Ana’s Sin Ch. 05

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Chapter 5

Desert Moon

For whole a year, Ana was pimped out about once or twice a weak by Tom Hardy. She refused to admit that she liked it, and continued to convince herself that she was the victim of abuse and exploitation as a woman.

But her mind was slowly cracking. Kicked out of the church, she was free to act like a whore that she was inside. Why bother trying to hide it?

The clients were unique. Often military men seeking to relive their past with prostitutes in Latin America. A disturbing number of them were men who had fought against cartel lords like Escobar. They had seen action against Marxists and drug lords alike. They often spoke of horrible things they had witnessed, and she comforted them.

“I watched a whole family murdered. One by one,” one of her clients admitted in bed. “First, the children. A nine year old girl. She didn’t even know what was happening as the killer in a ski mask used a knife to cut around her neck, and decapitate her. The crying and screaming, as the rest now knew what would happen. Once you watch you own child die, you die inside. Helpless. I couldn’t act. Had my orders. I was a soldier for the US Government.”

He broke down sobbing after that. She let him fuck her however he wanted, as hard as he wanted, trying to escape his memories. He thanked her and paid her well.

Some of them used her hard, amusing her, slapping her around, and then apologizing. She took it like the piece of shit she felt like. A piece of shit for loving every moment of it.

Far from used as common whore, these men wined and dined her, took her to the movies, buying her time for days for themselves or their group of friends. Sometimes just one on one fucking, a man living the dream. Sometimes raw, passionate, rough gangbangs and men using her until she was sore and red. In either case, no one disrespected her in the morning when she awoke filled with cum and covered in dry semen.

And then the cops showed up, and an unexpected termination notice came from UNM. She was arrested on prostitution and a long list of other crimes, then released on bail.

Tom Hardy sat down across from her next to her lawyer, Saul Morrison. Better Call Saul, they all said. Looked nothing like the Breaking Bad character.

“The University was looking for a reason to fire you, and private eyes supplied that reason,” Saul said.

“It was Dwayne. He got jealous. And some of those guys you had fired a while ago. He found them all and they got their revenge.”

Dwayne, that pinche cabron! She had let him fuck her in the ass, and then cum in her mouth. Evidently he had become obsessed with her afterward.

“Fucking men,” she breathed. “I thought you had this under control, Tom? What the fuck?”

“I underestimated the arrogance of political circles. They thought they were immune from me. They will learn soon enough. Politicians simply do not realize how amazingly stupid they really are. But that will be later.”

She felt some comfort from his assurances. But those assurances had failed as of just then.

“The lawsuit against the University is solid. A liberal institution going after a libertine will backfire. You have no money to prove prostitution. You have no unexplainable assets.”

“The FBI is investigating this, Tom! They are investigating you in particular,” she reminded them both.

Tom chuckled. “You fucked many of their agents already. It will all play out, baby.”

“I’m not your baby!” she seethed. “And just where is all that money I made for you?”

He raised his eyebrows. “You’ve acquired a certain level of confidence to face a lion down, mijita.”

She opened her mouth to say something sassy, and then realized he was right. She had changed. She had gained confidence. She had worn a business suit and skirt, and still risked not wearing underwear. She couldn’t anymore. It just didn’t feel right. Her blouse barely kept her tits in with no bra, but the suit hid most of this fact.

Despite the media attention and her reputation enduring a scorched-earth policy, she still held up her head with dignity while staying sexy. Fuck them, those putos and pendejos!

“I’m not entirely sure the lion is a lion. He is looking more like a fox at the moment. Where is my money? Four-hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars by my estimate. My vaginal and anal muscles are very strong and tight, Tom. A lot of labor.”

“I didn’t think you were doing it for the money.”

She stared him down, and he chuckled. “You surprise me. And yet I should have known. The little mouse has teeth.”

“Fuck you, Tom. Do I need to pay Saul with my body as well?”

Saul blushed, and then chuckled. “I am happily married. Returning to the matter at hand. Stop fucking around while the media hounds are sniffing at your heels.”

“So, here is how to deal with it in court. Confess to every detail of your moral turpitude and sexual appetites, and make the jury squirm.”

Until her trial weeks later, Tom kept her at his house in the middle of nowhere. eve gelen escort His prisoner, in fact. He deprived her of clothes. There was no cell phone coverage. And if she wanted to escape, she’d have to hike naked across miles of hot desert full of weeds, sharp rocks, thorns, and worse of all … New Mexico’s ever painful goatheads.

So since Tom’s house was a mess, and he had scrap wood, metal, tiles, and plenty of tools, she began improving the house. She had found a pair of cowboy boots to wear, though too small and they hurt like hell if she kept them on too long.

Tom would leave her alone for days … until strange men started arriving. The first time she had been on the porch hammering in new wood to make repairs.

It was a rugged man, scruffy, blue eyes, and with lustful eyes. He grabbed her, bent her over, and began fucking her! His cock slid deep into her pussy, stretching it open and making her grunt.

“Who the fuck are you?” she demanded, but never got an answer.

None of the men hit her, but they were strong and easily overwhelmed her, then fucked her mouth, her pussy, and her ass as they pleased. Sudden and abrupt violations. She deserved every second of it, and quivered, shuddered, and orgasmed when she was left manhandled, fucked, filled, and roughly used.

A part of her screamed out to stop this terrible addiction. Days would go by as she worked around the yard, piling up scrap metal, separating the useful from total junk, all while naked and in boots. Days would go by as she lusted for another strange man to show up and fuck her.

Or Tom. When was she going to fuck her? All he let her do was suck his enormous cock, and swallow his giant loads of sperm. She wanted more. She wanted to feel him in her guts.

But all he did was let lesser men take and use her like a bitch. Outside the house, inside the house, bent over, on her back, in the dirt on her hands and knees, and she loved it.

“Oh god, what have I become?”

And so she did. The trial began, and went on for several days. She admitted to all of the sex.

“Did you accept money?”

“It was part of the roleplaying.”

“Ms. Rodriguez, answer the question.”

“I am. Only I may answer. And only I may elaborate on my words. I am the author of my words, and have the final say in exactly what I mean. Did I accept money? In the context of playing the role of a prostitute and sexual roleplaying, yes. As an market exchange of services, absolutely not. I made good money at UNM and had no need to prostitute myself.”

“Objection! Please tell the accused she must answer yes or no.”

“That is not correct. I may answer any way I please,” she insisted, frustrating the prosecutor.

“You may not!”

Ana looked at him. “Freedom of speech was not suspended in this proceeding. I have the sole and absolute authority over the meaning of my own words, as all people do. Shall I sue you for violating my civil rights now?”

Even the judge seemed surprised by this. No one had heard this line of argument before. And yet it was so obvious. People were easily frustrated and manipulated by lawyers, bosses, the media, investigators, and just about anyone whose profession is to twist people’s words around.

Saul had taught her how to not let that happened.

“So you mean….”

“Sir, do not start your phrase with “so you mean.” That is the beginning of a straw man fallacy. I already told you what I meant, and that is final. If you misinterpret my words again, I will consider this court a mistrial.”

“Ms. Rodriguez, you do not have the authority…”

“Your honor, I have the only authority over my own words. I am the author of them. I have answered your questions. I enjoy sex immensely and have slept with hundreds of men. I could prove that to this court if it so let me. Right here, right now, I could select a group of men to copulate with. That is more than ample proof of my claim. Any further attempt to misconstrue my words will be met with legal reprisals as a violation of my civil rights.”

The court began to fill of murmuring and agitated comments. This was not going the way they had expected. She wanted to kiss Saul for guiding her on this, for she would have surely condemned herself had she not been coached.

“Your honor, I again object to the accused refusing to answer questions.”

“I have not refused to answer questions. Your honor, I declare a mistrial of this prosecuting attorney’s outright dishonesty and lying in a court of law.”

The judge was about to lose it, which is precisely what Saul wanted. She might got to jail for pissing off the judge. For a few days. But not to prison for prostitution.

“You admitted to taking money!” the prosecutor screamed.

“I admitted to roleplaying the act, sir!” she replied with arrogance, head held high.

She was held in contempt of court, but the prosecution lost their case anyway. Saul had been right. Nonetheless, the media painted her as an overpaid employee for a state-run istanbul eskort bayan university involved in kinky sexual activities.

Her career was destroyed, though she would face no jail time.

The irony was, of course, that she had become a whore. And she liked it.

No purse, no makeup, no extra clothes, nada. Ana Rodriguez drove to Tom Hardy’s house and went inside with her key.

Another hot summer, drier than it had been in her memory. She had her hair up in a bun, a thin t-shirt that showed the bottoms of her breasts if she lifted her arms, and also see-thru with a cut down the center to show more cleavage.

And really short blue jean shorts. The shorts she had cut herself to show off her round, Hispanic ass. The back pockets cut into flaps, so that more of her ass showed, and just a narrow strip with frizzy white fabric to cover her crack. In the front it barely covered her pussy, and if she sat just right easily revealed she had no panties.

She had on toe-rings, anklets, bracelets, and a necklace of an obsidian cross she liked. She thought of her soul being black. Brown leather hiking sandals showed off her tanned feet and legs gleaming in the bright, hot sunlight.

She felt sexy as hell, as well as adventurous. She walked into the cool stone house and lied on the couch.

He came out leering at her blurry-eyed and confused. And totally naked. A fat pale hairy bear with an enormous cock.

She wanted to demand that he fuck her. Her pretty mouth opened to say the words, but then closed. He smiled.


She got angry. Not enough blowjob. She wanted all of him.

“Take me someplace. Now that I am jobless, I have time to see the country. Maybe the world.”

Tom made a contemplative expression, then nodded.

“Then let’s go.”

A V8 engine on a motorcycle was something to experience. Raw power with almost next to nothing holding it back.

Riding behind Tom on his bike West on I-40, she found herself thrilled to see the desert, to feel the heated wind turbulently roar around her, with her bearish man blocking most of the impact. She did not even want to wear a helmet. She wasn’t afraid of death.

The Hellhound as Tom called it, purred at eighty miles and hour. When he needed to pass or avoid a bad situation, Tom took it to well over a hundred and forty miles an hour, and she was terrified and excited at the same time.

She felt practically naked, and ignored the blowing horns of truckers and cars that appreciated most of her ass showing, her pockets flapping in the wind.

Tom wore a leather vest over his bare, hairy chest, leather pants, boots, and showed off his tattoos of war. He had no idea about his military past, just how he had hinted about it. But she got the impression he had been, or was still part, of and elite band of brothers.

Ana found herself being horny as hell, too. There was something about freedom and not having to work, and being totally dependent now on Tom, that made her feel sexy-vulnerable.

Tom had avoided fucking her for a long time, though he pimped her out to reliable and trustworthy friends of his who came to Albuquerque often. Then they became lovers, and she finally got to feel his truly magnificent cock inside her pussy. It was so big that the moment it bottomed out, she came. And then she could come again after he pounded it, and again when he came in her.

Just thinking about it made her gush as if she had pissed herself. She reached around and touched his pants where his bulge was. Her touch made him harder, and the bulge more pronounced.

He got off the freeway at a Love’s truckstop for gas, but went towards a grove of trees instead from the off-ramp, then turned off the bike and put down the kickstand.

“Damn it woman, that hurts. You can’t make me hard! I need to wear a kilt with you!”

She got off with a smirk on her face, looking like a brat. Her parents had always complained about her bratty face. Being up to no good. Up to something. And in this case, horny.

He dragged her behind a tree and nearby bushes. It was hotter than fuck now that they were still. He pushed her against the tree face first, brought her hips out, and pulled her shorts down.

She let them fall and got one leg out of of them, then spread her legs. “Oh yes, fuck me!”

He got behind her holding his giant cock, then rubbed it against her wet shaved pussy looking for the opening. When he thrust in, he was not nice about it. Her pussy stretched to its max, and she screamed in pain, loving it.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he breathed as he thrust into her all the way, then began pumping it vigorously and with purpose.

She held onto the tree with both hands, taking it like a champ, her body sweating from the desert heat, the insects around the little grove buzzing curiously around her.

“Oh god, you making my stomach bulge,” she said. “Harder!”

He gave it to her harder, and the orgasm was pushed from wherever orgasms come from … heaven perhaps. Or hell. rezidans escort It washed over her and made her whimper and grunt as he pumped and pumped.

But a quickie was a quickie, and he wasted no time in coming. But before he came, he pulled out and spun her around, then forced her to her knees.

She felt the hard dirt on her knees, and then his hard cock held over her face. She opened her mouth like a good little whore and went to suck him off.

The cum was an ocean, filling her mouth in a second. She swallowed most of it as he squirted right into her mouth for no other purpose than to prevent a huge mess. It spilled out of her mouth and down her chin, so she leaned forward to keep it from getting on her shirt.

And just like that she wasn’t as hungry as she had been. So much cum, rich and salty. She finishes him off, licked off the last of his cum, and sucked a tiny bit more before she was done, taking her time and looking up at him with her exotic Spanish eyes.

“You are something else, little lady. Come on.”

They mounted up again, and drove to the truck stop just across the freeway down the road, and stopped for gas. She noticed a lot of people notice her skimpiness. Yes, her see-thru white t-shirt was probably pushing the limits. As were her skimpy shorts that showed too much ass.

A few whistles came her way, and she just gave them a kiss and then the finger.

“Put some clothes on!” said one young blond woman, very pretty. Was she jealous Ana was taking attention away from her?

“Just look cute on my bike. What do you want from inside?”

“A mimosa would be great.”

He gave her a look. “Try not to get kidnapped by a trucker.”

She looked over towards the truck fuel pumps, and sure enough she was getting looks from over there, too. Whatever, she just got her phone out of the motorcycle pouch and checked her emails and Facebook account.

Her once proud administrative career at the university that her family was proud of, had all turned to disappointment, accusations, and outright meanness. She stood her ground and fought back against them all.

So I was only family before I was called a whore? Oh, and you believe everything the media tell you, over familia? Well, that was the gist of every post. Fuck her family if that’s how they were going to be. Where were they for her parents when they were poor and needed help? She gave them all a piece of her mind.

And then a thought occurred to her. She decided right then and there she wanted to be a private investigator and expose all these people for the hypocrites they truly were.

Tom came back with a pink thermos filled with sweet mimosa, and she put her phone away and got to drinking it. He gave her some nuts, too.

“Since you like nut so much, I figured you wanted more.”

“Mm, I love nuts, papi,” she said, taking the bag of mixed nuts while thinking of his sperm in her belly.

The cool cool crispness of Flagstaff made her nipples hard as they rocketed across the countryside. Just as it became dusk, a cop’s lights flashed behind them.

Tom pulled over and waited. Ana got off the bike and stood next to it, only to get yelled at by the loudspeaker.

“Stay where you are. Stand next to the motorcycle with your hands on your head!”

She did so, which exposed the bottom of her breasts, but not the hard nipples, to his bright headlights. She stood there with a light buzz from the mimosa and smirked.

Then the Arizona State cop came over glaring at her.

“You got more clothes to put on? I got several complaints about you distracting drivers on the freeway.”

“Is it indecent exposure, officer? Since I do Public Administration of a living, I’m sure I could verify your state laws and check my political connections.”

She spoke like a lawyer, professional and terse with a hint of arrogance. The cop glared even harder.

“I don’t want to hear it, La Raza. You give me any of that racist crap, I’ll cuff you just for being a cunt. I might look white to you, little lady, but my last name is Gomez. Don’t push it.”

Ana was surprised. “Well then, have I broken the law or not?”

Tom stayed put and didn’t say a word. The officer went to him and extended his hand. “License and …. Ah well you have it out already.”

The cop looked over the paperwork, found nothing he could get them on, and handed them back. “Is that fucking thing street legal? Is that a V8 engine?”

“Yes sir,” Tom replied. “And street legal, unless some new laws have been passed.”

On the side of the highway next to the forest, she felt the chill more keenly.

“I leave you two alone, just because that bike is so damned cool, if you put some pants on. It’s cold, miss.”

“How about if she just sits in front of me?”

Officer Gomez shrugged. “Works for me. Then we won’t get so many calls about some chica on a motorcycle with her ass flapping in the wind.”

“Not that I was complaining. That’s a mighty nice ass you have their, Ana Rodriguez.”

“Wait, how did you know my name? I didn’t get my ID out.”

“You are all over the Internet, lady. The University Whore. But how you handled yourself in court was priceless. I never seen a prosecutor so pissed off. Well done little miss. They should be putting real criminals away instead of harassing a man’s wet dream.”

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