Angel Takes Over

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One day, my wife and i agreed to write down our most wild fantasies and then exchange them with each other. i decided to take the opportunity to be honest and write down that my fantasy was to be dominated by her. Naturally, i wasn’t too graphic or detailed in my fantasy. But the idea was out. i had high hopes that my wife would really enjoy being dominant once she got used to the idea. my wife was obviously a bit shocked by my revelations, but she thought about things for a while and finally agreed to wade into Domination a bit to see if she liked it. We bought books and a few toys and started to explore the Dominant lifestyle. my wife dictated that i start referring to her as Angel and i happily did so.

Over the next couple of years, Angel got more and more comfortable with various aspects of Domination. Early on, she agreed to experiment with a chastity device — a CB Curve. We used it for a while. After an incident when i was on a business trip alone and discovered i could still climax, Angel ordered me to upgrade the CB Curve with a sheath that completely prevented all contact with my cock. The chastity upgrade worked well, but eventually the CB curve wore out and began to crack. i am very handy with tools, so Angel ordered me to construct my own chastity. i improved upon the Curve design and constructed a chastity from aluminum and plastic. The new chastity worked better than the Curve and proved to be more durable. Eventually, Angel required that i apply a coat of very rough sandpaper grit to the inside of the chastity to remind me of my place. Amazingly, i was still able to wear the chastity for fairly extended times.

Angel explored use of a riding crop, a Whartenberg wheel, an even more devious double pinwheel, wire brushes, Icy-Hot applied to my cock and balls, and a variety of other activities. Angel also bought me a leather collar and leash. She had me put a heart-shaped dog tag on the collar that was engraved, “SERVANT.”

While we seem to have embraced female Dominance to the extreme, in reality, we hadn’t. The chastity was nice, but requirements to wear it were fairly random and not rigorously enforced. The main Dominance was orgasm denial. She also required me to sit or squat whenever i used the restroom. But i was still wanting to be completely dominated by my wonderful Angel. Up to this point, i quite regularly asked Angel if she wished to impose any requirements on me or if she wished anything of me. Sometimes she did, sometimes not. i was getting tired of pushing Angel to dominate me and i felt as though i was almost dominating myself. Some aspects of our semi-female-dominant relationship were great, but it just wasn’t full and complete domination. my life was still about 95% my own without restriction. i was thinking about suggesting we just go back to a Vanilla relationship.

Then, one Friday when i came home from work my life changed. i have not yet decided if it falls into the category of being careful what you wish for. But that one day, Angel shifted into full Domination mode.

When i walked in the front door, a complete outfit was laid out for me — and a note required me to change immediately and to come find Angel only AFTER i was properly dressed. The outfit included the chastity (with Icy-Hot coating the abrasive inside of the chastity), panties, pantyhose, high heels with locks, a harness with a huge butt plug and locks, a corset, a bra and breast forms, a short skirt, and a slinky blouse. The ensemble also included earrings, my leather collar and leash, and nail polish. It took me almost two hours to put on the entire outfit. After dressing, i went upstairs to seek my Angel.

i walked into the bedroom to find candles lit all over the room and Angel laying on the bed wearing a leather dress and boots, but nothing else. She was touching herself and climaxed as i entered the room. After climaxing, she ordered me to my knees at the edge of the bed.

“Lick my pussy clean, servant” Angel ordered. i greedily obeyed. Angel climaxed again. And again. When she was satisfied, she stood and had me kneel in front of her irresistible beauty.

Angel then said, “Your life will no longer be the same, servant. You have asked for me to Dominate you for a long time. You will now get your wish. I hope for your sake this is truly what you want, because there is no going back. Your life is now mine in every way. Anything you do, must be approved by me first — even things you do for me. You will do nothing for yourself without getting my permission first. You are required to ask my permission to use the restroom — even when you are at work. When at work, you must text me for permission. If i am unable to respond for a few hours, that is just too bad.”

Angel continued. “You are no doubt very uncomfortable right now wearing the chastity, the largest plug we have, and a corset. However, you WILL be wearing this outfit until you get ready for work Monday morning — you will NOT complain in any way. You may remove the plug to use the bathroom with my permission only — however, you will be required to put the harness and plug back on immediately after going but you will also Kartal Fetiş Escort have to coat the plug with lots of wasabi before inserting it. And you will have to refresh the wasabi every time you remove the plug to go to the bathroom for the duration of the weekend. I may wish to re-insert the plug in you.

You will not remove the chastity for any reason this weekend — you are required to swallow the chastity key right now to ensure that the chastity will not be removed. If you retrieve the key before Monday morning, you are to swallow it again, understand?” i nodded yes. Then i sealed the key in plastic tape and inside a nitrile glove finger and swallowed it. “Oh, by the way, you are not to wear any gloves when you retrieve the key. And you are to squat over the toilet without touching the seat — just like a woman has to do in a filthy public restroom — when you “search” for the key.”

As Angel told me of the new requirements, i was excited. Intimidated, but excited. Angel continued. “Monday morning, you will keep wearing the chastity and pantyhose. You will wear the chastity from now on 24/7. Your cock is now my cock. Every morning, I will remove the chastity for cleaning of my cock and the chastity. You are not to touch my cock EVER again. I will clean your cock and tease you to near climax and you will clean the chastity. If your cock gets chapped and sore, too bad — you will eventually get used to it. I may occasionally coat the inside of the chastity with Icy-Hot, capsaicin, or some other irritant — you will not complain. You will not be allowed release except during my fertile times of the month. If I get pregnant or we decide to give up trying, you will NEVER get release again unless I desire it myself. You will be milked on rare occasions in a manner amusing to me as I will specify.”

“From now on, you will wear pantyhose at all times except when you go to bed. You will never wear hose with runs or tears — if you do, you will be severely punished. You will buy all your panty hose locally at the same Macy’s. You will not buy more than two pairs at a time and will not buy anything else when you buy the hose unless I specify otherwise. That way, the sales ladies in the store will get to know you quite well. If you are ever approached about needing help while looking at the pantyhose selection, you WILL say yes and ask their advice as to what hose would be best for YOU, not for your wife or “girlfriend.” I will also require you to buy bras and other feminine attire at that same store from time to time. At times I will accompany you to the store and watch you interact with the sales staff. Eventually, I expect them to know you and interact with you accordingly — if not, you will be punished.

i thought that was the end of the list and that by the middle of the next week, things would probably go back to the way they have been — a day or so of play, then just routine, normal life. But the list had not ended…..

“In addition to wearing pantyhose at all times except during sleep and wearing the chastity 24/7, you will also wear the harness with the largest plug to work every Friday — and of course any time I require you to — in addition to a Friday. Whenever you do yard work or work on the cars, you are now required to wear the harness with the largest plug with wasabi or Icy-Hot (I will choose for you, or select something even worse for you). Whenever you work on the cars, you will also be required to wear a bra and breast forms. If you can have the garage door closed while working on the cars, you will also be required to wear high heels. You will occasionally be required to mow the lawn in high heels of my choosing and at a day and time of my choosing — quite possibly when there are the most people outside in the neighborhood.”

“And since you will be wearing pantyhose all the time now, servant, you are to keep yourself clean shaven — not just your face, either sweetie. You are to keep your legs, pubic areas, and anal areas clean shaven and smooth AT ALL TIMES from now on. Later today, I will wax you everywhere possible except for your cock — that will have to wait until Monday morning when I remove the chastity for cleaning. I will wax your cock then before locking you up again.”

One Domination Angel had not yet explored was humiliation. So, i was quite surprised when she began telling me about her plans to humiliate me. “To keep you in your place, I am going to start humiliating you on a regular basis. I will PROBABLY start out easy on you, but, then again, maybe not. I plan to have you run at least one errand for me each week while wearing some article of feminine attire that is readily observable. For example, I may require you to go to the grocery store to buy me tampons while wearing bright red lipstick and lip gloss. Or maybe you will be required to wear a bra and breast forms to get something at the pharmacy. You might be required to wear high heels to Tabu Lingere to buy lube. One day I will probably make you wear an entire ensemble and run an errand — maybe lots of errands. At some point, you will be required to dress up in a slutty outfit with Kartal Gecelik Escort streetwalker makeup and be the servant when I host a Bunco party — you will wear the chastity, of course, and the harness and largest plug as well. I may show you off to my friends — all of you…. If my friends wish to play with you, you will do whatever they request or I will help them punish you.” i was both intrigued, and mortified. Would she really do that, i wondered? i was pretty sure she would, but also pretty sure she wouldn’t. What i did know was that i would do whatever she asked.

And yet, there was more. “Every night, I will tease you repeatedly until you are swollen in the chastity and are very uncomfortable.” Angel paused for a moment. “Be careful how you answer the following question, servant, because I will hold you to it if you answer “yes” and you will be severely punished if you answer “no”. Do you agree with all of the rules I have set for you?”

Since i was completely putty and subservient to her will, i quickly and wholeheartedly answered, “YES!”

At this point, Angel used the leash and led me to the desk in the study, requiring me to stay on my knees. On the desk in the study was a contract that detailed all the rules she had gone over with me verbally. In addition, there was one more rule at the very end of the contract: “servant agrees that the rules may be changed or new ones added at any time by Angel without notice and without agreement of servant.” Of course, in addition to the rules were statements regarding consequences. “Violation of any rule will be severely punished. Whining or complaining will be severely punished. Failing to ask Angel’s permission for anything and everything will be severely punished. All consequences are up to Angel’s discretion, but violation of any rule will result in a minimum punishment (such as 5 testicle slaps, Icy-Hot inside the chastity for a day, or having to wear the harness with wasabi on the plug.) There is no limit on maximum punishment.”

The last line of the contract included the one statement that was purely for me — and the hook that meant i was mentally unable to refuse to sign. “In exchange for signing this contract and agreeing to follow all the rules set out above, servant will be regularly teased to near climax, tortured in exquisite ways, and humiliated.”

We both signed the document.

Angel then led me with the leash back into the bedroom and i was told to remove my heels, pantyhose, and panties and to lay on the bed face up with my legs spread wide. Angel said we were going to consummate and celebrate the contract — or at least she was going to. “You are to keep your legs spread wide for me no matter what I do to you, do you understand?” i said i understood. Angel continued, “If you close your legs at any point, you WILL be sorry, do you understand?” “Yes, Angel, i understand. What are you going to do,” i asked with a slightly trembling voice.

“I am not going to tell you everything I am going to do to you, servant. I am going to tickle you, of course, as you know I adore to tickle. Once you are no longer as ticklish, I am going to indulge your desire for CBT… well, actually, just the BT as your cock is nicely locked away. But your balls are nicely taut and ready for fun since they are already clamped by the chastity! This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. If you close your legs even once at any time I am tickling you or torturing your balls, I will tie your legs open and I will slap your balls very hard 10 times! Then I will release the restraints and continue — at which point I hope for your sake that you won’t close your legs again because a second infraction would be most unpleasant. Are you ready, my little servant? Let the fun begin…..”

Angel began with her usual fingernail tickling of my feet and inner thighs. The tickling always gets me somewhat aroused, so my cock became swollen inside the chastity against the rough abrasive and Icy-Hot causing additional arousal and pain. After about 15 minutes of tickling, Angel stopped and blindfolded me. Then she stuffed some of her used panties in my mouth and gagged me. “servant, I want you to try to yell for me now.” i did the best i could, but only a low muffled sound was heard. “Good,” Angel said. “Now I can do as I wish and no one will hear you,” she said with a lilt in her voice. i pretty much knew what was about to happen. It was going to hurt.

It seemed like forever that there was nothing — no tickling, no pain, no caressing. i wasn’t even sure Angel was still in the room. Then, suddenly, Angel flicked my right testicle very hard. The pain was excruciating. Then she flicked the left side. Pain shot through my body and i fought the instinct to close my legs with all my might. Then she slapped both balls at the same time. i flinched and could not help but close my legs a bit. Angel warned me…. “You are not closing your legs are you, servant?” i said a muffled, “No” as i opened my legs back up only to have both balls flicked very hard at the same time. i almost couldn’t take the pain.

“Are you OK, sweetie?” Angel Kartal Genç Escort asked. i said, “No, i can’t take it.” “Well…..” said Angel, “I think that is just a personal problem, isn’t it?” With that, she began slapping my balls repeatedly with both her hands. i couldn’t help it. i …. closed …. my …. legs.

“Oh, servant. I feel so sorry for you. You should not have done that…..” Angel grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide. “Keep them there!” was the order. Then Angel restrained my legs to the bed frame. There was silence for a short time. Then i felt Angel lift the chastity and hold it with my cock inside against my stomach, fully exposing my balls. “Now, I had told you the punishment for closing your legs would be 10 hard slaps, but you also partially closed them earlier. So, I think you need a harsher lesson. i felt something cool being rubbed on my balls: Icy-Hot. In a few seconds, the burning was almost unbearable. When Angel sensed that the Icy-Hot was at its peak intensity, she began the primary punishment. Using a leather slapper, Angel slapped my balls while exposing them fully with the chastity against my stomach. The pain was unbearable. One slap, then two, then three, four, five! “servant, you have not been counting, and neither have I. You should count each slap and thank me for it, servant,” Angel said in a very terse tone. Start counting at “ONE” she commanded.

Slap. “One, thank you Angel,” i said as best i could through the gag. “You are welcome, servant” Slap. “Two, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Three, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Four, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Five, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Six, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Seven, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Eight, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Nine, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Ten, thank you Angel.”

i was about to pass out from the pain — it was truly unbelievable. i was thankful it was over and was catching my breath.

Slap. “Eleven, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Twelve, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Thirteen, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Fourteen, thank you Angel.” Slap. “Fifteen, thank you Angel.”

“OK, servant, I think you learned your lesson — at least I hope for your sake you have!” And Angel slowly lowered the chastity and my cock. my balls ached unbelievably, but i dare not massage them to lessen the pain. Angel released the restraints. “You may have a 5 minute break” she said.

“May i massage my balls, Angel, to help relieve the pain?” i asked as best i could. “Of course NOT! If you so much as touch them, I will have to do it all over again. I assume you don’t want that now, do you?” she asked. “No, Angel, i don’t” “Good, you just lie there and don’t move. I will be back in a few minutes.” Angel left the room, i think.

A few minutes passed in silence. “How are you feeling now, servant?” i muffled that i was feeling better. “Good, let me see if I can change that,” Angel said with a distinct evil but happy tone in her voice. “I must say, servant, that I am having a good time. Are you having a good time?” i muffled and negative response, but Angel only said, “I can’t hear what you said, so I will assume you are having a wonderful time, too, my little servant!”

i then heard the sound of duct tape being spooled off a roll and felt some tugging on the chasity. Angel then used duct tape to hold the chastity and my cock against my stomach. “There,” she said. “Now I have the access I need!” She left for a few minutes and i heard her go into the garage. When she returned, she began to attach the wooden parallel clamps to my balls — one on each side. She tightened the clamps slowly, but did not stop until i was in severe agony. “Keep those legs spread wide, my little sissy servant!” Then she began to tickle again. Slowly at first, then aggressively. Any movement on my part caused even more agony as the heavy clamps on my balls would shake and twist. All i could do was try to move as little as possible. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about 10 minutes, Angel stopped tickling. “Was this a good thing, or a bad thing?” i had to wonder.

It was bad…. The next thing i felt was the dual pinwheel with the half-inch long spikes on the soles of my feet. Angel started gently, at first, then slowly built up pressure and speed. Again, moving was worse than just taking it. Suddenly, Angel stopped moving the pinwheel, but, instead, applied greater, and greater pressure against the bottom of my right foot. As the pressure increased, so did the pain. i could feel the spikes start to puncture the skin. Angel had long expressed an interest in inflicting pain to the soles of my feet so that walking would be difficult for days. Apparently, today was the day she would cross that line….. Once the spikes penetrated the skin, Angel slowly rolled the wheels along the bottom of my foot. my screams were muffled well by the gag Angel had put on me. Angel rolled the double pinwheel spikes into and across the entire sole of my right foot. When she was satisfied with her work on the right foot, Angel focused her attention on the left foot. Again, Angel forcibly penetrated the sole of my foot with the spikes of the pinwheel and rolled it over the entire sole. When she was finished, Angel removed my blindfold, but not the gag. She also removed the clamps from my balls and the duct tape holding the chastity to my stomach. i was already in such pain that the tape ripping hair from my stomach didn’t bother me much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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