Andy Ch. 02

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Andy had been single for almost six months now. After breaking up with his ex girlfriend he decided he wanted a break from women.

He still flirted with girls from time to time and he went on a couple dates, but it was innocent, he never felt like they were girlfriend material, so he always stopped talking to them before they got intimate, leaving them wondering what happened.

He was very focused on his job and he was pretty sure he was getting a promotion soon.

Not having sex with women wasn’t hard for him either, since he wasn’t an extremely sexual person. From time to time he got urges, but he was able to control himself.

He often scoffed at guys who made women a priority in their life and who needed to have sex all the time. Sure, sex was great, but he wasn’t ready to start a family and he didn’t use condoms, because he felt sex was shallow and meaningless that way, so he’d rather not take the risk.

He wanted to find a life partner someday, he wanted to have someone who could take care of him and maybe give him children, but he was in no rush, and he didn’t think many women nowadays were fit for the job anyway.

He often had arguments about his views with his female colleagues, who accused him of being sexist.

One day in particular he was on lunch break with his colleague Jenny, a tall brunette with blue eyes and very big breasts, who rarely wore make-up or dressed up, but always seemed to look flawless.

She insisted that his views of a woman as a caretaker were outdated, because women now worked and had the same rights men had. He tried to explain to her that although that was true, biology clearly wanted women to take care of their off-spring, and the father should only have a secondary role, at least in the first phase of a child’s life. The woman’s body being made to carry and feed children was Nature’s way of establishing those roles, but she kept insisting it was all an invention of patriarchy and society.

He soon started to losing interest so he interrupted her.

“Then Jenny, explain to me why Mother Nature would give you breasts – pretty big ones if I may add- if she didn’t want you to use them to feed your future baby and take care of it?”

She blushed at his comment about her breasts and didn’t know what to say for a second, but then she laughed and said “oh yeah, because all tits are for is breast feeding! How about women who don’t get milk? Besides, not all mothers breast feed their babies.”

“That’s not the point, Jenny.” he replied, “That’s still their main function. Or are you like those guys who think women’s breasts are for men’s pleasure?” he asked calmly.

She looked pretty upset as she almost shouted “Who says it can’t be a pleasure for me too? It’s not like only men like sex, you know. I’m sick of guys thinking women are sluts for behaving just like they do.”

“I don’t think you should degrade yourself like that.” Andy said seriously, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“This is exactly how most men want you to think. They want you to think you’re being empowered by sleeping with them, when they’re the ones who will not call you the morning after and they’ll go to another girl just like you and do the same thing over and over, because there are a lot of girls with your mentality.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s risking getting pregnant and might have to have an abortion or bring a fatherless child into the world. In my opinion it’s a woman’s job to reject guys, until she finds the right one, and then be with him only. It might be outdated as you say, but to me it’s the wisest choice a woman could do.”

She was looking at him as if he had insulted her, “That’s just… that’s… So you think men have no responsibility?” was all she could manage to say back.

“I think my responsibility is to make sure I choose the right woman for me, and not give into easy girls. Most other men don’t seem to agree with me though.” he replied.

She looked confused, it was like for the first time she was having doubts about her own beliefs. “Well, I could always marry a girl and I wouldn’t have this problem.” she said.

“I guess that’s true. Are you a lesbian though?”

She shook her head “Unfortunately not, but I wouldn’t mind trying.”

He laughed “Good for you, I guess at least you won’t get pregnant that way.”

Jenny couldn’t believe she went from being upset at this man, who thought a woman’s place should be in the house taking care of children and cooking for her husband, to almost seeing where he came from.

She had always been a feminist and she wondered if his way of thinking actually got him any women, so she teased him asking “How long has it been since you last got laid?”

He didn’t answer her question but laughed and said “lunch is over, Jenny, let’s go back to work.” and with that he walked back to his office.


That night Jenny thought about what Andy had told her at work. “He’s just a sexist prick.” she tried to convince herself.

“I bet he preaches about not giving Manavgat Escort Bayan into girls but actually no girl wants to sleep with him in the first place. He has double standards, saying a woman should find the right man and only sleep with him, when he’s been with several women. Who does he think he is?” She decided she would text her best friend about it, just to rant and to be told she was right, so she did.

Her friend of course told her Andy was sexist and his views were outdated, that if men couldn’t control themselves then women shouldn’t be any different and should have the right to sleep with whom they pleased.

The more she read those words though, the more they sounded wrong; just because most men couldn’t keep it in their pants, it didn’t mean she should do the same and give herself up so easily.

In fact, even if she always preached about women being free to sleep with whoever they wanted, she had always been pretty careful about who she slept with and she had only had a handful of sexual partners.

She asked herself why sex was so different for women and men, and she started thinking that maybe Andy wasn’t completely wrong, that biology made men physically stronger and with a penis for a reason, that no matter what she did or said, women were passive during sex, they were penetrated, men were the subject of the action and women the object, so it was up to them to decide if they wanted to let the guy have his way or not, unless of course they got raped.

She thought about the first time she had sex with her highschool boyfriend, how much it hurt for her, how she bled and how much he enjoyed it instead, so much that he came after barely three thrusts. She felt like she “let him” have sex with her, not the other way around. She couldn’t fool herself any longer, Andy was right. So, unless she became a lesbian, she was destined to be either an easy girl, or wait for the right guy to give herself to, or maybe it was too late for that, since she had lost her virginity 10 years before.

She’d actually never thought about marriage or anything like that before.

She had lived with a guy for a few months but it didn’t work out. She’d never met a guy she felt like would be completely faithful to her, someone she felt was the “right” guy.

With these thoughts, and wondering if she’d ever meet a guy like that, she fell asleep.


The day after at work she didn’t see Andy much and she caught herself thinking about him more often than she would have liked. She never thought he was attractive physically; she usually liked muscular guys with strong jawlines and light hair and eyes, and Andy was the opposite of that, but he had this charm about him, the way he was sure of himself and his views, how focused on his job he was, the way he acted like he didn’t need anyone or cared what people thought of him. All these things, plus the fact he didn’t seem to flirt with her or kiss her ass like most guys did, made him very attractive to her. But he had told her before he wouldn’t take a girl who wasn’t a virgin, so it was out of the question. Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder if he liked her deep down and if that was the reason why they bickered constantly.

Andy had been avoiding Jenny all morning. He was starting to develop an attraction to her, and he knew she wasn’t someone who could be right for him, with her being promiscuous and thinking he was a sexist pig. So he had been trying to avoid her and her big breasts, but anytime he just thought about her for over a minute he started getting hard. He thought he hadn’t felt that way about a girl since he was sixteen.

He sometimes felt like he wanted to do something about it, but at the same time he didn’t think she was into him, plus he wasn’t usually into meaningless sex.

He had to be strong and not give into his instincts and the best way to do that was staying away from her as much as he could, which was really hard since they worked together.

There was going to be a work dinner party later that week and he was considering not going because she would probably be there too.

Later that day, Jenny was leaving work, a bit disappointed that she didn’t get to talk to Andy at all. All of a sudden, Lisa, one of her co-workers put a hand on her shoulder and she turned back to face her “Hey, Jenny, I almost forgot! Are you coming to the dinner party on Friday? I’m writing out the names of people who are coming.”

She really didn’t feel like going, she hated those dinner parties, but she looked at the list and she was pretty sure she could spot Andy’s name on it, so she said she would definitely be there.

That Friday night Andy had made plans with a girl, but the date didn’t go so well, so he decided to show up at the party, even if it was an hour late.

As he got there, he was greeted by some of his co-workers and he apologised about being late “Don’t worry buddy, take a seat, there’s still plenty of food left” said one of them.

He immediately noticed Jenny sitting at a table opposite Manavgat Escort from him, with a drink in her hand. She was talking to Sven, a Swedish guy who started working for the company only a few weeks before.

She was laughing and seemed to be having a great time, and he felt a hint of jealousy.

She was wearing a white flowery skirt and a blue top that showed her amazing cleavage, and for a while Andy stood there, staring at her chest go up and down as she laughed.

He was interrupted by Harry, a boring old guy, who told him to take a seat and that he would bring him food, but Andy excused himself and walked towards Jenny instead.

“Hey guys” he said to both Jenny and Sven. Sven looked down at him, being much taller than he was, and greeted him with a smile “Hey man! How are you?”

Jenny on the other hand seemed very uncomfortable. Sven sensed something so he excused himself and walked towards the bar to get a drink.

“So what’s up?” Andy asked Jenny when they were alone.

“Nothing, I was just chatting to the new guy, Sven. Anyway, I thought you weren’t coming. How come you’re so late?”

“I was on a date.” he replied nonchalantly.

“Oh, so you do get dates! Do the girls you go out with know you’re a mysogynist who will think they’re sluts if they sleep with you?” She asked sarcastically. She didn’t know why she was being a bitch to him, but she started to realise that maybe she was jealous of his date.

“Well, sadly most of them are sluts, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to find the right one.” replied Andy.

He took a bottle of beer from the table and poured himself a glass.

“How can you tell if she’s the right one?” she asked, honestly curious.

“Well, first of all she would offer to pour me drinks and not let me pour them myself.” he said winking at her and then taking a big sip of his beer. Jenny felt really small for some reason, he actually made her feel like she was rude for not asking him if he wanted a drink, so she apologized, which he found really funny.

He laughed at her for actually saying she was sorry and added “Oh, we’re softening up are we? Anyway I was kidding. What I wanted to say actually is that she must have a big rack” he said laughing and then proceeded to poke her boob with his finger.

“Shut up!” she said blushing, and slapped his finger off her chest. She took another sip of her cocktail and she realised she was a bit tipsy.

“So anyway, why are you here and not with your date? I think you’re making her up” she said with a smirk.

“Do you really think I need to make girls up? A fine gentleman like me has no problem finding a girl.” he said seriously.

She laughed, “Fine gentleman! I bet if you came upstairs with me for five minutes you wouldn’t be such a gentleman.”

The words came out of her almost automatically.

She didn’t know why she was flirting with him, all she knew is that she wanted to please this guy, prove him she was worthy of him; no guy before had made her feel that way.

“Oh really? Why? What would you do if I came upstairs with you?” he asked her, before chugging his beer.

“I would make you feel really good.

I mean, you’ve only been with virgins before, right? I bet they’re boring in bed. I’ll show you a good time.” she said, now being so bold she started to feel like a slut, but she didn’t care.

He was surprised she was being so upfront, when she never hinted at anything like that before.

He could feel himself getting hard, but he didn’t know if he seriously wanted to do this.

On one hand having sex with her wouldn’t change much for her, since she had already been penetrated, on the other hand he found the idea of sleeping with a whore (or someone who had pre-marital sex) a bit shallow, since he knew he could never marry her anyway.

He also knew if he got her pregnant there would be consequences, and even if he used condoms (which he didn’t) or pulled out, there was still a chance it could happen. So finally he decided if she insised again, he would just let her give him a blow-job.

“I thought you wanted to be with women anyway. What happened to that?” He teased her, smiling.

“I might try that in the future, but I don’t think it’d work out. Women don’t have what you have” she said, pointing at his erection.

“Let’s go upstairs” was all he managed to say.

The people in the room were talking, eating and drinking and music was playing so nobody paid attention to them while they walked upstairs.

Once they got there, she took his hand, led him inside the first bedroom, then closed and locked the door behind them.

He immediately pushed her against the door and started fondling her tits and kissing her on the lips and neck.

She started moaning and sliding her panties down, “Fuck me” she said in between moans, lifting her skirt up.

He stopped kissing her, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, then unzipped his jeans and took his cock out. “Suck my dick.” he commanded.

She didn’t need to Escort Manavgat be told twice, she dropped to her knees and started sucking his dick. It was bigger than most guys she’d been with, but not as big her ex, but she thought it was the perfect size, around 7″ inches long and pretty thick.

She wanted him to fuck her really bad but she also worried about what he thought of her. She looked up at him and he had his eyes closed and was biting his lip. She deep throated his cock for as long as she could, only stopping to breathe and he let out a loud groan. She smiled “I bet none of your virgin girlfriends has ever done that to you”.

He didn’t answer to that, he just put his hand behind her head and forced his dick back in her mouth. He started fucking her mouth and he wasn’t gonna stop until he came down her throat. Fortunately she was used to it and had a pretty good gag-reflex.

She only wanted him to stop before he came so he could fuck her, but he didn’t, he told her he was gonna cum so she stuck her tongue out and let him cum in her mouth. She swallowed most of his cum, but some of it dribbled down her chin and on her tits.

“Fuck” he said and went to lay on his back on the bed. She stood up, pulled up her panties which she realised where still down to her ankles, followed him and sat next to him.

“Was that good?” she asked with a smile.

“It felt incredible, you have a talent, girl” he said laughing.

“Can you go again? That really turned me on” she said, taking his flaccid dick in her hand and squeezing it.

“I don’t know. This isn’t right.” he said. He didn’t know what to do, he felt like she had corrupted him and he couldn’t do anything to stop her at this point, but he knew he wasn’t gonna fuck her.

He looked at her, she was gorgeous, and was staring at him with her big blue eyes, stroking his semi-erect dick.

He focused on her huge boobs and his dick started getting harder. He wanted to rip her top off and play with those huge melons more than anything, so he gave in. He started squeezing her tits, then he took her top and bra off and stared at those huge but perky tits, poking them and twisting her hard nipples.

“You have the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen” he confessed.

“I’m glad you like them” she said sexily, “Also that’s the first time you’ve called them tits and not breasts” she added laughing.

But he wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying, all he could think of was that he needed to fuck her tits, so he did.

He laid her on her back and straddled her stomach. He still had his jeans on but his dick was sticking out. He held her tits together and slid his cock between them. Her lips brushed over the tip of his dick at every stroke and from time to time she’d stick her tongue out so she could taste his precum. He slapped her tits so they would jiggle and she laughed at that, so he slapped them harder and played with her nipples until she started moaning.

Her boobs felt very soft around his cock and not nearly as tight as a pussy would feel, but the view was so amazing he came again after a couple minutes, this time all over her tits, neck and face. He didn’t warn her so it took her by surprise and some of it went in her eye before she could close them.

“Fuck… sorry about that” he said, and they both laughed. She took some tissues she found in the room and started cleaning herself up, but he stopped her before she could clean up her breasts. “Wait, I think you look really hot with my cum all over your tits, leave it there for a while” he said, not sure why.

“You are so naughty! See, I told you you were not a gentleman” she teased.

He didn’t reply but took some of the tissues and started cleaning his cock. She stopped him and got down on her knees once again “Let me clean it for you” she said seductively before taking his dick in her mouth. She licked and sucked on his shaft until it was clean. She wanted to keep going but he stopped her and put it back in his pants.

“Wait, what are you doing? Are you putting it back?” as she asked that she actually looked sad. He laughed and said “Oh sorry, I didn’t make you cum.”

“No, it’s not just that… Well it is.” she confessed. He immediately kissed her and started playing with her clit through her soaked panties, then he suddenly stopped and pushed her on the bed. She spread her legs, ready for his cock and went to unzip his jeans, but he stopped her and started going down on her. This time she stopped him “I’m not really into that, I’ve had enough foreplay, just fuck me please.”

His dick was rock hard by now, it was about to poke a hole through his boxers and jeans but he couldn’t take the risk of getting her pregnant, so he told her that.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill” she replied as she started playing with her clit.

“Please fuck me Andy” she begged.

He couldn’t control himself any longer, he unzipped his jeans and took his hard cock out and without even taking off his jeans he penetrated her.

She cried out as soon as he did. It felt so good finally being fucked she almost came right there and then. He thrusted in and out of her as hard as he could, feeling her pussy walls squeeze his dick and looking at her cum covered tits bounce up and down. He was surprised how tight she felt even though she wasn’t a virgin.

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