Andy Saves the Burks Pt. 02

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The Burks continue to enjoy dinner

Chapter 5

Don finish his applause and sat back down at the head of the table. “That was a great start, but we aren’t done yet.”

“Mary, would you please escort Susan to the back and get her ready?”

“Of course.” “Susan walk with me please.” Susan got up and followed Mary out of the room.

Don waited until they were out of the room and said, “Bob, would you and Jeremy please come to the front of the table.”

Bob was very red in the face as he stood up, “You want us and my daughter to..!?”

“Yes, Bob. And from the look of your pants you really don’t have a problem with it. Am I wrong?”

Bob was very flustered. He had lusted after his daughter for a long time. He now had an excuse to do something about it, but felt very guilty at the same time. One thing was certain. His cock had never been so hard!

Jeremy is excited as well. He has lusted after his twin for years. They have been “playing doctor” since they were young. They had gotten so good at it that they were “board certified” at getting each other off using only their hands and mouths.

Susan had decided that she didn’t want to screw him until they were eighteen. He didn’t understand her hesitation, but he loves his sister and wants to make her happy. She is eighteen now and he has been getting more exited each day in anticipation of putting his cock in her sweet pussy.

“Gentlemen, please get undressed. Mary and Susan will be back shortly.”

Bob and Jeremy undressed and their erect cocks were very evident. Like father, like son, they both had long and fat cocks. Neither was porn star level, but both definitely had plenty to give the petite Susan. They each casually stroked their cocks while they were waiting. A primal reaction to the lust they were feeling. It was as if their cocks had decided for them what was happening next.

Don continued, “From this point forward neither of you will speak or otherwise give away who you are until Mary says so.”

Both men nodded yes.

The door opened and Mary escorted Susan back into the room. She was leading Susan by a leash attached to the color around Susan’s neck. Susan was wearing a black leather harness that followed the curves of her body. The leather circled around her pert tits leaving them exposed. From there two straps went north and attached to her color. Leather straps ran southward from under her pert tits and outward to where they were attached to the belt circling her waist. Suspenders dropped from there that held up shear black thigh high stockings. She wore no shoes and her clean-shaven Mons was very beautiful as it was fully exposed and highlighted by the leather.

Her blond hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail and she was blindfolded.

Mary led Susan across the room and positioned her in front of Susa’s father and twin brother.

“This young lady bursa otele gelen eskort has been bad. Spank her ass.”

Bob and Jeremy moved to either side of Susan. Jeremy tentatively reached out and lightly swatted his sister on the ass.

“I said spank her!”

Bob reach out and smacked his daughter’s ass. Not too hard, but just enough to make her butt cheek pink.

Jeremy copied his father on her other butt cheek.

Susan began to moan.

That was all the encouragement her brother and dad needed. They continued to spank her as her moans increased in pitch and frequency.

Mary reached out and grabbed Susan’s crotch. Susan quivered as she rubbed her slit against Mary’s hand.

“On your knees,” she ordered and Susan slowly lowered herself.

“Reach out and grab the two cocks in front of you.” Susan reached out and waived her hands slowly until she could grab each cock in her small hands.

“Suck those cocks,” Mary ordered.

Chapter 6

Bob stifled his groan as his daughter started to lick his cock. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft. She slowly stroked his cock with one hand while cupping his balls with the other. Susan put the head of his cock back in her mouth and sucked lovingly. Bob looked down at his daughter while she sucked his cock and almost shot his load right then. She looked so beautiful with his cock in her mouth.

Susan pulled his cock from her mouth and said, “Whoever you are, you have a beautiful cock.”

She put his cock back in her mouth and began sliding her mouth down his shaft until she could take no more of his length. Susan worked her head up and down his cock slowly while jacking him with her hand. She was worshiping his cock and It was obvious she wanted him to come in her mouth. Bob was on the verge of giving his daughter what she craved.


“Now suck the other cock.”

Susan turned her attention to her brother’s cock. As soon as she began licking his cock Susan knew it was her brother. She had sucked this cock many times. So, if she is sucking her brother’s cock, is it reasonable to assume the other cock belongs to her dad?

“Awesome,” Susan thought!

While Susan was sucking her brother’s cock, Mary reach out for Bob’s arm and pulled him away. With hand signals she indicated he was to lay on the table. When he had done so, Mary turned back to Susan and Jeremy,


Jeremy was on the verge of filling his sister’s mouth when she pulled back. Mary helped Susan get onto the table. She positioned Susan on her knees, facing her father’s feet. Her knees straddled her father’s head and her dripping pussy was directly over her father’s mouth.

“Sit on this face.”

As Susan squatted on her father’s face, he began to service her pussy. He ran the back of his tongue over her clit, licking bursa eve gelen escort bayan down her slit, and plunging his tongue in her. She began to moan as he continued to lick her sweet pussy.

Mary indicated the Jeremy should climb on the table in front of his sister.

“Suck this cock.”

Susan readily complied and began sucking her brother’s cock.

Susan began to quake as her father’s tongue brought her to orgasm. The idea of her father eating her pussy was nearly enough on its own to make her orgasm. She felt exponentially more aroused when he was actually doing it. She screamed around her brother’s cock as the orgasm rolled over her body. Jeremy was again ready to shoot his load down her throat.


“Susan turn around and straddle that cock.” Susan complied and did not have to be told what to do next. She held her father’s cock up while she slowly slid her pussy down onto his shaft. When he was embedded in her she began to rock her hips, rubbing her clit against his pelvis.

Mary leaned over and untied the blindfold.

Susan looked down at her father and smiled. “Daddy! Your cock feels wonderful!”

Susan leaned forward and kissed her father passionately. Their tongues intertwined as she rode him. She raised up with her hands on his chest and began rocking and pumping his cock in and out of her sopping pussy. Bob reached up and began caressing her pert tits and rubbing her nipples.

Susan increased her pace. She overwhelmed by her lust and she began riding her father hard. She slid her pussy on and, nearly off of, his cock as fast as she could. When Bob pinched both of her nipples she lost it as her orgasm stormed over her. Susan lay trembling on her father in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“Susan make your father come with your mouth.”

Susan slithered up her father’s body until his raging hard cock slid out of her pussy. She then slithered down his body and got onto her knees. She reached out, grabbed her father’s cock, and began to worship it with her mouth.

“Jeremy, get behind your sister and fuck her.”

Jeremy got on the table behind her, positioned his cock at her entrance, and plunged it deep into her.

Jeremy had waited so long for this he wasn’t about to take it slow. He fucked his sister hard, and by the sounds coming from her, she was loving it. He pounded his rock-hard cock in and out of his sister. His balls sucked up against his body in preparation to delivery his load. He almost lost his coordination as he began to come.

Susan was sucking her dad’s cock as hard as she could while her brother was setting her pussy on fire. She had never experienced anything like this, but she knew she loved it. Bob and Jeremy began shooting jets of come into her at the same moment her third orgasm washed over her. The spasms of their cocks bayan eskort bursa in her mouth and pussy made her orgasm continue until she slowly collapsed like a rag doll.

Susan was collapsed on her father’s legs as Jeremy pulled his dripping cock out of her. As she lay there in her ecstasy, she did not realize she was talking, “Oh my god, Oh my god, best thing ever, Oh my god!”

Chapter 7

Another standing ovation ensued as the three gathered themselves up and climbed down from the table. Susan flew into her father’s arms and she kissed him hard, then sweetly. She then turned to her brother and repeated the process. They were smiling as they turned together. Jeremy’s come was visibly running down her thigh as they all took a bow.

“Burk family please make use of our bathroom to freshen up before we continue. We will see you in thirty minutes.”

Ron escorted the family to the opulent shower room. The room was huge and contained multiple types of showers. They ranged from gently flowing waterfalls to Hand-held. There were two hot tubs in the floor. Various couches, day beds, and uniquely shaped furniture were strategically placed around the room. The bathroom was as large as the first floor in the Burk house.

The Burks came together and all began talking at once. “Wait please. One at a time,” Ron said. “Your mother goes first.”

Andy looked at her family, “Have I done something evil? Have I gotten us into something you don’t want?”

She received a chorus of “No” from all of them.

“Are you all OK?”

Susan piped up, “OK? We are fantastic, amazing, ecstatic! I don’t have the words, but I have never orgasmed that hard or that many times in a row.”

“You are really hot mom! I loved watching that huge black dick fucking you,” Jeremy told his mother as he looked at her with lust.

Andy smiled at her son, “Yes, it was pretty great. I kind of lost track of things there for a while.”

They began to explore the showers. Getting clean was fun for the whole family. Susan called out to her father, “Would you wash my back daddy?”

“Sure sweetheart. I will be right there.” Bob turned to Andy, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her passionately. “I love you babe.”

Andy looked him lovingly in the eyes, “I love you too. And I love that you and Susan have enhanced your relationship. Now, go play with her and make her happy.”

As Bob walked over to Susan, Jeremy got under the waterfall shower with his mother. He was grinning at her when he said, “Mom, I would like to enhance our relationship as well!”

Andy pulled her son to her and kissed him hard. Their tongues intertwined as they “washed” each other with their hands. Andy paid special attention to washing her son’s tight ass and semi-hard cock. She was so concerned about his cleanliness that she got onto her knees for a closer look and a taste test. After a thorough rinsing with her tongue she determined that Jeremy’s now fully erect cock was clean.

Bob had similar concerns regarding Susan. He used his tongue vigorously to ensure her pussy was squeaky clean. The problem was that the more he cleaned, the wetter she got. It was a mystery.

The Burks were stirred up pretty good when they heard Ron, “OK Burks, time to dry off.”

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