angie’s nightly run_(1)

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Angie was preparing for her nightly run, every night after she got off work she would take a jog through the park, and she though tonight would be no different. Angie slipped off her work uniform and grabbed the clothes for her run, slipping on sweats and a sports bra covered by a slim jacket, she started to head out. Just as she was leaving her roommate looked at her and said, “You aren’t going to find a man in those clothes girl!”

As Angie started on her route she begins to think about what her roommate said, dismissing it at first, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it. It has been over six months since she had broken up with her boyfriend, and five months since she had had sex. Maybe she should have put on her push up bra and ran by the bar, she thought. Her breasts where decent size a 32C cup, but in the sports bra they looked like small B or A’s. Shaking her head she turned on her headphone music and continued on her route.
Throughout the course of her run her thoughts drifted from music back to sex, she started thinking about the website that she stumbled onto last night, not her usual stuff. Angie’s usual stuff was just regular amateur porn, nothing too mild or to hard, she ran across a forced site. The site shocked her as much as it turned her on, she didn’t even need her dildo that night, and she got off fast.

She neared the park corner back behind the old bar mill, her mother always told her that this was dangerous, but she never gave it a second thought. As she rounded the barn, her thoughts once again went back to her viewing of the previous night; even just thinking about it made her feel a little dirty, when suddenly she tripped and fell on the ground. At first she assumed she had just tripped over a rock until she felt a body push and hold her down, she immediately began to scream, but a hand quickly covered her mouth. She tried to struggle but was still a little dazed from the fall, and then she felt herself be picked up and pushed hard into the bar, the door shutting behind her.

Dazed and scared she started to scream again and turned to look at her attacker, but before she could make out a face she was greeted with a slap hard across her face, the force of the slap nearly knocked her out and left her completely dazed. Scared for her life, she tried to get up, but she was weak and dazed and she fell back down. Unable to walk she tried to crawl away, hearing a voice laugh at her as she tried. Before she could get far she felt the figure grab a hold of her, pulling her back by her legs, she tried to struggle, but it was to no avail, whoever it was, was too strong for her, especially in her current state.

Angie felt a hand reach around and squeeze her breast; she tried to swing at the attacker and screamed again, and again was greeted by a slap, this one even harder this time. The hands began to move inside of her shirt and up toward her breasts, all she could feel was how cold they where to her. The hands worked their way into her bra and began to massage and squeeze her breasts. She wanted to scream, but she was too scared of what will happen if she did.

After a few minutes of squeezing her breasts the hands moved toward her nipples, the attacker began to squeeze and pinch them, it started to even feel a little good and she let relaxed for a minute, almost letting out a sigh as it felt good, thinking about what she had watched the night before. The feeling was quickly interrupted when the pain came from her nipples, her attacker had gotten bored with just caressing her breasts and he pinched down on her nipples extremely hard, squeezing each nipple in between a set of fingernails, she felt the pain shoot through her body and she began to let out a small screech. Before she could even get the screech completely out, attacker once again struck her, the force of the impact almost knocked her out; her head fell almost lifeless to the ground.

After the attacker slapped her, she felt his hands moving from under her bra to behind her and she felt the attacker free her breasts. For the first time Angie knew her attacker was male, as she could feel his hard cock pressing into her back. Once he freed her breasts the hands moved up to around her throat, she gasp as she felt him clench down on her throat, after a few seconds he released and she gasp for air, then clenching down again. He continued this trend for what seemed like an eternity to her, but it was only a few minutes, Angie then felt him jerk her back and dive at her neck.

She winced and tried her best not to scream as she felt him bite down on her neck; his pattern of attack was similar to chocking her, as he would let up and then bite down, with each time he bit down harder than the last. When he finally let up she felt him pull of her shirt, she was scared, but relieved for the moment as he neck still pulsed with pain. She then heard him taking off his clothes and she used the moment to try to escape, but as she took her first step she stumbled down to her knees and he was not far behind.

Angie then felt him jerk back on her hair hard; this made her wince and even let out a little screech as she could feel hairs being ripped out of her head. The attacker then shoved her face into the dirt and reached behind her and pulled her pants off. She lay there scared and almost bracing for his assault, when she felt something hard smack her ass, he winced as she felt a tear slide down her cheek. He continued and three, four, five, and six she counted as he whipped her ass. She couldn’t take anymore and finally please, “Please no more, I won’t fight you anymore!”

Next she heard the sound of his pants falling to the ground, followed by him pulling her thong down to her knees, she was scared, but she was rather this then the assault on her ass, it still burned from the belt. She could feel him lining his cock up with her pussy; she cried as she knew what was going to happen to her, he was going to fuck her, many thoughts went through her head, she wasn’t on birth control, she hoped he didn’t have any diseases either. She felt him place his hands around her hips and his cock start to push into her pussy, then with one extremely strong thrust the attackers cock slid all the way into pussy. It felt as if someone had stabbed her, she closed her eyes and winched unable to breathe or move, her pussy burned as he pulled his cock all the way out and thrust hard into her again. After doing this once more, he began to fuck her, each time thrusting into her pussy extremely hard. Her pussy burned as he fucked her, as did her ass, which still hurt from the beating he had given it, each time she winched as he contacted her ass. He then slowed up for a second, reached back and smacked her ass; she cried again and dropped her head into the dirt.

He continued to just fuck her, taking time every little bit to wallop on her ass. She struggled to breathe as her pussy burned from the assault. His cock was also much thicker and longer then her ex-boyfriend, which wasn’t helping as he mercilessly, fucked her. Slowly the pain died down and it started to feel ok, then good. At first she was applauded at herself, but then she told herself, “you watched this, this turned you on, this is what you want.” She began to breathe with his strokes, enjoying the strangers cock inside of her, it felt good, to good, she could not contained herself any longer, she let out a loan pleasure filled moan.

As soon as he heard her, he pulled out and stopped immediately, and then she could feel him tie her shirt around her face, completely blinding her and then flipping her over onto her back. She was kind of upset that he stopped, but confused at the same time she thought, why are you enjoying this guy raping you? She felt him make his way on top of her, working up to her breasts where he sucked and licked them; she let out a little smile and a quiet moan. She should have learned from before, as soon as he heard her he stopped sucking and bit down on her nipples, hard. The feeling went from euphoria to pain, she reached up to push him off, but he shoved her hands away and reached up clenching her throat.

After a few minutes of this painful assault on her nipples, tears of pain began to come down across her face and her cheek, this didn’t deter him as he continued the assault on her nipples for a little while longer, then finally flipping her back onto her stomach. Relieved that the pain was gone she backed up, putting her pussy toward him, inviting him to fuck her. What was wrong with her? She didn’t know but, she did not want it to stop, the pain even made it better. She felt him pull away from her pussy and felt his cock line up with her asshole.

“No please!” she said, she had only done anal once with her boyfriend and she remembered how painful it was. The sex was painful, but afterword’s it hurt for her to shit for days. She was not going to let him in; she tightened up her ass, not allowing him entry. This upset the attacker and he grabbed her by the hair yanking her head back hard with one hand and the over hit her ass with all his strength. She didn’t let up, so he hit her again and again until finally she couldn’t hold it anymore and he muscles relaxed. This was all he needed…

Angie was in pain, but she was more worried, she was worried of him ripping her ass open. Her roommate knew someone that had it happen and she had to have it stitched back together, she did not want that to happen to her. She felt his hands around her hips and then thrust his cock right into her asshole, his cock didn’t make any penetration though, the force of him thrusting knocked her completed on her stomach, undeterred he followed her and lined his cock up with her ass and thrust again. Angie’s gaziantep escort head immediately shot strait up in the air, the pain was almost unthinkable, far, far worse than anal with her ex and his cock had hardly made any penetration, the head was halfway into her ass. She tried to breathe but as soon as she tried, he thrust again, it didn’t make any progress, and upset he withdrew for a minute and placed her on her knees, so her ass was facing him. She was relieved when he slid his cock into her pussy and did three slow strokes, but then he quickly without warning, withdrew from her pussy, placed his hands around her hips and shoved in her tight virgin ass with all his might.

She screamed, which drew a immediate reaction from him, he grabbed her but the head and said, “shut up bitch!”, while pulling back on her hair, she could feel hairs break and tear as he yanked on her hair. His cock has made a little more headway then the first time, its head nearly buried into her asshole, without warning he thrust again, this time the head fully resting inside of her ass now. He now began to fuck her ass, working deeper in each time. Her ex had at least used lube and went slow, this was unimaginable, and she could not move, she could not even scream, all she could muster where small gags as he fucked her ass faster and faster. She could now feel his balls contacting her ass with strokes and she knew he was all the way inside of her tight little ass as he fucked her, slowing down every little bit to slap her on the ass.

He finally pulled out of her ass and pulled her up by the hair stroking his cock right in front of her face. She did not know why she did, after all he had raped her, her body shook with pain of the anal assault still, but I did not matter, that cock had to be hers. She dove on his cock taking it all the way into her mouth, he was surprised as well, but he did not object, instead he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on his cock, then pulled her back and pushed again. She loved the way he treated her, she now wanted his cum, wanted to taste it, wanted to swallow it, wanted as bad as anything in her life. She felt him start to breath heavy, she knew his was about to cum; she sucked harder, faster, until she felt the warm feeling, filling up her mouth. She held it for a second and then swallowed, it took a little effort and she gagged for a second, but she got it all down, she felt proud.

She went up to look at him and he shoved he head back down, she tried to follow him, but her legs gave way and she collapsed on the dirt. The stranger quickly grabbed his clothes and fled, she yelled as he left,” Wait…I want you again….” He darted out the door, and after a few seconds, she heard a soft response,” don’t change your route then….” Angie smiled and slowly staggered to her feet, wincing on the way. She had to use a nearby rail to help her us, he ass burned with every little move she made. Finally after thirty minutes, she was able to walk and then she waddled her way home, she needed to soak in the bath. When her roommate asked her what took so long, she smiled and walked past her, then she stripped down and got in the tub, as she lay soaking in the tub, she rubbed her pussy as she thought of her daily jog….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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