwen’s asshole, got my cock lubed up and started slipping my cock into her ass until it was completely in her. As the women enjoyed their sucking, I shot my cum into my love’s ass. As soon as I finished cumming, Jack slipped his cock into her ass, fucked her hard and shot his cum into her ass. Then Jim got his cock in her ass and after a few thrusts, filled her ass with his cum.

When he pulled his cock out, all our cum poured out of her ass and down. Susan and Ruby wasted not a drop as they lapped up all our cum.

We let Gwen rest while we went inside and talked about Gwen. I told them that Gwen was as good as my late wife was and they agreed.

I told them that after this weekend, I was going to ask her to marry me as long as she was going to follow in my late wife’s footsteps.

Jack then said, “Sam, why not ask her now, while we are all here? And, if she says yes, we can all share her like we did with your late wife.”

I looked at them and agreed to ask her tonight.

After almost an hour, Gwen joined us and Susan handed her a glass of wine.

I told her I had something to say to her.

I looked at her as she sat there naked and I said, “Gwen, for the last six months that we have known each other and lived together, I know I have found the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I would like you to be my wife and to Join me, without any doubt or trepidation, in our lifestyle.”

We all looked at Gwen and waited for her reply. In a minute we had it. She said, “Six months ago when you saved my life, I told you I would do anything for you and that I wanted to follow in your late wife’s footsteps. To that point, I think I have and more importantly, I want to continue in following in them, wherever it leads. So, to answer your question, I can’t wait to be your wife and join you in our lifestyle.”

Everyone applauded and Gwen said, “I want you all to know how much this weekend means to me. I want to thank all of you for letting me be a part of your lives. I will never refuse any of your requests, no matter where or when. I am yours and anyone who you want to enjoy me.”

I stood up and looked at Gwen and said, “I have been blessed a second time with a woman who is going to follow in my late wife’s footsteps and with the same name. What more could a man ask for. Ladies & gentlemen, let’s go and enjoy my future wife, Gwen.”

We all went to the bedroom and I got on my back and Gwen straddled me. She then lowered her cunt and my cock disappeared in her. I pulled her toward me and Jack placed his cock at her asshole and slowly inserted his cock until his balls were slapping against her.

We both got into a rythm in fucking her. Her moans got louder and louder and Jack and I both came in her at the same time as she had multiple orgasms.

When we pulled out our cocks our cum poured out for Susan and Ruby to enjoy.


The following week, Gwen and I got married. We have been married 10 years now and we have a great lifestyle.

Gwen never says no to our friends and has made me the happiest man in the world.

I know some people would say we were disgusting, me a cuck and her a slut but we really don’t give a fuck what they say. We enjoy what we do and have never looked back.

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