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I always look forward to our Saturday nights in especially after a long hard week. We’d get the children in bed, each have a shower, dress up a little and have a drink of wine and a fine meal. When Tree had time and was feeling good she’d often put on something that made her look really sexy.

The week had been a long one and we were both ready for Saturday night, so much so that Tree had decided to have a long soak in the bath using the Detox Kit she got for her last Birthday. So I was to cook the meal. Looking through my cook books I decided to do “Osso Bucco improvisio” the fact being that I couldn’t get veal. I’d done it before and we both thought it was delicious. (Well I did, Tree might have been polite).

The children were tucked up in bed for 7:35 and Tree was relaxing in the bath while I finished off the meal. When she came down she was wearing my leather trousers and one of my wing collar shirts and she looked very sexy.

I’d got my grey shirt on and a pair of smart black trousers, for a change.

We duly sat down and started dinner. We’d opened a big bottle of Australian wine and were well on the way to being sozzled by the time the meal was over. Tree suggested we leave the washing up till Sunday and surf the net the rest of the evening, who was I to disagree? I turned the settee round to face the computer and topped up our drinks while she went upstairs, returning minutes later smelling lovely, having walked through a mist of perfume.

Tree surfed first and went straight to a site called “Porn for Women”, there were NO GAYS here! 20 minutes later she’s still browsing the galleries and saving to her disc, the hunks that caught her eye, (funny thing was they all had one big thing in common). I didn’t mind as she was getting very horny and it gave me a chance to see what she might fantasise about.

It was about 10:00 when there was a knock at the door.

“Who’s that at this time of night?” said Tree.

“I don’t know, wait here” I replied, and went to the door.

To my surprise it was this guy who used to work with me back at the Railway.

“Hi Rik, what brings you here?” I said somewhat surprised as it had been about fourteen years since we last saw each other.

“Hi Steve, I rang earlier today and spoke to your wife. I did ask if it’d be OK if I popped round. It’s not too late is it?” he explained.

Somewhat bewildered I gestured Rik into the house.

“Come on in, it’s great to see you after so long.”

We walked into the lounge where Teresa was sitting, quickly exiting the site.

I introduced Rik to her explaining that she’d been surfing for ‘Well Hung Hunks’. One one, for not telling me he’d called. Well that explains the loooonnnng soak in the bath, I guess?

“Maybe we should search for some fit babes?” I suggested to him as he sat on the settee next to Tree.

“Why? You have one here”. Came his reply.

Embarrassed by the compliment, and the fact she’d not told me he’d rang earlier, Tree stood up “Can I get you a drink Rik?”

“Thanks, I’ll have what you’re having”. He smiled.

I sat down at the other end of the settee, leaving a big enough gap between us for Teresa.

She duly arrived with three fresh drinks of Parsnip wine, looking at me as if to say where do I sit?

Ignoring her I took my glass, and continued my conversation with Rik.

After what seemed like a minute Tree eventually sat down between us and Rik took his drink.

I used to go out with Rik’s sister, Kate, ages ago, and during that time had become very good friends with the whole family.

Rik was six years younger than me, which made him thirty eight, or in other words, two years younger than Tree, he was clean shaven, 6 foot 1, and about thirteen stone and fairly muscular, not fat by any stretch of the imagination, blonde and had a fading tan which he got in Australia. He looked the typical Ozzie beach boy, not that that was a criticism. This was the reason he’d called. He’d been in England for the past fortnight and was due to fly back there Monday and this was the only window he’d got in his schedule to catch up with his best old workmate. I got your number off Slim who got it of Churchie.

It was like only last week when we last met and the conversation flowed smoothly. Tree had seen TV programs on “A New Life Down Under” and was interested to know what life was really like…why she didn’t believe me I don’t know? But I was only eleven when I lived out there. The glasses were on constant refill and before long Rik asked Tree what she’d downloaded.

In a battle of wits Tree brashly opened the dozen or so pics of naked muscular hunks she’d been perusing an hour earlier. These guys weren’t shy! One guy looked just like Rik, blonde, tall, tanned, and with a firm hard body, we had a giggle at the resemblance, even Rik.

“‘Cos we can’t be exactly certain it is…or isn’t you, unless we do a like-for-like examination?” Teresa commented in an effort to embarrass him and gain the upper hand on home turf.

I Betturkey couldn’t believe her boldness. Even Rik blushed and was lost for words for a second when he piped up…

“If you’re looking at pictures thinking of me, I want to be looking at pictures thinking of you!”

“Touché!” I tried to break the tension.

“There aren’t any pics like me on the web”. Tree answered. And with this she got up and suggested we turn the settee away from the computer towards the telly.

“Why don’t we put some on then?” Rik replied.

My head was going from Tree to Rik.

“NO WAY!” Tree stated

“Sorry Teresa” Rik backed off “I thought you might be up for it, you have a great slim body and I’m sure that it gets ogled at all the time, you may not aware of it”.

In another effort to change the subject I enquired if anyone would like any more wine.

“Please” they both replied simultaneously, and began to lock horns again.

“If you had a video camera I could tape you and Steve cuddling?” Rik offered.

Hey; he still knows I’m here!!!

“Why would we need you to do that?” Tree asked.

“Well…I can capture the intimacy, the atmosphere, the romance and zoom in on the sensual-ness of the moment when two people so much in love, are with each other”. Came his reply.

“And how many Oscars have you won in the past?” I asked in an effort to get involved.

Rik looked at me and said jokingly, “None yet Steve, but I’ll dedicate it to you both if I strike it lucky”.

I took his glass and beckoned Tree towards the kitchen and explained to her that we’ll probably never see Rik again in our lives, never bump into him in the street or meet someone he knows, and that it might be interesting to see how someone else sees us and what they perceive as attractive and sexy about us and the moment.

We returned to the lounge with refills and agreed that we’d let him video us.

“Great!” he enthused.

I got the tripod and duly explained the functions of the camera to Rik and plugged it into the telly so that we could monitor what Rik found interesting, what he was filming and what he found sexy, this would only enhanced MY excitement and I snuggled next to Tree on the settee.

We cuddled up and started kissing softly and petting with each other.

I couldn’t control my excitement and just had to have a feel Tree’s boobs. I started to unbutton her shirt and expose her black wonder bra, it pushing her tits up and out. I licked her chest and exposed breast while my hand massaged the other. Tree’s hand was rubbing my cock back and forth whilst she stared at the telly and at Rik.

I was already getting a terrific hard on; just knowing someone was watching me kiss Tree, knowing that they wished they were in my position, fondling her boobs, them knowing that her pussy was swelling with anticipation of receiving my cock.

Rik was zooming in and giving each of us equal amount of tape.

Then suddenly I noticed the telly.

Rik was sitting on the settee the other side of Tree, one arm around her shoulders kissing her neck and caressing her other boob. Her eyes shut, her hand stroking his groin at the same time, her left hand was squeezing me harder and harder the more excited she got.

Tree decided to concentrate on getting Rik’s shirt off; she sensually unbuttoned it, and with her mouth left soft whispering kisses on his smooth firm bronzed chest as it was exposed, her hands tracing the contours of his pecs in disbelief. He really could have been the guy in the pic. While she focused on his torso I continued to massage her back and shoulders as I watched the movie unfold on the telly. When all his shirt buttons were undone she continued to unbutton his jeans; well she was in the locality. As she peeled back his waistband one could see the tan lines left by his Speedo trunks from the hours spent on the Gold Coast Beach. Rik arched his back and pushed his jeans to the floor. His swelling cock concealed for the time being; only by his boxers. With each kiss it grew a little firmer, Tree was teasing it. She cupped his balls with her right hand and encouraged the beast to life with her other, as she began to lick the cotton covered contour of his shaft.

As her tongue took the voyage from it’s base his erection started to take shape, the more Tree licked the more it grew until it must have measured 10 inches, her hand moving from his balls to it’s head, as she rolled the palm of her hand over the glands of this throbbing tool Rik let out moans of pleasure, begging her not to stop. She squeezed its base as tight as she could. As she pulled his boxers from around his waist it looked bigger than ever on the telly, it was as straight as a rod and boasted a massive girth of around 6 inches; that equates to a 1.9 inch diameter. It was the size of a cucumber, and tuffs of blonde pubic hair guarded the root of his thick penis. Tree was up-close-and-personal and could feel the blue veins throbbing along its length as they pumped his blood Betturkey Giriş up the shaft to maintain its rigidity.

I sat back and watched as she repositioned herself, nestling between his knees, forcing them apart and began to nuzzle the monster, pushing it from side-to-side with her chin and cheeks; she took hold and gently pulled back his foreskin to reveal the massive corona and prominent sulcus. Rik was tussling with her hair as he glanced across for my consent, which he had, and as if to say

“You lucky Bast…,” he paused, “Being married to her, bedding her every night, fucking her when you want”. He then glanced at the film he was staring in just to ascertain his performance like a true thespian.

Rik was naked. He beckoned Teresa up from the floor; unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders.

I was torn between the telly and the live performance.

She stood straight in front of him. Like a slave to her master.

He unsnapped the waist stud on the leather trousers she was wearing and slowly pulled down the zip, he was sitting back at arms length, as if to get the whole panoramic view. With a hand on each of her hips he stripped them to the floor to reveal a neatly trimmed and beautifully styled looking pussy. Just above it was a tattoo Tree had put on, this freaked Rik out and instantly began tracing its scrolls with his tongue. Teresa could only hold on to his broad shoulders to prevent herself from collapsing in a withering heap. Rik’s hand stroking up and down her inner thigh, he’d stop when his thumb would tickle her vaginal lips.

His other hand kneading her arse.

After four or five minutes of this I stood up and stripped naked, standing behind Tree I released her tits from her bra, took there weight in my hands and allowed her erect nipples to flick between my fingers, as this tickled her; under normal circumstances.

Tree fumbled behind her back in an effort to find my average willie and gave it a tug as I kissed her shoulders and neck.

In an effort to regain Teresa’s attention Rik lowered his concentration to her inner thighs and moist pussy. His tongue flicking at her clitoris and tracing the outline of her moist entrance.

It worked;

Teresa screamed…with delight, whipped her hand from around my cock and grabbed a handful of his blonde locks and thrust her pelvis deep into his face. With his face buried his skills became abundantly clear.

After several Oh’s and Ah’s I went to refill the glasses and sat down. Eventually the pair of them noticed and sat down too, If just to take a breather. It gave us all a chance to focus on the big screen.

To prevent Rik and me from softening (‘cos his required more blood to fill than mine) Tree gently fondled us during our break.

Rik was flexing his PC muscle as entertainment causing his 10 incher to jerk 3-4″ at the head.

I could only imagine what that would do to Tree if it ever got inside her.

She might have been thinking the same thing????

I think Tree enjoyed watching herself on telly toying with a cock in each hand and being in control. So much so that she soon decided the break was over and knowing that the situation might never arise again began to kiss Rik’s thumping purple bell shaped head, he was playing games now as he flexed his PC muscle again and again, Tree was chasing it around, her frustration replicated by the squeezing of my cock of which she still had hold.

SUDDENLY…she had LOCK ON CAPTAIN!! And was not going to let it escape until she wanted it to.

As I rubbed her thigh I realised Rik’s hand was covering her entrance his middle fingers taking it in turns to slide in and out of Tree in unison with her moans and groans, her legs moved in spasms of ecstasy.

All I could contribute was a back and tit rub.

Rik was governing the movement of Trees head by pulling her hair up and down.

It was animal.

Then with an eye on the telly watching herself Tree switched cocks and started to give mine a damn good sucking while wanking Rik.

Knowing that his fingers were still flicking in and out of her and playing with her love bud turned me on even more.

Tree alternated from one cock to another frequently for what seemed like a quarter of an hour like a natural born porn star.

Rik looked across at me…

“Bet Teresa couldn’t take me Steve?”

I looked at Tree and winked and remembering the time she told me she reckoned she could take a tenner, well it was now or never

“Bet I can”. She answered looking back at him, once she knew she had my approval.

Tree positioned herself on the settee ready for Rik.

I zoomed in with the video camera to where the action was.

She spread her legs and sacrificially offered herself to Rik.

The view on the telly was perfect, she looked terrific.

Rik lay behind her, spread her legs and placed his erect penis head against her pussy entrance.

I could see Tree wanting to plunge Betturkey Güncel Giriş herself onto him; her pelvis quivering in anticipation.

He tormented her.

Then when he thought she’d suffered long enough his swollen bell end slowly disappeared into Tree’s soaking pussy.

It looked great.

Inch by inch by inch by inch Rik disappeared inside Tree. He was big and thick and it was gonna take time before he was full docked.

Tree’s Eyes grew wider with every inch and then shut tight in grim determination to devour his mammoth cock. She wasn’t going to give in having come this far.

She took every millimetre of him until his blonde pubes were entangled with her short tailored dark ones; and as he began to plunge in and out of her slowly her whole body quivered and shuddered.

Rik’s bronzed body was glistening with sweat as Tree smeared it across his chest and erect nipples, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her heels digging into his arse, he was going nowhere.

He played with her tits as they shook up and down with every thrust.

With his cock buried deep inside her he scooped her up until she was sitting on his erect pole; Rik turned and slumped into the settee.

With her knees either side his waist Tree dictated the rhythm now, moving her pelvis up and down his abdomen; such was the size of this huge dick it was never in any danger of slipping out.

I was spellbound. I wanted to know how she felt being so filled; its head must be at the back of her tummy button. I could never penetrate that deep into her.

I felt happy for Tree; experiencing such greatness, few in the world ever experience.

Then she started to rise up on her knees, sliding up and down his shaft that was lubricated by the juices that he’d extracted from her pussy.

I wanted to capture this and show Tree; at a later date, how excited she must have been; drunk or not, fib or not.

He was doing things to her that I’d never dreamt of. He ignored no part of her gorgeous body, he appreciated all of it.

I was really excited, knowing she was enjoying being FUCKED by another guy, and a huge one at that, being taken, and it was OK, it wasn’t behind my back but right in front of me.

Even better.

I knew she loved me for what I was, for what we were together.

She’d probably never, in her wildest dreams imagined doing another guy, whilst STILL married to me (perhaps). And she’d probably never imagined the fulfilment, such completeness, and cuming so many times in one session.

I repositioned the camera and tried to get in on the action, as Rik continued to fuck her Tree half heartedly fondled my cock in an effort to include me. She’d obviously got other things on her mind, and who could blame her.

Rik finally withdrew his knob from her.

“Let Steve have a go at you now I’ve warmed you up” he said with a grin.

Tree looked slightly disappointed at being left so empty.

I nodded my thanks and positioned her on all fours and started to shag her doggy style. I slide in easy, Rik had left her well wet.

After only three thrusts of my cock into her, his was in her mouth; she couldn’t get enough of it, fists clasped around it like her life depended on it.

I can’t blame her it was impressive by any standard.

I don’t know who was enjoying this more, me, her or him.

I never thought she’d enjoy it this much, which only exaggerated the thrill. I fucked her as hard as I could, my balls slapped against her arse.

With half of Riks cock deep in her mouth, being sucked, kissed and wanked in full view of me at the same time, mine sliding in the pussy he’d prepared for me, I couldn’t contain my load and had to release it inside her. She felt it and squeezed my now already shrinking dick with her butt cheeks.

I pulled out and slumped onto the settee.

By the time I’d opened my eyes Rik was back up her, pummelling his rod up Tree faster and faster. I could see she was having orgasm after orgasm.

“Tree” I said, “Would you like him to explode inside you?”

She looked at me, her hair flattened over her brow with sweat…

“Oh yes please” she answered.

“Wait a moment.” She said turning to Rik, “Don’t go anywhere”. She slide off him and ran upstairs.

She returned a minute later with a condom.

“I hope it fits you, it’s one of Steve’s old ones before he had his op. It’s not passed its use by date yet”. She said with a grin.

Rik sat back as Tree carefully rolled the condom over his erection.

“Thank god for that” she exclaimed “They stretch well don’t they?”

Tree took up a comfortable position on her side facing the telly. Rik gently started to fuck her again from behind this time. Every plunge of his big end must have rubbed against her G spot. His hand came from around her back to cup and fondle her boobs and nipples; his other hand rested on her tattoo and helped force her onto him.

“This feels so good Teresa” he said, “I could fuck you all night long”.

“And I’d let you…so long as it was for the whole night.” She replied.

I thought he was going to; he seemed to last for ages.

Then, all of a sudden the pace quickened and became frantic.

“This is it Treesa…Are you ready?” he warned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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