Anal Epic Ch. 06

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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

After much coaxing, Mom agreed to my second condition and we walked back to the public toilets, remaining on the fence side of the beach. There was more tree and bush coverage there, if we needed it. That was part of the compromise because we were completely naked.

It was an exhilarating feeling walking naked on the beach along the beach. It was a moment I never wanted to forget – the moonlight, the waves, the sand, Mom’s curvy ass, swaying breasts…

We even crossed paths with a young, handsome couple. The female was on her knees giving her guy the ‘on the beach special’. Unfortunately, we startled her.

I squeezed Mom’s with great delight when she looked up at us as we walked by. His cock was deep in her mouth and her eyes were as big as saucers. Her guy didn’t even notice!

Even though we could see that there weren’t any cars in the small, public restroom parking lot, our adrenalin kicked in the closer we got. I could almost hear our hearts beating as we cautiously entered the ladies’ restroom, first.

Seeing no one, Mom and I relaxed and boldly inspected the room. It was the same size as the men’s restroom. The only difference was that it had four stalls instead of three. It had the same number of sinks and a small shower area.

As Mom watched, I checked the stalls out of curiosity. None of them had a gloryhole.

Since the men’s restroom was empty, too, I showed Mom the two gloryholes between the three stalls.

The gloryholes averaged about seven inches wide. They were about waist high, next to each toilet.

“Amazing,” Mom said. “You can sit here and suck and fuck all day…”

As soon as Mom said that, we heard a car drive up. I quickly guided Mom into the middle stall, motioned for her to sit.

Just as quickly, I squatted down, reached around toilet, and smiled when I felt my small, Vaseline container. It was my emergency stash.

Mom playfully shook her head when she saw it. I just smiled, somewhat sheepishly, and shrugged shoulders. It was too late for explanations now.

As I hoisted my limp cock up to Mom’s face, she looked at me questioningly. I pointed to my open mouth and then at the gloryhole.

Mom opened her mouth and I pushed my precum-wet cockhead into her mouth. Mom had quickly understood that if our visitor peeked through one of the gloryholes, he would instantly see my cock in her mouth and, if horny, would want some action, too.

We both trembled with excitement as we waited. We were completely naked and we had no idea who was going to come into the men’s restroom!

Finally, we heard the outside door open and then the sound of footsteps. After a brief paused, the footsteps continued all the way to the stall on our right.

Without hesitation, the stall door opened and closed. I did not hear it lock.

Most likely, the person entering the restroom saw my feet – pointing in the wrong direction. Curious perhaps and/or possibly horny, he wanted to see what was going on.

All was quiet, again, for a few seconds, until we heard the guy unzipping. Then silence, again. I assumed the guy was stroking his cock, getting it hard, before he pushed it through the gloryhole.

When I saw the large, semi-hard, white cock push through the gloryhole, I smiled broadly at Mom and flicked my eyebrows. It was real beauty to look at. It was at least one inch longer than mine and thicker and not even completely hard!

Wanting to see the whole package, I gently cupped his plump testicles and eased them through the hole, too. This dude had man-size balls! They looked as big as medium-sized chicken eggs as they rested against the partition. They were smooth, too. This guy was a player.

As Mom fondled his cock, I quickly dabbed some Vaseline onto my tongue and lips. Sometimes my tongue was little rough and the Vaseline not only smoothed out any roughness, it greatly enhanced mouth fucking.

When Mom offered me the great white, I dropped to my knees, lowered my mouth onto his cockhead, and began sucking it. It did not bother me that Mom was watching me give a guy a blow job or that she would soon discover how much I enjoyed it up my ass, too. Who wouldn’t want to suck this cock I thought.

To prove my point, I pulled my head back. Mom immediately took over and began sliding her mouth up and down the thick, gleaming, white shaft.

As I began to lube my ass, I continued to watch Mom greedily suck the big, white cock. Every minute or so, she would pause to mold her sexy, sucking lips onto his glorious, throbbing cockhead.

Unable to resist, I whispered, “You wanna fuck my ass?”

“Come over here!”

A massive guy was standing Hatay Escort in front of me, when I opened his stall door. His large fist was wrapped round the still glistening, swollen cock that Mom had just been sucking.

“Turn around and spread your cheeks. Let me see your asshole.”

Without hesitation, I turned around, bent over, and shamelessly spread my hairless cheeks. With perverse intent, I winked my puckered asshole at him.

I waited calmly as the big man squatted down to inspect my pink, fuck hole. However, I jumped a little when I his finger began to circle my anus and even more when he pushed it into me.

After giving me a few innocuous twirls with his big forefinger, he observed, “You’re little ass is ready isn’t it? Who is in there with you?”

Moments later, our stall door opened, and Mom stepped around the corner. To say the big guy was surprised when he saw Mom in all her naked beauty was an understatement.

Knowing the big guy probably couldn’t talk, since his eyes were bugged out in shock, Mom coolly said, “I just wanna watch you fuck my man in the ass…with that big cock. I like that…watching that. Hope you don’t mind…”

Before the big guy cold respond, Mom walked into his stall, uncapped the Vaseline, and began greasing his receptive great white. It went from hard to rigid in seconds.

“I’ll suck your cock, again, after you fuck him. I’ll clean it…very…very…thoroughly…”

The big guy nodded appreciatively and then stepped behind me. I had already assumed a butt-fucking position over the toilet.

“Go slow,” Mom cautioned. “You’re…such a big boy!”

No doubt, the big guy had probably heard this plea innumerable times. He probably even expected it from the countless males and females, who paid homage to his great white, by offering him the kind of sexual pleasure that only can be derived from a tight rectum.

Even after only a slow, couple of inches of penetration, I felt like I had a baseball bat nestled in my ass! Thankfully, the big man was patient, and in no hurry to plunge his nine or ten inches into me all at once.

When I felt Mom’s finger’s applying more lube, I looked back at her to thank her, but she was so engrossed in watching my impalement, I decided to skip it. Regardless, the additional lube relaxed my sphincters.

“Ahhh. You’re opening up now! Keep opening that girlie, tight ass…that’s right…This how it would look Honey, if my big, white cock was in your sweet little ass. What you think? Ready to try it? My girlfriend can handle it…in her ass… You eat pussy? She’s sweet…she likes pretty woman, too…she’d go down on you…”

Although I heard the big guy talking to Mom, I was busy trying to fuck the big guy’s cock. However, the big man wasn’t ready to fuck me deep, yet. He had other plans.

A couple of minutes later, I was still partially bent over the toilet with the great white planted all the way up my poop chute, while Mom was standing on the toilet seat, in a crouch position. Her muscular thighs were squeezing my head as she was moaned and wantonly wiggled her hips. The big guy was fucking her bald pussy with his large forefinger.

Eventually, Mom came hard. She squirted a couple of times onto my back, before she managed to squeeze his finger out of her.

“Did you get that Ruth? That was some cum!”

As soon as the big guy heard the strange man’s voice, he swiftly pulled his cock out of me. Unfortunately, he left a huge vacuum in my ass.

My bowels took immediate advantage of my open ass and released a good amount of trapped air. Although my gaping asshole, thankfully and quickly closed, my face remained red quite a bit longer.

“Wouldn’t you like your own cock pretty lady? Oh! I am George and the lady capturing your glorious ecstasy is Ruth.”

All three of us turned to see a big, burly, black man in uniform standing behind us. Off to his side, a black woman had her cell phone pointed at us. Knowing they had caught us red handed, the duo smiled broadly at our startled faces.

“You like watching these two guys fuck? You like to watch your boyfriend takin’ it up the ass? You like BBC’s…huh?”

When Mom did not respond, the officer turned to the black woman. “Ruth, the young lady isn’t sure she likes BBC’s!”

As we turned to look at Ruth, the officer kept teasing Mom. “Listen, Hun. Mine is as big as that in case you’re worried. And…looking at you is making it big. Would you agree with my assessment, Ruth?”

“Sure would,” she responded.

“Okay. We all agree.”

Mom finally stepped down and spoke as the officer stood facing her. “Can’t we just leave? We weren’t doing…really hurting anything.”

“You know…I think you really want a nice hard, black cock…don’t you? What you think, Ruth?”

“I think so.”

As the big guy and I watched, the officer began squeezing and pulling Mom’s erect Hatay Escort Bayan nipples. Mom remained silent, again, as the officer amused himself.

Moments later, while staring into Mom’s eyes, he gently put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed her to her knees. He then opened his pants and pulled them and his shorts down to his knees.

Despite his big gut hanging down, none of us had any trouble seeing his huge gonads or fat cock. It hung over and down his huge balls! His cock was very, very big!

Mom just stared at it. I could tell by the way she was looking at it that she was getting wet. She had a look of awe on her face. Actually, we all did.

When we heard a click, we turned to see Ruth. She was filming – everything!

I am sure Mom knew that refusing to suck the giant cock would only lead to trouble. Since none of us wanted that, she reluctantly reached out, grasped it, and lifted it up to her face.

As Ruth moved closer and closer with her camera, Mom turned into a porno actress. She raised her eyes to the officer’s and widened them, as she began licking his cockhead.

After a minute or so, Mom had licked her way down his shaft to his huge balls. However, when she tried to take one of his balls into her mouth – it wouldn’t fit!

The officer laughed, cupped his charcoal-grey scrotum, and laid his balls on Mom’s closed eyes. Upon making sure Ruth got a good close up, the officer motioned us to follow him the sinks.

“Be sure and get this Ruth. You’re gonna love this…”

The officer smiled and then bent down over the sink. He then looked back to watch us gather behind his big, fat ass, as he spread his floppy cheeks.

Although Mom frowned, she knew what was expected and obediently kneeled behind him. She paused, took a deep breath, and leaned forward.

With her tongue stuck out, Mom moved it up and down the crack of his ass several times.

However, I could see she was purposely skipping over his puckering asshole.

“Okay Hun. Lick my black asshole. Show our viewers how much you like my black ass. Naked boy…suck that man’s cock hard so he can finish fucking you. Get that too, Ruth.”

Mom gave me last look before she clutched the officer’s pumpkin-butt cheeks with her small hands for support and buried her beautiful, white face in his black ass. I turned away, dropped to my knees, and opened my mouth.

Both the officer and the big man moaned with pleasure and as Mom and I serviced them. They would have let us continue, probably for quite awhile, but Ruth had to keep things moving.

When she bent over and whispered something into the officer’s ear, he grunted in acknowledgement, turned around, and easily picked Mom up. He placed her butt on top of the sink and spread her legs.

The big guy also pulled me up and motioned for me to bend over the sink. Ruth must have signaled him behind my back because she then moved into a position that would allow her to record both the massive cocks entering our fuck holes.

The officer’s black cock looked even bigger when he plopped it against Mom’s tan belly. Apparently, he wanted her to do the honors because his gut stuck out, too far. He couldn’t see Mom’s pussy!

Mom put her hand around the huge cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and then guided the head of his cock up and down her slit. She wanted that big boy lubed as much as possible.

When Mom was ready, she slowly pulled giant cock into her. The big guy followed suit. He spit nastily on his cockhead and then slowly entered my anus.

Surprisingly, the initial penetration didn’t feel, too bad. I guess I had gotten used to the great white.

I looked over at Mom. The officer had lifted her legs in the air and I could clearly see his large cockhead slowly pushing into Mom’s pussy, splaying her labia, and exposing her erect clit. Soon, Mom’s pussy was stretched to the max around the black hog leg.

Mom groaned loudly as the officer continued to push his cock into her pussy, until he had bottomed out. Both the officer and Ruth smiled when Mom grimaced in pain.

“Feel that…dontcha? That’s your cervix… Your boyfriend’s cock never get that far? HA! HA! That’s right squeeze it! Work that pussy. Next time you get fucked…think about my finger…HA! HA!”

The two smiled, again, when big guy’s cock bottomed out in my ass. His balls were still a couple of inches away from my ass!

Moments later, Mom and I were being banged by two extremely large cocks. Mom’s beautiful breasts were bouncing violently from the force of the officer’s powerful thrusts and my ass cheeks were rippling from the steady plop, plop of the big man’s hips against my butt cheeks.

Despite telling Mom, “I’m gonna love fucking you,” the officer did not last long. He came long before he was ready.

“Damn your pussy is tight. Can you feel me…swelling up? I’m gonna cum… Escort Hatay Don’t stop squeezin’ you little slut! Don’t stop! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

When the officer finally pulled out, he stepped back, but continued to hold Mom’s legs open. Ruth did not have to be told to record Mom’s gaping, sperm-oozing pussy.

With the big guy’s cock stuffed in my rectum, I positioned myself in front of Mom. I had been told her pussy need to be serviced.

Mom winked at me as I reached down and grabbed her smooth calves, and placed her legs over my shoulders. I then lowered my head between her legs, and pushed my mouth toward her slack pussy hole.

It took me several minutes to eat and suck all the cum out of Mom’s sopping pussy. I am sure the black officer did not get to breed beautiful white women every day and had certainly made up for it, by filling Mom’s pussy to the brim.

When I finished devouring Mom’s loaded pussy, my tongue immediately went north. I wanted treat Mom. I began whipping her erect clit mercilessly with my tongue.

As soon as I heard Mom groan, I snuck a quick peak. She had both of her breasts cupped in her hands and was pinching her nipples, with her fingers.

Encouraged, my tongue went into overdrive, until Mom hollered, “I’m cumming! Oh, god! God! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t… Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

Mom’s orgasmic wails triggered the big guy’s orgasm. He had begun pulling all the way out and then pushing all the way back inside me, rather forcefully, until he hoarsely blurted out, “You want me to cum in his ass?”

“Most definitely. Right after you cum, little girlfriend and boyfriend here are going to suck our cocks clean.”

Obediently, the big guy pulled back once more and then thrust back up my aching rectum, harder and deeper. I yelped and felt my face turn white as his cockhead expanded in my intestines.

It did not take long before I felt thick, heavy streams of warm cum shooting into me. Soon, the warm sperm rapidly spread out in my guts.

After the big guy had dumped his own bucket of cum in me, Mom kneeled, peeled the big guy’s sperm-dripping cock out of my ass cheeks and put it into her mouth. I kneeled, too, and began sucking Mom’s pussy juices off the officer’s limp cock. Eventually, Mom and I even alternated cocks as we sucked them clean.

When Mom and I finished, we were about to stand up when the officer said, “Relax cutie, you’re still on ass detail. Suck the cum out of your boyfriend’s ass.”

After I had bent over, Mom placed her open mouth over my swollen anus. Her hot breath felt unbelievably sexy on my ass.

“Okay Hun, do it. Lick all around…suck up as much cum and ass gravy, as possible. My boy needs to be cleaned up. Oh! Pop his nuts, too. Make sure he gets off some good cum shots.”

Mom followed her depraved instructions with gusto. She reached around and began jerking me the way I liked to be jerked as she sucked the big guy’s cum out of my ravaged asshole. I came so fast it wasn’t funny.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh!” I shouted continuously as intense streams of semen arced out of my cum launcher. I was shooting out so hard that my cock felt like it was being shredded.

“Jeez! Did you see that Ruth? All that cum!”

When Ruth was satisfied that I was through, she finally put her cell into her pocket. The officer smiled at her and said, as if to reassure her, “We’ll watch the movie later…tonight. Don’t worry…I’ll take care of you. Let’s go get something to eat. You two! Where are your clothes?”

After listening to Mom and I try to explain, the officer simply said, “We have to go. Talk in the squad car. Bill – see ya later.”

Mom and I didn’t have time to be surprised that they knew the big guy. Our naked butts were quickly shuffled out the door and into the back seat of the squad car.

As the officer drove, he explained to us that he was going to get some food and, since his place was close by, drop us off so we would clean up. He added he would swing back by later. Even though his plan was pretty vague, Mom and I did not question him.

I had no idea where we were going, until we started to get near the airport. When we turned onto a frontage road, I knew where we were. This was the area of town, the tenderloin, was where most of the tattoo parlors, adult book stores, strip joints, etc., were located. I even nodded at Mom when we passed the adult theater I frequented.

Without warning the officer pulled into the parking lot of a seedy apartment complex. Aghast, Mom and I looked at each other.

“Okay. Here we are.”

The officer opened the door for Mom and me and then escorted us, still naked, to his apartment. Even though Mom and I had to walk by a couple of lowlifes, not one word came out of their mouths.

After we entered his dingy apartment, the officer gave us the grand tour of the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. He seemed quite proud of his pad.

Mom and I stayed in the grimy bathroom and showered. At least the water was hot.

After our shower, I sat down on the grotesque living room couch and Mom sat down on the bed with the two, naked, baby whales. I leaned over and instantly fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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